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    S Paul loved his fellow Jews, his 'kinsmen' and believed "the gifts and call of God are irrevocable". He believed that at the End, those among them who had rejected Christ would be brought in to the chosen people. He believed that they were like olive branches which had been cut off so that the Gentiles, wild olive branches, could be grafted in. But, when the fulness of the Gentiles had entered Fr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com3
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    Lex orandi lex credendi. I have been examining the Two Covenant Dogma: the fashionable error that God's First Covenant, with the Jews, is still fully and salvifically valid, so that the call to saving faith in Christ Jesus is not made to them. The 'New' Covenant, it is claimed, is now only for Gentiles. I want to draw attention at this point to the witness of the post-Conciliar Magisterium of theFr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com13
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    We have seen that the Two Covenant Theory, the idea that Jewry alone is guaranteed Salvation without any need to convert to Christ, is repugnant to Scripture, to the Fathers, even to the post-Conciliar liturgy of the Catholic Church. It is also subversive of the basic grammar of the relationship between the Old and the New Testaments. Throughout  two millennia, in Scripture, in Liturgy, in her Fr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com7
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    The sort of people who would violently reject the points I am making are the sort of people who would not be impressed by the the Council of Florence. So I am going to confine myself to the Magisterium from the time of Pius XII ... since it is increasingly coming to be realised that the continuum of processes which we associate with the Conciliar and post-Conciliar period was already in operationFr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com0
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    In 1980, addressing a Jewish gathering in Germany, B John Paul II said (I extract this from a long sentence): " ... dialogue; that is, the meeting between the people of the Old Covenant (never revoked by God, cf Romans 11:29) and that of the New Covenant, is at the same time ..." In 2013, Pope Francis, in the course of his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii gaudium, also referred to the Old Fr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com10
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    Since the Council, an idea has been spreading that Judaism is not superseded by the New Covenant of Jesus Christ; that Jews still have available to them the Covenant of the old Law, by which they can be saved. It is therefore unnecessary for them to turn to Christ; unnecessary for anybody to convert them to faith in Christ. Indeed, attempting to do so is an act of aggression not dissimilar to theFr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com11
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    During a trip to Hong Kong, the billionaire duo decided to grab lunch at McDonald's. To Gates' amusement, when Buffett offered to pay, he pulled out a handful of coupons.

    Warren Buffett is a billionaire. He gets his meaning from making or saving a dime. Most of the super-rich suffer from spiritual poverty.

    Whether we are poor or rich, money holds us prisoner. The rich feel poor because of GREED. No matter how much they have, their identity ("feeling good, important, secure") was forged by a society dedicated to making and spending more money. 

    Money is supposed to free us from material concerns. Paradoxically it does the opposite. We become its prisoners.

    "Enough is a little more than one has."    Samuel Butler

    Updated from May 4, 2022 and Oct. 6 2023
    by Henry Makow PhD

    Few people take a rational approach to money. 

    This would involve calculating how much money they need in relation to how much money they have, and how much money they make.

    Rather, people tend to focus on their last 2%. Did their "net worth" increase or derease on a given day?

    Depending on their tax bracket, this may involve their last $100, $1000, $10,000, $10 million or $10 billion. They ignore their big bank balance or stock portfolio. They always feel poor. 

    Money is supposed to free us from material concerns. Paradoxically it does the opposite. We become its prisoners.

    We are satanically possessed. This means we identify with money rather than our Divine soul. We are money rather than God's personal representative on earth. The more money we have, the bigger and better we feel. These values are inculcated by our satanist-controlled mass media.

    I am addressing the roughly 50% of my readers who, according to my Gab poll, have enough or more money than they need. I don't fault the other 50% who don't have enough or are broke for feeling oppressed.


    Paradoxically the rich suffer from a spiritual impoverishment.

    The more they identify with their money, the smaller they are. The more money they have, the smaller they are.

    In the case of the Illuminati bankers, this inner poverty is toxic. They are a cancer that threatens to destroy mankind.

    They want to "absorb" (their word) all the world's wealth leaving nothing to support humanity. They want it all!

    We're indoctrinated to seek money. Within limits, money is a great motivator and measure.

    I know someone who doesn't have to work. He works because he has nothing else to do, and it makes him feel productive and rewarded.

    Another friend is independently wealthy from investments. He retired a couple of years ago but is returning to his old profession out of sheer boredom.


    I am as satanically possessed as anyone. I have had a lifelong struggle with greed. At age 74, I am just starting to master this demon.

    Recently I did the calculation above and realized that I have more money than I'll ever spend.

    My spending habits were formed during eight years as a graduate student living on roughly $10,000 per year. I really don't need or care about material things.

    Paradoxically, this lack of concern for money did NOT stop me from developing a gambling addiction. When I didn't have much money, I didn't care about it. When I sold Scruples to Hasbro in 1986, I became a money manager and thought my game smarts would extend to the stock market. MISTAKE.

    Scruples had been a labor of love. I did it because It was a workshop on everyday morality.

    After my windfall, I became satanically possessed (i.e. GREED.)  If someone asked how I was, I said, "I'll ask my broker."  

    We have to be on guard constantly because the voice in our head often is the devil!

    Then another voice arises from our soul and says, "Cool it, you greedy moron."

    You gamble with money you'll never spend. More or Less. What is the point? You don't even know your balance.

    We have a Mexican cleaning woman who supports an extended family. I have never met a woman whose smile exudes such warmth.

    Surely, these human qualities represent our true riches.

    Money is the lowest common denominator. People today are consumed by money. They are charmless. 

    YouTube is packed full of "how I got rich" stories.

    While the world descends into Communist tyranny or faces a nuclear catastrophe,  they act like money will save them.

    For people who have enough, freedom lies in eschewing money. Just not caring about it.

    Can you do that?

  8. Site: Steyn Online
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    Mark takes questions from Steyn Club members around the world...
  9. Site: Real Investment Advice
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    Author: Michael Lebowitz

    This article follows Part One, which discusses the massive investment dollars that will be spent expanding and modernizing the power grid to facilitate demand from AI data centers and EV users. With the macro investment theory laid out, we explore which industries and companies may benefit from the power grid expansion. Part Two focuses on the traditional energy suppliers that will fuel the power grid. We do not present the industries and companies in any particular order.

    As you read, please consider that picking the “right” power grid stocks is difficult. In the short run, money flows into and from stocks and sectors align with the popular narratives of the day, regardless of whether they prove correct. Narratives and the sentiment they spur can grossly distort a stock or industry’s valuations and create overbought or oversold conditions. However, over the long term, profits supersede narratives.

    This article presents a longer-term view.

    Before starting, we address a reader’s question regarding the electricity Bitcoin miners require.  

    Bitcoin Mining

    After reading Part One, a reader asked if Bitcoin mining contributes to the need to expand the power grid. The answer is mixed. Bitcoin mining requires a lot of electricity. However, as a percentage of total power usage, it’s not nearly as much as AI data centers and EVs will consume.

    To put perspective on the amount of electricity that bitcoin miners use, we share some excerpts from a recent report by Paul Hoffman at Best Brokers.

    Currently there are 450 Bitcoins mined daily and this costs the mining facilities a whopping 384,481,670 kWh of electrical power. This comes at 140,336 GWh yearly and is more than the annual electricity consumption of most countries, save for the 26 most power-consuming ones.

    When this power expenditure was resulting in 340.82 BTC mined up until 20 April 2024 before the halving, it was still economically feasible to mine Bitcoin in the U.S. by using grid power entirely. This is no longer the case and the fact the U.S. mining facilities are still operational points to the notion that they are relying mostly on their own renewable energy sources and/or have special deals with suppliers.

    From his report, the first pie chart below shows that the US accounts for over a third of the global power consumption used to mine for Bitcoin. While we are the most significant power user for mining, it is a relatively minor percentage of our total power consumption. To wit, Bitcoin miners use 1.34% of domestic electricity. While a small percentage, it is still a tremendous amount of electricity, as the second graphic shows. However, it is not single-handed enough to warrant the mass expansion of the grid.

    bitcoin energy consumption by country
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    Natural Gas- “The Fuel That Keeps The Lights On

    Per the EIA, natural gas accounted for 43.1% of domestic utility-scale electricity generation in 2023. No wonder they call it “the fuel that keeps the lights on.”

    Natural gas is abundant in the US. As a result, its price is near 30-year lows, as shown below. In addition to being cheap, burning natural gas is cleaner than burning coal or petroleum products. It’s a win-win energy source for utility companies.

    natural gas futures

    The increase in natural gas reserves over the last fifteen years is primarily the result of shale oil fracking. About three-quarters of the nation’s natural gas comes from shale wells.

    According to Wells Fargo analyst Roger Read, the demand for natural gas could increase by 10 billion cubic feet daily by 2030. If correct, that is a nearly 30% increase from what is currently used for electricity generation in the US.

    natural gas reserves

    The graphic below, courtesy of the Williams Company, illustrates the roles of the upstream and midstream participants who get natural gas downstream to our homes, schools, and businesses. 

    upstream midstream downstream graphic

    Upstream Producers

    The largest US natural gas producers, aka upstream, are listed below. Of these, EQT, SWN, AR, and CNX predominantly drill for natural gas. The remaining companies have significant interests in other types of fuels as well as natural gas.

    EQT, SWN, AR, and CNX share prices correlate highly with natural gas prices. Conversely, the other stocks are not nearly as connected to natural gas prices. Given the high correlation, EQT, SWN, AR, and CNX will benefit the most if natural gas prices rise. However, natural gas is plentiful in the US. Accordingly, prices could stagnate near current levels if the supply keeps pace with growing demand.

    Unless they are estimating the supply of natural gas, we do not think this sector will benefit overly from the increased use of natural gas to fuel our growing power grid.

    natural gas producers


    Natural gas distributors, referred to as midstream, will benefit proportionately from the increased demand. These companies transport natural gas via pipelines from the wells (upstream) to the end users (downstream).

    Think of these companies as toll-takers on the energy highway. The more natural gas moves through their pipelines, the more revenue they make. Unlike producers, midstream stock prices are less correlated with natural gas prices and more so by the volume of energy transported.

    Many midstream companies pay high dividends, which can fluctuate with profits. Some are organized as limited partnerships with unique tax reporting obligations.

    Kinder Morgan (KMI) owns the nation’s largest natural gas network, accounting for approximately 40% of the natural gas consumed. Other large companies include Cheniere Energy (LNG), The Williams Companies (WMB), Energy Transfer LP (ET), Enterprise Products Partners LP (EPD), and Enbridge (ENB). Other than KMI, these companies also derive revenue from different energy sources.

    Kinder Morgan (KMI), ONEOK (OKE), and Targa Resources (TRGP) are principally natural gas and liquid gas transporters.

    Since midstream company profits depend more on the volume of gas being transported versus upstream producers who rely more on natural gas prices, we prefer midstream. The graph below compares the correlations of the four upstream and three midstream natural gas stocks versus the price of natural gas over the last two years.

    upstream downstream correlation to natural gas
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    Nuclear Energy

    Nuclear energy is back in vogue. After being out of favor following Chernobyl and, more recently, Fukushima, countries are rediscovering its benefits. As the graph below from Our World in Data shows, nuclear energy is not only one of the safest energy sources but the cleanest.

    nuclear energy is safe and clean

    The graph below, courtesy of Statista, shows that nuclear power production has stagnated for over 20 years.

    nuclear electricity generation

    There are three main ways to invest in nuclear energy: uranium miners, constructing and maintaining nuclear power plants, and the utilities engaged in generating nuclear power.

    According to the World Nuclear Association (WNA), 60 reactors are under construction, and another 110 are planned, 13 of which are in the US. For context, there are about 440 nuclear reactors in the world. Notably, some of the growth will replace old plants being retired. If the world truly embraces nuclear power, the number of new reactors will likely grow substantially.

    While natural gas is now being liquified and shipped internationally, most natural gas is and will be distributed within the US. On the contrary, uranium miners and nuclear construction companies can benefit more from expanding power grids globally.

    Uranium Producers

    The graph below from Cameco shows that the price of uranium has tripled in the last few years but is still below its record highs.

    uranium prices

    Uranium production peaked in the US about forty years ago. Per the EIA, Canada and Kazakhstan now account for over half of our imports.

    The four biggest uranium producers trading on US exchanges are BHP (BHP), Cameco (CCJ), NexGen Energy (NXE), and Uranium Energy (UEC). CCJ, UEC, and NXE primarily produce uranium. BHP, on the other hand, produces a wide variety of commodities.

    Since 2021, when uranium prices started to increase aggressively, shares of the three pure uranium producers have grossly outperformed BHP. Given these significant returns, investors should exercise caution in the short run despite optimistic long-term predictions for more nuclear facilities.

    uranium producer stocks

    Nuclear Reactor Construction and Maintenance

    Coming online later this year, Unit four of the Nuclear Plant Vogtle in Georgia expects to generate more than 1,100 megawatts of energy. This follows unit three, which went online in 2023. Construction of both units started in 2009. The total cost of the two units will exceed $34 billion. In the construction process, the lead contractor, Westinghouse, went bankrupt.

    We share this because building a new reactor is time-consuming and very expensive, and as Westinghouse investors found out, it can be risky. Further, the permitting and approval process can take years. But if done correctly, it can be very profitable.

    Brookfield Renewable Partners (BEP) and Cameco (CCJ) now own Westinghouse. 

    In addition to Brookfield, other companies can profit from constructing new plants. One such company is GE Vernova (GEV), which owns GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH). Per their website:

    GEH combines GE’s design expertise and history of delivering reactors, fuels, and services globally with Hitachi’s proven experience in advanced modular construction to offer customers around the world the technological leadership required to effectively enhance reactor performance, power output, and safety.

    Quanta Services (PWR) is another beneficiary of the growth in the number of nuclear plants. They are certified by the NRC to repair nuclear plant substations and switchyards.

    We think GEV and PWR potentially offer investors promising long-term returns, as they are involved in nuclear facilities and a wide range of traditional power generation operations.

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    Nuclear Power Generation

    Many utilities source electricity from nuclear plants. Some of the largest include Duke, Dominion, NRG, Southern Company, and Constellation. While their expenditures to build and service nuclear facilities are extensive, the benefits of this clean and safe energy will pay future dividends. Investors must carefully weigh the initial capital expenditure of building a nuclear facility versus its long-term benefits.

    The graph below from the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) shows the US has 93 nuclear reactors of which the large majority are in the eastern half of the nation.

    nuclear power across the us


    Part Three will cover alternative energy sources and summaries of other industries and companies that may benefit from the expansion and modernization of the power grid. 

    The post The Power Grid Expansion – Part Two appeared first on RIA.

  10. Site: Fr Hunwicke's Mutual Enrichment
    1 day 12 hours ago
    Today is not only the glorious Solemnity of Corpus Christi; it is also the Anniversary of the Restoration of our late Sovereign Lord King Charles II. The 1662 Calendar orders it to kept as a Red Letter Day. (In normal years, I suppose an obvious EF liturgical celebration would be a Mass for our present de jure Monarch, Francis II.)  '... all things shall be well, When the King shall have hisFr John Hunwickehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/17766211573399409633noreply@blogger.com8
  11. Site: Crisis Magazine
    1 day 12 hours ago
    Author: John M. Grondelski

    The callowness into which American discourse has descended might be evidenced by The New York Times’ alarmist headlines over what flag flies outside Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s house. After an initial brouhaha over whether Old Glory was flown upside down—a sign once universally recognized as distress (which might accurately describe our national situation) but now assigned to be a “code…


  12. Site: Crisis Magazine
    1 day 12 hours ago
    Author: Joseph Pearce

    This year, the feast of Corpus Christi falls one day after the 150th anniversary of the birth of G.K. Chesterton. Coincidentally and providentially, Chesterton also died within the octave of Corpus Christi, on the Sunday after the traditional feast day, which is the date that it is celebrated in the Ordinary Form in the United States. And there is even the suggestion of an additional touch of…


  13. Site: AsiaNews.it
    1 day 13 hours ago
    Today's news: the Taiwanese government will reject the disputed Parliamentary Powers Act passed by the opposition yesterday; Floating dock that was supposed to bring aid to Gaza damaged by storm surges;Pyongyang sends 200 balloons loaded with rubbish to the South;Phnom Penh names one of its major thoroughfares after Xi Jinping.
  14. Site: AsiaNews.it
    1 day 13 hours ago
    Long under attack from opposition parties and movements and even the Apostolic Church for his policy of 'normalising' the conflict with Azerbaijan and emancipating himself from Russia's protection, the Armenian president categorically rules out the possibility of early elections. Kremlin keeps watch, knowing that Yerevan will not be able to do without Moscow's military and economic support.
  15. Site: Mises Institute
    1 day 15 hours ago
    Author: Connor O'Keeffe
    According to an article in The Atlantic, Washington is turning away from its previous commitment to “free trade.” However, there never was a “free trade consensus” because Washington always has sought state-managed trade.
  16. Site: Voice of the Family
    1 day 16 hours ago
    Author: Peter Newman

    It can hardly be disputed that the public display of immodesty flooding our large cities at this time of year appears ever bolder. And on beaches, outside the cities, it has actually become a kind of legitimised nudity, gradually desensitising even those who value purity.  Priests sometimes say in jest that the best time to […]

    The post Can Christian decency be guarded in the summertime? appeared first on Voice of the Family.

  17. Site: Voice of the Family
    1 day 16 hours ago
    Author: Peter Newman

    Extract from Christ in his Mysteries (1919) The Holy Spirit came for us; those assembled in the Cenacle represented all the Church. The Spirit comes that He may abide with her for ever. This is Christ’s own promise: Ut maneat vobiscum in aeternum. (Jn 14:16) The Holy Ghost descended visibly upon the apostles at Pentecost; […]

    The post The mission of the Holy Ghost (2) appeared first on Voice of the Family.

  18. Site: Voice of the Family
    1 day 16 hours ago
    Author: Peter Newman

    “Then Jesus said to them: Amen, Amen, I say unto you: Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you shall not have life in you.” On Thursday, we celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi. That feast marks the gift of the Blessed Sacrament, a gift that we shall […]

    The post Spiritual growth: sermon on the Sunday in the octave of Corpus Christi appeared first on Voice of the Family.

  19. Site: The Unz Review
    1 day 17 hours ago
    Author: Andrew Anglin
    The Jews had this great idea of replacing all white men with black women. The only problem is, black women are a lot harder to get to go along with the agenda. You can’t intimidate or threaten a black bitch. She’s gonna be like “uh-uh, sweetie, you ain’t gon do me like dat. Best just...
  20. Site: Ron Paul Institute - NeoCon Watch
    1 day 17 hours ago
    Author: Daniel McAdams

    Just when you thought “Neocon Nikki” could not sink any lower, former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has posted on Twitter/X a deeply disturbing photo of former Republican presidential candidate – and reportedly in the running for Trump’s VP pick – in Israel signing bombs destined for Palestinian refugees living in tents in Rafah with the slogan, “FINISH THEM!”

    Just one day after the Israeli military incinerated untold scores of Palestinian refugees in Rafah and after the International Court of Justice demanded that Israel stop its offensive against civilians, Nikki Haley urges the Israeli regime to “finish” the job of killing Palestinians.

    You can despise Hamas if you wish, but if you call yourself “conservative” or especially “pro-life” it should go without saying that urging a foreign military – fully underwritten by the US government through the involuntary “contributions” of the US taxpayer – to “FINISH” families displaced in tent encampments after their homes have already been destroyed, is the epitome of endorsing mass murder.

    For the Nazis to pursue their evil and twisted goal of ridding Europe of Jews, first they had to de-humanize them. So, eventually, sending them to the gas chambers was just the equivalent of “taking out the trash.” Nikki Haley is a modern-day Nazi, dehumanizing a civilian population not based on any crime they committed but on the construction of their DNA. “FINISH THEM” is an updated Nazi call for a pogrom and Haley is no different than a Himmler or any of the Nazi butchers.

    If this is the path the Republican Party is pursuing, as Trump prepares to again ascend the throne, decent Americans of all stripes – especially conservative, pro-life Christians – must vocally defend decency and their Faith. If you defend the slaughter of Palestinian civilians, in no way are you pro-life. You are pro-death and in league with the Father of Darkness.

  21. Site: The Catholic Thing
    1 day 17 hours ago
    Author: Karen Popp

    The U.S. bishops this month have urged Congress to address the “maternal health crisis” in the United States, stressing that American women “face a high maternal mortality rate” relative to other countries. Data shows the “U.S. maternal death ratio” per 100,000 births is more than double that of countries such as France and Greece, and nearly triple that of Switzerland.


    The post Bishops call for action on America’s maternal death-rate crisis appeared first on The Catholic Thing.

  22. Site: The Catholic Thing
    1 day 17 hours ago
    Author: Karen Popp

    Why did a record number of people go on last week’s annual Paris to Chartres Pilgrimage? And why were so many of the estimated 18,000 – 20,000 pilgrims who made the journey so young? The world is now pridefully teaching that all the things necessary for flourishing – including even the concept of truth – are oppressive constraints, and the result is that it now offers nothing but despair. In contrast, the Chartres pilgrimage offers joy.


    The post Why young people love the Chartres, France Pilgrimage appeared first on The Catholic Thing.

  23. Site: The Catholic Thing
    1 day 17 hours ago
    Author: Karen Popp

    Responding to a question about admitting homosexuals into Catholic seminaries, Pope Francis gave Italian bishops a firm no, saying that seminaries were already too full of “frociaggine,” the English equivalent of which is faggotry. Vatican press secretary Matteo Bruni said Francis “never intended to offend or express himself in homophobic terms, and he extends his apologies to those who were offended by the use of a term, reported by others.”


    The post Pope apologizes after using a “gay” slur appeared first on The Catholic Thing.

  24. Site: The Catholic Thing
    1 day 17 hours ago
    Author: Karen Popp

    There is a bolder way,
    There is a wilder enterprise than this
    All-human iteration day by day.
    Courage, mankind! Restore Him what is His.

    Out of His mouth were given
    These phrases. O replace them whence they came.
    He, only, knows our inconceivable “Heaven,”
    Our hidden “Father,” and the unspoken “Name”;

    Our “trespasses,” our “bread,”
    The “will” inexorable yet implored;
    The miracle-words that are and are not said,
    Charged with the unknown purpose of their Lord.

    “Forgive,” “give,” “lead us not”—
    Speak them by Him, O man the unaware,
    Speak by that dear tongue, though thou know not what,
    Shuddering through the paradox of prayer.

    The post The Lord’s Prayer appeared first on The Catholic Thing.

  25. Site: The Catholic Thing
    1 day 17 hours ago
    Author: Karen Popp

    South Bronx streets testify to the decay that has afflicted parts of modern American cities. In some ways, they resemble those of Mumbai more than those of gentrified Manhattan. But it can also be a place of good works from those inspired by faith to meet dissipation with hope and a program of rejuvenation. Witness the rise of charter schools and the growth of Catholic schools.


    The post Bright lights in the big city appeared first on The Catholic Thing.

  26. Site: The Catholic Thing
    1 day 17 hours ago
    Author: Randall Smith

    So I read that the pope was interviewed on 60 Minutes.  I had the reaction most people probably did: “Wow, is that show still on?”  I mean, I haven’t seen 60 Minutes in years.  I don’t watch network television anymore – who does? – but it’s nice to know that someone is still trying to keep alive those old television traditions.  I fear it’s probably a losing battle, though.  It’s likely that 60 Minutes will soon be like Sexagesima Sunday. People will ask: “What’s that?” and then an AI program will tell them a partially true story about it.

    Like most people, I only read the headlines about the papal interview, not the interview itself.  (Who has time for that?)  So, I take it that the pope said something about people being “stuck in a box” in the past, not able to move on, and that this is suicidal.  And there was something else about “madness.”  All this seems to have been controversial.  I’m not sure why.  I mean, I’m pretty sure I understand what he must be talking about.

    Haven’t we all been struck by those people who are “stuck in the past” as though it’s still 1965 or 1972?  Some Catholics are still playing the same tune about “the spirit of the Council,” rather than paying attention to what the documents of the Second Vatican Council actually say.  There are still aging boomers strumming out on their guitars the old St. Louis Jesuit hymns from the 1970s, thinking it’s “for the young people,” when “the young people” haven’t been interested in music like that for decades – if they ever were.  Young people are increasingly falling to their knees to receive Communion, learning standard Gregorian chants and hymns by Thomas Tallis, Josquin des Pres, and John Taverner.

    We still have aging church leaders who think that modernist church designs with white-washed walls and “church-in-the-round” are “cutting edge,” even though that style also went out of fashion decades ago, and congregations are increasingly opting for contemporary churches that hearken back to classical, Romanesque, or Gothic styles.  You want to say, “Corbusier, Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe, and Philip Johnson are dead. Move on.  Don’t get stuck in that modernist box – literally.

    And we still have church leaders who seem to think that the way to draw people back to Mass is to make it more “hip,” even though “hip” isn’t a term anyone uses anymore.  I only use it with my students when I want to look especially nerdy.  I say something like, “Hey, I’m really hip,” which shows how totally out of touch I am, and they all laugh.

    For some reason, these 1960s holdovers seem to think that stripping away all the beauty of the Church, the liturgy, and the vestments will make the Mass more “approachable.”  All I know is that more congregations, especially those with young people and families, are opting for more beautiful churches, more solemn liturgies, and more traditional music.  So too, the religious orders that have re-dedicated themselves to their traditional roots are thriving; those that abandoned them after the Council are dying or dead.

    + marks the spot: Propsteikirche (Leipzig, Germany)

    As is often said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  So, it is madness to think that we can keep doing what hasn’t worked for the past fifty years and get better results.  I mean, who would conclude from the precipitous drop in Catholic belief and practice since the 1970s that we should allow ourselves to be stuck in that box of the past forever?  Who would conclude from the near extinction of the Church in Western Europe, especially Germany, that we should continue down that path?  It would be madness.  It’s “suicidal.”

    If a business tries a marketing strategy, and fewer people show up, it would be madness to continue it.  If people find the old MacDonald’s buildings ugly and uninviting, they design new ones.  They don’t say, “These are the buildings we built in the 1970s, so that’s what you’ll get!”  If Bud Light makes an ad that alienates customers, they pull it.  They don’t play it over and over until everybody gets sick of it and just gives up hating it, after which some people drink the beer despite the stupid ad, saying “Yeah, it’s terrible, but I’ve stopped worrying about it,” while others resolve never to touch the stuff again.

    No, companies reconnect with the fundamental principles that made them successful in the first place – principles they may have lost sight of in all their rush to market themselves as “new” and “relevant” and “with it” – (Hey, this transgender guy will help us sell Bud Light!) – and then they figure out how to embody those principles in a new context, or they die.

    In this, we might take a lesson from Charles Péguy who wrote (I paraphrase), “There’s nothing more interesting, more relevant, and more alive than Homer, Plato, Dante, and Milton.  And there’s nothing more dead and dry and spent than yesterday’s newspaper.”

    So too, there’s nothing more beautiful and alive than a traditional building like the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.  And there’s nothing duller and more dated than a modernist church from the 1970s.  No one is going to pony up millions of dollars to fix the modernist churches if they’re damaged by a fire, as they have for Notre-Dame. They’ll rejoice at the opportunity to rid themselves of ugliness, clear the ground, and build a classical-style church with beauty that will last for generations.

    So, maybe the pope is right.   We shouldn’t get stuck in a suicidal box of the outworn past – stubbornly insisting on continuing things that have shown over and over for decades that they don’t work and simply alienate people.  That would be madness.  It would be suicidal.  I mean, I didn’t read the interview, but that is what the pope was talking about, wasn’t it?

    The post Stuck in a Box of Suicidal Madness appeared first on The Catholic Thing.

  27. Site: The Unz Review
    1 day 17 hours ago
    Author: Andrew Anglin
    This is like, really hardcore. I almost have respect for Vanity Fair for having these kinds of balls. Like, they had to know Pearce was going to complain, right? RT: I always liked Guy Pear
  28. Site: AntiWar.com
    1 day 17 hours ago
    Author: Michael Gould-Wartofsky

    Sometimes it seems as if we just can’t learn, even when we’re talking about America’s centers of higher learning, its colleges and universities. In mid-April — the day after being grilled and intimidated by House Republicans — Columbia University’s president Nemat “Minouche” Shafik decided not to listen to, or even negotiate with, her own students. … Continue reading "Repress U., Class of 2024"

    The post Repress U., Class of 2024 appeared first on Antiwar.com.

  29. Site: AntiWar.com
    1 day 17 hours ago
    Author: Jonathan Cook

    On a misty November morning 21 years ago, I was desperately trying to remain camouflaged. Concealed in the foliage of an orange grove in Israel’s rural Galilee, I hurriedly took photos of a drab concrete building not marked on any map. Even the original road sign identifying the site as Facility 1391 had been removed … Continue reading "The Message of Israel’s Torture Chambers Is Directed at Us All, Not Just Palestinians"

    The post The Message of Israel’s Torture Chambers Is Directed at Us All, Not Just Palestinians appeared first on Antiwar.com.

  30. Site: Voltaire Network
    1 day 18 hours ago
    Author: Thierry Meyssan
    Contrary to popular belief, the French have never been in favour of colonization, but a pressure group, self-proclaimed "Colonial Party", did manage to use its army to conquer economic opportunities. This pressure group, revived by presidents Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, François Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy and Emmanuel Macron, laid the foundations for the current crisis in Mayotte and New Caledonia. If the policies they have imposed continue, the populations of these territories will be forced to wage war to regain their dignity, as was the case in Indochina and Algeria.
  31. Site: Restore-DC-Catholicism
    1 day 20 hours ago
    Author: noreply@blogger.com (Restore-DC-Catholicism)
  32. Site: Public Discourse
    1 day 21 hours ago
    Author: John F. Doherty

    David Hackett Fischer’s Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America is an admirable study of American culture, blending history and social science. In a way reminiscent of Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, the book explores the causes of Americans’ history and institutions in their “usages, manners, customs, mores, and morals,” or “folkways.” Fischer traces the origins of American culture to four British subcultures from which America’s colonists came: the East Anglian Puritans who settled New England; the royalists of southern England who settled the coastal South, starting in Virginia; the North Midland Quakers who settled the Delaware Valley; and the Scots-Irish who settled Appalachia. Fischer analyzes each culture through a framework of twenty-four folkways (such as speech, marriage, food, and sports). 

    He also shares an important trait with Tocqueville that makes his work especially praiseworthy today: unlike the pioneering American sociologist William Graham Sumner (who coined the term “folkway”) or Marxist historians, Fischer is not a materialist. He believes that a folkway “is not primarily biological or instinctual in its origins” (or the consequence of one’s class, race, or sexual identity, as contemporary Marxists might say), “but social and intellectual.” For Fischer, in the words of Alexander Hamilton, “reflection and choice” drive human history more than “accident and force.” 

    Yet Fischer also appreciates how the past and environment condition choices and ideas. With this comprehensive method, he is able to paint a picture of American life that can address lingering wounds that still plague our public discourse today, thirty-five years after he wrote. 

    The power of Fischer’s approach is especially on display in his treatment of the coastal South. On one hand, this culture produced some of the most famous of the Founding Fathers; on the other hand, it produced the “peculiar institution” of race slavery that some call America’s original sin. Fischer helps us understand how one can reject this culture’s—and by extension, America’s—faults, while still recognizing what good it did achieve.

    The Virginia Cavaliers

    The story of the coastal South, Fischer says—that is, of the aristocratic culture of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison—did not begin in 1607 with the settlement at Jamestown, or in 1619, as the New York Times suggests, with the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in Virginia. It began in 1642, when Sir William Berkeley became Virginia’s governor.

    Over thirty-five years, with a high-handed “cavalier” spirit that he brought from southern England, Berkeley built up Virginia from “a sickly settlement of barely 8,000 souls” to a true colony of 40,000 people, with “a coherent social order, a functioning economic system, and a strong sense of its own special folkways.” These were the customs of London and the parts to its south and west—the old Saxon domain of King Alfred, or “Wessex”—that Thomas Hardy later memorialized in his novels.

    Wessex was strongly royalist and Anglican. It overwhelmingly supported King Charles I against the Puritans in the English Civil War. It was “the first to proclaim Charles II king in 1660 even before the Restoration in England.” It usually supported whoever the reigning monarch was during times of rebellion, back to King John in 1215.

    Just as Puritans fled to New England in the 1630s when royalists dominated England, so when the Puritans triumphed in the English Civil War a few decades later, the royalist migration to Virginia sped up, with Berkeley’s encouragement. During that time the ancestors of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Robert E. Lee, among others, all arrived in Virginia. There they tried to recreate the world they had left behind.

    Hegemonic Liberty

    That world was intensely hierarchical. The king was on top and servants were at the bottom (and the aristocratic immigrants brought plenty of servants in tow). The intellectual hero of this culture was not John Locke, the defender of universal human rights, but his opponent, Robert Filmer, the defender of patriarchy.

    Men inherited unequal stations in this hierarchical culture, but each strongly valued the liberty to which his station entitled him. He exercised as much freedom as possible over those beneath him, demanding honor from them just as he honored those above him. Moreover, he strove to deserve his station, since in an aristocracy, virtue, more than wealth, is (at least in theory) the justification of hierarchy.

    In this system of “hegemonic liberty,” as Fischer calls it, to be free was to rule—both others and oneself. This culture combined strong desires—for freedom and honor—with an ethic of self-dominion. The striving to be master over one’s own domain and person at its worst produced sexual predators like William Byrd II. At its best it produced strong, charismatic leaders like George Washington, defenders of limited government, and, paradoxically, some of the fiercest defenders of personal freedom in the colonies. 

    The strangeness of the last point was much discussed back in England at the time of the American Revolution. “‘How is it,’ Dr. Samuel Johnson asked, ‘that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of [slaves]?’” Edmund Burke, speaking to Parliament, noted that the “spirit of liberty” in the “southern colonies” was “still more high and haughty than in those to the northward.” He concluded that free southerners, daily witnessing the “misery” of slaves’ “abject toil,” had become more “jealous” of the freedom they had.

    Thus the same culture that was fiercely loyal to the Stuart kings helped lead the colonies’ War of Independence. When Parliament under the Georgian kings began to take away southerners’ accustomed liberties, they shed their loyalty to the monarchy and eventually became Jeffersonian Republicans, retaining their principles of “individual independence” and elitism. (Their political shift exactly mirrored that of their aristocratic cousins back in England, who became Whigs in the eighteenth century.)

    The Cultural Roots of Race Slavery

    Fischer argues that this strange combination, of a strongly hierarchical culture with a love for freedom, did not result solely from the importation of African slaves; it arose much earlier, in the medieval Anglo-Saxon culture of southwest England.

    The inhabitants of Wessex practiced slavery extensively during the early Middle Ages; they also practiced serfdom more than any other region of England. Slavery and serfdom died out eventually, but they instilled in the population a strong custom of deference to those over them in the social hierarchy, which lasted even into the late twentieth century.

    The American South also inherited from Wessex the tradition of discouraging public education. Southern English aristocrats knew that universal schooling would weaken their advantage over those they ruled. They especially feared that commoners might read and ponder the Gospel’s message that Christ came to break down the distinction between slave and free. As Duke William Cavendish said to King Charles II, “The Bible in English under every weaver and chambermaid’s arm hath done us much hurt.” The same elitist tradition of education came to Virginia, where not just African slaves but also the mass of poor whites were kept illiterate.

    Social hierarchies existed among the Puritans of New England as well, but not nearly as visibly. Most New Englanders came from East Anglia’s large middle class, which had disproportionately borne the burden of taxation (because nobles were largely exempt, and peasants had little to give). Not wanting to inflict on others the injustices they had suffered, in America the Puritans fostered a society without sharp distinctions of aristocracy or peasantry. Virginians, by contrast, “extended the full array of English social orders, and reinforced them.”

    This culture—the accumulated habits of a people, built up over centuries by countless choices, sometimes free, sometimes forced on certain individuals by others—best explains why slavery took root in the South. 

    But one deliberate choice of Lord Berkeley was especially momentous. Although the first slaves came to the colonies through Virginia—before Berkeley arrived—for many years the Old Dominion (a moniker reflecting Virginia’s royalist roots) had fewer slaves than either New England or New Netherlands (today New York). Berkeley, however, consciously started to expand slavery in the late 1660s, because “Virginia’s ruling elite . . . required an underclass that would remain firmly fixed in its condition of subordination. The culture of the English countryside could not be reproduced in the New World without this rural proletariat.”

    The calculated nature of this decision, to introduce and promote chattel slavery, further explains why southern slavery was so sinister—worse than anything England had ever known, as everyone at the time realized. To assuage their consciences, and to justify themselves to their critics, Virginians resorted, among other things, to euphemisms: “Slaves were referred to as ‘my people,’ ‘my hands,’ ‘my workers,’ almost anything but ‘my slaves.’”

    Fischer’s work serves as a warning to us not to become enslaved to the bad choices of the past by caving to historical determinism.


    The Sin of Slavery and the Virtue of Self-Government

    Fischer confirms what critics of antebellum Southern culture have often said: its practice of slavery was uniquely pernicious in history, more even than the medieval and early modern hierarchical culture from which it derived.

    But Fischer has resources to criticize that culture far more strongly than Marxists and other materialists can. They reduce all human evils to intrinsic properties of certain classes, races, or residents of a particular region: some people cannot help but be bad, in other words. Fischer, recognizing the full measure of human freedom, can see the true depth of slavery’s evil: although it was conditioned by a past, it was not the necessary consequence of that past; it was a willful choice—a sin—of the powerful to use the weak for their own comfort.

    One cannot even excuse slavery, Fischer says, as the result of “an economic imperative,” which classical Marxism might suggest: 

    A system of plantation agriculture resting upon slave labor was not the only road to riches for Virginia’s royalist elite. With a little imagination, one may discern a road not taken in southern history. In purely material terms, Virginia might have flourished as did her northern neighbors, solely by complex speculations in land and trade, and by an expansive system of freehold farming.

    At the same time, Fischer’s view of history from the perspective of freedom, while it allows him to critique the bad aspects of aristocratic southern culture, also lets him recognize other, good aspects. In Marxism’s deterministic perspective, everything is linked to everything else in one chain of necessity, hence achievements become completely vitiated by historical association with evil. But if men are free, then no deed of theirs entails any other with logical necessity; one can therefore acknowledge in good conscience the merits of southern culture without in any way endorsing its faults.

    One such merit was the South’s capacity to produce inspiring, talented leaders, like Washington and others. “The popular images of these men,” Fischer says, “are not historical myths. The more one learns of them, the greater one’s respect becomes. Their character was the product of a cultural idea,” an important part of which was the value of self-dominion through personal virtue, and of self-government through active engagement in public life. That idea did not depend on slavery. It was able to survive without it and produce, for instance, two of the greatest American generals of World War II: George Marshall (born in Pennsylvania to families strongly conscious of their Virginia roots) and Douglas MacArthur. They defeated fascism on the battlefield and held back Soviet communist expansion in the decades that followed, helping, in some measure, to atone for the sins of their slave-owning ancestors.

    Liberation from Historical Determinism

    The people of the early South were not perfect, but that does not mean one cannot appreciate the goodness of many (if not all) things to which they devoted themselves. As Frederick Douglass recognized, the fact that Founders like Washington and Jefferson owned slaves does not refute the truths that they endorsed in the Declaration of Independence. Sin clouds one’s judgment, but not completely; conscience never dies.

    Jefferson at least was able to admit his own hypocrisy, and even to diagnose the evil of slavery and predict its dire consequences for the United States:

    [W]ith what execrations should the statesman be loaded, who permitting one half the citizens . . . to trample on the rights of the other, transforms [the former] into despots, and [the latter] into enemies? . . . And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with his wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep forever.

    Fischer’s work serves as a warning to us not to become enslaved to the bad choices of the past by caving to historical determinism. We can be free of the sins of slavery and racism without throwing away the good with which they have come into contact, like the principles of freedom and justice on which America was founded. That liberation will take forgiveness, conversion, and, as Fischer says, “a little imagination,” taking as our guide the eternal truths that outlive the messy twists and turns of human history.

    Image by ehrlif and licensed via Adobe Stock.

  33. Site: Ron Paul Institute for Peace And Prosperity
    1 day 21 hours ago
    Author: Adam Dick

    On Sunday, Ron Paul spoke to the delegates assembled at the Libertarian Party National Convention. It is something Paul has done periodically — including while he was a Republican member of the United Staes Houser of Representatives — in the years since he was the Libertarian Party’s 1988 presidential nominee.

    In his speech, Paul put forward libertarian proposals for America that he has long promoted, including ending the Federal Reserve, adopting a noninterventionist foreign policy, and protecting liberty. He also addressed several other matters including his views concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and his advice for what people should do to advance libertarian ideas.

    Watch Paul’s speech here.

  34. Site: Zero Hedge
    1 day 22 hours ago
    Author: Tyler Durden
    Co-Founder Of China's SenseTime Says AI Development Gap With US Is Closing 

    The idea that China will collapse after decades of supergrowth, despite its current challenges with a real estate crisis and a demographic winter, is ridiculous, as the most significant risk to America's big tech empire is the potential failure of US sanctions containing Chinese tech companies. 

    Chinese tech giant Huawei is a great example of the 'Made in China' theme ramping up, despite being blacklisted by the US. The company has produced two smartphones, the Mate 60 series and Pura 70 Pro, using advanced domestic chips. These phones have challenged Apple's iPhone dominance in the world's largest handset market. 

    On Tuesday, at the UBS Asian Investment Conference in Hong Kong, SenseTime Group co-founder Xu Bing told Bloomberg's David Ingles that artificial intelligence chipmakers in China are quickly closing the technological gap versus international players. 

    The US Gov't has repeatedly sanctioned SenseTime due to allegations that its facial recognition technology is used in surveillance programs monitoring Uyghurs and other ethnic and religious minorities. These sanctions are primarily aimed at curbing the country's advances in AI. 

    "There's a shortage of resources here in Asia in general," Bing told Bloomberg's Ingles, adding, "It's like a 10 times gap of the compute resources that we have here compared to the US leaders. But I think Asian markets never lack talent and never lack data."

    Bing pointed out that domestic chip manufacturing is catching up quickly with global competition. He said SenseTime is working with local semiconductor companies to accelerate compute capabilities. 

    He did not mention specific companies, but Huawei has emerged in recent quarters as China's saving grace in chip technology development. As we've pointed out, the company has easily navigated US sanctions, advancing its own advanced smartphone processor for its latest handsets. 

    Bing wasn't entirely clear how far China lags behind the US in AI development. Bloomberg cites some estimates as 1-3 years. He noted that China's lag in computing power won't be permanent. 

    "Compute is a commodity," he said, adding, "In the long run, compute won't be a gap."

    Tyler Durden Tue, 05/28/2024 - 19:20
  35. Site: LifeNews
    1 day 22 hours ago
    Author: Steven Ertelt

    Tennessee is one of over a dozen states that currently protect unborn babies from abortions. But that doesn’t stop people from taking teens to other state for secret abortions without their parents knowing.

    A new measure the Tennessee legislature signed off on would put a stop to that concerning practice and now it heads to the state’s pro-life governor for his signature. An amended Senate Bill 1971 was concurred by the Senate 25-4 after passing the House 74-24.

    The legislation would make it a criminal offense for an adult who is not the parent or guardian of a minor child to assist the minor with concealing or obtaining an abortion.

    And today, Governor Bill Lee signed the pro-life measure into law.

    A leading pro-life group immediately thanked the governor.

    “Tennessee Right to Life would like to thank Governor Lee for signing into law HB1895/SB1971, the Underage Abortion Trafficking Act. Tennesseans are fortunate to have a Governor who supports the rights of parents to protect their daughters and be involved in their wellbeing,” the group informed LifeNews.

    Please follow LifeNews.com on Gab for the latest pro-life news and info, free from social media censorship.

    The measure passed overwhelmingly in the House and Senate this session and will make it a crime for any adult to recruit, harbor or transport a minor to abort a child or to obtain abortion chemicals for her without the consent of her parents.

    As the sponsors of the legislation pointed out, this bill is a parental consent bill aimed to protect minors from being taken for invasive surgery or given dangerous abortion chemicals without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

    “Passage of the Underage Abortion Trafficking Act is a victory for Tennessee parents and their daughters. This law will go a long way in protecting young girls from predators who want to cover their crimes and from an abortion industry that exploits young girls for profit,” said Tennessee Right to Life lobbyist, Will Brewer.

    The importance of this legislation has become even more urgent as the abortion industry is looking for ways to get around the laws in pro-life states like Tennessee. Recently, Planned Parenthood was caught admitting that they facilitate abortion travel for underage girls and those aiding and abetting them, without the knowledge or consent of their parents (see here).

    “We are grateful that Governor Lee signed this legislation. Parents have a right to be involved with their daughters’ wellbeing. The abortion industry has no right to keep parents in the dark at a time when their daughters are so vulnerable and could possibly be in danger,” said Stacy Dunn, President of Tennessee Right to Life.

    Violation of the law is a Class A misdemeanor with mandatory jail time of 11 months and 29 days. It also creates a civil liability for this action. The law goes into effect July 1, 2024.

    Does this sort of thing happen to teenagers? The answer is clearly yes.

    Earlier this year, the Planned Parenthood abortion business and other abortion clinic representatives were caught on camera admitting that they take teens to other states for secret abortions without their parents’ consent.

    The new Project Veritas expose’ shows Emily, Kansas Planned Parenthood Managing Director admitting, “We do help people get to these places.”

    And in another clip, the undercover journalists asks if he needs any documentation about his relationship to a teen exploited for an abortion, and the abortion clinic staffer says no.

    PV Journalist: “I don’t have to provide any documentation that I’m related [to the minor], right?”

    Nurse, Maple Women’s Health Center, Dallas, Texas: “No.”

    “In Part Two of our investigation into the nation’s largest abortion provider, undercover camera has further revealed Planned Parenthood’s nationwide scheme to traffic minors across state lines for secret abortions,” Project Veritas tells LifeNews. “An investigative journalist met with healthcare workers at various clinics in Texas, as well as Planned Parenthood employees in California and Kansas, to further investigate the elaborate lengths the abortion giant will go to facilitate, and help conceal, abortions for minors.”

    “As revealed in Part One, Planned Parenthood’s abortion-trafficking services include setting up hotels, arranging inter-state transport, providing doctor’s notes to the child’s school, and even paying for the abortion are all common services they offer to minors without parental knowledge. In Part Two, Texas nurses revealed to our journalist that Planned Parenthood is the go-to collaborator when minors in abortion-outlawed Texas desire to terminate a pregnancy without parental consent,” it added.

    In this new video, one Planned Parenthood staff admits they the abortion business does secret abortions on teens in a way “parents won’t find out.”

    In addition, Emily, a Planned Parenthood Managing Director in Kansas, confirms to Project Veritas that her clinic frequently sees out of state patients and the organization also helps arrange transport for these abortions: “We mostly see Texas and Oklahoma patients. If you want to go further, you got to go to Illinois. You got to go to Colorado. I think the latest one is Washington, DC, and we do help people get to these places.”

    The post Tennessee Governor Signs Bill to Stop Trafficking Teens to Other States for Secret Abortions appeared first on LifeNews.com.

  36. Site: Zero Hedge
    1 day 22 hours ago
    Author: Tyler Durden
    Former CIA Officer Pleads Guilty To Spying For The Chinese Regime

    Authored by Aaron Pan via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

    A former CIA officer pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to spy for the Chinese regime over a decade in a federal court in Honolulu, the Department of Justice announced on May 24.

    Alexander Ma counting cash given by an undercover FBI officer during a meeting in Aug. 2020. (FBI Affidavit)

    Alexander Yuk Ching Ma, a naturalized U.S. citizen, was arrested in 2020 and charged with conspiracy to transfer top-secret information to the Chinese regime’s intelligence officials.

    Mr. Ma, who worked for the CIA from 1982 to 1989, conspired with his blood relative, also a former CIA officer, to provide classified U.S. national defense information to the Chinese regime.

    During his tenure at the CIA, Mr. Ma held a top-secret clearance and signed multiple non-disclosure agreements, acknowledging his duty to protect U.S. government secrets. After leaving the agency, Ma lived and worked in Shanghai, China, before relocating to Hawaii in 2001.

    Notably, his blood relative had access to CIA top secret information, including “the identities of covert CIA officers,” according to a court document.

    The document says the two former CIA officers conspired with Chinese intelligence officials to share classified national defense information over a decade.

    Prosecutors said the espionage scheme began with three days of meetings in Hong Kong hotel rooms in 2001, where Mr. Ma and his relative met officers of China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS), the regime’s top intelligence agency. During these meetings, the two former CIA officers provided highly classified information on the CIA’s personnel, internal structure, operations, and communication methods. Part of these meetings was videotaped, showing Mr. Ma receiving and counting $50,000 in cash for the secrets they divulged.

    The plea deal showed that Mr. Ma sought employment with the FBI, aiming to regain access to classified information for Chinese intelligence. In 2003, he applied for a job as a contract linguist with the FBI’s Honolulu Field Office.

    Knowing his ties to Chinese intelligence, the FBI hired Mr. Ma as part of an investigative plan to monitor his activities. From August 2004 to October 2012, he worked as a contract linguist, reviewing and translating Chinese language documents at an off-site location.

    Prosecutors said over the next six years, Mr. Ma regularly copied, photographed, and stole classified documents. He took the stolen documents and images with him on frequent trips to China and handed them over to the Chinese handlers. He often returned from these China trips with substantial cash payments and expensive gifts, including new golf clubs.

    According to prosecutors, Mr. Ma admitted that he convinced his CIA relative to reveal the identities of at least two individuals in photographs that were given to him by Chinese spies. Mr. Ma confessed that he was aware that the Chinese regime could use this information to harm the United States, but he deliberately did it anyway.

    Court documents showed that in 2019, Mr. Ma met with an FBI undercover agent whom he believed to be a Chinese intelligence officer. During these meetings, Mr. Ma confirmed he worked for Chinese intelligence and accepted $2,000 in cash as a “small token” of appreciation for his work for the Chinese regime. He also offered to resume working for Chinese intelligence.

    In a final meeting with the FBI undercover agent in Aug. 2020 before his arrest, Mr. Ma again accepted more money for his past spying efforts and expressed his willingness to support the Chinese regime, saying he wanted “the motherland” to succeed.

    The plea agreement requires Mr. Ma to cooperate with U.S. authorities, including submitting to debriefings by government agencies. If accepted by the court, he will face a 10-year prison sentence.

    Espionage Attempts

    The case is one of many espionage attempts by the Chinese regime targeting U.S. military and intelligence personnel. In 2019, former CIA officer Jerry Chun Shing Lee received a 19-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to conspiring to provide classified information to Chinese intelligence following his departure from the agency in 2010.

    Earlier this year, a former U.S. Navy sailor was sentenced to 27 months in prison for providing the Chinese communist regime with sensitive U.S. military information in exchange for bribes. In 2021, a former U.S. Navy sailor was also sentenced to 30 months in prison and fined $20,000 for conspiring with her husband to send sensitive military equipment to China illegally.

    These cases highlight the Chinese regime’s intelligence efforts in the United States. In 202o, FBI Director Christopher Wray said the agency investigated one new Chinese counterintelligence case every 10 hours. Mr. Wray also noted that the bureau had over 2,000 China-related counterintelligence investigations at the time.

    Tyler Durden Tue, 05/28/2024 - 19:00
  37. Site: LifeNews
    1 day 23 hours ago
    Author: Olivia Gans Turner

    The Biden White House issued a proclamation that declared National Women’s Health Week the week of May 12-18. Curiously, the statement called for unlimited abortion access as part of women’s health care.

    Celebrating motherhood and women’s health in the same week seems logical, but the logic is twisted by the current debate about abortion. The argument that abortion is critical to women’s health is a masterful stroke of manipulation — manipulation of truth and the facts of life. Specifically, the fact that every abortion requires the death of a woman’s child, who may also be female.

    Women’s health is a critical matter that is not advanced by exposing women to the risks of surgical or chemical abortion. Instead, it is a recipe for danger. Risks include damage to the cervix, hemorrhaging, uterine perforation, heart attack and breast cancer. These are only a few of the complications women have incurred over the last 50 years.

    Chemical abortions using mifepristone and misoprostol, which have become the most common form of abortion in the United States, have been linked to 32 deaths in this country. The Food and Drug Administration warns that these abortion drugs have the potential to send 1 in 25 women to the emergency room. In studies from other countries that still track complications, unlike the FDA, the number of women who go to the emergency room after taking these drugs is estimated to be as many as 1 in 10.

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    Treating abortion as a necessary element of women’s health care denies women better care that addresses the real medical problems they may face. It also continues to ignore that every abortion involves a dead baby who also deserves better respect and real health care.

    How have we come to this point in time when ending the life of a child before birth is accepted by so many as necessary to provide that child’s mother with health care? It has been a long, sad saga of slogans, half-truths and outright lies designed to market abortion as an essential part of being a woman. Never mind that legalized abortion allowed our society to ignore and avoid the bigger issues that so often make women believe abortion is a necessary evil in our lives. Most abortions have always been, and continue to be, because of a lack of support systems in place for women.

    Far too often, the focus of the debate about women’s health centers on reproductive questions, with the conclusion being that women need easier access to abortion. More abortions do not solve maternal health problems. In fact, abortions may very well be the reason more women are experiencing poor maternal health results.

    There is no doubt that it is essential to expand the ability of all women to get better health care, especially marginalized women and girls. Along with maternal health care, greater focus needs to be placed on the many areas of care that too often get ignored or sidelined in these communities. Issues such as poor nutrition, autoimmune diseases, heart conditions and stroke, osteoporosis, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease are among the health issues that need more attention.

    In 2021, then-Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s administration released an agenda addressing maternal health concerns. The stated goal was to reduce the high rate of maternal mortality among Black women and other women of color. It also proposed steps to eliminate racial disparities in treatment in Virginia.

    While the goals were laudable, the outcome of the task force was questionable. Input was sought from many stakeholders, including the largest abortion business in Virginia, Planned Parenthood, but glaringly absent were advocates for women who organize programs that offer free support for pregnant women to have their children. The report cites the cost of medical care yet makes no mention of the over 40 free programs available across Virginia to help women in need of such assistance.

    Similar programs exist across the United States and should be acknowledged for their important work. Instead, efforts are being made in some states to close these much-needed educational services.

    So, this is a challenge to our society. Will we work harder to make maternal health a priority that sees both mother and child in the picture, or will we allow the abortion promoters to control the conversation?

    There is money to be made when they convince women that abortion is in their interest. That is why they want to control the narrative and have become so clever at doing it.

    Are we ready to face the fact that maternal health must be defined as a mother and her unborn child who are both in need of answers that protect and assist them? It’s 2024, and we are still far from that goal. Let’s demand better for every mother and child.

    LifeNews Note: Olivia Gans Turner is the founder and director of American Victims of Abortion. She had an abortion herself in 1981.

    The post Abortion is Not Health Care Because Abortions Don’t Help Women’s Health appeared first on LifeNews.com.

  38. Site: Zero Hedge
    1 day 23 hours ago
    Author: Tyler Durden
    Sugar Traders In Denial As Ozempic Craze Ramps Up 

    The junk-food industrial complex is on notice after pumping American consumers with sugars and carbs for decades, sparking an obesity crisis that has weighed on the nation's healthcare system. Remarkably, big pharma's response to the obesity crisis is an injectable drug, while the federal government is nowhere to be found in promoting healthy diets and exercise to the masses.

    The ongoing trading theme: "Ozempic is coming for your industry," has been a hit with Wall Street traders. Just look at the massive outperformance of Goldman's GLP-1 'Winners' basket versus the 'At-risk' Pair basket... 

    At a recent NYC dinner with over 800 sugar traders, Sally Lyons Wyatt, an executive at consumer researcher Circana, warned, 'Ozempic is coming for your industry.' 

    "Does it have the ability to be huge in the future?" Wyatt asked during her speech at the New York Sugar Dinner earlier this month. She added, "It does."

    Bloomberg pointed out Wyatt's warnings went unnoticed as the bet on supplying obese Americans with sugary drinks and snacks is still in play. 

    However, the bet on sugar and junk food could sour in the coming years as more GLP-1 medications—originally designed to treat diabetes —hit the marketplace or ramp up production.  

    Source: Bloomberg

    Morgan Stanley analysts, including Pamela Kaufman, recently told clients that GLP-1s could reduce sweet demand, such as baked goods, confectionery, and soda consumption, by as much as 5% by 2035. 

    Meanwhile, Carlos Murilo Barros de Mello, the head of sugar in the Americas at brokerage Hedgepoint Global Markets, admits the industry has not spent much time estimating consumption shifts due to GLP-1s suppressing food cravings, indicating the moves are "minuscule" relative to production swings. 

    "The impact hasn't been felt yet because it's still quite far down the line," said Kona Haque, head of research at ED&F Man, adding, "And don't forget, this is still very much an advanced-economy, affluent-society syndrome where people are trying to tackle obesity."

    Haque noted that sugar demand is still increasing in emerging markets, where the GLP-1s will likely not be available for years because of costs. 

    According to the International Sugar Organization, demand has slowed over the years, now at 1.2%, versus the 10-year average of 1.6%. 

    Source: Bloomberg

    While the GLP-1 craze will take years and must go global to spook sugar traders, the one thing these folks fear is if the US Department of Agriculture actually banned purchases of unhealthy junk food and sweetened beverages, including soda, from purchased items by recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — or SNAP (read: Five Simple Policies To Reset America's "Rigged" Health System).

    *   *   * 

    As a side note, obese rapper Lizzo responds to South Park by roasting her in the show "The End of Obesity." 

    Lizzo reacts to South Park roasting her: pic.twitter.com/0VH7rkjLTD

    — End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) May 26, 2024

    This is pretty accurate. 

    South Park perfectly captures the US Healthcare System pic.twitter.com/Pn0WnVUs4F

    — Dr Danish (@operationdanish) May 26, 2024
    Tyler Durden Tue, 05/28/2024 - 18:40
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    1 day 23 hours ago
    Author: Tyler Durden
    Illinois School District Set To Produce Next $8 Million Superintendent Pensioner

    By Ted Dabrowski and John Klingner of Wirepoints

    New Trier Township HS District 203’s Superintendent Paul Sally is set to retire next year and he can count on lifetime pension benefits of nearly $8 million. When he does retire, he’ll join the ranks of the Teachers Retirement System’s top pensioners.

    We’ve written for years that Illinois’ pension systems are out-of-whack with what taxpayers can afford. It’s a two-class system where those in government get guaranteed lifetime pensions and other protected benefits while those in the private sector, who get no such guarantees and protections, are forced to pay for them. 

    But it’s the superintendent pensions that help bring attention to just how problematic public pensions are. Sally has done nothing wrong, of course. He’s simply benefitting from the system that’s been put in place by lawmakers. The true blame falls on the politicians who created the pension system, those who continuously sweetened benefits over the decades, and today’s lawmakers who refuse reforms.

    With no reforms expected in the near term, all we can do is highlight the results of Illinois’ two-class system.

    Paul Sally’s exact pension will be unknown until he officially retires, but based on FOIA data and his current pensionable salary of nearly $350,000, Wirepoints estimates his starting pension will be around $255,000 a year. If Sally lives to 82 – his approximate life expectancy according to Social Security actuarial tables – he’ll end up collecting about $8 million in total benefits. By then, his pension will have grown to $476,000 per year – thanks to the automatic 3% compounded cost-of-living increase he’ll automatically get each year. 

    And if he lives past 82, Sally can expect to collect over $8, $9, or even $10 million in total benefits.

    Sally is already one of the highest paid superintendents in the state. His pensionable earnings are currently the state’s 9th-highest at $346,609.

    Now, to be fair to New Trier, Paul Sally’s high salary is only a burden to the residents of the New Trier school district. 94% of the district’s operating costs are funded directly by the property taxes of New Trier residents.

    But that’s not the case when it comes to pension costs. Teacher pensions are paid for by state income taxes, so when Paul Sally gets a multimillion lifetime pension, all Illinois taxpayers have to chip in, from Carbondale to Rockford and from Quincy to Danville.

    Sally’s big pension isn’t just a one-off. There are many superintendents across the state retiring in their 50’s and collecting six-figure sums each year. The state’s top TRS pensioners, meanwhile, can all expect to collect more than $9 million in benefits.

    Some of the “retired” superintendents on the list above have gone on to work other big-paying jobs out of state, all the while drawing an Illinois pension. Yet others figure out how to double dip right here in Illinois, working interim superintendent jobs while still getting their full pensions. 

    The sad reality is that superintendent pensions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Illinois’ pension problems. There are more than 1 million government workers and retirees who benefit from pensions, and the costs are simply too much to bear for ordinary Illinoisans. 

    For those looking to do a deep dive into just how extreme Illinois’ pension situation is, go to:

    Tyler Durden Tue, 05/28/2024 - 18:20
  40. Site: LifeNews
    1 day 23 hours ago
    Author: Eilís Mulroy

    Irish voters will be faced with two separate elections on 7th June: elections to elect 14 Irish members of the European Parliament, and an election to fill all local authority seats in the country. These are very significant elections and their outcome will be seen as a litmus test for the government’s popularity. It’ll also be a verdict on the new Irish Taoiseach (prime minister), Simon Harris, the former minister for health who was the architect of the Irish abortion legislation which claimed well in excess of 10,000 unborn lives in 2023 alone.

    In order to mobilise the pro-life vote, the Pro Life Campaign has produced a comprehensive Voter Guide which aims to provide details on the stances of all candidates contesting both elections on the abortion issue. There are more than 2,100 candidates standing across the country for election to local authorities. There are also a total of 73 candidates vying for a seat in the European Parliament. These elections have seen a record number of candidates throw their hat into the ring. This underlines the importance of ensuring that pro-life voters receive accurate and up-to-date information on where the election hopefuls stand.

    With the massive increase in abortions that has happened since the law changed in 2019, we need more pro-life representatives elected at every level who will work to shift the focus from promoting abortion to working to reduce the abortion rate. A very sizeable chunk of the electorate are pro-life but their views and concerns are not adequately represented by those in public office at present. In the recent ‘three-year review’ of the abortion law, overseen by pro-abortion health minister Stephen Donnelly, the government shut out the perspectives of anyone with any pro-life criticisms of the abortion regime. In fact, it was heavily influenced by ardently pro-abortion groups such as the National Women’s Council, a generously tax-payer funded NGO which has recently been shown to be well out of step with the views of most Irish people (as pointed to by the result of recent referendums held on 8 March 2024).

    However, Mr Donnelly’s party (Fianna Fáil) still attempts to depict itself as receptive to pro-life voters despite the fact its leadership is fervently pro-abortion. The same can be said of the other major government party, Fine Gael, led by Mr Harris. These parties still have significant bastions of pro-life support, particularly as represented by hard-working local councillors who believe sincerely in the rightness of the pro-life cause. However, the Pro Life Campaign’s election effort aims to make it clear to all parties which don’t explicitly aim to protect human life that pro-life voters won’t support candidates who are evasive or fork tongued on this important issue.

    Follow LifeNews on the MeWe social media network for the latest pro-life news free from Facebook’s censorship!

    The Pro Life Campaign’s election questionnaire has been circulated to all candidates, in both election contests, and each candidate has the opportunity to complete it and include further comments on their personal history with this issue. The questionnaire asks them questions about their commitment to reducing the abortion rate through positive pro-life measures; whether they support, in principle, a future restoration of legal rights for the unborn child; whether they support the strengthening of freedom of conscience protections for healthcare workers, who are increasingly being coerced into becoming involved in the abortion process against their will; their views on euthanasia/assisted dying; and finally, how they voted in the 2018 abortion referendum.

    Candidates’ responses are then publicised and the candidates are graded according to their responses. In cases where candidates do not respond, but are standing for a party which has a pro-life or pro-abortion stand, this will be noted accordingly. Where a candidate’s position is unclear, this will also be noted.

    The political decisions made over the next five years on the issue will have profound consequences, for example, whether or not we see a move away from the present government policy of effectively promoting abortion to one where basic information about alternatives is made available to women as a matter of course before an abortion takes place. It’s critically important, therefore, that voters ‘think pro-life’ before they vote in the upcoming elections. The voter guide will play an important part in informing pro-life voters who they should support if they want to see positive change.

    LifeNews Note: Eilís Mulroy is the CEO of the Pro Life Campaign.

    The post Ireland’s ProLife Campaign Takes Pro-Life Message to Millions of Voters appeared first on LifeNews.com.

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    1 day 23 hours ago
    Author: Tyler Durden
    Rafah Mass Casualty Strike Does Not Cross Biden's 'Red Line'

    Update(1813ET): Who could have seen this coming?

    The White House on Tuesday indicated an Israeli strike that killed dozens of Palestinians in Rafah did not cross a “red line” that would lead to a change in U.S. policy.

    Multiple administration officials in press briefings Tuesday described the images out of Rafah as “heartbreaking,” “tragic” and “horrific.” But there was no sign of an impending policy change as a result, because it was an airstrike and not a major ground operation. The Hill

    Does anyone believe this administration after for months talking out of both sides of its mouth? On the one hand it seeks to present itself as 'tough' on Israel, withholding a single ammo/weapons shipment (in a largely symbolic move), but on the other can't bring itself to condemn a strike which resulted in an outright civilian massacre which included women and children being incinerated as they slept in a refugee tent encampment.

    And we are told that the Israelis will 'investigate' themselves...

    "We still don’t believe that a major ground operation in Rafah is warranted. We still don’t want to see the Israelis, as we say, smash into Rafah with large units over large pieces of territory. We still believe that, and we haven’t seen that at this point," White House spokesman John Kirby told reporters Tuesday afternoon.

    Reporter: We’re seeing tanks in Rafah, we’ve seen strikes kill civilians including children, for an American seeing their tax $ go to this, can you explain how this isn’t a major military operation?

    Kirby: I am not the IDF spokesman and this is not Tel Aviv

    Could have fooled me pic.twitter.com/XzNprPQ0GQ

    — Assal Rad (@AssalRad) May 28, 2024

    "As a result of this strike on Sunday, I have no policy changes to speak to,” he added in reference to the attack which killed 45 Palestinians. "It just happened. The Israelis are going to investigate it. We’re going to be taking great interest in what they find in that investigation. And we’ll see where it goes from there." Sure...

    * * *

    Israeli tanks have reached the heart of Rafah overnight amid continual heavy bombardment and shelling. Local eyewitnesses say they've reached a roundabout in the center of the city which forms a key landmark.

    Images and footages to emerge Tuesday have confirmed the advance of tank columns and IDF infantry deep into Rafah, which has sent thousands more displaced Palestinians fleeing from the Western half of the city, where the most intense fighting is happening. 

    Additionally BBC has observed of IDF tanks that overnight "they also seized control of the highest hilltop along the Gaza-Egypt border after reported gun battles with Hamas-led fighters."

    Al Jazeera still frame of IDF tank in center of Rafah.

    Airstrikes have continued to increase in intensity on the Western outskirts, especially on the al-Faluja area which lies west of Jabalia camp.

    Following the Sunday bombing of a refugee tent camp in a designated safe zone which reportedly killed 45 people, there are emerging reports of another catastrophic air raid:

    The air raid targeted al-Mawasi in western Rafah, an area where tents have been set up to house displaced Palestinians. It is also a designated humanitarian area to which Israeli authorities told Palestinians to flee.

    "Among them are 13 females were killed. Israeli forces targeted another makeshift tent [area] where most of the people were women and children," Al Jazeera’s Hind Khoudary said, reporting from Deir el-Balah.

    Pressure out of Europe in particular is growing, amid ongoing EU discussions over possible sanctions against Israel and after last week's ICJ (World Court) call for immediate ceasefire, but so far the Netanyahu government is defiantly pushing forward its anti-Hamas operation.

    Hamas has issued a statement meanwhile, as tanks plunge deeper into Rafah, calling on the UN Security Council to take "practical and immediate measures" to halt the invasion of Rafah city.

    The statement said that the southernmost major city in Gaza "is being subjected to indiscriminate barbaric Zionist bombing, affecting homes and tents of displaced people in various parts of the city."

    "The UN Security Council is required to fulfill its legal and moral responsibilities in the face of the criminal Zionist entity’s disregard for the decision of the International Court of Justice, which ordered an immediate halt to the aggression against the city," the Hamas statement added.

    Exclusive footage from Al Jazeera shows Israeli occupation tanks advancing further into the west of Rafah city.

    The Israeli occupation intends to fully occupy the Philadelphi Axis with Egypt, effectively encircling the Strip and implementing disastrous restrictions. pic.twitter.com/6rgaIOJ8XK

    — Quds News Network (@QudsNen) May 28, 2024

    This comes a day after the White House appeared to justify Sunday's Israeli attack on the refugee encampment. A Biden national security spokesperson told CNN on Monday, "The devastating images following the IDF strike in Rafah last night that killed dozens of innocent Palestinians are heartbreaking."

    "Israel has a right to go after Hamas, and we understand this strike killed two senior Hamas terrorists who are responsible for attacks against Israeli civilians," the statement said. Axios has since reported:

    The Biden administration is still assessing whether an Israeli strike that killed at least 45 displaced Palestinians at a tent camp in Rafah on Sunday is a violation of President Biden's "red line," two U.S. officials told Axios.

    So far the administration has stalled some ammo shipments, even while approving more massive defense aid packages and funding for Israel, in a largely symbolic move meant more for deflecting criticisms from Progressive Democrats.

    Tyler Durden Tue, 05/28/2024 - 18:13
  42. Site: LifeNews
    1 day 23 hours ago
    Author: Dave Andrusko

    When speaking to the broader public—as opposed to what they tell each other—pro-abortionists will often feign an attitude that they, too, understand that abortion is serious business and not to be trivialized. They don’t mean it for a half-second, of course, but for public consumption it helps take the edge off their fanaticism.

    I ran across just such an example from the webpage of the DC Abortion Fund that appeared a long time agoBut it characterized their cavalier attitude then just as it does so today.

    One of their activists went to a hearing with a proposal to enact the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. The musings on that post were NOT for the wider public—just fellow pro-abortionists—so they could mischaracterize and misrepresent and cavalierly trivialize to their heart’s delight.

    Years ago, Anthony Levatino, M.D., performed abortions before he became pro-life. He has testified many times on the ghastly abortion techniques. Dr. Levatino went into considerable detail in describing a “D&E” abortion–an abortion technique that dismembers the baby. He said

    “Imagine, if you can, that you are a pro-choice obstetrician/gynecologist like I once was. Your patient today is 24 weeks pregnant (LMP).”

    He went on:

    “Picture yourself reaching in with the Sopher clamp [an instrument for grasping and crushing tissue] grasping anything you can. At twenty-four weeks gestation, the uterus is thin and soft so be careful not to perforate or puncture the walls.  Once you have grasped something inside, squeeze on the clamp to set the jaws and pull hard – really hard. You feel something let go and out pops a fully formed leg about six inches long.  Reach in again and grasp whatever you can. Set the jaw and pull really hard once again and out pops an arm about the same length. Reach in again and again with that clamp and tear out the spine, intestines, heart and lungs.”

    As difficult as this is to read, it is twenty times more difficult to watch the video of Dr. Levatino’s oral testimony.


    When I saw that Sopher clamp, I swallowed hard. And then, holding the Sopher Clamp as he spoke, Dr. Levatino concluded his testimony with

    “you know you did it right if you crush down, a white material runs out of the cervix. That was the baby’s brains. Then you can pull out skull pieces. Many times a little face will come back and stare back at you…And if you think that doesn’t hurt, if you believe that isn’t an agony for the baby, please think again.”

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    The activist waved away Dr. Levatino’s testimony:

    Anti-choice activists like Levatino are most successful when they have us all cringing instead of thinking rationally. But [the proposed bill] doesn’t allow for much science and reason.”

    Ripping off arms and legs—and brains spilling out as a baby’s head is crushed—is just like “your last dental cleaning,” she wrote. Only an “anti-choice activist” could NOT see the similarity.

    This ability to be bored and annoyed in the presence of soul-sucking brutality is, I gather, the product of what she sees as a commitment to “science and reason.”

    Thank goodness I can still cringe. I would hate to think what it would say about me if I couldn’t.

    LifeNews.com Note: Dave Andrusko is the editor of National Right to Life News and an author and editor of several books on abortion topics. He frequently writes Today’s News and Views — an online opinion column on pro-life issues.

    The post Former Abortionist Shocks Everyone By Describing How Abortions “Tear Out” the Body Parts of Babies appeared first on LifeNews.com.

  43. Site: Zero Hedge
    1 day 23 hours ago
    Author: Tyler Durden
    Progressive Florida City Outraged By Pride Mural Vandals - "Manhunt" Underway

    For the political left, free speech is relative.  If a certain brand of public grievance conflicts with their agenda then it's no longer considered "free."  All they have to do is label protests they don't like as insurrections and expressions of defiance as hate speech.

    Nothing showcases this hypocrisy more than the legal privileges given to LGBT movements and symbols.  Woke activists can destroy American monuments, deface or tear down historical statues and burn the American flag without fear of reprisal, but if you dare leave a mark on a pride flag in the middle of the road you will face the full force of the law.

    Such is the case in St. Petersburg, Florida where two separate vehicles have burned rubber across a pride mural painted in the middle of a Central Avenue intersection.  Democrat officials are outraged by the persistent damage to the giant pride flag and they claim the cost to fix the mural will be over $1000, which local police say is a felony.  A "manhunt" is now underway for the perpetrators.

    BREAKING: A manhunt is underway after a driver left tire marks on a pride mural in St. Pete, FL.

    He will be charged will a felony count of criminaI mischief if they find him. pic.twitter.com/6e1sYsCXhh

    — End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) May 27, 2024

    Democrat Mayor Ken Welch posted about the vandalism on Instagram, stating:

    "In light of the recent vandalism targeting our Progressive Pride flag mural, I want to emphasize that there is no place for hate in St. Petersburg. We stand united in valuing and appreciating every resident, regardless of their orientation, gender identity, or expression. Our differences make St. Pete the vibrant and diverse community we cherish."

    But who said it was okay for these cities to force pride symbols onto residents in the first place?  In many cases pride flags and crosswalks have been adopted by city officials without any prior polling or approval among residents, and citizens who pressure the city to remove these flags (as we recently witnessed in a town in Alberta, Canada) are attacked by the media for "embarrassing" the town's reputation.

    It's important to first recognize that the pride movement is not an equality movement, it is a political movement with distinct and antagonistic goals including the re-education of the general citizenry.  The public is being conditioned to accept pride politics as a common element of American discourse when they're really a fringe movement with a tiny following. Without the constant support of governments, corporations and NGOs "Pride" would simply cease to exist.

    The real question that needs to be asked is this:  Should city governments be allowed to push activist indoctrination into the public square?  Are public streets and public buildings paid for with public tax dollars fair game for propaganda for just one group? Any group?  Or, should they remain neutral? 

    And, if it's okay to deface traditional American monuments in the name of free speech, why does the defacement of pride murals require felony charges and a "manhunt."

    Pride month in general is a fabrication, an astroturf event created from thin air with little meaning to the vast majority of Americans.  Yet, for an entire month, people are bombarded with an endless deluge of rainbow flags and pontificating about the virtues of gender ideology from activists whose core identity revolves around who they prefer to sleep with.  It's bizarre. 

    Beyond that, the public has no opportunity to debate the validity of pride propaganda without being accused of bigotry and it would appear that the populace is getting fed up with this.  Since leftist politicians will not listen to their concerns, their only recourse is direct action.  Maybe it's time to question why pride month is being made into a 30-day long woke national holiday without America's permission?  Maybe it's time to cancel pride month altogether.

    Tyler Durden Tue, 05/28/2024 - 18:00
  44. Site: LifeNews
    2 days 3 sec ago
    Author: Alliance Defending Freedom

    Following a lawsuit brought by Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson officially closed his unconstitutional investigation of two faith-based, pro-life pregnancy centers and stated he would not file litigation. ADF attorneys representing Obria Group and Obria Medical Clinics PNW filed Obria Group v. Ferguson six months ago, challenging Ferguson for singling them out because of their life-affirming views through an unlawful investigation into their sensitive records and materials.

    Ferguson had previously denied that his investigation caused the clinics any harm and had said this precluded the federal court from hearing the clinics’ claims. But after one of the clinics showed that Ferguson’s investigation caused it to lose insurance coverage and to pay seven times more for replacement coverage, Ferguson issued an official letter closing his investigation. His letter states that, although the state’s Consumer Protection Division “does not issue formal notice to a target when it closes an investigation,” it is “making an exception in this instance to provide [Obria Group and Obria Medical Clinics PNW] with a statement they can offer to their insurer, which will provide certainty as to the status of this investigation.” He also stated his office had made a “decision not to pursue litigation” against the clinics.

    Follow LifeNews.com on Instagram for pro-life pictures and videos.

    “No one should be investigated by the government simply because they hold views the government doesn’t like. We’re pleased Washington’s attorney general has ceased his unlawful investigation into our clients, and that Obria Group and Obria Medical Clinics PNW will be free to continue their life-saving work in the community,” said ADF Senior Counsel Lincoln Wilson. “We look forward to a ruling from the court confirming that the attorney general unlawfully targeted and harassed these clinics because of their pro-life stance. The Constitution protects Obria medical clinics, and all other pro-life organizations, to freely speak their beliefs, exercise their faith, and continue compassionately serving women and couples facing difficult pregnancy circumstances.”

    Ferguson issued civil investigative demands that dictate, for a time period exceeding 13 years, that the Obria Group and Obria Medical Clinics PNW provide answers to questions and production of documents under the pretense of conducting a civil investigation into “possible” violations of Washington’s Consumer Protection Act. As ADF attorneys explained in their lawsuit filed in November, Ferguson’s investigation did not appear to be based on a complaint or other substantive evidence of wrongdoing but was rather an exploratory probe into the lawful activities, constitutionally protected speech and associations, and nonpublic internal communications and records of two organizations that hold a view on a matter of public policy that Ferguson doesn’t favor.

    Ferguson’s closure letter officially informed the Obria medical clinics that the division has now “closed its investigation into the potential Consumer Protection Act violations.”

    The post Washington Democrat AG Withdraws Complain Against Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers appeared first on LifeNews.com.

  45. Site: Zero Hedge
    2 days 7 min ago
    Author: Tyler Durden
    Rep McCaul Leads US Delegation To Taiwan After Major Chinese Military Drills

    Authored by Dave DeCamp via AntiWar.com,

    Rep. Michael McCaul, chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is leading a bipartisan congressional delegation in Taiwan, a trip that came after China concluded two days of major drills around the island that it launched in response to the inauguration of President William Lai.

    Lai, a member of the independence-leaning Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), took a more confrontational tone toward the mainland in his inauguration speech than his predecessor, Tsai Ing-wen, also a member of the DPP.

    Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, with new Taiwanese President Lai Ching-te in Taipei on Monday. Taiwan Presidential Office, AP

    Beijing launched military exercises that it said were a "punishment" for "separatist acts," referring to Lai’s speech. The exercises involved simulating a blockade on Taiwan, marking the most extensive drills around the island since then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) traveled to Taiwan in August 2022.

    China is against all congressional visits to Taiwan and strongly criticized McCaul’s delegation. "In disregard of China’s strong opposition, relevant members of the US Congress still decided to visit Taiwan, which violates the one-China principle, the three China-US joint communiqués, and the US government’s own political commitment,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning.

    McCaul made provocative comments during the start of his visit, warning that Congress could declare war on China if it attacked Taiwan. "If the island in an unprovoked manner was invaded, then it would be to the American people and the United States Congress, and my committee that has the power to declare war, how to deal with that," he said.

    McCaul added that for now, his job is to seek "deterrence" to avoid war, but the strategy the US is pursuing is raising tensions in the region and making a conflict seem more likely. Increased US military and diplomatic support for Taiwan in recent years has put the island under significantly more Chinese military pressure.

    The congressional delegation vowed that more US weapons are on the way to Taiwan. The US has sold weapons to Taiwan since Washington severed diplomatic relations with Taipei in 1979 but only began providing military aid last year, marking a significant escalation in US support for the island.

    In a conflict, the 3rd Marine Littoral Regiment, created as part of a sweeping redesign of the U.S. Marine Corps, would move forward—as far and as fast as possible—so that China’s missiles, sensors and drones wouldn’t find them.https://t.co/GjMGAS5pyb

    — Jonathan Cheng (@JChengWSJ) May 27, 2024

    The $95 billion foreign military aid bill President Biden signed into law last month included about $8 billion for military aid to Taiwan and other spending in the region. The $8 billion for the Asia Pacific region received more support in the House than aid for Ukraine and Israel, passing overwhelmingly in a vote of 385-34.

    McCaul noted the strong bipartisan support for arming Taiwan. "Even though there are debates about other theaters of war, I can tell you there is no division or no dissension when it comes to Taiwan in the Congress," he said.

    Tyler Durden Tue, 05/28/2024 - 17:40
  46. Site: Zero Hedge
    2 days 27 min ago
    Author: Tyler Durden
    It's The Immigrants, Stupid?

    While the Biden administration insists Americans shouldn't believe their lying bank accounts amid 'strong growth and low unemployment,' guess who's actually been benefiting? (Regular ZeroHedge readers already know)

    You guessed it - 'the controlled influx of immigrants into the US across the southern border,' as Trend Macrolytics CIO Donald Luskin pens in a WSJ op-ed - though his conclusion was not well received by readers.

    Consider the 3.2 million increase in the foreign-born adult population in the U.S. in the 21 months since July 2022. We start at that date because it gives us a clean slate, free from the effects of the pandemic lockdown and reopening. And this period captures the full effect of the Biden administration’s loose border policies.

    Over that period, foreign-born employment has increased 1.8 million—meaning that roughly 56% of the 3.2 million new foreign-born adult population became employed. Setting aside the political matter of how much of this employment is legal, the stereotype that immigrants don’t or can’t work appears to be false.

    The figures, contained within the Bureau of Labor Statistics' monthly household survey, are collected through door-to-door census of 60,000 households in which respondents are asked whether they're native or foreign born (but not whether they're here illegally!). Luskin notes that illegal aliens are probably less likely to answer a knock at the door, so BLS probably undercounts them.

    Even so, foreign-born individuals represent 80% of the 4.1 million increase in America's adult population since July 2022, and 71% of the 2.5 million new jobs. In short, without new foreign-born workers, total US job growth under Biden during this period would have been roughly 86,000 less each month - or 724,000 jobs added vs. 2.52 million. So without illegal immigrants, the economy would have grown less than a third as much since July 2022.

    According to Luskin;

    It’s a catastrophe of lawlessness and maladministration. But it appears to have contributed to a strong labor market and to economic growth.


    [A] border crackdown such as Donald Trump has proposed could end up leading to slower growth. Whoever is president in 2025 will need to take great care in balancing these urgent interests.

    As we noted in March, there has been virtually zero job creation for native-born workers since the summer of 2018...

    ... and that since Joe Biden was sworn into office, most of the post-pandemic job gains the administration continuously brags about have gone foreign-born workers.

    Luskin suggests, therefore, that the new, foreign-born adults are diluting the productivity of the US economy by arriving with few skills and poor English, however "the economy needs many low-skill workers, and they rapidly acquire skills on the job, so they will surely contribute to productivity growth in the future."

    So, "It would seem that in purely economic terms, and at least for the moment, the Biden administration’s loose border policy is a feature, not a bug."

    That said, the Biden administration isn't exactly bragging about this influx of future Democrat voters.

    In a February Pew poll, 77% of Americans said that the southern border is either a “crisis” or a “major problem.” Even 62% of Democrats agreed. People see the bug, not the features, because the boom in job growth from immigration is, by definition, experienced by people most Americans here already don’t know—and, presumably, who won’t be able to vote this November. And even with his own political base, it would be awkward for Mr. Biden to argue that he has produced economic growth via laissez-faire deregulation at the border.

    Such a policy is unsustainable in any case. Under capitalism, economic growth depends on trust—on the ability of economic participants to rely on others’ adherence to a set of defined and stable rules. The ad hoc lawlessness of the Biden border policy undermines that, and unless it can be stabilized it will be corrosive to long-term growth prospects. On the other hand, a border crackdown such as Donald Trump has proposed could end up leading to slower growth. Whoever is president in 2025 will need to take great care in balancing these urgent interests. -WSJ

    The comments section ain't buyin' it...

    In response to Luskin, WSJ readers had some choice words:

    ...I'm not buying it, Mr. Luskin.  The economy boomed under Trump, when the number immigrants entering the country illegally was much lower.

    The growth in the Biden economy (and the Trump economy, without inflation) is due to the positive impact and incentives provided by the significant reduction in corporate taxes put in place by Trump in 2018...

    *  *  *

    ...There’s nothing wrong with immigration. Even lots of it. There is everything wrong with illegal immigration and millions of people coming across the border who cannot legally work and can only become burdens to the states and cities until some unknown future date when they may or may not become legal residents. Just listen to the howling cries of New York and other self declared sanctuary cities demanding millions of Federal taxpayer dollars to help them care for the illegals if you think losing control of our country’s border is beneficial. And it’s not just about immigrants. It’s about known terrorist, human traffickers and drugs pouring across the open border. Yes, legal immigrants are good. Biden is a disaster...

    *  *  *

    ...This article makes no sense. Sounds like a backhanded defense of Biden's open border touting an economic boom. No mention of the cost of food, housing, medical, etc. of the illegals. The Rule of Law is critical to the success of America, which with this open border is being destroyed. What about the cost of additional police with the additional 10 million that have entered the country. The economy is strong because of the still alive entrepreneural and corporations that drive the country and create wealth. The opposite has been true under Biden with his inflation that hurts everyone and his arming the bureaucracy to increase the rules that make it tougher to run a business, not even including the wasted billions on the green nonsense. This article is wrong about everything it says and it's claiming the Biden economy is creating an economic miracle is a joke..."

    *  *  *

    ...What a silly "conclusion:" - widespread law breaking, overstretch of welfare resources, destruction of public facilities, swamping schools that are already underperforming?  Those are the facts of Biden's open borders, not some sort of indirect economic benefit. What are all these jobs? Housekeeping? Janitorial? Maybe farm workers? And how much is each one of these new "workers" costing us? Food, housing, healthcare, education, crime? So what is the "net benefit"?  None...

    Perhaps Lusk needs to go back to the drawing board.

    Tyler Durden Tue, 05/28/2024 - 17:20
  47. Site: Henrymakow.com
    2 days 33 min ago
    The central banking cartel has found a novel way
     to eliminate freedom and kill us.

    Satanists worship death and suffering - ours. They sacrifice us to Satan.

    They control by corrupting our morals and making us sick.

    (No headlines today. Nothing new stands out.)
    by Parick O'Carroll


     The patents for the COVID-BIOWEAPON-JABS show that they are quite literally deadly. Rumor has it that 5G and the COVID-BIOWEAPON-JAB will work together as a Binary-Weapons-System to induce new PLANDEMICS in "Marburg", "Disease X", "Bird Flu" or a catastrophic "bleeding disease" that visionary John Leary says is imminent.

    In 2020-40, the death-toll of the COVID-PHARMA GENOCIDE (and the imminent MARBURG-5G Holocaust) may reach a total of 1.7 billion "useless eaters" based on an average of estimates by Dr Elizabeth Eads MD, Prof Dolores Cahill, Mike Adams, Todd Callender, et al. Note: "useless eaters" is the "Illuminati" term for slaves.

     Dr Mike Yeadon, ex-top-executive of the Big Pharma Mafia corporation PFIZER, stated: "Without an insurrection, we can expect a new [PLANDEMIC] event that will trigger a Digital ID connected to a Digital Currency and a wave of [PLANDEMICS] with mandated shots until the population reaches their desired levels. And, as long as we remain stubbornly divided, we do not stand a chance".


     «Team Antichrist» launched the HEART-DISEASE PLANDEMIC after WW1 by weaponizing chlorine and placing the weaponized-chlorine in refined salt (NaCl), in pharmaceuticals, and by using it widely in the dairy business and in swimming-pool sanitation under the guise of "disinfection".

    In the late 1960s, Dr Joseph M Price proved that 95 percent of chickens drinking chlorinated water developed atherosclerosis and he concluded: "The basic cause of atherosclerosis, heart-attacks and most forms of strokes is CHLORINE, the chlorine contained in processed water". In his book "Coronaries, Cholesterol, Chlorine" (originally published in 1969), Dr Price proved this link, and that a protective plaque composed mainly of cholesterol builds up inside the arteries and may eventually result in heart-attacks and strokes.

     The UN's Worst Hell Organization (WHO) says that the HEART-DISEASE PLANDEMIC kills 18 million people per year. Thus, the HEART-DISEASE PLANDEMIC is better defined as a Genocide Operation. If only half the heart-disease deaths since 1914 were down to chlorine, that would mean a death-toll of about 1 billion "useless eaters".


     Starting in 1944, geneticist Dr Norman Borlaug worked for the Rockefeller Foundation to hybridize wheat. Borlaug is credited with developing the exceptionally high-yielding DWARF WHEAT that is much shorter and stockier than wheat was in 1930. After 1960, «Team Antichrist» introduced dwarf wheat widely. It replaced most other wheat strains in the world and launched the twin DIABETES and OBESITY PLANDEMICS.

     In his 2011 book "Wheat Belly", Dr William Davis MD recommended replacing wheat-based foods with other low-glycemic whole foods. He showed how TODAY'S "BREAD" IS HIGHLY FATTENING. Davis advised that people eat vegetables, meat, eggs, raw nuts, dairy products, some fruits and he recommended them to "UNDO Prediabetes or Diabetes by scheduling your RADICAL WHEAT-ECTOMY".

    The UN's Worst Hell Organization (WHO) says the DIABETES PLANDEMIC kills 1.5 million "useless eaters" each year, that about 422 million people worldwide have diabetes, and that the OBESITY PLANDEMIC kills 2.8 million "useless eaters" each year. Hence, over the past 50 years, the overall death-toll was 215 million "useless eaters".


     The INFLUENZA PLANDEMIC of 1918-21 was willful genocide launched by an "experimental" meningitis "vaccine" that was first created by the Rockefeller Institute for "Medical" Research in NY and then profusely injected into US troops at Fort Riley, Kansas. This INFLUENZA PLANDEMIC of 1918-21 genocided a total of around 35 million "useless eaters". It was perpetrated predominantly by the US Regime, the British Regime, and the French Regime, and by the "Illuminati" bloodlines Rockefeller and Windsor.



     Starting in 1975, disease-tainted smallpox "vaccines" were given to millions of Africans, often using deliberately contaminated needles. There were many perpetrators of this Holocaust, including the UN's Worst Hell Organization (WHO), the Big Pharma Mafia, the Zionist powers (US, GB, EU, CH), and corrupt African dictators. The total death-toll in this PLANDEMIC is estimated at around 26 million "useless eaters".

    Peter Duesberg of UC Berkeley proved that there is no link between AIDS and HIV, which is now a well-known fact.


     Starting in 1975, disease-tainted HepB "vaccines" were given to millions of homosexuals in San Francisco, often using deliberately contaminated needles. The total death-toll is around 9 million "useless eaters" and it was done by the UN's Worst Hell Organization (WHO), the Big Pharma Mafia, the Zionist US Regime, and one Anthony Fauci.


     Portuguese neurologist António Egas Moniz invented the physical lobotomy in 1935 and it was illustrated in Ken Kesey's 1962 novel "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" and in the 1975 film adaptation thereof.

     Since around 1980, "advanced" nations have used chemical lobotomies instead of physical ones. "Medications" such as benzodiazepines or antidepressants will cause the frontal cortex to disintegrate when given in sufficiently heavy and prolonged doses, and that often results in a chemical lobotomy.

     The LOBOTOMY PLANDEMIC claimed about 1 million "useless eaters" (half in 1935-80 and the other half later).


     Apart from MEDICAL PLANDEMICS, "Team Antichrist" deployed warfare to genocide 400 million "useless eaters" in the twentieth century alone. These included:

    150 million "useless eaters" in the Christian Holocaust of WW1 and WW2;
    100 million "useless eaters" in the Chinese Holocaust of 1949-69;
    77 million mostly Orthodox Christians in the Russian and East European Holocaust;
    10-40 million Arabic Semites (Muslims and Christians) in the Arab-Semitic Holocaust, in which the Zionists genocided 10 million Arabic Semites in 1948-2024, or 40 million according to Australian-Jewish historian Gideon Polya who also included the effects of deprivation and the after-effects of depleted uranium (DU);
    120 million more "useless eaters" in other wars and in Zionist false-flag terrorism.


     The PUPPETICIAN PLANDEMIC was launched in 1717, when Freemasonry was founded (or re-founded) in London. Originally, Freemasonic puppeticians were a front for the English monarch, who stayed aloof as parasitic puppeticians took the blame for bad decisions and policy-errors done by monarch the oligarchy. Later, the satanic ritual called "democracy" was exported to all Zionist- or Bolshevik-Zionist-run dictatorships in the world. It is quite possible that the PUPPETICIAN PLANDEMIC killed at least 1 billion "useless eaters". By far the biggest criminal conspiracy in history is called "government" or "governance", and its two top purposes and aims are theft and genocide in accordance with the Talmud. Government is organized crime.


     The CENTRAL-BANKSTER PLANDEMIC was launched in 1694 in Britain (Bank of England), in 1913 in the USA (Federal Reserve), in 1800 in France ("Banque de France"), in 1876 in Germany ("die Deutsche Reichsbank"), in 1860 in Russia (State Bank), in 1922 in communist Russia ("Gosbank") etc. It is quite possible that the CENTRAL-BANKSTER PLANDEMIC killed at least 1 billion "useless eaters".

    In the Central-Bankster Warfare-Model, the central-banksters design an empire-building war from which they are set to benefit. They deploy the wholly-fictional national "debt" to "justify" to the slaves that they "must" pay taxes to finance that empire-building war. When "Team Antichrist" and its "allies" are victorious, the vanquished nation also pays war "debts" and compound interest to "Team Antichrist", which grows richer and richer from war to war. Eventually, the cumulative effect of hundreds of empire-building wars is the Talmudic "new" world order, and an absolute worldwide tyranny under "Team Antichrist".

  48. Site: LifeNews
    2 days 36 min ago
    Author: Tom Ciesielka

    New York Attorney General Letitia James has already lost the first battle in corut after she tried to shut down pro-life pregnancy centers.

    The New York attorney general is facing multiple lawsuits for using her power to censor pro-life pregnancy centers because they tell women about the option of using progesterone for abortion pill reversal. Progesterone is a safe and naturally occurring hormone that can be used to counteract the life-ending effects of abortion drugs.

    James recently sued 11 faith-based pro-life pregnancy centers and a network of affiliated centers in the state, alleging—despite evidence to the contrary—that the centers are spreading “false and misleading” information about this progesterone treatment. She is unlawfully targeting pro-life pregnancy centers, threatening punishment for promoting and offering a service that gives women the option of changing their mind and attempting to save their baby’s life.

    Now Thomas More Society attorneys have responded to a court order rejecting New York Attorney General Letitia James’ attempt to move litigation involving pregnancy help organizations to Manhattan from upstate New York.

    New York Supreme Court Justice Sam Valleriani issued the consolidation order on May 24, 2024. This combines a lawsuit brought by James against pregnancy help organizations in Manhattan, New York, with the previously filed case brought by the organizations in Rochester’s Monroe County Court. James had tried to relocate the lawsuit against her from its Rochester venue to New York County Court in Manhattan, hundreds of miles away.

    LifeNews is on TruthSocial. Please follow us here.

    Peter Breen, Thomas More Society Executive Vice President & Head of Litigation told LifeNews:

    “For the past month, Letitia James’ has tried to illegally frighten and harass New York’s pregnancy help organizations into silence, threatening them with lawsuits if they keep speaking their truthful message about Abortion Pill Reversal. We brought suit in Rochester, near to where most of the organizations are headquartered and work. Instead of agreeing to a convenient venue, James then sued these charitable organizations in Manhattan, despite the fact that not a single one of the organizations is located there. We are pleased that the Court in Monroe County agreed that the cases should be consolidated together and heard in Rochester, the ‘most fair, appropriate and logistically convenient venue,’ and not in Manhattan, which has no connection to the case. We look forward to defending Heartbeat International, CompassCare, and all of New York’s pregnancy help organizations targeted by James’ unconstitutional witch-hunt. New Yorkers deserve to know that Abortion Pill Reversal is not just possible but safe and effective, and our clients have the right to share that truth with women who are undergoing a chemical abortion that they do not want to continue.”

    Thomas More Society attorneys filed suit on April 30, 2024, against James in Monroe County, on behalf of Heartbeat International and a group of New York pregnancy help organizations. On May 6, 2024, James filed a lawsuit against the same organizations, in New York County, which covers Manhattan.

    Meanwhile ADF attorneys represent the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, Gianna’s House, and Options Care Center. These faith-based, pro-life pregnancy centers and network of affiliated centers wish to truthfully inform women who have taken the first abortion drug that it may be possible to counteract its lethal effects if they change their mind and seek treatment within the first few days of taking the first drug. But their truthful speech about the progesterone treatment is chilled by the attorney general’s politically motivated lawsuit targeting similar speech.

    “Many women regret their abortions, and some seek to stop the effects of chemical abortion drugs before taking the second drug in the abortion drug process. Taking supplemental progesterone at that time can often save their baby’s life,” said ADF Legal Counsel Gabriella McIntyre. “The New York attorney general, however, is doing everything she can to deny women the freedom to make that choice. Women should have the option to reconsider going through with an abortion, and the pro-life pregnancy centers we represent in this case truthfully inform them about that choice. We are urging the court to affirm the pregnancy centers’ freedom to tell interested women about this lawful, life-saving treatment.”

    The information the pro-life pregnancy centers wish to provide women is supported by multiple studies. Progesterone is a natural hormone needed to sustain pregnancy and has been used for decades to prevent miscarriage and forestall preterm labor safely and effectively. Statistics show that abortion pill reversal has likely saved over 5,000 unborn lives and has a 64-68% success rate. Yet the attorney general has targeted centers that tell women about this option because of the centers’ pro-life viewpoints and the content of their speech. ADF attorneys explain in the lawsuit that such actions from a government official violate the pregnancy centers’ First Amendment rights to speak freely and practice their religious beliefs.

    The post Letitia James Loses First Legal Battle After She Tries to Shut Down Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers appeared first on LifeNews.com.

  49. Site: PeakProsperity
    2 days 45 min ago
    Author: Chris Martenson
    "By their fruits shall ye know them" Let's simplify this complex world; if 'they' want something it's easy, and if 'they' don't want something it's hard. To thrive in life and through the imminent bottleneck, it's best to do the opposite of what they want.
  50. Site: Zero Hedge
    2 days 47 min ago
    Author: Tyler Durden
    Will Raisi's Death Lead To Softer Iranian Policy Towards The West

    By Simon Watkins of OilPrice.com

    The death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash on Sunday 19 May has reignited optimism among some that Iran’s stance towards the West may soften again into the pragmatic approach of his reforming predecessor, President Hassan Rouhani.

    For the moment, presidential power has been transferred to Vice President Mohammad Mokhber, but a snap election is due to be held on 28 June to determine the president for the next four-year term. So, will it usher in a new dawn of better relations between Iran and the West of the sort that previously saw the forging of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA, or colloquially ‘the nuclear deal’) on 14 July 2015?

    It is true that when he was elected president on 3 August 2013, former President Rouhani was instrumental in allowing more access for Western companies into Iran’s key businesses – including its huge but still relatively underdeveloped oil and gas sectors - in exchange for allowing greater oversight of its nuclear program. From Iran’s side, this would see a huge influx of investment from the West that would swell the coffers of an economy blighted by decades of international sanctions. This in turn would alleviate increasing social discontent from a large proportion of Iran’s young, well-educated, and non-Islamic fundamentalist population. It would also, as far as the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) was concerned, provide funding for a stealthy advancement in key elements of its nuclear program and for the plugging of technology gaps elsewhere in its economy, as analyzed in full in my new book on the new global oil market order. After the signing of the JCPOA, commitments for massive investment rolled in from scores of Western firms, and Rouhani won a second term as president. It was at this point, though, that the P5+1 group of nations (the U.S., U.K., France, Russia, and China plus Germany)  that had signed the JCPOA deal revealed their own surprise, which was that they essentially wanted to dismantle the power of the IRGC across all key areas of Iran’s political and economic life, as also detailed in the book. It was at that point that the JCPOA began to fall apart, even before the U.S. unilaterally withdrew from the deal on 8 May 2018.

    More than any other factor, the failure of the deal underlined that in reality there is no such thing as a ‘moderate’ Iranian politician in the truest sense of the word. Rouhani had been keen to re-engage with the West based solely on the beneficial economic considerations for Iran and not on some deeper ideological basis that might include embracing anything other than the notion of Iran as a fundamentalist Islamic state. Crucially, he had only been able to do so with the full blessing of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, and the ‘Guardians of the Islamic Revolution’, the IRGC in his first presidential term. When the powers of both were threatened by the JCPOA as it evolved past Rouhani’s first four years, the deal was effectively dead from the Iranian side. In this sense, then, there is no meaningful difference between those commonly portrayed in the West as Iranian political ‘moderates’ or ‘hardliners’, with the only variance in politicians being the degree of freedom they have been allowed by the Supreme Leader and the IRGC at any given moment. Moreover, as also analyzed in my new book, the portrayal of Iranian politicians as either moderate or hardliner has been encouraged by the IRGC as a ploy to leverage the West into certain negotiating positions and certain deals by playing up to its fears of ‘further empowering the hardliners’, or ‘undermining the moderates’.

    “At the centre of the guiding principles for all top-level Iranian politics is the concept of Velayat-e-Faqih, which means that all serious political and religious authority is entrusted to the [Shia] clergy, which makes all key decisions for Iran, provided that they have been approved by the Supreme Leader, and this is then enforced by the Guardians of the [1979] Revolution, the IRGC,” a senior source close to Iran’s Petroleum Ministry exclusively told OilPrice.com. “These decisions cover everything of significance for Iran, from foreign policy, through defence policy, economic policy, and intelligence policy, to any domestic policy over and above how many aerials a specific apartment complex in Tehran can have on its roof,” he added. “It should be remembered that [former President, Hassan] Rouhani himself - often cited as a moderate – began his adult life as a cleric, becoming an ardent follower of the leader of the 1979 Revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei,” he said. “This structure is reinforced with the second element in Iran’s power structures that pre-determine the type of president it will have after the next election, which is the Majlis,” he underlined. The Majlis - Iran’s 290-member parliament - is an elected house, but its real powers are confined to determining non-essential matters, although even these decisions can be overturned by the Guardian Council of the Constitution, which approves all legislation. In turn, this 12-member body acts in the manner of a general constitutional overseer, with half of its membership always being Shia theologians directly chosen by the Supreme Leader himself. The other six members are lawyers selected by the head of the judiciary, who in turn is also directly appointed by the Supreme Leader. 

    The final element of pre-determination in the upcoming Iranian presidential elections is the pre-selection process for ‘suitable candidates’ for the position by a body over which no one, except the Supreme Leader, has any authority at all – the Expediency Discernment Council of the System. The Expediency Council will vet all candidates and then pass the list to the Guardian Council, which will then publish the official shortlist of shortly before the election date. The Expediency Council was originally created by the Supreme Leader to resolve any differences that arose between the Guardian Council and the Majlis, but it also now functions as a key advisory body to the Supreme Leader. According to the Iran source, Iran’s Supreme National Security Council will also send a ‘foundation document on candidates’ to the Expediency Council that stresses the current security concerns of Iran’s key geopolitical backers – China and Russia. “This document will ensure that all the shortlisted candidates have ideas on politics, economics, and global security that are congruent with those of our Chinese and Russian partners,” the Iran source exclusively told OilPrice.com last week.

    The late President Raisi was what the West terms a hardliner, but even he was given no say in Iran’s backing for Hamas’s 7 October 2023 attacks on Israel or on the 13 April drone and missile attacks directly on Israel, according to the senior Iran source. “He also had no say on Iran’s maneuvering of the Houthis to attack ships in the Red Sea area, or to threaten Saudi Arabian oil facilities or any such matters, and nor will the next president whoever it is,” he said. “All the key decisions will continue to be made by the Supreme Leader in conference with the IRGC,” he added. This said, a far more important appointment for Iran’s future may come from the replacement of Raisi on the Assembly of Experts, which is the group that chooses the new supreme leader when the ailing 85-year-old Khamenei dies. “For a long time, Khamenei has looked to his son, Mojtaba, to replace him as Supreme Leader, and he could well be appointed to the Assembly of Experts,” the Iran source underlined last week. “This would be the genuinely big event following Raisi’s death,” he concluded.

    Tyler Durden Tue, 05/28/2024 - 17:00


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