A decade of being graced with the Tridentine Mass

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of my 1st Tridentine Mass. I have been graced to attend it almost non-stop, and virtually exclusively, even including several soujorns overseas.

Many will embark on this journey some time in the future, perhaps today. For some the first encounter will feel strange, but it was not so for me. 

From the 1st moment of the Mass, I felt at home. Everything suddenly made sense. It was fitting that it was on the Epiphany, for so much that had seemed disjointed all came together. 

The intervening years have led me to a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Mass, yet I am still just scratching the surface. I am nowhere close to say, St. Joan of Arc, in my love for the liturgy and the Holy Eucharist, but with God's grace I may get there. 

I have also been blessed to attend the Tridentine Mass overseas, and what's striking is that it feels just as homely everywhere I have been. Sure, I have not always been able to understand the homily, but I never felt like a stranger.

Of course, attending Mass and being in church are 2 different things. There will be troublesome people in most parishes, and this is no different in the Tridentine Rite parishes. If you, however, are at Mass primarily to honour God, then you will not lose sight of what is important, and the Mass certainly does help you understand that God ought to be the centre of our lives.

God only knows how many more times I can attend the Tridentine Mass, or how many you will be able to attend, so we ought to wonder and marvel that the Creator of the Universe has given us so the opportunity to honour Him, and been gracious enough to provide us with such a beautiful way to do it! 

We ought to pray to God that every Latin Catholic should learn and love true the true Roman Rite.

I take this opportunity to thank God for the graces and favours He has bestowed upon me and wish you much the same. I thank God for Holy Mother Church, who with such a beautiful liturgy gives us every opportunity to honour God. 

May I never take the Mass for granted!

Deo gratias!


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