Beware of NOChurch cardinals, especially when they come saying the Tridentine Mass - Sunday 10th to Saturday 16th of June

In a week which contained a lot of major news from the secular world, it might seem odd that my highlights are to do with an event that didn't even take this week - the Chartres pilgrimage. My primary concern is for the Church, for only the Church can save the world, and with that in mind I shall go on to address some of the events on the Chartes pilgrimage.

It is rather significant that the Chartres pilgrimage has become so famous. I had not even heard of it until som 4 years ago or so, but I shall have to agree with Michael Matt that it is one of the most significant events taking place in the Church today, although in his case he plainly states that it is the most significant, with which I do not quite agree. Along with its increasing profile, the mass has attracted higher profiles of celebrants. Last year it was Cardinal Raymond Burke, who is probably the closest thing we have right now to a champion of the faith. When Cardinal Burke celebrated though, it was without a position in the Curia, having been unceremoniously kicked out of his position as the head of the Apostolic Signatura (the Church's highest court) so that Bergoglio could railroad his full-throttled assault on marriage through easy annulments and sacreligious Communion.

This year's celebrant, therefore, would have to count as the most high-profile yet. In Cardinal Sarah, we had the head of the Congregation of Divine Worship, the man in charge of not only the Mass but the administration of all sacraments. Yes, there are bureaucratically speaking other higher-profiled cardinals - the secreatary of state comes to mind - and even with regards to Catholicity the prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith ranks higher. However, in his capacity as head of worship, he ranks second only to the pope, so one is entitled to say that they don't come much higher than Cardinal Sarah. Also in terms of standing up for the faith, Cardinal Sarah is one of only 2 cardinals under the age of 80 - the other being Cardinal Burke - who have consistently stood up against efforts to water down the faith, or to outright corrupt the faith (however tepidly).

It was therefore with great sadness that I read a piece written by Peter Kwasniewski titled Traditional Clergy: Please Stop Making “Pastoral Adaptations”. It quickly became clear that the piece was about the final High Mass at the Chartres pilgrimage, of which Cardinal Sarah had been the main celebrant. Among the 'pastoral adaptations' on show was reading both the Epistle and the Gospel in French, instead of Latin, and not bothering with having the proper orientations when reading Sacred Scripture, instead turning towards the people, and not even bothering to chant but rather speaking it out instead. These were grave liturgical abuses. It is unclear who was in charge of these abuses - the master of ceremony, the local bishop, or the cardinal are all potential agents. What cannot be denied, however, was that in perhaps the most prominent Tridentine Mass in the world today, we were being confronted with a very well-orchestrated Novusordoisation, and that ought to trouble us all.

If there is anything that the Novus Ordo has taught us, it is that slippery slopes are real, and once embarked upon one will quickly find oneself close to the bottom. It is therefore inexcusable that at the most prominent Tridentine Mass the celebrants would embark upon the same slippery slope which led us to where we are in NOChurch today, i.e., little if any reverence at Mass, with priests who treat the Mass as if it is their plaything, and laity who froth in anger at hearing that there are authentic Catholic alternatives. Another point that Dr. Kwasniewski made which is worth repeating is that Latin is the language of the Church, and the Chartres pilgrimage is the most international pilgrimage that we have today. It therefore makes little sense to have the readings in French when many of the attendees will be non-French. They could, if they so wished, read out in Latin according to the rubrics and then afterwards read in French (which is allowed by Ecclesia Dei, it turns out, although even that is a slippery slope) but that's not what they did. In other words, I am quite certain that whoever made the decision did it knowing full well that it was against the liturgical laws and against the spirit of the Tridentine Mass, yet did it anyway, perhaps to force the point that the Tridentine Mass has to get along with the Novus Ordo mass.

This being NOChurch times, of course, not everyone was upset. As I have previously mentioned, Catholics as a whole have lost the ability to get angry at anything directed against the faith. In "WHEREIN ROBERT CARDINAL SARAH GETS IT RIGHT AND FATHER Z DOESN'T " (I've no idea why he insists on capital letters for his headlines), a response to Fr. John Zuhlsdorf's Why we Say The Black and Do The Red, which was in turn a commentary on what Dr. Kwasniewski had wrriten , Fr. Allan McDonald chimed in that Cardinal Sarah was right to make adaptations in order to get people to feel at home, once again showing that the Novus Ordo has poisoned the minds of even many of those who say the Tridentine Mass occasionally. We don't adapt the Mass to ourselves; rather we adapt ourselves to the Mass, and the arguments he was making were well-adressed in Dr. Kwasniewski's original piece, which it seems blew completely over his head.

The best commentary on Fr. McDonald's piece came from Henry , who wrote:

A single instance of vernacular abuse, as at Chartres, is not a big deal. No doubt God will survive the desacralization of a couple of moments in this one Mass, and the pilgrims their deprivation of a couple of the glories of the great solemn pontifical Mass they’d hiked 70 miles to attend.

But we’ve already seen this movie, and it didn’t have a good ending. In fact it hasn’t ended yet, and only God knows if and when it will.

A limited introduction of vernacular readings—instead of rather than in addition to the proper liturgical chants--is where it all began, well before Vatican II. And now the typical parish Mass is directed to the edification and instruction of those present, rather than to worship of God. Once you start down the road of “pastoral adaptation”, evidently there’s just no decent place to stop.

The Mass is our refuge from the ills of the world, our gateway towards recovering our Catholic identity and with it Catholic civilisation. This attitude has to be instilled into everyone who considers himself a traditionalist and even into everyone who attends the Tridentine Mass. Souls are at stake, and our entire patrimony is at stake. We can ill afford compromises on the Mass, simply because the celebrants have a high profile. If the Tridentine Mass is going to revive the Church it has to be the Tridentine Mass as it should be, and not a fake Tridentine Mass offered with various modernist interpretations. That will simply lead us to where we are today, which is at the foot of total apostasy from the Catholic faith. It would therefore be interesting to compare this year's liturgy with those of previous years and see if such abuses were present even then, and if that is the case, then the proper people need to be held accountable. Likewise, if this year was an anomaly, we need to find out who commanded the abuse.

We must make sure that anybody invited to celerate the Tridentine Mass has to be totally committed towards saying the Mass with reverence and with the respect it deserves. Anybody with the wrong attitude, no matter how high a profile he has, must be rejected out-of-hand. The Mass will restore the Church, without or without high-profile cardinals. We should, however, be warry of attempts to co-opt the Mass into yet another modernist project.

If I have unjustly accused the good cardinal, then it is not with intention. Now that Cardinal Sarah has seen the abuse though, if he is on the right side, he will make sure that the abuse is corrected, given that he has the authority to do so. If the mistake is repeated, however, we shall know that he is not blameless.

Be wary of high-profile cardinals and bishops, even - perhaps especially - when they say the Tridentine Mass!

Most trads' favourite French politician , Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, also walked the pilgrimage to Chartres. She had tried to keep herself anonymous, but that didn't go too well. I have long been an admirer of Marion. She is very much unlike her aunt in that in her interviews, she seems quite thoughtful. Also, unlike Marine Le Pen, she seems to take a much more hollistic view of the problems facing France. With many today, the issue is simply mass immigration and Islam, whereas Marion seems to understand that these are only expressions of a much-deeper malady. She is not an unashamed americanist, and has spoken of the need of France to get its independence back and not simply play lap dog to the U.S., and has also spoken of the need for France to have better relations with Russia. The most impressive thing I have read her saying though, is that she sees herself as having 2 responsibilities as a woman. The first I forget, but I think it was something to the tune of preserving and passing on what she has received. The second one I do remember though, and that was having and raising children. In other words, this is no mindless (is there another kind?) feminist we are dealing with here.

On the negative, she is already divorced, which tells me that she was not a practicing Catholic in her youth. We should pray that the LORD will give her strength to carry on the course for a Catholic restoration of France.

Now onto non-Chartres-related news...

In Singapore, Kim Jong-un met Donald Trump at last. They signed some documents, and signalled some sort of detente. It is worth nothing, that the North Koreans have got almost what they always wanted, which is some sort of security guarantee - although quite how much value an American security guarantee has is open to debate. This meeting has to be seen as yet another attempt by Trump to manipulate the media. The agreement itself was not comprehensive, and the North Koreans really have not had to give anything up, so even they have played the media. Donald Trump came out ranting and screaming over the North Koreans, and he now gets to play peace-maker simply in doing what the North Koreans had wanted all along, without giving up anything of value. It's true that they have given up their nuclear test site, but now that they have demonstrated that they have nuclear weapons and the capacity to deliver them, the test site is of little value.

If Trump had come out and signalled an intention to sign this document immediately after assuming presidency, his foes would have said that he was weak. Instead, he kicks upp a fuss, threatening nuclear war, then signs the agreement and ends up looking like a peacemaker. None of us who have followed the North Koreans are fooled, but we are a small part of big idiocracies. The amazing thing, of course, is that Trump has ripped up peace agreements with the Iranians which were much more detailed and substantive than anything he is likely to achieve with North Korea. Then again, it is likely that North Korea is not in the sights of the zionists, whereas unfortunately, Iran happens to be, which probably explains Donald Trump's contradictions in these matters. The man has since long sold his soul to the zionists, or so it seems at least.

For all his upsides - and they are substantial - I still cannot help but think that the devil is very happy to have Trump as president. The thing with Trump is that he is not a moral person, and everyone knows that he is an immoral person, but people also know that they had little choice but to vote for him because the alternative would have been certain persecution. One of the many side-effects of Donald Trump's presidency is lowering the moral standards among people who call themselves 'conservatives', since Trump is on the wrong side of sodomy and torture, among others. With the Stormy Daniels case hanging around him, and with virtually nobody seriously in doubt that Trump the serial adulterer probably had sex with the pornographic actress, it turns out that more Americans than ever think pornography is morally acceptable. While it is probably unfair to lay all of this on Trump, I have little doubt that the Stormy Daniels case has helped fuel this trend enormously.

Staying with the U.S., it turns out that the feminists want to ban the Miss America swimsuit contest. I have never been partial to beauty contests, but I have to wonder what will be left of beauty contests when physical beauty is no longer a determining factor. As David Knight put it, now that beauty is no longer a consideration, maybe Hillary Clinton can win it instead, as a consolation prize for losing out on the presidency.

Onto England, it turns out that  the English have lost none of the skills which sent so many Cathollic martyrs to their deaths, i.e., the skills in staging show trials. This particular one happened to be for Tommy Robinson, who was arrested (on a spurious charge), tried and sentenced within 13 hours to over 1 year in prison, proving that while the U.K. has lost much of its manufacturing base, it can still run kangaroo courts as effectively as anyone, even better than China. On top of that, they even issued  a reporting ban  on the trial, similar to the reporting ban which got him sent to prison in the first place. In case you are wondering why there is so little reporting on the Skripal Novichok poisoning case, I can point out that it is because there is a reporting ban on that case as well.

I am certainly no fan of Tommy Robinson, who I consider to be part of the false/controlled opposition. Most of this opposition is zionist and does nothing but criticise Islam while promoting other evils, especially homosexuality and abortion , and he himself admits that he is a zionist. We must be very wary of this false opposition. Still, the cause of justice compels me to point out injustice wherever this occurs, even if it occurs to enemies or false allies, and for sure the shot trial which imprisoned Robinson fails justice criteria on many fronts.

Staying in Europe, we were treated to yet more proof of why this continent is in terminal decline, with the news that state-funded feminist pornography could be future of German sex education. As if feminists haven't done enough to Europe as it is. Maybe in this instance, they will force on-screen harlots to put on swimsuits instead of taking the off.

In Ireland, in the most wrong-worded headline of the year, we were informed by Russia Today that 2,505 barenaked ladies take over beach in record-breaking skinny dip. The event was supposedly set up in favour of a children's charity. I would have thought they were doing it in order to save beached whales, which I suppose might not have been an act of charity, as much as it might have been an act in promoting self-preservation. In any case, my beef with the headline was that it called these women "ladies". A lady does not go skinny dipping, and certainly not in front of cameras, and certainly not for 'charity'. Words mean something, and it would do us much good to stop calling harlots ladies.

Whereas China might have been overtaken in the kangaroo courts department by the U.K., there is still one area in which they are at or near the top, and that is the persecution of Christians. This was once again in evidence when Chinese authorities destroed a public Way of the Cross. We should expect little else from the Chinese given they have banned selling Bibles and having childred at Mass. Still, Bergoglio says that "Christians in China are free", so we can kind of guess what kind of freedoms Bergoglio has in store for the rest of us. Even Chinese non-Christian dissidents readily refer to Bergoglio as the “Worst Pope in History”.

Now that we are onto Bergoglio, the aforementioned Fr. Allan McDonald wondered whether Bergoglio has started to reverse course on account of the "public criticism he has received from cardinals, archbishops and bishops". He must have totally other news sources because I am well-informed and yet I have not picked up on this public criticism. In fact, cardinals, archbishops and bishops go out of their way to avoid Bergoglio in any of their criticism. In any case, the answer is "NO, he hasn't", but he will continue to do this in order to fool those who want to be fooled.

Bergoglio also accepted the resignation of Bishop Barros  - the sodomite who has caused him so much trouble in Chile. I am almost surprised he has done so, given that Bergoglio appointed him knowing full well what he had done, and in opposition to both his nuncio and the Catholic bishops' conference of Chile, and defended him in the face of massive protests. Now that he has become somewhat radioactive though, Bergoglio sees fit to get rid of him, blaming everyone else for the scandal in the first place. The loyalty of episcopal sodomites can only take one so far, I guess...

Interestingly, Barros helped in the choice of Bergoglio victim of the week, which this week must go to Bergoglio's sodomites. It is in truth not a group worthy of calling itself victims in any sense of the word, but the events showed that when Bergoglio's perverts get in the way of his popularity, even they are not safe from his perverted schemes.

Finally the  2018 World Cup kicked off in Moscow, with Russia beating Saudi Arabia 5-0 . In what will probably be the match of the tournament,   Portugal and Spain drew 3-3, with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a hat-trick  - 3 goals - on the same day he received a suspended jail term from the Spanish tax authorities over unpaid tax bills . It cannot be ruled out that the Spanish authorities announced this to put him off his game, in which case it was a spectacular failure.

There are grave concerns that the Ukrainian governemnt will try something in the Eastern part of the country during the World Cup, as the Russians will be keen not to do anything which will disrupt the World Cup. I share these concerns, as I also share concerns about terrorist events during the World Cup. In that sense, Trump's alleged statements to his G7 gang - a failed summit if ever there was one - that Crimea is part of Russia, and refusal to sign the final statement, might go far in keeping Ukraine on the level, seeing as it puts into question the notion that the U.S. military machine would come to Ukraine's aid in the case of yet another provocation.

It is my sincere hope that none of these bad events will transpire over the coming month and that the World Cup will be successful and showcase Russia to the world, in defiance of the Western media and political narrative.