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On the Cardinal Pell case only the facts of this case matter, a point seemingly lost on most

This article consists mainly of a comment I wrote on the day's comment for the 8th of March, in reference to a piece titled " On Cardinal Pell ". It was written by VoxCantoris and elicited a lot of responses. The original is undedited and in this piece I have altered and elaborated a bit


I do not care much for Cardinal Pell. In my opinion he is a big part of the problem: the neo-Catholic who references Vatican II at every turn and refuses to criticise the revolution. He doesn't even believe in the Book of Genesis for crying out loud. The only thing he has done well as far as I am concerned is his intervention at the 2014 pre-synod against the family, in which he complained against the manipulation then ongoing. He has also celebrated the Tridentine Mass a few times, which is nice.

However, my opinion of him means very little, and is in fact entirely irrelevant to the question at hand: Namely, whether he is guilty of the charge levelled at him. Unfortunately, VoxCantoris seems to let his fondness or lack of it of someone take over his analysis of most situations. That was certainly the case with Trump's bombings of Syria, the treatment of Muslims at the hands of zionist and Western freemasons, and seems to be the case now, even though he is not as blatant.

What if Pell is guilty? I might as well ask "What is Bergoglio is Catholic?" What if VoxCantoris is a freemason who pretends to be Catholic? Is it even relevant? We can all make up "what ifs " to our heart's delight.

The only thing that counts is whether there is evidence to convict him of his crime, and from the reports I have read there is none. We have one witness, who I believe is either now or has been a drug addict who has fallen on rought times, whose testimony is contradicted by everyone else, including the man who he claims was his co-victim, now deceased. The physics of the crime don't make sense, unless we are to believe that Pell celebrated Mass in the emperor's new clothing and only the kids managed to see his nudity for what it was.

Evidence matters in crimes. In fact, it is all that matters. In this case we seem to have absolutely none, and the witness also lacks credibility. Even if Pell had not been a cardinal the conviction would make little sense, but given that he is a cardinal who does not push sodomy or other perversions, surely the benefit of the doubt shouldg o to him.

Make no mistake: This Pell case is a trial run for future evidence-free trials. If it is allowed to go ahead then it will absolutely ruin any hope of anybody - not just Catholic - getting a fair trial in crimes which are deemed fashionable by the state.

Some claim that we should wait for the appeal, but surely this is the height of imbecility! If they can have a kangaroo court at the first instance, what reason do you have for thinking that they cannot arrange a show trial in the second instance? Will the evidence be any different? Did they not have appeals when they were putting our Catholic martyrs to the sword in England? Another claimed that Australia is not some Soviet country with show trials, which just proves how dangerous Western totalitarianism is: At least in the Soviet Union, people knew that their country was guilty of show trials. In the West, we seem to have show trials with a large part of the populace under the illusion of justice. Even the show trials are dishonest.

In the end, God alone knows what Cardinal Pell is guilty of, but  he is innocent until proven guilty, and there does not even seem to have been an attempt to prove his guilt, merely an assertion which has carried favour among the political elite in Australia. We would therefore have to assume the man is innocent of this charge, and - unfortunate as it is to point this out since so many have missed it - this is the only charge that matters.

The assessment by Murray is spot on:

Even if it is true (God forbid), the verdict should probably have been Not Guilty according to the law.

We had one accuser--the other putative (deceased) victim having twice told his mother that he had never been abused--describing a highly unlikely circumstance 23 years ago that was uncorroborated by anyone else present at the time, and that the Cardinal strenuously denied. Nothing about the story makes sense to anyone who has been inside a sacristy before or after Mass: The abuse taking place in a bustling, semi-public area, the difficulty of maneuvering an archbishop's vestments to facilitate the abuse, the sheer recklessness of the act against all public evidence of Pell's character...

How does this even begin to rise to the "beyond reasonable doubt" standard?

If you think that the child-abuse excuse show trial will end with Cardinal Pell, then think again! These people are only interested in creating precedent, and then using that precedent to go after both the Church and their citizenry.

One final note: The Vatican has not come out in defence of Cardinal Pell. Given Bergoglio's Vatican's propensity to be at the wrong end of every moral and factual debate, that should be even more reason to conclude that the man is innocent of the crime of which he has been accused.

It matters little whether Cardinal Pell has been accused of in other instances, and I should point out, that he has been acquitted as well in those cases. It matters not that he is not the valiant champion of orthodoxy that we would like to see. This is not a Church trial, and he is not on trial for not defending orthodoxy, for...

Ecclesia Dei is rewarded with abolition for its good work, as Catholic kids are threatened with similar reward - Sunday 6th to Saturday 26th of January

This will probably be one of the last if not the last of the time-period chronicles. There is simply too much happening too fast for me to write effectively about it. I hope to transition to shorter pieces which cover one topic and I have several in the pipeline, but I have to get through some of the time period stuff, so I shall make this brief...

In "Not Just More Scripture, But Different Scripture — Comparing the Old and New Lectionaries ", Peter Kwasniewski mada a point of pointing out that the Novus Ordo Missae doesn't have what the Roman Rite have plus some add-ons, but that there are significant substractions from the lectionary. Things get even more interesting when we analyse what got left out and realise that many of the 'hard' teachings were left out entirely from the Sunday readings, and some entirely over the whole 3-year cycle. He also had an article on non-reasons for preferring the Novus Ordo, which was written as a response to a famous convert priest who had written a piece with purpoted reasons to prefer the Novus Ordo.

The biggest issue for the U.S. domestically was the case of the kids of Covington Catholic High School, who were villified in the media for something they never did , on top of which the diocese joined in on the unjust condemnation, and added threats of expulsion to it without even ever having heard their side of the story. For once, Donald Trump kept his keyboard close to himself, which proved wise because after the storm had blown off and the story found to be false, he could then stand back and point to yet another example of the fake news media.

Before we get too praisy on Trump, we should remember that he is quite adept at producing fake news himself, as evidenced with his attempted coup in Venezuela, in which his vice president spoke to a relative nobody in the Venezuelan parliament, assuring him that the U.S. would recognise him president if he swore himself in, which he promply proceeded to do, followed by prompt U.S. recognition of this rouge politician, with Trump following suit with lies about dictator Maduro this-and-that, with Nicolas Maduro being the duly-elected president. This story has lots of legs left on it so I shall not write much on it today, apart from noting that the major event was triggered on the 23rd of January, and that the story being told in the U.S. - which has suddenly decided to back Trump - is the exact opposite of the truth. This was the major story internationally.

As always, fake news is not limited to the secular media, with neo-Catholic sites never far behind. In Christian groups cautious on U.S. troops leaving Syria, EWTN proceeded to tell us about how worried Syrians are about the U.S. withdrawing from its illegal occupation of Syria, without so much as citing one Syrian  - not even a fake one.

We all know that modern Western nations do not care one bit about children, so it was amusing when the U.K. used , the chldren excuse to introduce a pornography licence of sorts in which we are told that people will have to register with the government in order to view pornography. When governments pretend to care about children, you know it is not about them. If we accept the premise that the government is setting forth, soon you will need read alternative news.

The ever-empty Bergoglio decided to give some parental advice, and his advice was as bad as ever. He informed parents that they should fight, but not in front of the children. I suppose love and honour no seemed too old-fashioned for him.

Much more could be written about U.S. roguery or Bergoglio madness, but I shall conclude with the following...

In a widely-speculated-on move, Bergoglio decided to abolish the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei. His stated argument is that the traditional orders have reached a degree of stability which no longer requires that the Ecclesia Dei commission be kept going and that the SSPX wanted to have negotiations directiely with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. This, of course, neglects the fact that the Ecclesia Dei commission was about more than just handling negotiations with the SSPX. It was about preserving and normalising the Tridentine Rite, and issuing clafirications about how the authentic Latin Rite Mass should be celebrated according to the 1962 Missal - including even granting permissions to use other older missals. It saddened me to see the kind of normalism which has become all too common in the Novus Ordo, with people unquestioningly for the most part accepting this pathetic excuse.

It stands to ponder, for example, what will happen to traditional orders or nuns and monks which no longer have Ecclesia Dei protection. Will they be handed over to the wolves at the Congregation for Religious? How about those who wish to switch to authentic Catholicism? Will they find themselves under a Bergoglian commissar who instructs them to use the Novus Ordo, as the Franciscans of the Immaculate were forced to do? We shall soon find out.

This month's Bergoglio victim was the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, which was finally de-commissioned on account of its often-laudable work in re-establising authentic Catholicism.



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