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And they perverted their own mind and turned away their eyes that they might not look unto Heaven, nor remember just judgements

The attemt to rape the Bride of Christ continues: The pirate at the helm beckons the rapists

And they perverted their own mind and turned away their eyes that they might not look unto Heaven, nor remember just judgements. Daniel 13:9

The Bible tells the story of Susanna in the Book of Daniel. She was a just woman, who 2 old leacherous men attempted to blackmail into adultery. These two men were judges, responsible for making just decisions, yet they avereted their gaze from righteousness, that they may be able to do their dirty deed. They failed, and were sentenced to death for it. I take Susanna to represent the Bride of Christ, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, and the 2 leacherous men to be represented by Bergoglio and his gang of Kasperites and  modernists.

Today begins the synod on the family, ostensibly on the family in any case. I cannot help but notice that Bergoglio mentions Jesus much less nowadays - like the old men he seems to have turned away his eyes away from Heaven. Cardinals Kasper, Marx and the rest of the dirty gang hardly ever mention Christ anymore either, if they ever did, that is. Unlike the old men, who were driven by lust for Susanna, Bergoglio seems driven by a loathsomeness for Holy Mother Church that  is easier to notice by the day. He desires Her not for her beauty and strength, but rather like the old men mentioned in Daniel, he wants to shut down the doors that he can hold Her down and his gang can have their way with Her, that she be ravaged and left tarnished, just like the rest of the world.

At least the old men were driven by a natural desire and attraction to beauty. In Bergoglio's case, one wonders exactly what drives the man, but we know it is not a quest for beauty or vitue all the same, as he so often makes clear.

Last year as the synod was about to being I wrote: Will the synod on the family continue the rape of Holy Mother Church? The answer was not long in coming, and it was a resounding "yes!", at least to the attempt to carry out the rape in its entirety. He almost suceeded, but for the episcopal resistance which was raised after the mid-term report.

That Bergoglio and his gang of rapists attempted the rape can be in no doubt, as the mid-term relatio clearly demonstrated. We have been told that it was written even before the synod ever started, a claim which is eminently believable given that most of the synod fathers who have spoken about it have mentioned that it bore no relation to anything that was discussed. Even the Cardinal tasked with presenting it distanced himself away from it. Those who doubt that Bergoglio was involved would be well served to know that the man put in charge of the rape project, Cardinal Baldissieri, later admitted what everybody already knew, that Bergoglio had approved the mid-term report.

What has followed since has been one scandal after another from Team Bergoglio, leaving nobody who follows them in doubt that they have no respect for the sacrament of marriage, no respect for the family, no respect for God's laws, no respect for God's sacraments.

What we have seen in the lead-up to this synod is that the attempted rapists have been beckoned all the harder by the man placed in charge of protecting the Bride of Christ - Pope Francis - while he seems to have gone on and acquired some stronger straps, lest the Bride should try to wrestle Herself away from the rapists, and lest those faithful who defended The Church last time around attempt a rescue operation. He has evidently decided to keep the deliberations at the synod secret, lest the gullible sheep who have not discovered his evil ways should get wind of the machinations of Bergoglio and his gang. This time, in other words, there is unlikely to be the rousing of righteous indignation which the midterm report produced last  year, since there is not likely to be a mid-term report. There will not be a tally of votes on synod propositions since we are told the synod will not table any, and in any case, they will be kept secret.

It will be a rough 3 weeks. Bergoglio and his gang of rapists will once more attempt to rape the Church, scatter her children and sever her witness to Christ. They will in many cases succeed, but just like last time around, I think there will be a surprise around the corner. The Eastern Europeans have awakened, the Church in Africa is also awake. Many cardinals have spoken about the papal rape project. Whatever Berglio intends to do will not stay behind closed doors for long.

I remain convinced that whatever disasters strike the Church during this synod will soon be rectified by the next faithful pope we have, which I optimistically expect to be the one who follows Bergoglio. It says a lot about the Novus Ordo church, that the best I can hope for is that the damage that Pope Francis will cause will be reversed. I should be hoping that it will be averted at the very minimum, but the only way to avert it is through the end of this disastrous pontificate. Even if no declaration was to come, if no paper was to be released after the synod, good or bad, the damage Bergoglio has made is undeniable, and will have to be rectified by the poor man who takes over after Bergoglio.

The 2 leacherous judges were punished by death for their transgressions. Nobody will sentence Bergoglio to death for his. All he will get is plaudits from a world which has turned its back towards the LORD. Rather, it is the poor laity which will have to face the culture of death without having...


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