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    Since the Council, an idea has been spreading that Judaism is not superseded by the New Covenant of Jesus Christ; that Jews still have available to them the Covenant of the old Law, by which they can be saved. It is therefore unnecessary for them to turn to Christ; unnecessary for anybody to convert them to faith in Christ. Indeed, attempting to do so is an act of aggression not dissimilar to theFr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com11
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    S Paul loved his fellow Jews, his 'kinsmen' and believed "the gifts and call of God are irrevocable". He believed that at the End, those among them who had rejected Christ would be brought in to the chosen people. He believed that they were like olive branches which had been cut off so that the Gentiles, wild olive branches, could be grafted in. But, when the fulness of the Gentiles had entered Fr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com3
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    Lex orandi lex credendi. I have been examining the Two Covenant Dogma: the fashionable error that God's First Covenant, with the Jews, is still fully and salvifically valid, so that the call to saving faith in Christ Jesus is not made to them. The 'New' Covenant, it is claimed, is now only for Gentiles. I want to draw attention at this point to the witness of the post-Conciliar Magisterium of theFr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com13
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    We have seen that the Two Covenant Theory, the idea that Jewry alone is guaranteed Salvation without any need to convert to Christ, is repugnant to Scripture, to the Fathers, even to the post-Conciliar liturgy of the Catholic Church. It is also subversive of the basic grammar of the relationship between the Old and the New Testaments. Throughout  two millennia, in Scripture, in Liturgy, in her Fr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com7
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    The sort of people who would violently reject the points I am making are the sort of people who would not be impressed by the the Council of Florence. So I am going to confine myself to the Magisterium from the time of Pius XII ... since it is increasingly coming to be realised that the continuum of processes which we associate with the Conciliar and post-Conciliar period was already in operationFr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com0
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    In 1980, addressing a Jewish gathering in Germany, B John Paul II said (I extract this from a long sentence): " ... dialogue; that is, the meeting between the people of the Old Covenant (never revoked by God, cf Romans 11:29) and that of the New Covenant, is at the same time ..." In 2013, Pope Francis, in the course of his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii gaudium, also referred to the Old Fr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com10
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    Michael E Mann, loser, liar, scofflaw and deadbeat
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    A live-performance video edition (the last before the Coronavirus lockdown) featuring two of our favorite guests - singer/pianist Carol Welsman and guitarist Russell Malone, together with the Steyn Show band
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    The document of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity was presented, which " first of all a challenge to Catholics ". The Vademecum serves, Pope Francis said, as "encouragement and guide" to the exercise of the bishop’s responsibilities for Christian unity.

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    Many Indonesians are expected to return to their villages and cities of origin for the holidays, but the rising number of coronavirus cases is worrying. Yesterday hit a record. For doctors, the situation is "really worrying". The pandemic’s collateral damages are a blow to tourism in Bali, where unemployment and acute chronic malnutrition are up.


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    The global arena of next geopolitics has begun to shift as events further divide the tech landscape while also integrating regions in the Asia-Pacific in unprecedented trade deals. Experts are now tasked with asking questions about the future of emerging technologies and how countries may use them for geopolitical aims.
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    Support Your Website or You Will Have To Rely on CNN, NPR, and the New York Times

    The Displacement of the Straight White Male

    Paul Craig Roberts

    The Nasdaq stock exchange has told its listed companies that they must appoint to their boards a “self-identified” female and a lesbian or transgender or some other sexual deviant or be delisted from the stock exchange.  https://www.rt.com/usa/508359-nasdaq-diversity-quotas-lgbt-women/ 

    Think about this.  A stock exchange has no right to structure the corporate boards of the companies listed on the exchange.  That decision is for the boards and the shareholders of the companies.  It is none of Nasdaq’s business. If a company’s shareholders and board think that having sexual deviants on their boards would improve the company’s performance, they can search out such people who might make a good board member.  But it is none of Nasdaq’s business.

    What Nasdaq is doing is imposing an ideology on corporations that normalizes sexual deviancy and that does so by forcing corporations to either waste shareholders’ money by expanding their boards or displacing a straight white male with a sexual deviant.  In other words, Nasdaq sees a normal heterosexual white male as less valuable to a corporation than a sexual deviant.

    If the SEC is silly enough to go along with Nasdaq, I suppose corporations could meet this requirement  by having two males self-identify as women.  As no one is permitted to challenge those who self-identify as the opposite sex, this is an easy way to respond to Nasdaq’s ridiculous assertion of power over corporations.

    But there is a better solution. The corporations should just tell Nasdaq to go to Hell and form their own exchange or join some other exchange.  Who really needs Nasdaq in the digital age?

    But this would take men with more balls than they have.

    We can enjoy a laugh about this, but what we are witnessing is the ongoing displacement of white males since Alfred W. Blumrosen, compliance chief of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commisson (EEOC) violated the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which strictly prohibited racial quotas, and imposed racial quotas on America.  Blumrosen reasoned that he could get away with it because courts defer to the regulatory authority. What Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal did was to turn legislation passed by Congress into an authorization bill for regulatory agencies to make the law.  Blumrosen understood this and used it to deny the protection of the 14th Amendment to white males. I and Lawrence Stratton explain the history and misuse of the Civil Rights Act in The New Color Line (1995).  The purpose of the Civil Rights Act was to enforce the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause, but the result in practice was to deny equal protection to white males.

    As a joke Rep. Howard W. “Judge” Smith, (D, Va) added to the Civil Rights Act an amendment prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex. Feminists jumped on this and got Smith’s joke  passed as part of the bill.  This gave Blumrosen two avenues for displacing white males in university admissions, employment and promotion.  At the time the normalization of homosexuality and the concept of transgender were in the distant future, but Judge Smith’s joke also gives preference to homosexuals and transgendered over straight white males.  The consequence today is that blacks, women, and sexual deviants have legally enforced preferences over straight white males.  Nasdaq is simply doing today what Blumrosen did in the 1960s.

    For more than a half century the position of American white males has been eroding. Today the husband often earns less than the wife and has less job security.  This diminishes his importance in the family and his self-esteem.  Identity Politics, the ideology of the Democrat Party and Nasdaq, further demeans him as a rascist misogynist victimizer.  In America, and throughout the disintergrating Western World, the white male is portrayed as an obstacle to social justice.

    Few people comprehend that the protector of Western civilization is being eliminated. New generations are being born into a time when the orchestrated descent of the straight white male is in progress.  For them, the lowly position of the white male is normal. It is what they are born into. They know no different. They have no idea of the past or of the consequences of what is happening. Women and preferred minorities become more and more aggressive and straight white men become accustomed to their second class status.  The young have never known any different. As white males are almost eliminated as heros in movies and novels, have no champions,  and are no longer seen even in advertisements, they experience their discredited status as normal.  https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/12/01/erasing-the-white-male/ 

    We now hear of young white males having identity problems and of rising suicide rates. The destruction of white male identity is what Alfred Blumrosen’s perversion of the 1964 Civil Rights Act achieved.

    The post The Displacement of the Straight White Male appeared first on PaulCraigRoberts.org.

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    How #Marxism got its start in #NewYorkCity Watch and Listen on Ordo Militaris Radio TVhttps://t.co/LXO86nBLqy @ABaalman3 — Ordo Militaris Catholicus HQ (@MilitarisCath) December 4, 2020
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    Communion on the floor and the trinity of disorientation

    This is from a much longer essay on so many things including a loss of Catholic belief in the Real Presence in congregations which celebrate the Ordinary Form exclusively. Read the whole article HERE.

    Here is the music excerpt by Robert R. Reilly:

    Music at Mass is supposed to be a form of worship. So seldom is this the case that I assiduously seek out Masses at which there is no music. This was my experience at a local church’s Sunday Mass. The Kyrie began rather beautifully, but then the tempo picked up and the bongos kicked in. When I vociferously complain about this kind of thing to my wife and children, they respond by saying, “Just don’t pay attention.” However, my avocation as a music critic for some 35 years means I can’t not pay attention. Therefore I am caught in this interior struggle between my revulsion at the banality of the music and my need to immerse myself in the reality of the sacrifice of the Mass. Should inducing a spiritual crisis be the effect of liturgical music?

    Does God deserve this music? It’s not for God. It’s for the congregation, which so frequently applauds after the performance. Applause in church is a dead giveaway of the loss of liturgical music’s purpose. I have never heard anyone applaud after Gregorian chant. Because of the sense of the sacred it conveys one naturally wouldn’t applaud. One of the blessings of the coronavirus crisis is that the choir and the bongo player have gone for the time being. Who knew that social distancing could be so aesthetically pleasing?

    I know a parish music director who was brought back to the practice of his faith by the more traditional church music, including some of the Renaissance polyphonic masterpieces, the pastor had asked for. How many people have returned to the faith after experiencing the banality of the bongos? If you think I’m rough on this stuff, listen to the great Peter Kreeft:

    But don’t even think of mentioning ‘contemporary Christian rock’ in the same breath; it’s an insult to rock as well as to Christianity, and it’s almost as painful as those spectacularly silly, sappy, sloppy, sentimental, shallow, stupid examples of emotional diarrhea called ‘praise choruses.’

    It is unbelievably condescending to play this trash to congregations. It is a way of telling them that they’re incapable of appreciating anything better – like real beauty. The poor dears, especially the youth, couldn’t be reached without cloying sentimentality. Let’s all “feel” together. It is the liturgical equivalent of the Modern Romance paperback novels sold at grocery store checkout stands. There is no intimation in the emotional bathos of how vast a treasure is present.

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    The US president so far refuses to concede defeat in the 2020 election, arguing that it was "stolen" from him as a result of massive voter fraud in several states and promising to the challenge the outcome in the court system. To date, however, his legal team has not succeeded in delivering on that promise.
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    The pandemic is exacerbating the inequalities already present in our societies, said Francis, who received the ambassadors of Jordan, Kazakhstan, Zambia, Mauritania, Uzbekistan, Madagascar, Estonia, Rwanda, Denmark and India, for the presentation of the Letters of Credence.

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    Has Human Nature changed? Did humans never, before today, suffer from sexual temptation? Are Fornication, Adultery, Sodomy, problems only of our own unique and spectacularly sui generis age? What did the New Testament writers mean when they talked about porneia, moikheia, malakia? Is there something crashingly new about the capacity or incapacity of modern human beings (whether with or without Fr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com0
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    Author: Michael Warren Davis

    It has always surprised me that the mainstream press is so down on Theodore McCarrick. In fact, one would expect them to take his side. An elderly gay man trapped in a homophobic institution, taking young men to his beach house so he can seduce them… I’m surprised The New York Times hasn’t asked Mr. McCarrick to write a religion column.

    In fact, his life sounds like the script for a real blockbuster—sort of like Calvary meets Call Me by Your Name. Hollywood is full of aged perverts who, I’m sure, would love to make it happen. Woody Allen could direct it. Harvey Weinstein could put up the cash. Kevin Spacey could star as Uncle Ted.

    Mr. McCarrick’s misconduct was egregious. There’s no question about that. Nevertheless, the point remains: if he were a professor or an artist—anything but a Catholic priest, really—Theodore McCarrick would be a pop-culture hero.

    Now, I’m not in the habit of agreeing with Archbishop Christophe Louis Yves Georges Pierre, the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States. But he seems to understand this point all too well. As he told the recent meeting of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops,

    There is a lack of authority on the part of those who pretend to exercise power; a lack of trust and belief in those who are supposed to have authority, namely those in leadership; and manipulation by the press, which, at times, cares little for the truth but which erodes the confidence and trust of the people in the authority of the press. No one seems to be offering real values or solutions to bring about healing. These factors have created the crisis in both society and the church.

    Of course, there’s a certain irony in hearing those words issue from the mouth of the Pope’s ambassador in Washington. But, on this count, he’s absolutely right. The press is indifferent to the truth.

    Nobody would downplay the grave harm caused by the sexual abuse scandal. But only a fool would think that the media put Mr. McCarrick through the ringer. They glorify sexual predators like Michel Foucault—so long as those predators are on “the right side of history.”

    Unsurprisingly, the National Catholic Reporter doesn’t agree. Heidi Schlumpf, its executive editor, published a column yesterday in which she declares, “The media is not the church’s enemy.” (Would it be tiresome to point out that the Reporter refuses to capitalize the “C” in Church?) No, Ms. Schlumpf insists, “the media are not the enemy. We are professionals, trying to do our jobs, in the service of the truth.”

    It’s telling that Ms. Schlumpf uses the royal “we,” lumping herself together with the good folks at The New York Times. The Reporter has been ordered to remove the word “Catholic” from its title by the local ordinary, although they’ve steadfastly refused. That’s because the Fishwrap (like the Grey Lady) has no interest in truth—only in advancing the latest progressive narratives.

    For instance, did you know that sex abuse is slightly more common among Protestant ministers than Catholic priests? Yet the Times has never commented on posthumous revelations that Paul Moore, Jr.—the liberal activist who served as Episcopal bishop of New York throughout the Seventies and Eighties—was a serial homosexual predator. Why? It doesn’t fit the narrative.

    Or did you know that schoolteachers are almost twice as likely to abuse children than are Catholic priests? Yet The Boston Globe has never held a full investigation into the well-documented role of teachers’ unions in shielding predators. Why? It doesn’t fit the narrative.

    So, yes: progressive media is the Church’s enemy. And Catholic media is the enemy of progressive media. There is no “we” when talking about Catholic and progressive journalists. It’s comparing apples and oranges, or ought to be. We don’t share a common vocation. Real Catholic media exists to defend the Church; progressive media, to destroy her.

    Don’t take my word for it. The popes have made this point abundantly clear: the principle reason for Catholic media’s existence is to fight against anti-Catholics in the secular media. As Pope Leo XIII wrote in Dall’alto dell’Apostolico Seggio,

    Seeing that the chief instrument employed by our enemies is the press, which in a great part receives from them its inspiration and support, it is important that Catholics should oppose the evil press by a press that is good, for the defense of truth, out of love for religion, and to uphold the rights of the Church.

    Of course, our love for religion will compel us to expose predators within the holy priesthood and their enablers in the hierarchy. But it also compels us to approach every accusation objectively, respecting the accused man’s right to a fair hearing, and with respect for his reputation. As Bishop Athanasius Schneider recently explained,

    In coming to terms with atrocities committed by clerics, one should be guided only by truth and justice, without regard to the person. On the other hand, this coming to terms with the past must not be used to unleash additional personal antipathies against a certain Church superior or against a certain religious community. Emotional neutrality is necessary for a fair judgment.

    The proof is in the pudding. Secular outlets will run any accusation against any priest, however spurious. And it doesn’t matter if the accusation can be disproven. We all know that, once a priest is publicly accused of abuse, his career will never recover.

    Our case in point is George Cardinal Pell. Many of us—thousands of us—realized from the beginning that the accusations levied against His Eminence were transparently false. That narrative was pushed relentlessly by Australian media, including the left-leaning public broadcaster. For those with eyes to see, those journalists’ anti-Catholic agenda was transparent.

    Of course, the Reporter sided with the press and against the Church. They named yours truly as one of the shadowy figures of conservative-Catholic media who doubted the Australian courts’ conviction. As the Reporter declared, “Those who dismiss the Pell verdict ignore integrity of legal process.” Naturally, our answer was: Yes, absolutely. How could you not? It’s a total farce!

    And, of course, when His Eminence was at last found innocent, the Reporter didn’t apologize. They didn’t admit their mistake. They didn’t reconsider how their mindless opposition to “conservative” (orthodox) bishops is not only unfair to innocent priests—it’s not only unethical, from a professional standpoint—it doesn’t only trivialize the suffering of real abuse victims—but it also causes real and measurable harm to Holy Mother Church.

    None of that matters to the Fishwrap and their colleagues in the anti-Catholic press. They’re out for scalps. They’ll happily use the tragedy and iniquity of sex abuse to advance their political agenda. And they’ll cast aspersions on anyone who questions their motives.

    We should all thank God for real Catholic media. I don’t know whom to thank for the National Catholic Reporter, but it ain’t Him.

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    The screenwriter and novelist Xu Jinchuan recalls academics, publishers, activists, lawyers who have disappeared in the hands of the Chinese regime: the fruits of an ideological "cold winter". But the profession of a thinker is to seek the truth and reveal it, whatever the consequences. An essay published in "China Heritage", by the sinologist Geremie R. Barmé.

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    Author: Donald DeMarco

    Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has declared that “there will be no Christmas this year.” When I read that, my thoughts immediately turned to a popular song containing the charmingly inverted opening lyrics, “There’ll always be a Christmas; a Christmas there’ll always be.” Sometimes there is more truth in popular songs than in political pronouncements. Mr. Trudeau is well known for overstepping his bounds, but his recent declaration represents a quantum leap. He did restrain himself, however, by not stating that any Canadian born on December 25 will not have a birthday this year. Such a declaration would have been well received by those who are overly sensitive about their age and would be happy to remain the same age for two years in a row. Nonetheless, Trudeau does not have the power, unlike the legendary Superman, to alter time.

    Canada’s chief political officer sorely underestimates the durability of Christmas. God would not have entered the world as a babe only to have the commemoration of this prodigious event canceled, if only for one year, because of a virus. Christmas is cosmic. It is far beyond the reach of politicians or any earthly potentates, for that matter. Christmas is unstoppable. It reverberates through the corridors of time unsullied, undeterred, and undiminished.

    Christmas celebrations in the year 2020 may be somewhat subdued. Large gatherings, office parties, sporting events, even caroling may be outlawed. Yet the Nativity itself, the commemoration of the Incarnation, gives Christmas Day its perpetuity, just as Christ’s words, “Do this in memory of Me” gives the Mass its everlasting relevance. Christ will not be forgotten. Yes, Virginia, there will be a Christmas this year.

    In the eighteenth chapter of the Book of Wisdom, we read these words: “For while all things were in quiet silence and the night was in the midst of her course, thy almighty word leapt down from heaven from thy royal throne.” Here, the Incarnation is described brimming with mystery. It takes place in a moment of silence, not at the bidding of the world or in the clamor of anxious arrangements. When God formed Eve, He put Adam into a deep sleep, indicating that the creation of the first woman was entirely God’s work. So too, the silence of the world at the first Christmas indicates, again, that God alone was in charge. In addition, God wants the particularities of sacred events to be honored. Christmas Day is December 25. Pope Benedict XVI made a critically important point when he stated that “the Christian faith can never be separated from the soil of sacred events, from the choice made by God, who wanted to speak to us, to become man, to die and rise again, in a particular place and at a particular time.” Christmas is inseparably bound up with the Nativity in Bethlehem.

    The Angel Gabriel told Mary at the Annunciation that “she will bring forth a son” who “shall be king over the house of Jacob forever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end.” Christmas is of God and is forever.

    God’s transition from the eternal to the temporal, from the divine to the human, is a mystery that is far above our intellect’s capacity to comprehend. Why would God make such a journey? He does not need us! Yet, in this transition we locate the very heart of the Christmas message. The Incarnation begins to make sense only when we see it as an extraordinary act of love.

    Concerning the Incarnation, theologian Romano Guardini states that “the glory of it is so overwhelming that to all who do not accept love as an absolute point of departure, its manifestations must seem the most senseless folly.”

    Divine life, incarnated in the world in the person of Jesus Christ, provides a compelling image of a love that is both natural and supernatural. Christmas is the appearance of perfect love in history, one that history must never forget. It transcends anything that the world, of itself, can envision. It gives added meaning to our small acts of love because it unites them with Divine Love.

    Christmas does not belong to Caesar. It is God’s gift to “all men of good will.” And that is why Christmas is forever, having neither an expiration date nor a brief political term of office.

    [Photo credit: Lars Hagberg/AFP via Getty Images]

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    The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (Ipc), published yesterday. According to experts, "time is running out" to avert "mass hunger". For tens of thousands of people, the situation is "catastrophic" and will get worse next year. FAO Director General: War is the engine of food insecurity.

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    Since November 30, the former democratic parliamentarian has been in Denmark to attend a climate conference. Ted Hui’s self-imposed exile will lead to a fewer possibilities of bail for democracy activists held on charges related to the security law.

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    The head of US intelligence chief slams the Chinese regime as a danger to global democracy and the free world. Chinese accused of stealing industrial secrets from US companies. About 1,000 Chinese scientists fled the United States after an investigation into China’s intelligence activities was launched. Beijing: Washington distorting the facts.

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    Author: noreply@blogger.com (Mary Ann Kreitzer)
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    Author: Mundabor
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    Author: Global Research News

    The post This Week’s Most Popular Articles appeared first on Global Research.

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    Author: frz@wdtprs.com (Fr. John Zuhlsdorf)
    Here is ADVENTCAzT 06, for Friday in the 1st Week of Advent. These 5 minute offerings are a token of gratitude especially for my benefactors.  Thank you!  Chime in if you listened. Today we hear about what will take place at the General Judgment.  Fulton Sheen gives an insight into how God comes to us. Pius Parsch talks about our vocations. Continue reading →
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    Author: Tony Cartalucci
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    Author: David Warren

    Were there not an alternative explanation, I would have to conclude that a certain lady’s theory of the Batflu epidemic is correct.

    This is the daughter of an old friend: not, I should mention, a professional epidemiologist. She is left-wing, in a way typical of her “millennial” generation, but like many of the rest not incapable of some independent thought.

    Her theory is that the Chinese virus has been misrepresented. Chiefly, it is blamed for respiratory crises among the old with comorbidities, and indeed it seems to have killed more than a million of them, around the world, in the year or so since it was flagged. She doesn’t deny a bit of that.

    But she parts company from those who suggest that it has little, and frequently no, effect on most below pensionable age. These, to her mind, may be the main victims; whereas the old, with their pre-existing conditions, were going to die soon, anyway. (This may seem a cold-hearted way to look at it, but many cold-hearted analyses are true.)

    Given the extraordinary number of “positive” tests for persons of all ages, and estimates that exposure rates are actually far higher, what can we say about the many, many millions of people who have shown so few symptoms?

    It is that they have all gone mad.

    Matilda, as I will call her, has been testing this theory among all her numerous friends, and even consulting “the media” occasionally. Her confessedly unscientific survey consists of “just looking at them,” while reviewing their case histories.

    According to Matilda, friends who were previously capable of making some sense, and who showed a fairly robust appreciation of cause and effect, now frequently have jumped the rail of reason.

    They were re-attributing things that they had previously assigned to demonstrable causes, to unlikely ones instead. They were showing rather obvious signs of morbid obsession, psychotic monomania, and general paranoia.

    While the opposite of a Trump supporter herself (did I mention she is “liberal” and left-wing), she has begun to recognize “Trump Derangement Syndrome” – in persons who previously had no discernible political opinions. Some, she thought, might actually require hospitalization.

    But the same from the other direction. Her own parents, previously “mildly conservative,” but in a vaguely habitual and apolitical way, would now “crawl over broken glass” to vote for a president they once found mildly distasteful. They now followed him “over the top” of every wild rhetorical exclamation, and could watch him for hours on TV.

    Granted, these parents might be getting old, although there was no evidence they had been infected. But some young people, too, who had never seemed exceptionally right-wing, were now ‘spilling their guts with right-wing hysteria.” They were signing up for “Trump 2024 and forever.”


    Perhaps the contagion was deflected person to person by the Batflu masks. Perhaps the resonance from six-foot distancing made people behave like Mad Cows. Perhaps scientists in the Wuhan laboratories had engineered a virus with psychotropic effects. . . . .“Whatever.”

    The whole world was now going, or had already gone, “bat-guano.”

    As I said, Matilda’s theory is superficially plausible. My own tests among certain friends, and informal surveys of my neighbors, have tended to confirm her findings. I could also give copious anecdotal examples, but I’m sure gentle reader can supply his own.

    My own explanation, from a few months ago, of phenomena from riots and looting, to insane rants in public – was a psychic “perfect storm.” In meteorological terms, a few otherwise modest hurricanes and tornadoes sometimes combine into a monster event, and who could see it coming?

    The key was to “lockdown” millions of the young, and the otherwise energetic, for weeks – months – while spreading a superstitious fear of The Plague through all media of information. Then randomly let them out.

    In my native country, Canada, the physical equivalent is known as “hosing.” You shake a beer bottle or can vigorously for some time, then pull off the top. What emerges is a powerful liquid spray. But that experiment usually ends more peacefully, with everyone getting wet, who wasn’t wet already. Violence is dampened from what it was before.

    The “perfect storm” theory is incomplete, however. In order to account for what came out of it, we must first consider what went in.

    This task is easier than may at first appear. The gases that went in were hardly unknown, and their properties were hardly mysterious.

    For two generations, at least, America like Europe (for generations longer) has been simultaneously embracing post-Christian anarchy, while constraining it within vessels that are unambiguously bourgeois. Our normal, deep, religious instincts, have been transformed into what we might call “middle-class values.”

    Outwardly, we have tried to continue as before, even going to church on Sundays until quite recently. But the reason for doing this had by increments translated God into social respectability. True, religious people continued to exist, and even mystical religion. But in the mass, modern man had become irreligious.

    The history is still deeper than I make out. “Secularization” is, to my mind, the essence of modernity; and in being so, the groundwork for our very modern-looking revolutions and wars. To an external observer, as to an internal, they appear merely unpredictable.

    Frustrated, pent-up gases, compressed and stressed, are suddenly released.

    They come out as mad, ideological explosions. The God who was denied is replaced by people playing God, and whole sections of society become weaponized. “Race,” “gender,” “class,” and suchlike identifiers, cease to work as components within a complex organism, formerly united in its worship of God. Instead, they work like parts of a bomb.

    And this is by now an old story, sometimes labeled “popular delusions and the madness of crowds.” There is no “cure” for them, short of recovering religion. The story will play out, on its own absurd terms, until we fall back on the peace of exhaustion.


    *Image: King Nebuchadnezzar as a Wild Animal by an unknown artist, c. 1400-1410 [J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA]. The image refers to Daniel 4: 25-35: the prophet tells the king that he will lose his mind and live like a beast for seven years. The illustration is from Rudolf von Ems’ Weltchronik or “world chronicle” written in the mid-1200s.

    The post Chronicles of Crazy appeared first on The Catholic Thing.

  38. Site: The Catholic Thing
    9 hours 30 min ago
    Author: Emily Rolwes

    I have said that all branches of knowledge are connected together, because the subject-matter of knowledge is intimately united in itself, as being the acts and the work of the Creator. Hence it is that the Sciences, into which our knowledge may be said to be cast, have multiplied bearings one on another, and an internal sympathy, and admit, or rather demand, comparison and adjustment. They complete, correct, balance each other. This consideration, if well-founded, must be taken into account, not only as regards the attainment of truth, which is their common end, but as regards the influence which they exercise upon those whose education consists in the study of them. I have said already, that to give undue prominence to one is to be unjust to another; to neglect or supersede these is to divert those from their proper object. It is to unsettle the boundary lines between science and science, to disturb their action, to destroy the harmony which binds them together. Such a proceeding will have a corresponding effect when introduced into a place of education. There is no science but tells a different tale, when viewed as a portion of a whole, from what it is likely to suggest when taken by itself, without the safeguard, as I may call it, of others.

    Let me make use of an illustration. In the combination of colours, very different effects are produced by a difference in their selection and juxtaposition; red, green, and white, change their shades, according to the contrast to which they are submitted. And, in like manner, the drift and meaning of a branch of knowledge varies with the company in which it is introduced to the student. If his reading is confined simply to one subject, however such division of labour may favour the advancement of a particular pursuit, a point into which I do not here enter, certainly it has a tendency to contract his mind. If it is incorporated with others, it depends on those others as to the kind of influence which it exerts upon him. Thus the Classics, which in England are the means of refining the taste, have in France subserved the spread of revolutionary and deistical doctrines. In Metaphysics, again, Butler’s Analogy of Religion, which has had so much to do with the conversion to the Catholic faith of members of the University of Oxford, appeared to Pitt and others, who had received a different training, to operate only in the direction of infidelity. And so again, Watson, Bishop of Llandaff, as I think he tells us in the narrative of his life, felt the science of Mathematics to indispose the mind to religious belief, while others see in its investigations the best parallel, and thereby defence, of the Christian Mysteries. In like manner, I suppose, Arcesilas would not have handled logic as Aristotle, nor Aristotle have criticized poets as Plato; yet reasoning and poetry are subject to scientific rules.

    It is a great point then to enlarge the range of studies which a University professes, even for the sake of the students; and, though they cannot pursue every subject which is open to them, they will be the gainers by living among those and under those who represent the whole circle. This I conceive to be the advantage of a seat of universal learning, considered as a place of education. An assemblage of learned men, zealous for their own sciences, and rivals of each other, are brought, by familiar intercourse and for the sake of intellectual peace, to adjust together the claims and relations of their respective subjects of investigation. They learn to respect, to consult, to aid each other. Thus is created a pure and clear atmosphere of thought, which the student also breathes, though in his own case he only pursues a few sciences out of the multitude. He profits by an intellectual tradition, which is independent of particular teachers, which guides him in his choice of subjects, and duly interprets for him those which he chooses. He apprehends the great outlines of knowledge, the principles on which it rests, the scale of its parts, its lights and its shades, its great points and its little, as he otherwise cannot apprehend them. Hence it is that his education is called “Liberal.” A habit of mind is formed which lasts through life, of which the attributes are, freedom, equitableness, calmness, moderation, and wisdom; or what in a former Discourse I have ventured to call a philosophical habit. This then I would assign as the special fruit of the education furnished at a University, as contrasted with other places of teaching or modes of teaching. This is the main purpose of a University in its treatment of its students.

    The post All knowledge is connected appeared first on The Catholic Thing.

  39. Site: The Catholic Thing
    9 hours 30 min ago
    Author: Emily Rolwes

    In spite of the talk of equality and liberation, woke ideology ultimately means rule by a small number of people who believe they have the superior knowledge, intelligence, and virtue needed to define what views are correct. All other views, including Catholic ones, are banished.

    The post Get woke, get (morally) broke appeared first on The Catholic Thing.

  40. Site: The Catholic Thing
    9 hours 30 min ago
    Author: Emily Rolwes

    There were many to echo [accounts] of inhumanity and few to balance [them], for the plague was not the kind of calamity that inspired mutual help. Its loathsomeness and deadliness did not herd people together in mutual distress, but only prompted their desire to escape each other. “Magistrates and notaries refused to come and make the wills of the dying,” reported a Franciscan friar of Piazza in Sicily; what was worse, “even the priests did not come to hear their confessions.” A clerk of the Archbishop of Canterbury reported the same of English priests who “turned away from the care of their benefices from fear of death.” Cases of parents deserting children and children their parents were reported across Europe from Scotland to Russia. The calamity chilled the hearts of men, wrote Boccaccio in his famous account of the plague in Florence that serves as introduction to the Decameron. “One man shunned another … kinsfolk held aloof, brother was forsaken by brother, oftentimes husband by Wife; nay, what is more, and scarcely to be believed, fathers and mothers were found to abandon their own children to their fate, untended, unvisited as if they had been strangers.” Exaggeration and literary pessimism were common in the 14th century, but the Pope’s physician, Guy de Chauliac, was a sober, careful observer who reported the same phenomenon: “A father did not visit his son, nor the son his father. Charity was dead.”

    Yet not entirely. In Paris, according to the chronicler Jean de Venette the nuns of the Hôtel Dieu or municipal hospital, “having no fear of death, tended the sick with all sweetness and humility.” New nuns repeatedly took the places of those who died, until the majority “many times renewed by death now rest in peace with Christ as we may piously believe.” When the plague entered northern France in July 1348, it settled first in Normandy and, checked by winter, gave Picardy a deceptive interim until the next summer. Either in mourning or warning, black flags were flown from church towers of the worst-stricken villages of Normandy. “And in that time,” wrote a monk of the abbey of Fourcarment, “the mortality was so great among the peo- ple of Normandy that those of Picardy mocked them.” The same unneighborly reaction was reported of the Scots, sepa- rated by a winter’s immunity from the English. Delighted to hear of the disease that was scourging the “southrons,” they gathered forces for an invasion, “laughing at their enemies.” Before they could move, the savage mortality fell upon them too, scattering some in death and the rest in panic to spread the infection as they fled. – from A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous Fourteenth Century (1978)

    The post The Black Death’s toll appeared first on The Catholic Thing.

  41. Site: The Catholic Thing
    9 hours 30 min ago
    Author: Emily Rolwes

    In a victory for religious freedom amid state efforts to impose COVID restrictions on public gatherings, the Supreme Court yesterday vacated the Ninth Circuit’s ruling against California churches. Just last week, the Court also ruled 5-4 in favor of the Brooklyn Diocese and Orthodox Jewish synagogues in their case against the New York’s COVID restrictions.







    The post Court backs religion freedom—again appeared first on The Catholic Thing.

  42. Site: The Catholic Thing
    9 hours 31 min ago
    Author: Emily Rolwes

    A gunman, Abu Dagnah Al-Albany, affiliated with the Islamic State had planned to attack a Catholic youth group meeting at a church in Vienna during his Wednesday terror attack. He did kill at least four people and injured more than 20 others, before being shot dead outside the church.




    The post Vienna terror attack appeared first on The Catholic Thing.

  43. Site: AntiWar.com
    9 hours 31 min ago
    Author: Reese Erlich

    Imagine for a moment what would happen if unknown assassins murdered a high-ranking US scientist involved with chemical weapons. Let’s say officials in Iran quietly took responsibility, arguing that the US had violated international law because it continues to hold stockpiles of mustard gas and nerve agents VX and sarin, despite numerous commitments to destroy … Continue reading "Iran Assassination Is a Political Provocation"

    The post Iran Assassination Is a Political Provocation appeared first on Antiwar.com Original.

  44. Site: The Unz Review
    9 hours 31 min ago
    Author: Pat Buchanan
    In early August 1990, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein invaded and occupied Kuwait and declared it to be his nation's lost 19th province. Said George H. W. Bush, "This will not stand!" Translation: Get out of Kuwait, Saddam, or we will come over there and throw you out. Six months later, after a five-week air assault...
  45. Site: AntiWar.com
    9 hours 31 min ago
    Author: Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)

    Originally appeared at ScheerPost Harry Truman. That’s who Jake Sullivan listed as his “political hero/inspiration,” in a Time Magazine “40 Under 40” profile. Fed a question so vague that he could’ve chosen anyone from Cleopatra to Clinton, that Sullivan selected a consummate product of Kansas City’s backroom “machine” politics, and liberal hawk exemplar, is more … Continue reading "Biden’s Young Hawk: The Case Against Jake Sullivan"

    The post Biden’s Young Hawk: The Case Against Jake Sullivan appeared first on Antiwar.com Original.

  46. Site: AntiWar.com
    9 hours 32 min ago
    Author: Ramzy Baroud

    Right-wing Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has nothing to worry about as the man who will directly handle America’s foreign policy in the Middle East is a loyal friend of Israel. Crisis averted. President-elect, Joe Biden’s appointment of Antony J. Blinken as his Secretary of State was a master stroke, according to the Biden Administration. … Continue reading "The King’s Man: Blinken’s Appointment Reassures Israel That Little Will Change Under Biden"

    The post The King’s Man: Blinken’s Appointment Reassures Israel That Little Will Change Under Biden appeared first on Antiwar.com Original.

  47. Site: Fr. Z's Blog
    9 hours 48 min ago
    Author: frz@wdtprs.com (Fr. John Zuhlsdorf)
    #ASonnetADay – 107. “Not mine own fears, nor the prophetic soul…” pic.twitter.com/GPyCp4pksX — Fr. John Zuhlsdorf (@fatherz) December 4, 2020
  48. Site: AntiWar.com
    9 hours 56 min ago
    Author: Margaret Griffis

    Various attacks left two dead and 15 wounded.

    The post <I>Iraq Daily Roundup</I>: Two Killed appeared first on Antiwar.com Original.

  49. Site: Creative Minority Report
    10 hours 4 min ago
    Author: noreply@blogger.com (matthew archbold)

    We've seen all sorts of politicians scolding the people for not following the mandates and then going out to dinner, getting their hair cut, or even flying out to Cabo.

    Its worth noting that all these politicians who get caught breaking their own lockdown rules, not one of them got caught going to a religious service.

    In fact, Christian services seem to be a special focus of their mandates. Remember, these are the people who say never let a crisis go to waste.

    Justice Neil Gorsuch pointed out in his ruling against NY Governor Andrew Cuomo's anti-religion mandates, “Indeed, the Governor is remarkably frank about this: In his judgment laundry and liquor, travel and tools, are all 'essential' while traditional religious exercises are not. That is exactly the kind of discrimination the First Amendment forbids.”

    It sometimes seems to me that the battles we are fighting are not the battles they are fighting. We still think this is about Covid. It's not.  Maybe it never was. The powers that they wield during a pandemic are there forever. They will not abdicate them.  

    We thought we were trying to win an election. They weren't. They had already rigged the system. This is about establishing a permanent ruling class.  This is about enforcing secularism.

    I've long said that the split in this country isn't simply red and blue. It is those who believe in God and those who don't. It is between those who believe our precious rights are granted to us by our Creator and those who believe the government can mint new rights like stamps or coins while removing others.

    The left has been attempting to remove Christianity from the public sphere for years. This is essentially playing cultural Jenga. That game only ends one way. A mess.  

    Keep praying. Pray for courage. Pray for faith.

  50. Site: Novus Ordo Watch
    10 hours 13 min ago
    Author: admin

    Flying carpets and hair dryers in church — what’s not to like?

    “How Long is Now?” – Bizarre Advent Art Installation at Swiss Novus Ordo Parish

    The Novus Ordo church of Dreikönigen (“Church of the Three Kings”) in Zürich, Switzerland, is currently hosting a “kinetic installation” under the title How long is now?, and it looks accordingly.

    While you’re pondering this profound question that has puzzled humanity for millennia, we will introduce you to some of the details of this incredibly edifying Advent project currently gracing the inside of Dreikönigen church. Proceed at your own risk.

    First, a video released by the Katholisches Medienzentrum (“Catholic media center”), an official media portal of the Novus Ordo Sect’s Swiss branch, introducing the exhibition:

    The large cloths are held in the air by strings or cords fastened to columns, but the fun doesn’t end there.



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