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    Since the Council, an idea has been spreading that Judaism is not superseded by the New Covenant of Jesus Christ; that Jews still have available to them the Covenant of the old Law, by which they can be saved. It is therefore unnecessary for them to turn to Christ; unnecessary for anybody to convert them to faith in Christ. Indeed, attempting to do so is an act of aggression not dissimilar to theFr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com11
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    S Paul loved his fellow Jews, his 'kinsmen' and believed "the gifts and call of God are irrevocable". He believed that at the End, those among them who had rejected Christ would be brought in to the chosen people. He believed that they were like olive branches which had been cut off so that the Gentiles, wild olive branches, could be grafted in. But, when the fulness of the Gentiles had entered Fr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com3
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    Lex orandi lex credendi. I have been examining the Two Covenant Dogma: the fashionable error that God's First Covenant, with the Jews, is still fully and salvifically valid, so that the call to saving faith in Christ Jesus is not made to them. The 'New' Covenant, it is claimed, is now only for Gentiles. I want to draw attention at this point to the witness of the post-Conciliar Magisterium of theFr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com13
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    We have seen that the Two Covenant Theory, the idea that Jewry alone is guaranteed Salvation without any need to convert to Christ, is repugnant to Scripture, to the Fathers, even to the post-Conciliar liturgy of the Catholic Church. It is also subversive of the basic grammar of the relationship between the Old and the New Testaments. Throughout  two millennia, in Scripture, in Liturgy, in her Fr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com7
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    The sort of people who would violently reject the points I am making are the sort of people who would not be impressed by the the Council of Florence. So I am going to confine myself to the Magisterium from the time of Pius XII ... since it is increasingly coming to be realised that the continuum of processes which we associate with the Conciliar and post-Conciliar period was already in operationFr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com0
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    In 1980, addressing a Jewish gathering in Germany, B John Paul II said (I extract this from a long sentence): " ... dialogue; that is, the meeting between the people of the Old Covenant (never revoked by God, cf Romans 11:29) and that of the New Covenant, is at the same time ..." In 2013, Pope Francis, in the course of his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii gaudium, also referred to the Old Fr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com10
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    Author: Karen Popp

    III. For the Crèche

    Form 8277059, Sub-Section k

    I remember my mother, the day that we met,
    A thing I shall never entirely forget;
    And I toy with the fancy that, young as I am,
    I should know her again if we met in a tram.
    But mother is happy in turning a crank
    That increases the balance in somebody’s bank;
    And I feel satisfaction that mother is free
    From the sinister task of attending to me.

    They have brightened our room, that is spacious and cool,
    With diagrams used in the Idiot School,
    And Books for the Blind that will teach us to see;
    But mother is happy, for mother is free.
    For mother is dancing up forty-eight floors,
    For love of the Leeds International Stores,
    And the flame of that faith might perhaps have grown cold,
    With the care of a baby of seven weeks old.

    For mother is happy in greasing a wheel
    For somebody else, who is cornering Steel;
    And though our one meeting was not very long,
    She took the occasion to sing me this song:
    “O, hush thee, my baby, the time will soon come
    When thy sleep will be broken with hooting and hum;
    There are handles want turning and turning all day,
    And knobs to be pressed in the usual way;

    O, hush thee, my baby, take rest while I croon,
    For Progress comes early, and Freedom too soon.

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    Author: Karen Popp

    The former Anglican bishop, Msgr. Michael Nazir-Ali, was once very much a part of the established Church of England. Today, he believes having an established church is, on the whole, “a good thing” but adds, “this must be without compromise to the Gospel.” For that reason, he questions why Catholic bishops should not be admitted to the House of Lords.


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    Author: Karen Popp

    According to a new U.S. Religion Census, the Catholic population in the United States has grown by about 2 million people in 10 years to nearly 62 million and continues to be the largest religious body in 36 U.S. states. Protestants collectively still outnumber Catholics in the U.S.




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    Author: Karen Popp

    Via a motu proprio, Pope Francis has promulgated a new law governing Vatican-related foundations and nonprofit organizations that details sanctions and clarifies existing norms on transparency and accountability, and mandates compliance with anti-money laundering measures. The new law takes effect today.



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    Author: Karen Popp

    There is a growing reaction – a backlash – against old, liberal assumptions about what’s good for women. Fundamentally, new feminists oppose the sexual revolution that has fundamentally reshaped our society, and produced much human rubble in the process.


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    Author: Robert Royal

    Popular processions and pilgrimages are among the most beautiful Catholic practices all over the United States and the world. (I myself, along with 300 others, walked the thirty miles of an Order-of-Malta-sponsored Advent Pilgrimage from Jacksonville to St. Augustine, Florida, last weekend – about which more, much more, in the future.) These types of events have a long history and great spiritual value, properly done, because they differ from the demonstrations and marches for specific causes, important as those are. They simply witness that the Church – and God – are present in the world, not only within the walls of church buildings but in our common public life.

    Of course, opponents and outright enemies of that presence don’t like it. At all. Though religious voices have a right to exist in the public square as much as secular voices, we see increasing efforts to curb religious expression, as if, by its very nature, it doesn’t belong in civil society – or is even dangerous. And that’s true not only of America, but many other places in the world.

    Today, December 8, is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Many churches in America will hold special celebrations to honor the Theotokos, the Mother of God. In Nicaragua, however, the vaguely Marxist but definitely criminal regime of the Ortega family has banned the traditional public procession.

    The Church in Nicaragua has often opposed injustices by the regime, which has responded by expelling the papal nuncio, placing a bishop and priests under arrest, closing Catholic media and organizations, and generally enforcing a system of religious repression. According to the regime, however, the reason for banning the procession is that it’s “a threat to public safety.”

    This is the rankest lie, of course, but it’s not only in the world’s dictatorships that “safety” has become an idol to which we all must bow down. Prestigious universities and some of the most powerful corporations and news organizations in Europe and America now claim that students or staff don’t “feel safe” when some un-woke opinion or activity manages to break through current secular orthodoxies.

    The alleged threats rarely materialize, but the very notion of “safety” is an ever-ready – and mostly effective – weapon for quashing dissent.

    Sad to say, the safety shibboleth has even infected the Church. In recent days, the Newman Center at the University of Nebraska was threatened by a pro-abortion group, which sent a message to the priest who runs the center reading:

    If our right to abortion in Bellevue is taken away due to the attempt to pass an abortion ban and it gets passed[,] we will shoot up your Newman center with our new AR-74 rifles. Sincerely, Jane’s Revenge.

    The note ended with a slogan used by several radical pro-abortion groups, “If abortion isn’t safe, neither are you.”

    This sort of thing has become all too common in American society anno Domini 2022. The university’s Department of Public Safety [sic] and local police say they are investigating – though a Federal response to the threat of a hate crime, as with the many other threats and actual attacks on religious institutions, seems to be missing.


    But the “safety” meme, unfortunately, did not end there. The priest in charge of the Newman Center slipped into the current cant as well, saying in a public statement, “Our number one priority is the safety of our students.”

    It would be wrong to criticize someone who, in the heat of the moment, says something that on later reflection he might wish he hadn’t. But it’s telling that this particular phrase came from a campus chaplain, of all people.

    Is it even remotely true that the “number one priority” at a Newman Center is the “safety” – in the current ideologized sense – of its students? The whole history of Christianity, from the time of Jesus and the Apostles, the early martyrs, the missionaries who went out into a quite hostile world, down to the confessors and martyrs who stood up to Nazism, Communism, and Fascism in our own times tells a different tale. And there are new chapters to be written of heroic sanctity even today in the face of dangers in China, Nigeria, Ukraine, Iran, India, and many other nations.

    In ordinary daily terms, there’s only a relative degree of safety in any of our lives. And in a Catholic perspective the only real safety is the hope of eternal salvation in Heaven promised to those who believe in and follow Jesus Christ, through all persecutions and challenges.

    The threat at the University of Nebraska Newman Center is just one of a series of threats to traditional Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, and even secular institutions that stand up to the abortion, euthanasia, LGBT+ mentality that is dominant virtually everywhere now in our main culture-forming institutions. And from which there is no place of refuge, let alone safety.

    We even have a former First Lady and candidate for president suggesting that pro-lifers in America – who make up nearly half the population – are on a spectrum with the Iranian regime, the Taliban, and Russian rapists in Ukraine.

    Hilary Clinton graduated first in her class at Wellesley and met her future husband when they were both students at  Yale Law School. Yet she doesn’t seem to have learned much about first-order reasoning in either of those places. Rather, she honed rhetorical skills in pursuit of public influence – as her shifting position on many topics over the years demonstrates.

    These wild generalizations have to be corrected, of course, by public argument and action. For centuries, one of the greatest services that the Church has provided to the world has been education in the first things that constitute life as a rational being.

    But such charges also have to be met by a fearless witness and public presence. The kind that gave us Stephen, Polycarp, Lucy, Becket, More, Fisher, Pro, Stein, and many more. The witness that says, we’re here, we follow the Truth, and – do what you will – we’re not going away.

    *Image: The Embrace at the Golden Gate by Ambrosius Benson, ca. 1528 [Museo del Prado, Madrid]. The painting depicts Saints Joachim and Anne. They have met at the eponymous gate in Jerusalem. Anne tells her husband that she is pregnant.

    You may also enjoy some of our most popular columns from the last dozen years:

    Fr. Paul D. Scalia’s  Priests without People

    Fr. Robert P. Imbelli’s Benedict XVI: Prophet

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  13. Site: AntiWar.com
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    Author: Jonathan Cook

    There is a good reason why Gadi Eisenkot, a former head of the Israeli military, expressed alarm last week as Benjamin Netanyahu awarded unprecedented powers over the occupation to a far-right settler party in his new government. Eisenkot claimed that the army was in danger of “falling apart” if Netanyahu so openly politicized its role. … Continue reading "How Ben-Gvir Blows Apart the ‘Security’ Story of Israel’s Occupation"

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  14. Site: The Remnant Newspaper - Remnant Articles
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    Just a few hours before his second and final arrest, St. Maximilian Kolbe on February 17, 1941, wrote down his last reflections on the Immaculate Conception. The question, "Who are you, O Immaculate Conception?" occupied his priestly mind and heart forming him to be a living witness of the power of the Immaculate and to die as a living offering of love.
  15. Site: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
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    Alex Schadenberg
    Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

    Meagan Nicholls who is a director of a food bank in Mississauga Ontario, near Toronto, wrote an article that was published by Maclean's Magazine on November 30, 2022 stating that:
    “Clients are telling us they're considering medically assisted death or suicide because they can’t live in grinding poverty anymore.”Nicholls states that demand on the food bank has increased by 60% since the pandemic. She stated that in the past they served 19,000 people per year and they are now serving 30,000 people per year. She also said that the increase in the cost of food has led to a 30% increase in demand for the food bank this year.

    Nicholls then writes:
    Meanwhile, the government has weakened our social safety net to a disheartening degree. At the provincial level, Ontario Works (our welfare system) and the Ontario Disability Support Program are woefully underfunded. We’re at the point where clients on these programs are telling us they’re considering medically assisted death or suicide because they can’t live in grinding poverty anymore. A client in our Food Bank 2 Home delivery program told one of our staff that they’re considering suicide because they’re so tired of suffering through poverty. Another client asked if we knew how to apply for MAID for the same reasons. We can’t underestimate the effect that poverty has on someone’s mental health. Our clients live with constant worry, and cut corners on needed items like medication, fresh food, or warm clothes—constantly living under that stress takes its toll mentally, emotionally and physically.

    I don’t know how to ring the alarm bell any louder. When people start telling us they’re going to end their life because they can’t live in poverty anymore, it’s clear that we’ve failed them.This is a significant article because Nicholls is genuinely shocked that people would be seking to be killed because of poverty. 

    Since expanding euthanasia to people with chronic conditions who are not terminally ill, Canada has had a large number of euthanasia of people with disabilities who are asking to be killed because of poverty, homelessness and an inability to get necessary medical treatment.

    Links to more stories of the euthanasia experience in Canada:

    • Man changed his mind about euthanasia after receiving a wheelchair lift (Link)
    • Veterans affairs offers euthanasia to former paralympian (Link).
    • Veterans affairs worker advocates euthanasia for PTSD (Link).
    • Canadian man claims that he was pressured to request euthanasia (Link).
    • Why did they kill my brother (Link).
    • Manitoba woman died by euthanasia based on inadequate home care (Link).
    • Quebec man seeks euthanasia based on changes to home care (Link). 
    • Alberta man requests euthanasia based on poverty (Link).
    • Ontario man approved for euthanasia because he can't get medical treatment (Link).
    • Shopping for doctor death in Canada (Link).
    • Gwen is seeking euthanasia because she can't access medical treatment (Link).
    • Euthanasia for disability and poverty (Link).
    • Euthanasia for Long Covid and poverty (Link).
    • Canada's MAiD law is the most permissive in the world. (Link).
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    Author: noreply@blogger.com (Restore-DC-Catholicism)
  17. Site: AntiWar.com
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    Author: Margaret Griffis

    Another 24 people were wounded.

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  19. Site: Public Discourse
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    Author: Bryan McGraw

    When we ask about the relationship between religion and democracy, as many do in these latter days, we can ask along a number of different lines. We might ask about religion’s historical contribution to the practices and ideas that animate democratic politics. We might ask about the ways in which religion forms individuals’ and groups’ political commitments—or, alternatively, how democracy’s political commitments forms individuals’ and groups’ religious beliefs. We might ask about how democracies draw on or perhaps at times subvert religious meanings and symbols. And so on.

    Robert Wuthnow, the eminent sociologist of religion at Princeton, approaches the subject from a different angle: he looks at the ways in which religion has contributed to American democracy over the past century or so—not just as an originator of political ideas but, perhaps more importantly, as an incubator of and vehicle for political action. Working through the various roles that religious groups played in debates over the New Deal, war, civil liberties, welfare, economic policy, and Covid-19, Wuthnow assiduously details how religious groups helped bring Americans’ diverse views into to political debates at the national level.

    For those reasonably familiar with the trajectory of 20th century American politics and the ways religious groups engaged, much of the book may read as pretty pedestrian. No surprise that there were plenty of religious pacifists in the inter-war period (and, indeed, well into the start of WWII). Nor should anyone be shocked that religious groups had some strong views on the welfare reform of the 1990s or immigration debates. And that, in a way, is Wuthnow’s point: that religious groups participate in the democratic process in much the same way that other groups do is precisely the way in which religion has been good for American democracy, especially because American religion is so remarkably diverse.

    Religious groups are used to clashes, contest, and disagreement, and their long history and experiences with argument help widen and invigorate democratic debate.


    And here is the nub of what makes the book distinctive: for Wuthnow, American religion’s benefits to democracy flow out of its diversity. Because there are so many religions and denominations, sects, and subdivisions within those religions, they offer correspondingly diverse views on the whole range of political issues. Noting this, Wuthnow ably connects the dots and shows just how religion participates and participates well in our democratic contests. Religious groups are used to clashes, contest, and disagreement, and their long history and experiences with argument help widen and invigorate democratic debate.

    But the distinctiveness is also where we might worry a bit about Wuthnow’s argument. He is operating within a view of democracy that seems to me impoverished, in large part because it tries to be just about democracy.

    Wuthnow’s argument that religion is good for American democracy depends on the idea that democracy is a fundamentally agonistic political order. By that, he means that it is a system of government in which individuals and groups contest against one another on the full range of political issues. For democratic agonists, attempts to bracket off any questions as closed to contestation are themselves undemocratic and typically serve the interests of those with power, status, and money. Wuthnow is especially keen to show that even when religion brings to the fore views that are not much loved in polite society, they are nonetheless useful since they are views that citizens actually have. And democracy is just about debating and then deciding among the views that the people hold. In other words, religion is good because it helps make democracy function more effectively.

    No agonist is a complete agonist, but how to set those limits always remains rather unclear.


    But what if those views are bad? What if those views are bad in the sense that they look to license the subjugation or even killing of whole classes of people? What if those views are bad in the sense that they look to make it harder for others to also offer their views? The trouble with agonistic democracy is that it too often lacks what seem to me persuasive grounds for limiting the agonism, except where it seems to correspond to a particular understanding of what democratic life should look like. That is, no agonist is a complete agonist, (i.e. without limits), but how to set those limits always remains rather unclear, even as our actually existing American democracy is intentionally structured to hem in and block some of that agonistic contestation. Wuthnow seems to understand that this is a problem, as he deliberates a bit in the conclusion on the question of how to think about religion that prefers a kind of political authoritarianism—a decidedly undemocratic approach to politics. But he leaves things there largely unresolved.

    Which is perhaps kind of the point, since for Wuthnow, the purpose of democracy is not to arrive at some perfectly blessed country but instead learn how to contest—not resolve—our differences through organizing, argument, elections, and voting. Fair enough. But for my part, that seems too thin a conception of democracy, one that really puts too much faith, if I can put it that way, in the democratic process as such. It is fine and right to call attention to the ways in which religious organizations offer to their fellow citizens views about how we ought to govern ourselves, and there is no real substitute for democracy in making that happen. But we also must think much more seriously about the ends to which our democracies may carry us and recognize that merely focusing on systems of contestation—democracy as agonism simpliciter—is not enough.

  20. Site: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
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    Alex Schadenberg
    Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

    Jennyfer Hatch
    Tristan Hopper reported in the National Post on December 5 that Jennyfer Hatch, the woman who was featured in the Simons commercial that promoted euthanasia, didn't want to die but she was unable to access needed healthcare. Hopper reports:

    The woman featured in a glamourous pro-euthanasia commercial for a Canadian clothing retailer only opted for assisted suicide after her years-long attempts to secure proper health care failed, friends have revealed.Link to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition boycott of Simons (Link).

    Hopper continues:
    Last week, CTV confirmed that Hatch was the same woman who had spoken to them in June about her failed attempts to find proper treatment for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare and painful condition in which patients suffer from excessively fragile skin and connective tissues.

    “I feel like I’m falling through the cracks so if I’m not able to access health care am I then able to access death care?’ And that’s what led me to look into MAID,” Hatch told CTV in June under a pseudonym.

    Like more than a million British Columbians, Hatch was left without primary care after her family doctor moved away. And so, after her Ehlers-Danlos diagnosis 10 years ago, Hatch’s treatment had largely consisted of a chaotic and ineffective stream of specialist appointments, none of whom had any background in her condition.

    “It is far easier to let go than keep fighting,” she told CTV. Even when it seemed apparent that her condition was terminal, Hatch noted that the B.C. health-care system hadn’t even been able to provide her with appropriate palliative care.Hatch had no problem getting approved for MAiD even though she couldn't get treated and Simons didn't bother mentioning these factors. Hopper writes:
    However, B.C. was quick to approve Hatch’s application for MAID. “There were no other treatment recommendations or interventions that were suitable to the patient’s needs or to her financial constraints,” reads a CTV excerpt of the MAID approval issued to Hatch by Fraser Health, the health agency serving B.C.’s Lower Mainland.

    None of these complicating factors were mentioned in the Simons ad, which instead highlighted what it called the “hard beauty” of assisted suicide.Hopper explains that Hatch is one of many people who have died by euthanasia because they couldn't receive treatment for their condition:
    Tama Recker, a friend of Hatch, told CTV last week that her friend was ultimately comfortable with the decision to seek MAID, but that she also wanted to highlight a health-care system that was “very broken.” “Part of what Jennyfer wanted to do is get people talking,” said Recker.

    Hatch’s case fits into an ever-expanding constellation of Canadians who want to live, but applied for medically assisted death out of desperation after failed attempts to seek appropriate care.

    Last year, B.C. woman Donna Duncan was able to swiftly receive approval for assisted suicide in an Abbotsford hospital after years of unsuccessful attempts to find treatment for chronic mental-health issues. The killing of Duncan so blindsided her family that they referred the case to the RCMP for investigation. Hopper ends the article by commenting on the Canadian Veterans who have been offered MAiD rather than the support that they need:
    Last month, a House of Commons committee heard about five separate incidents of Canadian Armed Forces veterans being offered MAID after seeking assistance with issues ranging from depression to PTSD.

    Most recently, former paralympian Christine Gauthier went public with her story of being offered MAID by a Veterans Affairs caseworker after she complained about delays in installing an in-home chairlift.

    “Madam, if you are really so desperate, we can give you medical assistance in dying now,” the caseworker told Gauthier, according to an interview she gave with Global News.It is sad how euthanasia is exploiting people with disabilities who are poor, homeless and not receiving the treatment that they need.

  21. Site: LifeNews
    6 hours 54 min ago
    Author: Ashley Dewart

    Second chances—they are real, and the results are life changing.

    In fact, since 2012, statistics inform us that second chances in the form of reversing an abortion decision have saved a record 4,000 lives!

    So, we celebrate the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network (APRN) and its more than 1,200 medical professionals who are committed to providing real health care to those women who have changed their mind after starting a chemical abortion.

    We celebrate the impact on our world with the addition of 4,000 unique, never to be repeated lives.

    Generations will rejoice in their milestones.

    For more than a decade the abortion pill reversal protocol has been available to women who have experienced regret in their decision to abort their child.

    If we believe in healthcare, choice, and the value of women, this is how we show it. We provide them with life saving opportunities then walk with them through the valley.

    As the number of chemical abortions continues to rise and the dangerous pills become more widely available, the need to be there for women who experience regret and wish to try to save their child continues as well.

    HELP LIFENEWS SAVE BABIES FROM ABORTION! Please help LifeNews.com with a donation!

    According to data directly from the abortion industry’s research arm, the Guttmacher Institute, more than fifty percent of all abortions performed in the United States are chemical abortions.

    The claim is made that “medication abortion is a safe and effective option,” yet the two-drug regimen of mifepristone and misoprostol (aka the “abortion pill”) having been all but deregulated in this nation, is contributing to both a spike in use and complications.

    An extensive study conducted by the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) showed a dramatic increase in ER visits after a chemical abortion.

    Dr. James Studnicki, CLI Vice President of Data Analytics stated:

    “The safety of chemical abortion is greatly exaggerated. In fact, the increasing dominance of chemical abortion and its disproportionate contribution to emergency room morbidity is a serious public health threat, and the real-world data suggests the threat is growing.”

    As overseas organizations such as Aid Access seize the profitable opportunity to bypass what few regulations still exist, the number of women needing access to the reversal process will exponentially rise.

    Recently the Abortion Pill Rescue Network expanded to include several hospital systems that saw the value in having the protocol available to their emergency departments.

    Christa Brown, BSN, RN, and Senior Director of Medical Impact shares:

    “The option to continue a pregnancy should be available to all women – even those who first choose abortion. Regret occurs after abortion and sometimes that regret sets in right away. The thousands of women who have changed their minds after taking the first abortion pill and successfully reversed their chemical abortion frequently wish to share their joy in hopes of saving other moms from going what they have in beginning a chemical abortion. Their personal accounts directly counter claims about APR made by the abortion lobby. We are thankful for their bravery to make a different choice and overcome the challenges that first led them to an abortion decision. And we are thankful for the many lives saved – lives that were once reduced to another abortion statistic but who are alive and thriving thanks to the APR Network. We’ve assisted women in 77 different countries and all 50 states in the U.S. who wish to continue their pregnancies even after taking the first abortion pill.

    Hospital systems adding the APR protocol as an order set is a big win for women who are seeking reversal care. Women should never be forced to continue with an abortion they no longer desire, and immediate care is now available in some hospitals. Women who present in an emergency department of these hospitals can now rely on the APR protocol to be immediately available to them. We also have a number of other healthcare systems working to also add their hospitals to our growing list of providers who agree that APR is an appropriate and effective treatment for those having regret after taking the first abortion pill.”

    The expansion of the network and the pursuit of truth found its beginning with two doctors working independently but headed in the same direction.

    Drs. George Delgado and Matt Harrison, named as pioneers of the abortion pill reversal protocol, sought to serve women as they pleaded to save their children. These brave doctors followed the known science and discovered that what appeared to be the end was just the beginning.

    In reflecting on the last 10 years of working to save unborn children and their mothers from an unwanted abortion they are humbled by the latest milestone.

    Dr. Delgado shared:

    “What has really inspired and impressed me the most is the courage of the women who pursue reversal. In the face of denial by society, pressure from the abortion industry and those around them they move forward to do anything they can to claim that second chance. For these women to trust this process and me and do whatever they can to save their child’s life, that is the inspiration.”

    And what about these women who made the choice to save their child? What do they have to say? Their voices matter and they have a powerful testimony as they live out their second chance.

    APR mom Ashley and her baby Thailynn

    In reflecting on her reversal experience Ashley exclaims, “I reversed my abortion…that’s mission impossible! What are the chances you find somebody that wants to help you?! Every night I lay down and let God know I am thankful for Him…” Read more of Ashley’s story HERE and HERE.

    Every day there are brave women across the world who refuse to take no for an answer. They made a mistake and are seeking a second chance. Who has the right to deny them truth?

    The Abortion Pill Rescue Network, it’s managing organization Heartbeat International, pregnancy help centers, and medical professionals are all dedicated to forming a safety net for all those facing big decisions. Truth, science, and love should guide our decisions as we provide real health care to these women, children, and families.

    Four thousand lives.

    There are the faces, names, and souls behind the growing number. Their lives are valuable, and their stories are profound.

    Their milestones are real and tangible and reflect the lives of their neighbors. Baptisms and graduations, first days of school and new friends, birthdays, and summer memories. Stories never to be repeated and work only they can do.

    They are just waiting to leave their mark on the world.

    Let’s celebrate what is to come!

    LifeNews Note: Ashley Dewart serves as a Mission Advancement Officer for Heartbeat International. She spent more than a decade in law enforcement specializing in domestic violence and child abuse before answering the call of God to the pregnancy help movement where she now passionately lives out her Catholic faith serving the most vulnerable among us. She has experience leading a pregnancy help organization and has a special place in her heart for other leaders in this holy mission. This column originally appeared at Pregnancy Help News.

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    Author: Tim Graham

    The Associated Press sells itself to news clients with the motto “Advancing the Power of Facts.” But the AP Stylebook — which instructs reporters on which terms to use or not use — has grown increasingly counter-factual. In July, the AP Stylebook commissars bowed to the transgender lobby: “A person’s sex and gender are usually assigned at birth by parents or attendants and can turn out to be inaccurate.” Don’t look at an actual human body. Feelings trump facts.

    On Tuesday, in a bow to the abortion industry, AP is suggesting that having an abortion late in pregnancy should not be described as a late-term abortion.

    Do not use the term “late-term abortion.” The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists defines late term as 41 weeks through 41 weeks and 6 days of gestation, and abortion does not happen in this period. pic.twitter.com/KjT1k9rDSS

    — APStylebook (@APStylebook) December 6, 2022

    How on earth does a “late-term abortion” start at 41 weeks? Most would think of it as a third-trimester abortion, or as a post-viability abortion.

    The pro-life website LifeNews.com criticized AP for relying on an activist source. “ACOG is a pro-abortion group. As a supposedly unbiased news source you shouldn’t rely on partisan groups to determine your terminology,” it tweeted in reply. They added: “Thousands of doctors have left ACOG because it has become an abortion advocacy group. It lost its prestige years ago.”

    Get the latest pro-life news and information on Twitter. //

    But AP lingo and Planned Parenthood’s wishes seem linked. The AP Stylebook account also tweeted: “Instead, use the term ‘abortion later in pregnancy’ if a general term is needed, but be aware that there are varying definitions of the time period involved. Be specific when possible.”

    An AP story on Tuesday by Amanda Seitz and Colleen Long demonstrated AP’s linguistic tilt, starting with the headline “Biden’s efforts to protect abortion access hit roadblocks“.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration is still actively searching for ways to safeguard abortion access for millions of women, even as it bumps up against a complex web of strict new state laws enacted in the months after the Supreme Court stripped the constitutional right.

    …Since the U.S. Supreme Court decision in June, roughly half the states have some type of abortion restrictions in place, with at least 11 states essentially banning the procedure.

    Administration officials are meeting Tuesday and Wednesday with state lawmakers ahead of their 2023 sessions, including in states with more extreme bans on the table, and will discuss safeguarding rights and helping women access care as top issues

    The Left — never identified by ideology — offers “protections” and “care,” and the people trying to save unborn babies are “strict” “strippers” of “rights” with their “restrictions” and “extreme bans.”

    The AP duo even used the term “life-saving abortions,” which is much more ridiculous than “late-term abortions”:

    HHS might look to wield its power around federal protections for health care providers, life-saving abortions, abortion pills and travel for women in abortion-restricted states, she [Kathleen Sebelius] said.

    There is not one single pro-life source in this badly disguised AP editorial. It’s loaded with Democrats and abortion advocates, who are called “women’s rights advocates.”

    LifeNews.com Note: Tim Graham is the director of media analysis for the Media Research Center, a media watchdog group. He was a White House correspondent for World magazine in 2001 and 2002. This originally appeared on the NewsBusters web site.

    The post AP Won’t Use “Late-Term Abortion” Anymore to Hide How Abortions Kill Viable Babies appeared first on LifeNews.com.

  24. Site: The Orthosphere
    8 hours 5 min ago
    Author: JMSmith

    “They have always made lies their refuge, and built their designs upon the sandy foundations of rumors and fables.”

    Clement Walker, Relations and Observations (London, 1648-1649)*

    Clement Walker was a member of Parliament during the English Civil War and an enemy of the radical Puritan faction.  It was they, he said, who took refuge in lies and made rumors and fables the foundations of their designs.  This is likely true of ambitious politicians in every age, ambition being the hunger for power and false alarms being the means by which ambitious politicians gratify this hunger.  Walker called the ambitious politicians of his day Independents, and the junto at their head the Grandees.

    “When the Grandee Independents have a desire to raise new forces, or erect new garrisons . . . they commonly usher in their design with reporting to the House [of Commons] the discovery of some new-invented conspiracy, or plot full of danger and destruction . . . and then propound their own forelaid design as a counsellable way to prevent it.”**

    When ambitious politicians of today wish to trench upon the privacy and liberty of citizens, they likewise discover new-invented conspiracies and plots and they likewise propound a forelaid design of engrossed power as the wisest way to avert the danger and prevent the destruction.

    “He that doth not hastily believe their informations, or doth argue against the remedies they propound . . . is presently cried out upon as a Malignant that doth not take the danger . . . to heart, and branded by the black tongues of the godly.”**

    Skeptics of today are likewise defamed as “Malignants” who are in bed with the villainous (albeit imaginary) conspirators.  In Walker’s day the black-tongued godly were the myrmidon preachers of the Puritan faction.  Today they are media mouthpieces.

    “When any great business is to be treated of . . . which they either desire to promote, or to obstruct, they commonly publish counterfeit news, and letters of great victories and successes gotten by their party in parts so remote that they cannot in a short time be confuted; this serves to credit and animate their Party to go on boldly with their work, and to dishearten their opponents; and though the profit and reputation of a lie is seldom long-lived, yet if it last some few days, until they have carried on their present business, they care not.”**

    What Walker called “counterfeit news” we call “fake news.” The two are as alike as two dimes.  Our fake news comes from “parts so remote that it cannot in a short time be confuted” and it does its purposed work of psychological manipulation in the time between publication and retraction.  The modern hate hoax is an outstanding example of this nefarious art since the stain never leaves the lied-about and never blows back on the liar.

    All these lies, rumors and fables are simply the scaffolding of power.  They may be temporary, but when they are removed the engrossed power of the ambitious politicians remains.

    “Herein they imitate a skillful architect, who building an arch, supports it in the beginning with circular props, and pieces of timber, until he hath closed it, and enabled it to support itself, and then throws away the props.”**

    *) Clement Walker (1595-1651), Relations and Observations, Historic and Politick, Upon the Parliament Begun A.D. 1640 (London, 1648-1649), p. 159.

    **) Walker, p. 147.

  25. Site: LifeNews
    8 hours 16 min ago
    Author: Micaiah Bilger

    A former writer/producer for the popular TV show “Grey’s Anatomy” admitted this month that she lied about having cancer and needing an abortion in a video she created with abortion activists to attack U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation process.

    The New York Post reports Elisabeth Finch was placed on leave from the show and then resigned earlier this year after her lies were exposed.

    “What I did was wrong. Not okay,” Finch said in an interview published this week. “I told a lie when I was 34 years old, and it was the biggest mistake of my life. It just got bigger and bigger and bigger and got buried deeper and deeper inside me.”

    Finch reportedly told numerous lies about her medical health to gain attention and sympathy. She wrote essays about battling cancer and recorded a video about her abortion – both of which she now admits were lies. “Grey’s Anatomy” even based several storylines on her fake medical struggles, according to the report.

    This month, Finch told The Ankler that she suffered a real knee injury in a hiking accident in 2007, but soon began expanding her medical problems with lies. She claimed that doctors later found a rare cancerous tumor on her spine and she had to abort her unborn baby to undergo chemotherapy.

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    According to the Post, she sometimes worked with her fellow writers while snacking “on saltine crackers — claiming at the time it was the only food she could stomach” and keeping her head shaved to make it seem like she was going through chemotherapy. At one point, Finch even attached a fake port catheter to herself, the report continues.

    Finch lied to attack pro-lifers, too.

    Here’s more from The Ankler:

    It wasn’t enough to tell people that she had to make a wrenching decision to abort the fetus from an unplanned pregnancy or risk her own life by forgoing the life-saving treatment. She weaponized it, taping a political campaign video during the explosive confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. “It wasn’t a decision I took lightly,” said Finch staring intently into the camera for NowThis. “But it was the right choice for me. The only choice for me. If Kavanaugh were on the Supreme Court when I got pregnant, what choice would I have had?”

    Other lies included claiming her brother committed suicide (he is alive), and claiming she lost a kidney and part of her leg.

    “She always had some tragedy or bizarre hardship going on in her life,” a former co-worker told the news outlet. “Things that don’t happen to other people happen to her all the time.”

    Some of those lies became part of the story of character Dr. Catherine Avery, played by actress Debbie Allen. Finch wrote 13 episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” and produced 172 before being caught, The Ankler reports.

    “I lied and made something up because I needed support and attention and that’s the way I went after it,” Finch admitted.

    There are several other parts of her story that she says are still true, including that “a Gulf War veteran stalked her, slashed her tires and knifed her apartment door,” “a man exposed himself to her, while masturbating, in a fit of road rage while stopped at a red light,” and “she was bombarded with anti-Semitic posters that were pushed under her door,” according to the report.

    However, it is not clear if these actually happened to her either.

    The post “Grey’s Anatomy” Writer Claimed She “Needed” Abortion, Wrote Episodes Based on Her Story. She Lied appeared first on LifeNews.com.

  26. Site: Novus Motus Liturgicus
    8 hours 33 min ago
    St Ambrose of Milan died on April 4, 397, which was Holy Saturday of that year. Since the date of his death very frequently occurs in either Holy Week or the Octave of Easter, his principal feast day is kept in both the Roman and Ambrosian Rites on December 7th, the day of his episcopal ordination. However, the church of Milan also traditionally keeps a commemoration of his falling asleep in theGregory DiPippohttp://www.blogger.com/profile/13295638279418781125noreply@blogger.com0
  27. Site: Rorate Caeli
    9 hours 8 min ago
    In omnibus Ipsa primatum tenensThe primacy of Mary as Immaculate ConceptionBy Fr Serafino M. LanzettaChrist is firstIn order to execute a project, or to turn a vision into action, one first needs to have an idea or a plan. The idea precedes the action, as the intention precedes the actual achieving of the goal. Likewise, an artist, to give an example very expressive of this reality, must first New Catholichttp://www.blogger.com/profile/04118576661605931910noreply@blogger.com
  28. Site: LifeNews
    9 hours 14 min ago
    Author: Micaiah Bilger

    A new Catholic medical school dedicated to training pro-life doctors is being planned in Kansas.

    Aleteia reports Dr. George Mychaskiw II, one of the project leaders, said he hopes the school will help rebuild a culture of life in America, one that respects every human life, born and unborn.

    “Physicians have brought us to this culture of death, and it’s time for us to say no and take the culture back,” the Louisiana doctor said.

    Mychaskiw, who has helped establish several medical schools, is working with Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, and Catholic Healthcare International on the project. On Sept. 8, they signed an agreement to create the new Saint Padre Pio Institute for the Relief of Suffering and School of Osteopathic Medicine on the Benedictine College campus, according to the report.

    “I’ve always felt there’s a need for a faithful Catholic medical school,” he said. “I thought there should be a medical school that really embraces the fundamental principles of the Catholic bioethics that stands for life, that stands for the disabled, that stands for men and women as God created them.”

    He told the Catholic News Agency that the school has not been accredited or approved yet, and cannot accept students or faculty until that happens. They are in the process of fundraising as well as planning, but they hope to open in 2026.

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    The estimated cost, $120 million, includes the medical school, a hospital, a home for people with brain injuries, and research “in subjects such as ethical development of stem cells, ethical development of pharmaceuticals, diagnosis and management of patients in minimally conscious states, and resuscitation of brain injuries,” according to Aleteia.

    Mychaskiw said they eventually would like to see 150 doctors graduate from the school every year, creating a “multiplier effect” that spreads life-affirming medical care throughout the country.

    Here’s more from the report:

    He said that Franciscan Alliance in Indiana and Illinois “will probably be one of our primary clinical training sites because they are a faithful Catholic healthcare system and they also have a preexisting relationship with Catholic Healthcare International.” …

    As part of the medical school accreditation process we are tasked to create residency training programs,” he said. “So we are planning on creating faithful Catholic residency training programs in fields like ob-gyn, pediatrics, psychiatry, family medicine. Additionally, while we’re still working out the curriculum, we know there will be a lot of Catholic bioethics and some theology in the curriculum, so students will better understand the Catholic perspective on these issues.”

    Benedictine College president Stephen Minnis said the program will train doctors to understand and address patients’ spiritual well-being as well as their physical health.

    “It is vital to train future doctors at a place like Benedictine College that understands the essential role of faith and morality in the sciences,” he said in a statement. “The campus culture of community, faith, and scholarship that we have worked so hard to create will be the perfect home for the proposed Padre Pio medical school at Benedictine College.”

    Students for Life of America recently named Benedictine College one of the top pro-life colleges in the United States.

    The post New Pro-Life Med School Will Train Future Doctors to Respect Life appeared first on LifeNews.com.

  29. Site: Zero Hedge
    9 hours 35 min ago
    Author: Tyler Durden
    Has The Counter Revolution Arrived In The US?

    Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, 'n Guns blog,

    The counter-revolution at the counter of a store
    People buy the things they want and borrow for a little more
    All those wasted years
    All those precious, wasted years 
    Who will pay?

    — RUSH, “Heresy”

    There is no bigger heresy at this point in history than to suggest the US is not the main source of great evil in the world. There was a time, when the exact opposite was the case.

    Today, however, As war rages in Ukraine and everyone in power in the West says they want peace but keep shoveling money and weapons into the conflict, the message is clear.

    We want this war. We need this war and it doesn’t matter what the people want.

    We will have this war.

    But, here’s the big heresy, it’s not just the US that wants this war. Here’s another one is ‘The US’ as a global actor even exist anymore?

    We are now digesting the most irresponsible escalation yet by “Ukraine,” a drone strike on a strategic airbase deep inside Russia attacking one leg of its nuclear triad — damaging strategic bombers capable of delivering nuclear warheads.

    This is an explicit redline for Russia.

    Regardless of what side of the line you stand on, Ukraine’s or Russia’s, in this war (or refuse to even define where the line is), this is a moment that should crystallize for you that this is a turning point in the war… and not for the better.

    Escalations like this are a sign of weakness. They are tantamount to begging Russia to over-react, to force Putin’s hand and strike Ukraine mercilessly, which it seems they did in response.

    Ukraine crossed the line where Russia would be free to use nuclear weapons per their use doctrine on attacking their nuclear deterrence capability.


    All around that dull grey world from Moscow to Berlin
    People storm the barricades walls go tumbling in

    The Berlin Wall and the end of the Soviet Union were fresh in our minds when RUSH recorded this deep cut off the album Roll the Bones. 1991 was supposed to be a time of hope, right? The Cold War was over. The free world triumphed over totalitarianism again.

    A triumph of our system over theirs.

    But at what cost?

    The US began the rapid rise into empire, eschewing the humble foreign policy directives of the Founders to expand NATO into the vacuum created by the end of the USSR. The European Union began its formalization into a political and economic behemoth, introducing the euro while its agents deep within the UK overthrew a rightfully obstinate Margaret Thatcher to bring the UK into the fold.

    These western institutions were supposed to be the promise of a better life was supposedly for the former Warsaw Pact… well, except Serbia, but only Putin apologists talk about that.

    The costs for the Cold War were obvious to everyone east of the Berlin Wall. But the costs for the West were equally substantial. To fight the Cold War the US was turned into a massive corporatist nightmare, the security state justified at every turn and our monetary system of hard money dismantled.

    That counter revolution really was at the “counter of the store” as the US morphed from the country with the cleanest balance sheet in the world into the biggest debtor the world has ever, and likely, will ever see via a voracious consumer gorging on ever cheaper fiat money.

    The free world was enslaved by its leaders’ arrogance and hubris and the people bought off with cheap money for disposable goods to mollify the anxiety and psychological damage done to two generations with living under the threat of nuclear war.

    Now make that four generations thanks to “Ukraine.”

    Then when the system broke in 2008 we papered over the sins of the banking system, went full retard ‘printer go brrrrrr’ and ushered in the truly irresponsible era of zero-bound interest rates, round-robin Central Bank coordinated balance sheet expansion which funded a massive security state through portable technology while selling it all as ‘hope and change’ for a world safe for trannies and pedophiles.

    Hold Yer Fire

    “All around that dull grey world of ideology
    People storm the marketplace and buy up fantasy”

    We were supposed to be beyond the ‘dull gray world of ideology,’ but ideology is all we have left after having sold our souls for so little. As Alastair Crooke points out in his latest article, the West suffers from an ideological bias which precludes any other from being allowed to coexist on the planet.

    This is where Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping have practiced real heresy. They’ve said no to the Climate Change agenda of the West. But it goes far beyond that. They’ve said no to the entire western ideological framework of system over civilization.

    Every argument made by European leaders like EU Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen is suffused with this ideological bias, this rightness of our system over any other.

    And no escape route can be allowed. The EU is the one providing the ideological framework for continuing the war against Russia. The US is just cynically providing the weapons.

    They are peas in the same aggressive collectivist pod.

    It’s why there is a 9th sanctions package on the way. It’s why they are forming War Crimes Tribunals in courts not recognized by Russia, and looking for legal means to steal all Russian assets within their geographical borders.

    This is nothing more than wholesale looting that goes far beyond the initial violations of international law even the most hardened Ukraine supporter can accuse Russia of over the February 24th invasion.

    This war should have been over in March but the UK didn’t want it to end and blew up the Ankara peace talks. Everything that has happened since then can then be laid at the West’s feet.

    And I mean everything.

    The escalations have but one theme, take options away from Russia’s President Vladimir Putin until we get to the unthinkable moment.

    For this defiance Putin is to be Milosevic’d for daring to say no to the EU and NATO for denying them control over Russia’s future and for embarrassing them by reminding the world of NATO’s involvement in the breakup of Yugoslavia.

    And the worst part is that to say anything other than they are they are vassals to a crazed US government bent on global domination is, itself, heresy.

    But is it really? By their words and deeds we shall know them.

    Because the EU had many chances to stop this war but chose at every turn to double down. And now, they will deal with the flood of Ukrainians rightfully fleeing Russia’s now righteous indignation for keeping alive a war it didn’t want against people it considered brothers.

    These escalations have a pattern. Ignore all of Russia’s security concerns and corner them into an invasion and use each move they make as justification for more aggression, until we’re now at the moment we’ve been groomed for for months, the decision by Putin to finally go nuclear.

    So what’s really going on here? How did it come to this?

    Crooke reminds us of a 2013 speech by Xi on the subject.

    In his address, Xi attributed the break-up of the Soviet Union to ‘ideological nihilism’: The ruling strata, Xi asserted, had ceased to believe in the advantages and the value of their ‘system’, yet lacking any other ideological coordinates within which to situate their thinking, the élites slid unto nihilism:

    Once the Party loses the control of the ideology, Xi argued, once it fails to provide a satisfactory explanation for its own rule, objectives and purposes, it dissolves into a party of loosely connected individuals linked only by personal goals of enrichment and power”. “The Party is then taken over by ideological nihilism’”.

    This, however, was not the worst outcome. The worst outcome, Xi noted, would be the state taken over by people with no ideology whatsoever, but with an entirely cynical and self-serving desire to rule.

    The neocons and the Brits have tried to level this criticism at Putin, but that is clearly not the case. Putin, as any sober analyst will tell you, is the moderate in Russia. These crazed lunatics don’t want him deposed because they believe it will blow apart Russia, but rather they want Putin gone so that his replacement goes off half-cocked and nukes someone.

    Because that is the only way to achieve their goals of having the war they need to reset their failing system.

    Again, with these latest drone strikes from “Ukraine” that’s now on the table.

    Putin is being ground into an untenable position, not by his own weakness but by the relentless ideological nihilism of western globalists who fear their own loss of power and need this war.

    What else can you conclude as they pursue policies that can only result in the deaths of hundreds of millions of people?

    Vapor Trails

    All around this great big world, all the crap we had to take
    Bombs and basement fallout shelters, all our lives at stake

    Their full support of Ukraine has reached its religious zenith with their oil price cap, which will cause further turmoil in a market that doesn’t need it. Davos’ puppet in Kiev, Zelenskyy, is now outlawing the orthodox church and openly threatening the hands that feed what’s left of his regime.

    They tell us the ‘future of democracy’ hangs in the balance in “Ukraine,” a place where no democracy exists, apartheid-like laws are in place for ethnic Russians and is supported only by our tax dollars funding drone strikes on a nuclear power.

    Who makes this case harder than Eurocrats like Von der Leyen?

    To save democracy we have to abolish it. To save free speech we have to end disinformation.

    Zelenskyy knows his time is short. Russia is making mincemeat of his country and this drone strike on the Engels airbase should be viewed as a last ditch effort to secure future NATO involvement. Open war between NATO and Russia is clearly the final goal of this attack.

    With the follow up strikes on Russian oil tankers we’re rapidly reaching the point of no return.

    The message is what it has always been: there can be no escape from the EU’s promised land of technocracy and the ideological nihilism of Davos.

    That said, here’s the next bit of heresy. As bad as things are there are still forces alive who see where this is headed and are working diligently to keep Putin’s options open.

    The attacks on Davos via the Fed’s aggressive rate hikes, Elon Musk’s buying Twitter and the smart game Giorgia Meloni plays in Italy are having their effect. I realize that all of these things are open to multiple interpretations and many believe I’m chasing smoke in a windstorm. But the incentives align here.

    Remember, in geopolitics there are no allies, only interests.

    Only the most ideologically nihilistic would pursue Davos’ path. Only those with a hatred of humanity born of a deep wellspring of love for all things Malthusian would bring us to this point. And to deny that there’s no one in a position to oppose this from our side of the new Berlin Wall is just surrender masquerading a cynicism.

    To understand how fragile Davos really is I put it to you like this: For the price of a few hundred basis points, the Fed forced a coup in the UK, the ECB into a tightening cycle with more yield curve control, likely blew up FTX and its burgeoning offshore crypto-dollar Ponzi Scheme, and forced the Swiss National Bank to intervene against the bank run on Credit Suisse.

    These are major weapons to have fired. Four major weapons. And none of those missile launchers can be reloaded. And all it did was buy the EU a few more months (weeks?) of undeserved euro strength.

    Powell and company, on the other hand, have even more ammunition to tighten things further with the US 10-year trading at 3.5% now and US stocks going on a year-end rally. In fact, the SNB likely gave the Fed the biggest Christmas gift it could have by intervening in the Swiss Franc market to help Credit Suisse.

    Davos’ Nuclear Triad of derivative control over commodity and currency markets, control over the US military through the “Biden” administration and narrative control through the media has been dealt a far bigger blow than “Ukraine” dealt to Russia’s supply of strategic bombers.

    The war in Ukraine and the West’s over-the-top sanctions response crystallized the Global South against them. So, color me not shocked to hear no less than Saudi Arabia is coming to Credit Suisse’s rescue buying a major stake in its investment banking spin-off.

    They’re giving Elon Musk the “Donald Trump treatment” for having the temerity to believe a free society rests on open communication. Musk’s moves since buying Twitter all point to the real goal of the exercise; buy the database of the Bluechecked Sneetches DMs and release the evidence of government pressure on Twitter to censor perfectly legal speech on every major Davos sanctioned operation against humanity.

    We knew they were doing it but now we have something akin to proof that they were doing it. The initial response has been predictable — deny, screech, make fun, downplay and attack Musk and his agents like Matt Taibbi personally. But all that does is prove further they are caught red-handed.

    The Davos response is always to double-down, it’s the psychopath’s way. They continue to act as if nothing matters, that they are untouchable. And they have to, it would be heretical to do otherwise as the entire fragile narrative edifice would collapse like a Jenga Tower made out of Styrofoam in a summer breeze.

    These drone strikes inside Russia are to try and further weaken Putin, give spine to Russian hardliners and force things closer to the unthinkable.

    And this is the real heresy here, the pressure coming from within the West is helping Putin execute his off-battlefield strategy of forcing monetary Armageddon on Russia’s enemies through control over commodity prices.

    Putin’s on-battlefield strategy has been to drain Western coffers of munitions and warm bodies to fill increasingly cold trenches along the Dnieper River. I’m not saying that Putin is winning this war, but this is clearly the strategy being employed.

    Has it empowered crazed neocons in Whitehall, the Pentagon and K-Street to think they can beat Russia once NATO officially gets involved in this conflict? Yes.

    Is this a high-risk strategy at this point? Also yes. Could Putin have played this better? Absolutely.

    But, this is the world we have now and the real heresy is not acknowledging everyone’s complicity in allowing it to get to this tragic state.

    There’s a counter-revolution happening.

    The only question now is, will it mature in time to stop this train running on Davos’ time?

    The bloody revolution, all the warheads in its wake
    All the fear and suffering, all a big mistake
    All those wasted years
    All those precious wasted years
    Who will pay?

    *  *  *

    Join my Patreon if you are a political heretic

    Tyler Durden Wed, 12/07/2022 - 16:20
  30. Site: ChurchPOP
    9 hours 41 min ago
    Author: Jacqueline Burkepile

    There’s so much meaning in this beautiful sacred painting! Denis McNamara, the executive director of the Center for Beauty and Culture at

    The post Professor Unveils the Hidden Meaning in this Ancient “Immaculate Conception” Painting appeared first on .

  31. Site: LifeNews
    9 hours 43 min ago
    Author: Jordan Sekulow

    The Pueblo, Colorado, City Council has revoked the invitation for pro-life witnesses to speak at tonight’s city council meeting for what one Councilwoman calls “biased opinions” that would cause a “circus in her chambers.”

    This is blatant and egregious viewpoint discrimination. The ACLJ has dispatched a team of lawyers and is preparing to deliver a legal demand letter and present affidavits at tonight’s city council meeting.

    Notorious partial-birth abortionist LeRoy Carhart announced earlier this year that he would move his late-term abortion business across state lines from Nebraska to Pueblo, CO. Carhart is infamous for attempting – and failing – to overturn the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban at the Supreme Court in Gonzales v. Carhart, a case the ACLJ was actively involved in defeating his efforts.

    ACTION ALERT: To urge support for final passage of this abortion ban, Contact the Pueblo City Council.

    Recently, an ordinance was proposed – and passed a first reading – banning late-term abortions, which would effectively prevent Carhart from setting up his gruesome business.

    A hearing of the City Council was scheduled for tonight and both pro-life and pro-abortion speakers were invited and scheduled to speak. Then, yesterday evening, Councilwomen Sarah Martinez and Heather Graham canceled the pro-life speakers, but specifically still allowed the pro-abortion witnesses’ hour-long presentation to remain on the schedule.

    We are representing both an invited speaker, Mark Lee Dickson (a pastor and pro-life expert), and the individuals who organized the other pro-life speakers in this matter.

    Councilwoman Regina Maestri told us that Councilwoman Sarah Martinez told her that the pro-life speakers were being banned because the pro-life “speakers would give biased opinions and she didn’t need a circus in her chambers.”

    This blatant and egregious unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination flies in the face of the First Amendment and will not stand. One of our senior lawyers has just flown in to Pueblo this afternoon, and will be personally delivering a legal demand letter to the entire City Council, putting them on notice of their violation of the Constitution, demanding that they let the pro-life witnesses’ speak, and advising that “the ACLJ is preparing legal action to rectify the Council’s unconstitutional actions.”

    We will keep you updated as this situation rapidly develops.

    LifeNews.com Note: Jordan Sekulow is a pro-life attorney, the host of the Jordan Sekulow Show, and the ACLJ Director of Policy and International Operations.

    The post Pueblo Colorado City Council Blocks Pro-Life Witnesses From Hearing on Late-Term Abortion Ban appeared first on LifeNews.com.

  32. Site: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
    9 hours 49 min ago

    Alex Schadenberg
    Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

    The New York Times published an opinion column by Ross Douthat on December 3, 2022 titled: What Euthanasia Has Done to Canada.

    Douthat begins by writing about the pro-euthanasia ad by Simons, a Canadian fashion designer and retailer. The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition has been urging it's supporters to boycott Simons. Douthat states:
    For those communities and children, the video’s message is clear: They should believe in the holiness of euthanasia.

    In recent years, Canada has established some of the world’s most permissive euthanasia laws, allowing adults to seek either physician-assisted suicide or direct euthanasia for many different forms of serious suffering, not just terminal disease. In 2021, over 10,000 people ended their lives this way, just over 3 percent of all deaths in Canada. A further expansion, allowing euthanasia for mental-health conditions, will go into effect in March 2023; permitting euthanasia for “mature” minors is also being considered.Douthat asks the states that the advance of euthanasia presents a different question: What if a society remains liberal but ceases to be civilized? Douthat continues:
    The rules of civilization necessarily include gray areas. It is not barbaric for the law to acknowledge hard choices in end-of-life care, about when to withdraw life support or how aggressively to manage agonizing pain.

    It is barbaric, however, to establish a bureaucratic system that offers death as a reliable treatment for suffering and enlists the healing profession in delivering this “cure.” And while there may be worse evils ahead, this isn’t a slippery slope argument: When 10,000 people are availing themselves of your euthanasia system every year, you have already entered the dystopia.Douthat then comments on the concept of euthanasia as a human right.
    The idea that human rights encompass a right to self-destruction, the conceit that people in a state of terrible suffering and vulnerability are really “free” to make a choice that ends all choices, the idea that a healing profession should include death in its battery of treatments — these are inherently destructive ideas. Left unchecked, they will forge a cruel brave new world, a dehumanizing final chapter for the liberal story.Douthat acknowledges that their are Liberals who oppose euthanasia but he suggests that a potent Conservatism is needed to prevent euthanasia from spreading. He writes:
    Yes, there are liberals, Canadian and American, who can see what’s wrong with euthanasia. Yes, the most explicit cheerleading for quietus can still inspire backlash: Twitter reactions to the Simons video have been harsh, and it’s vanished from the company’s website.

    But without a potent conservatism, the cultural balance tilts too much against these doubts.

    Conservatism is not required to oppose euthanasia but we need to call it what it is. Calling euthanasia MAiD takes away the reality that euthanasia is an act of killing. You don't need to be religious or Conservative to oppose killing.

  33. Site: Zero Hedge
    9 hours 54 min ago
    Author: Tyler Durden
    Bonds & Bullion Jump, Big-Tech & The Buck Slump, Black Gold Dumps

    Productivity (higher) and unit labor costs (lower) prompted a panic-bid in stocks, bonds, and gold early on today that held across the cash equity open, but only bonds and gold held their gains as the yield curve prices in a deeper and deeper recession as imminent (and for now, EPS expectations have not priced in anything other than the softest of soft-landings).

    Nasdaq was the laggard today (despite tumbling yields) and the Dow managed to end almost unchanged...

    All the majors remain below pre-Powell-pump levels...

    The S&P 500 stalled its freefall at the 100-day moving-average...

    Before we leave equity land, we have one word... Carvanage... Bonds are pricing in an ugly bankruptcy

    Perhaps just as notably, stocks were unable to rally today even as the market's expectations for The Fed's rate trajectory shifted notably more dovishly. The market is now pricing in a terminal rate below 5.00% (in May 2023) and 50bps of rate-cuts in H2 2023...

    Source: Bloomberg

    Treasuries were aggressively bid today with the entire curve down around 12-13bps (even more from the earlier spike highs). Since Powell's address last week, 30Y Yields are down almost 40bps (2Y yields are down just over 20bps)...

    Source: Bloomberg

    The 10Y Yield is now down 100bps from the Oct cycle highs...

    Source: Bloomberg

    30Y yields tumbled below 3.50% to their lowest in 3 months...

    Source: Bloomberg

    3.00% for the 30Y is the next one to watch as it drops back to its multi-decade down-trend-line...

    Source: Bloomberg

    The dollar fell back today after 2 up-days, having stalled at the pre-Powell levels...

    Source: Bloomberg

    Meanwhile, there was a coup in Peru which sent the Sol reeling only for it to be bid right back up...

    Source: Bloomberg

    Bitcoin tried and failed to break out above $17,000, ending the day lower...

    Source: Bloomberg

    Brent crude fell to a $76 handle - erasing all of 2022's gains...

    Source: Bloomberg

    WTI crashed to a $71 handle after major product builds suggest demand is starting to suffer significantly...

    Gold rallied back above $1800 today...

    Finally, as we noted earlier, the last couple of weeks have seen a dramatic shift in the night- vs day-session performance of the US equity market...

    Which when combined with a lack of significant options flow, has the distinct aroma of large and coordinated stock liquidations.

    Tyler Durden Wed, 12/07/2022 - 16:01
  34. Site: Global Research
    9 hours 56 min ago
    Author: Shane Quinn

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    The post December 7, 1941: The Bombing of Pearl Harbor and Japan’s Early Conquests 81 Years Ago appeared first on Global Research.

  35. Site: Global Research
    10 hours 5 min ago
    Author: Dr. Jacques R. Pauwels

    Washington knew a Japanese fleet was on its way to Pearl Harbor, but welcomed the attack since a Japanese aggression would make it possible to “sell” the war to an anti-war American public.

    The post 81 Years Ago: Pearl Harbor and The Wars of Corporate America appeared first on Global Research.

  36. Site: Zero Hedge
    10 hours 10 min ago
    Author: Tyler Durden
    Orange Juice Futures Limit Up On Global Supply Squeeze

    Orange juice futures squeezed to a near-record high ahead of another US Department of Agriculture's crop report on Friday that will likely show tight global supplies will persist well into the new year. 

    USDA's next report will provide an estimate for Florida's 2022-23 harvest. Figures will add to October's downbeat report, which showed that Florida would only produce 28 million boxes (each box is 90 pounds) for the current season, down 32% from the prior year. This season is expected to be the lowest harvest since 1943. 

    A combination of Hurricane Ian's devastation across Florida's citrus groves, and years of citrus greening disease, has crushed the state's citrus industry, and the drop is expected to continue with no recovery in sight. 

    "Even as Ian knocked more fruit off trees, it may be hard to differentiate how much more was caused by the weather event and how much by the disease, so a revision downward may be small," soft commodities consultant Judy Ganes told Bloomberg. 

    Ahead of the report, orange juice futures on the ICE exchange are up 10 cents, or 4.8% (limit up), to $2.185 per pound, honing in on a record high of $2.20. 

    The price is up 128% since the low of 94 cents per pound in early 2020. Another top producer, Brazil, has recorded very tight supplies, where greening is spreading across citrus-growing regions. 

    "Brazil remains a question mark, too, and it may become a bigger issue if greening infection continues to expand," Ganes said. 

    Tightening orange juice supplies will only increase prices at the supermarket and may cause affordability issues, forcing some consumers to scrap the nutritious drink for vitamin C pills. 

    Tyler Durden Wed, 12/07/2022 - 15:45
  37. Site: Zero Hedge
    10 hours 23 min ago
    Author: Tyler Durden
    Credit Card Debt Hits All-Time High Just As US Savings Rate Plummets To 17-Year Low

    While it is traditionally viewed as a B-grade economic indicator, the monthly consumer credit report from the Federal Reserve has become a closely-watched signal of consumer health because as we first noted half a year ago - and subsequently most economists and strategists have also noticed -  there has been a surge in credit card usage by US households, a troubling sign suggesting that in lieu of disposable income more Americans are forced to max out their credit card to stay on top of soaring prices.

    And as the latest Consumer Credit report by the Fed released moments ago showed, in October the trend continued: Total consumer credit rose $27.1 billion, above last month's $25.8 billion if below the $28 billion consensus estimate.

    And while non-revolving credit (student and car loans) rose by a relatively pedestrian $17BN (down from $17.9BN last month, if above the 12 month average of $16.3BN)...

    ... it was revolving, or credit card, debt which once again surprise to the upside, rising by $10.1 billion, up sharply from $7.9 billion last month, if somewhat below the post-June average where double digit monthly increases have been the norm.

    Looking at the composition of non-revolving credit, Q3 saw a surge in both student and auto loans, the former rising by $23.9BN in Q3 - the most since Q1 2021 -  while the latter soared by $30.9BN (which however was just below last quarter's $34.6 billion surge).

    Bottom line: the state of the US consumer is dire and getting worse, and as shown in the next chart, credit card debt hits a record high just as the personal savings rate hit a 17 year low. The catastrophic implications for the US economy is clear.

    Tyler Durden Wed, 12/07/2022 - 15:31
  38. Site: Global Research
    10 hours 25 min ago
    Author: Kit Knightly

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    The post Timeline: Euromaidan, the Original “Ukraine Crisis” appeared first on Global Research.

  39. Site: LifeNews
    10 hours 30 min ago
    Author: Micaiah Bilger

    A new investigation by the Daily Mail discovered that dangerous abortion pills are being sold illegally on eBay, disguised as “pregnancy kits.”

    For as little as $20, the sellers, most of whom appear to be from India, promise to send the abortion drugs mifepristone and misoprostol through the mail to buyers in the United States – some even offering a discount if they buy in bulk, according to the report.

    The investigation adds to growing concerns about the increasingly easy access to abortion drugs and the danger to women’s and unborn babies’ lives.

    Last year, the Biden administration began allowing U.S. abortionists to sell abortion drugs through the mail without ever seeing the woman. Some abortion activists also have admitted to smuggling abortion drugs across the Mexico border and sending broken and mislabeled pills to women or, possibly, their abusers.

    The Daily Mail found dozens of listings for “pregnancy kits” containing abortion drugs on eBay recently. Most of the listings appear to be from India, and most sell the pills for $20 to $30 dollars. The average abortion at a U.S. abortion facility costs about $560, according to research from Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH).

    Alerted to the investigation, an eBay spokesperson told the Daily Mail that they will remove the listings.

    REACH PRO-LIFE PEOPLE WORLDWIDE! Advertise with LifeNews to reach hundreds of thousands of pro-life readers every week. Contact us today.

    “These items are prohibited under eBay’s prescription drug policy and this listing will be removed,” the spokesperson said. “Sellers who violate eBay policies face consequences up to, and including, permanent suspension.”

    Dr. Sachiko Ozawa, a pharmacy professor at the University of North Carolina, urged women not to buy abortion drugs on eBay because, even though the company itself is legitimate, the sellers many not be.

    “[These] websites don’t always provide information of side effects or guidance on when to seek further care,” Ozawa said. “There’s a huge amount of risks.”

    Here’s more from the report:

    Dr Robert Fuller, from the University of Virginia, told DailyMail.com that versions sold online could be falsified, contaminated with dangerous drugs or incorrectly dosed. …

    ‘Getting these medications through alternative sources, one has to be very careful that they are not getting a fake medication,’ he said.

    ‘Some of the fake pills may not have safe ingredients in them.’

    In October, pro-life leaders Marjorie Dannenfelser and Katie Glenn warned women about another dangerous and illegal abortion drug smuggling operation across the Mexican border in a column at Real Clear Policy.

    They pointed to a Washington Post article about the smugglers that showed photos of “broken pills sorted and packaged by volunteers with no medical background. When one ‘distributor’ comments to another that she touched a dog with her pill-sorting gloves, a third replies: ‘We’re not f—ing doctors, we’re not health-care workers. Everyone is taking some risk in this somewhere along the line…’”

    Even when prescribed legally, abortion drugs are intentionally deadly for unborn babies and unsafe for their mothers.

    First approved under the Clinton administration, mifepristone is used to abort unborn babies up to about 10 weeks of pregnancy – although some abortion groups want to use it later. It works by blocking the hormone progesterone and basically starving the unborn baby to death. Typically, abortion groups also prescribe a second drug, misoprostol, to induce labor and expel the baby’s body.

    Along with millions of unborn babies’ deaths, the FDA has linked mifepristone to at least 26 women’s deaths and 4,000 serious complications between 2000 and 2018. However, under President Barack Obama, the FDA stopped requiring that non-fatal complications from mifepristone be reported. So the numbers almost certainly are much higher.

    Studies indicate the risks are more common than what abortion activists often claim, with as many as one in 17 women requiring hospital treatment. A recent study by the Charlotte Lozier Institute found that the rate of abortion-related emergency room visits by women taking the abortion drug increased more than 500 percent between 2002 and 2015.

    In England, which began allowing mail-order abortion drugs around the same time as the U.S., new investigations show a huge increase in ambulance calls and reports of coercion and abuse. There also have been reports of late-term babies being born alive at home as a result of mail-order abortion drugs because their mothers did not realize how far along they were.

    The post Foreign Companies Sell Dangerous Drugs on EBay Disgused as “Pregnancy Kits” appeared first on LifeNews.com.

  40. Site: Taylor Marshall
    10 hours 42 min ago
    Author: Daniel K

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  41. Site: Mises Institute
    10 hours 55 min ago
    Author: Connor O'Keeffe

    Massachusetts voters approved yet another tax hike for high-income residents, while California voters rejected a similar proposition. The current tax fever does not bode well for economic growth.

    Original Article: "Taxing the Wealthy: A Tale of Two State Propositions"

    This Audio Mises Wire is generously sponsored by Christopher Condon. 

  42. Site: PeakProsperity
    11 hours 10 min ago
    Author: Peak Team
    We haven’t seen a decline in birth rates like this since the “War to End All Wars”…Yes, World War I. Yet here we are with no trenches, no generations of men being fed into the grind of machine guns and death-dealing machines. What does this mean for Europe, and the rest of the world?
  43. Site: Global Research
    11 hours 22 min ago
    Author: Emily Mangiaracina

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    The post Video: Australian Doctor Finds Chips, ‘Self-assembling’ Structures Forming in Pfizer Vaccine Contents appeared first on Global Research.

  44. Site: Fr. Z's Blog
    11 hours 42 min ago
    Author: frz@wdtprs.com (Fr. John Zuhlsdorf)
    Today is the 9th and Final Day for a Novena before the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Will you participate?  Even if you are late to starting, that’s okay!  Start anyway.  And remember that there is no one way to observe … Read More →
  45. Site: AsiaNews.it
    12 hours 41 min ago
    The government closes government offices and agencies for two days, 11 and 18 December. Syrian authorities blame Western sanctions and the disruption of supplies. In the southern province of Sweida, two people die in a protest related to the energy crisis. Iran is boosting oil supplies, from one to three million barrels per month.
  46. Site: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
    13 hours 27 min ago

    This article was published by the Epoch Times on December 7, 2022.

    By Wesley Smith:

    Wesley Smith
    In my first ever anti-euthanasia piece, which was published in Newsweek back in 1993, I warned that legalizing assisted suicide would lead to organ harvesting of those killed by doctors “as a plum to society.” For my trouble. I was called alarmist and hysterical—and those were the nice letters.

    Alas, rather than being alarmist, I was prescient. Today in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Canada, people who ask to be killed by doctors are sometimes organ harvested too. Not only that, but the phenomenon was celebrated in the media as “a growing boon to organ donation” in the Ottawa Citizen, with the story sighing, “Ontarians who opt for medically assisted deaths (MAiD) are increasingly saving or improving other people’s lives by also including organ and tissue donation as part of their final wishes.”

    Understand that in Canada, one need not be terminally ill to qualify for a lethal injection. The patient can be disabled, elderly and lonely, or chronically ill—and starting next year, people with mental illnesses will also be eligible for killing. Not only that, but once someone is accepted for euthanasia in Ontario, he or she doesn’t receive suicide prevention. No. No. Instead, the Trillium Gift of Life Network in the province contacts the soon-to-be-killed person to ask for their heart, liver, and kidneys. As the story reports, “Ontario, through Trillium, immediately moved to the forefront of organ and tissue donation through MAiD, becoming the first jurisdiction in the world to proactively reach out to those who had been approved for assisted death to discuss donation.”

    Remember, many of these patients wouldn’t be dying if they weren’t going to be lethally injected. That serves the organ harvesting agenda well, according to the Citizen, “MAiD donations also typically provide more time for testing donor organs and better matching with recipients.” Again, that time lag would also permit intensive suicide prevention efforts, but that isn’t a public policy priority in Canada when one asks for euthanasia.

    But here’s the thing that rarely gets mentioned: Conjoining organ donation and euthanasia can be the tipping point for deciding to choose to be killed by a suffering patient, particularly one who is mentally ill. Remember, these are despairing people who could easily come to think that their deaths have greater value than their lives. It’s a monstrous abandonment.

    ​I wish I could say that organ donation conjoined with lethal injections was the only slide down the slippery slope I have predicted correctly in my decades of anti-euthanasia advocacy. Here’s a short list of some of the other wrongs I warned against that have, indeed, come to pass. 
    • Pediatric Euthanasia: If killing is a “compassionate medical treatment,” as the right to die movement says, how can it be denied to children? Eventually, it won’t be, I have predicted. And sure enough: Belgium allows children of all ages to be euthanized and has publicly reported that children as young as 9 have been made dead by their doctors. Ditto, the Netherlands. The Dutch also allow doctors to commit active infanticide of babies born with serious disabilities or terminal illnesses. There is even a bureaucratic checklist for doctors to decide which babies can be killed known as the “Groningen Protocol.” 
    • Killing People with Dementia: Another of my predictions warned that legalizing euthanasia would eventually spread to allowing people who aren’t competent to be killed. And so it came to pass. Belgium, the Netherlands, and soon Canada, permit people diagnosed with dementia to order themselves lethally injected after they become incompetent. Once the document is signed and the patient loses capacity, they can’t change their minds because their “former” selves now control what happens to them. This license to kill the now incapacitated has even led to one woman in the Netherlands being held down by her family as she struggled against being lethally injected. That was against the law, but the doctor was exonerated of committing a crime because the judge said she acted “in good faith.” Soon afterward, the Dutch Parliament changed the law to permit such non-voluntary killings to take place legally. 
    • Euthanizing the Elderly: I have frequently pointed out that euthanasia activists promote the idea of allowing the elderly to die rather than face the infirmities of old age. Sure enough. Belgium and the Netherlands have both seen cases of joint euthanasia deaths by married couples who would rather both die than face the pain of widowhood. There was even one case in Belgium of a couple “who feared the future” being euthanized by a doctor—with the planned death arranged by their son. And in Canada, an elderly woman in a nursing home chose to be killed rather than be isolated from her family by COVID-19 protocols. Ironically, the very authorities who wouldn’t allow her family to visit her if she chose to live, permitted them to be present when she received the lethal injection. Can you imagine? 
    • Death Doctor Shopping: I have warned frequently against “doctor shopping,” that is patients refused assisted suicide by their own doctors merely going to another doctor they know is willing to do the deed. Examples of such cases are rife. For example, in Belgium an oncologist euthanized a woman who had suffered lifelong depression, even though he was clearly not a medical expert in mental illness nor her treating doctor. Doctor shopping happens all of the time in this country too. It will soon get much worse with assisted suicide now permitted in states such as Oregon and Washington by telemedicine. Moreover, Oregon no longer requires that a patient requesting death be a resident, which means patients from all over the country may be able to access poison prescriptions from doctors they hardly know and may have only counseled with virtually. 
    • Death on Demand: I have often remarked that the logic of euthanasia inevitably leads to death on demand for any reason that a suicidal person wants. Thus, I was appalled—but not shocked—when Germany’s highest court created both a fundamental right to suicide and the right to assist or be assisted in being made dead. And this right exists for any reason. The court ruled, “The right to a self-determined death is not limited to situations defined by external causes like serious or incurable illnesses, nor does it only apply in certain stages of life or illness. Rather, this right is guaranteed in all stages of a person’s existence.”

    In all of this, I’m reminded of Canadian journalist Andrew Coyne’s lament, written more than 20 years ago, about the popular support for euthanasia he sensed in his country: 

    “A society that believes in nothing can offer no argument even against death. A culture that has lost its faith in life cannot comprehend why it should be endured.” If we don’t change our current cultural trajectory we will end up in the same dark corner as Canada, the Netherlands, and Belgium. And the real danger to our cultural wellbeing is that the people who now complacently assume that such warnings are alarmist will be the ones applauding the loudest when that dark time comes.

    Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

  47. Site: Mises Institute
    13 hours 55 min ago
    Author: Benjamin Seevers

    Never let a good crisis go to waste. This has been the organizing principle of the political elite during the turmoil, both real and manufactured, of the past couple of years. The federal government, using pandemic-induced fear, expanded tremendously during this time frame (read more on that here and here).

    This is indicative of a wider problem with bureaucracy called budget maximization. Bureaucrats act to maximize their respective budgets to obtain more power. This is more than likely a main driver of the massive budget deficits the federal government has been running over the past three fiscal years. Bureaucracies use excuses such as rising crime and increased deaths. To justify their requests for more funding to the public and their representatives. This idea was pioneered by William Niskanen in his 1968 paper “The Peculiar Economics of Bureaucracy,” which cited bureaucracies as a major driver of government growth.

    With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the Capitol Police is requesting more money after the attack on Paul Pelosi, the distinguished husband of the speaker of the House. “Friday’s attack against Paul Pelosi is an alarming reminder of the dangerous threats elected officials and public figures face during today’s contentious political climate,” stated Capitol Police chief Tom Manger in a recent press release. Citing recent political violence, the Capitol Police is requesting more money to help protect our dutiful elected officials, never mind the fact that they got a hefty raise of over $400 million in light of the “insurrection” of January 6. This apparently was not enough.

    How are we to know if they legitimately “need” more funding? We should expect political violence to occur regardless of how much money we spend to prevent it, right? Steve Scalise and Rand Paul have both been subject to political violence over the past five years. Rep. Gabby Giffords was also subject to violence in 2011. These things happen every once in a while, and one particular instance should not be taken as indicative of a wider trend.

    However, the high-profile nature of the event gives the Capitol Police the press and visibility necessary to make such a plea for more funding; the fact that the attack was directed at a well-respected member of the political elite also helps muster popular support for unwarranted funding.

    Of course, we have no way of knowing how much funding the Capitol Police actually “needs.” Its service is funded completely through forceful expropriation and is consumed almost exclusively by net tax consumers (politicians and other bureaucrats). It does not help that the Capitol Police measures its own performance either. The organization is completely removed from the checks and balances of profit and loss.

    It is important to note that the Capitol Police would not exist in a free market. There would be no government and thus no Capitol. But is there an arrangement preferable to the current system? As a matter of fact, yes, there is. Congressmen should be responsible for their own security details. The Capitol Police has a stark history of ineptitude, yet it continues to request more funding after every failure.

    If private citizens are concerned for their safety, they purchase goods and services that make them more secure or they decide that the extra security is not worth it and just settle for calling the police. Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, despite being more productive than the Nancy Pelosis and Chuck Schumers of the world, are responsible for providing their own security. And for good reason; they can afford it.

    The same should apply to the political elite, and they already do this to some extent. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has spent over $100,000 on private security. If AOC, a congresswoman who isn’t exactly rich, can provide her own security, Nancy Pelosi, with a net worth of over $100 million, can definitely handle her own.

    The taxpayer should not have to subsidize the security of their expropriators. Those who want to obtain political office should be expected to make arrangements for their own security. When they use taxpayer money for their protection, their abuses toward the taxpayer are multiplied.

    Unfortunately, politicians will not be quick to eliminate their protections, and the bureaucracy will be more than happy to take more money from the public purse. As long as the public is convinced that our esteemed congressmen are in imminent danger, the Capitol Police can get away with maximizing its budget despite a history of failure.

    Regardless, the Pelosis should be in the market for a new security detail.

  48. Site: AsiaNews.it
    14 hours 1 min ago
    Sri Lanka's president opened the Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2022. In his view, the country cannot work its way out of its current crisis by returning to outdated economic systems; reforms need a 'competitive social market economy'. To this end, Colombo should be turned into a global logistics hub via port development, while the country undergoes energy transition and agricultural modernisation.
  49. Site: Moon of Alabama
    14 hours 2 min ago
    Author: b
    Only for news & views directly related to the Ukraine conflict. The current open thread for other issues is here. Yesterday I noted that Sec State Blinken had blinked with regards to Crimea. The State Department spok more or less...
  50. Site: Zero Hedge
    14 hours 10 min ago
    Author: Tyler Durden
    TikTok Deal With Biden Admin Hits Snag As National Security Concerns Persist

    A deal between TikTok and the Biden administration has run into more delays over national security concerns that US officials say the popular social media app poses, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    Concerns include how TikTok might share information related to the algorithm it uses to choose which videos users see, as well as the overall level of trust Washington would need to place in the company.

    National security concerns aside, many have noted how TikTok displays different content in China vs. the US.

    A spokeswoman for the company says TikTok's parent, Beijing-based ByteDance Ltd., are looking forward to a "timely conclusion to our agreement with the U.S. government, much of which we have already started implementing in earnest, so that we can put these concerns to rest," adding that the Biden administration hasn't shared any other remaining, unmet concerns with the company.

    According to the report, the delay poses political risks for TikTok, as US lawmakers ramp up political rhetoric against the company - which has spent approximately $9 million lobbying in DC over the past two years, disclosure reports reveal.

    The company had previously reached a tentative deal with the U.S. government this summer, but senior U.S. officials, including at the Justice Department, don’t believe that proposed agreement is adequate, according to people familiar with the matter.

    The U.S. side of the negotiations is being led by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S., a secretive government panel that reviews business deals for security concerns. The talks have been aimed at reducing Chinese government influence on the U.S. operation, without completely severing TikTok’s Chinese ties, according to people familiar with the discussions.

    One issue is where data is housed. Both sides have agreed that TikTok data on US users will be stored on servers hosted by Oracle Corp. TikTok, meanwhile, says it will delete the private data of US users from its own data centers in Virginia and Singapore as it transitions to fully store data with Oracle. The company has also said that access to US data by anyone outside of a newly established division to govern US data security would be limited by, and subject to, its protocols - which would be overseen by Oracle.

    Certain administration officials, however, still aren't comfortable with the arrangement, and have sought to make any TikTok security agreement stronger in some respects over concerns with the company's access to consumer data, and its potential use for influence operations.

    Republicans have been pushing to ban the app altogether.

    TikTok claims it doesn't collect data on search and browsing history outside the app, though it does collect information within the app so that it 'functions correctly,' said the spokeswoman. For example, returning relevant search results and ensuring users don't see the same videos multiple times.

    Former US President Donald Trump sought to ban TikTok unless it was a US-owned entity - which President Biden rescinded shortly after taking office in light of legal challenges.

    The FBI is concerned

    "We, the FBI, do have national-security concerns about the app," said FBI Director Christopher Wray, speaking at the University of Michigan on Friday. Wray cited the potential for the Chinese government to use the app to collect data on US users, or manipulate the recommendation algorithm to serve propaganda or influence users more broadly.

    A lot of people don't understand how TikTok is uniquely insidious and invasive, even when compared to other social media platforms.

    From the age demographics, to the algorithms, to the ownership, to the content and policies.

    TikTok is cancer (and CCP spyware).

    — ZUBY: (@ZubyMusic) August 2, 2022

     According to Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), "I think the Justice Department is trying to come up with a solution. I’m going to take a look at a solution, but they’ve got a huge mountain to climb."

    Tyler Durden Wed, 12/07/2022 - 11:45


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