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Reality strikes back! The real Ukraine invasion came a week later

As most will no doubt be aware by now, Russia launched a "specialy military operation" in Ukraine on the 23rd of February. Most of us would call it simply an invasion. This came a week after the official invasion date pronounced by the U.S., which was supposed to be the 16th of February.

I must admit that I thought the news of the invasion was a hoax. I am not, however, completely willing to abandon that idea. 

Russia has large military drills on its Western flank every year, almost always in conjunction with Belarus. Every time they have had those drills over the past few years the West has warned of an invasion but nothing has come of it. Of course, it could be that they had been plotting an invasion all this time, and I cannot rule that out. 

However, when I look at how the U.S. officials were behaving before this happened, it's difficult to conclude that even they saw talk of a Russian invasion as anything else than a way for Biden to play tough on Russia for an invasion which they were convinced would never come. If you had wanted Russia to invade Ukraine, you would have done exactly everything that the Biden administration and NATO did prior to the 23rd of February. 

Russia had very clear lines and since I have been following the Ukraine situation for a long time, I think I can pretty much narrow it down to these two:

  • Ukraine must not be a member of NATO or host NATO weapons systems.
  • Ukraine must not attempt to take the Donbass by force.
Any violation of these two conditions are red lines which Russia had said would result in a military solution. Well, all the rhetoric prior to the invasion was of Ukraine some time later perhaps entering NATO and that Russia should not get to decide who was to be in NATO. Then they decided to ship massive amounts of lethal weapons to Ukraine under the cover of repelling a Russian invasion.
On top of that it is now very obvious that Ukraine had a lot of forces surrounding the Donbass region and that there had been a military escalation there with preparations to retake the areas. This would explain why Ukraine doesn't seem to have had any forces defending its border with Belarus.
The real trigger for me was when Zelensky in the weekend before the Ukraine invasion whent to the Munich Security Conference and more or less demanded that Ukraine should be allowed to join NATO, or else they would develop nuclear weapons. As soon as he said that I felt sick in my stomach. I realised things were looking ugly and given that shelling in the Donbass by that point had increased 6-fold over the previous weeks, it seemed to me as though we had crossed aline.
When Vladimir Putin then recognised the break-away republics I thought that might offer some respite, but the shelling continued. On top of that, the West responded with the most ridiculous sanctions to that event to the point where if I was a Russian leader I may well have wondered "what is the point of holding back now"?
We shall never know whether the invasion was planned all along, but all I can write and say is that had one wanted an invasion of Ukraine by Russia, one could hardly have done more to bring it about than what the puppet rulers of the West and the Ukrainian leadership did in the run-up to the war.
Now that the war has started, I think the military result is a foregone conclusion. It will either be a relatively quick Russian victory or if others intervene, possibly a world war.
I hope for the latter, for the sake of Ukrainians and all the world, and hope to have more to write on this later.

What is certain is that the fantasy of the West, of their non-existent-in-practice values, has met the reality of Russian weapons and been found to be nothing but a castle built on sand - or perhaps that should read quick sand.

It's Ukraine invasion day!

According to the U.S. and the U.K. governments, and media all around the world, Russia is going to invade Ukraine, or Russia has been invading Ukraine, or Russia had planned to invade Ukraine. It's hard to keep up with the narrative since they have been warning of an "imminent" invasion of Ukraine by Russia for 2 months now.

Some 2 days ago Zelensky - the Ukrainian 'president' - released a video informing us that from what he had been briefed - presumably by Biden - Russia was going to invade on Wednesday the 16th of 2022, which is today. As I write this it is just before 11:00 AM Central European Time and so far there is no evidence of an invasion. Then again, they didn't tell us at which time the Russians would roll into Ukraine, and whether it would be Moscow time, Berlin time, UCT  or whatever, so I suppose we have to wait until midnight Hawaii time to be sure that Russia is not going to invade. 

I have maintained throughout this whole episode that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was in fact the Ukraine invasion hoax. The Russians have military drills every year, and every time they have them the media in the West warns of an imminent invasion of this or that territory. So it is this time as well, with the Russians holding military exercises with Belarus, from which they have begun to withdraw since the military drills are coming to an end.

As to why the U.S. and ther U.K. lap dogs decided to push this story, I can think of several reasons:

  • Biden has failed in everything he has done so far and it is not looking good for his party, so he had to claim some sort of victory. 
  • The easiest sort of victory is one in which all of Washington and the U.S. can join in, and that is demonising Russia.
  • So Biden and his team make up a story of a Russian invasion, then prance around saying how tough sanctions will be if Russia invades, and when Russia doesn't invade - as it had never intended to do - they can claim that it was because the U.S. was tough.
  • Nobody has ever lost money betting on the smartness of the Republican party, so even though they could have exposed this as the sham it was, one should have known beforehand they would bark even louder than the Democracts have done.
  • In the U.K., Boris needs to divert attention away from his many domestic scandals, so he flies around Europe talking up the invasion.
  • The media, true to self, fails to question any part of this hoax and just regurgitates the lies.
  • When all is said and done, the U.S. says that the only reason Russia didn't invade is because of the tough talk and how this shows the need to impose more sanctions on Russia so that they don't contemplate invading again.

All the while I thought this had more to do with the U.S. elections later in 2022 but something the Ron Paul Liberty Report mentioned has made me think that perhaps this all has to do mainly with Germany and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. 

Now, Russia already provides Germany with a large chunk of its energy through various pipelines, including the original Nord Stream pipeline. However, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has the ability to take these deliveries away from hostile territories - Poland and Ukraine - and leave Germany and Russia free to trade unmolested by the U.S. and its puppets, and over time forge closer ties. This must strike fear into the hearts - if they have any - of U.S. neocons so they are willing to do anything to stop it.

After all, if Germany and Russia get along, soon people will be asking what the U.S. is doing having forces in Europe. It might not be long before people start calling them what they really are - occupying forces.

It seems that the 21st century is the century of hoaxes. Virtually all major events this century have been as a result of hoaxes. They - the powers that shouldn't be - have given up on false flags, it seems, and seem to have concluded that since they control the media, they can just make stuff up and not even be bothered fabricating falsehoods on the ground.

The Ron Paul Liberty Report titled their show yesterday "US Credibility Collapse: Russian Troops Returning After Exercises...Like They Said". I agree with them, except I don't think the U.S. has any credibility left to lose.

Anyway, we'll have to wait until midnight Hawaii time to know whether the U.S. was telling the truth for once, or whether the media was once again doing the only thing it seems capable of doing nowadays - pushing yet another hoax to advance a globalist agenda.



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