Huge updates to the site

It has been a long time since the content update and even longer since platform update. 

Finally, after much procrastination, the site is running on more or less the latest software available for the platform. On top of that, I have finally changed the hosting service. The new hosting service offers about twice the performance at 5-8 times lower cost, depending on the exchange rate.

The change in hosting provider with the resulting improvement in performance now re-enables displaying the whole tags list, which previously was not the case as the system seemed to run out of resources.  The webiste is also considerably faster in terms of responsiveness.

Another big update is that the site now also links to the companion Telegram channels. These are on the right sidebar, Distinction Matter and Distinction Matter Forward. The first is for original content whereas the second is for content that I forward from other channels.

There is also a new link to the traditional liturgical calendar and fasting guidelines. This should complement the link to today's Mass. The link is from the most reliable source I have found on these issues - Traditio. It is difficult to know what the fasting rules are since they have changed so much over the past 2 centuries or so, but these ones make it clear that they are the ones from the pre-1950 time and based on the guidelines of St. Pius X.

Oftentimes diocesan websites are completely useless when it comes to guiding the faithful who wish to follow fruitful fasting practices.

The Mass readings are from Divinium Officium, and they remain the same as they were before.

More updates will probably follow with regards to the site's platform. Among other things there should soon be a HTTPS version of it.

The content updates should also be slightly more frequent. The Telegram channels have very frequent updates.

A lot seems to be happening now both in church and state, and I am also preoccupied with other stuff. So I don't presently have time to do my daily and weekly updates, but at least with the Telegram channels I can provide short commentary, and there is also the possibility of having much more interactive communication due to Telegram's commenting functionality.

Site restored...For now at least; for good, I hope.

After much toil I have managed to restore the site.

I have updated the server and the CMS, plus all the modules. I have also attempted to tighten up the security setting, but as I have no idea how the last breach happened I can't be certain.

Alas, I'll not be blaming those pesky Russians for the hack! Someone has to play the role of maverick, after all.

The last attempt at restoration was short-lived - the site experienced a database error shortly afterwards. My guess is that it had to do with a faulty package installation on the server, but even on that I am none the wiser. I had managed to use the same installation procedure on 2 servers previously - one nearly identical and the other identical - without a glitch, so I'll blame it on a package installation and leave it at that.

Hopefully this time the site will be up for a good while longer. Some things are still not quite right at the back-end which means it's not as easy to work with as it was before, but the site as presented ought to be nearly-identical to previously, and I count on getting the back-end up to scratch before long.

Site hacked...Recovery in progress

The site has been hacked. Actually, it turns out that it was hacked quite a while back, but I only noticed it last week.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to restore all the functionality to the live site so the site will experience intermittent blackouts while I attempt to restore everything to good working order.

I hope to be able to upgrade all related components in an overdue attempt to secure, speed-up and add features. I have at least managed to get a back-up site up-to-date and installed and it is fully functional, but I intend to upgrade my servers as well as I am running on an almost 10-year old installation presently, which is without technical support to boot. I hope to be back by next week.

We can only hope, as usual, that NOChurch provides us with as few surprises as possible during my enforced hiatus. To be honest, getting away from all the horrific NOChurch news these past few days has provided some welcome relief. However, I do feel somewhat handicapped without all my news feeds to keep me informed, so you can rest assured that the site will be back before long.

May you have a joyful Eastertide!

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