escaping NOChurch

Site hacked...Recovery in progress

The site has been hacked. Actually, it turns out that it was hacked quite a while back, but I only noticed it last week.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to restore all the functionality to the live site so the site will experience intermittent blackouts while I attempt to restore everything to good working order.

I hope to be able to upgrade all related components in an overdue attempt to secure, speed-up and add features. I have at least managed to get a back-up site up-to-date and installed and it is fully functional, but I intend to upgrade my servers as well as I am running on an almost 10-year old installation presently, which is without technical support to boot. I hope to be back by next week.

We can only hope, as usual, that NOChurch provides us with as few surprises as possible during my enforced hiatus. To be honest, getting away from all the horrific NOChurch news these past few days has provided some welcome relief. However, I do feel somewhat handicapped without all my news feeds to keep me informed, so you can rest assured that the site will be back before long.

May you have a joyful Eastertide!

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