Alfie Evans and another NOChurch disgrace, and perhaps Le Creep is the equal of Putin after all - Sunday 22nd to Saturday 28th of April

From Le Creep's mouth to your screen: "I'm the equal of Putin". This story would have quite likely have formed the body of the article had it not been for yet another infanticide committed by the British authorities in plain sight.

It's too good a story to leave without comment though so I'll simply state that the only way that Le Creep Macron is the equal of Putin is with regard to the ages of their wives. Given that Putin is (unfortunately) divorced and (possibly) remarried, I might have to qualify that statement and re-state it as "with regard to the ages of their first wives". In any case, Le Creep informed us that he had to bomb Syria to prove that he is the equal of Putin, which tells us that we have in charge of a nuclear-armed nation a man with very deep and disturbing issues.

Now to poor blessed Alfie Evans, the latest public victim of the totalitarian death cult that has swept over all of the 'West' and is firmly entrenched in the U.K., as was proved yet again this week.

We had a sweet boy who happened to have the misfortune of falling behind on his development milestones. Upon closer inspection it was revealed that he had a brain disorder. The doctors supposed to assist him decided he would be better off dead. The parents disagreed, took the hospital to court and kicked up a fuss over it. The father, Tom Evans, is a Catholic, but the mother is not. The parents were unmarried.

The court, under the power of a homosexual (from what I understand) homosexualist decided time and time again that it would be in the child's best interest to have life taken away from him. This came despite the fact that the parents had raised money to take him abroad for treatment, that there was a plane ready to take him to Italy, and that the Italian state even granted sweet Alfie Evans citizenship.

None of that mattered because if the state says you are do die in a hospital bed, you are to die in a hospital bed, if they have to kill you to make it happen. This they did, first taking him off life support, and if that was not enough, starving him. His death came some 5 days after being taken off life support and there are strong suspicions that he was actually poisoned.

Now, just like Charlie Gard last year, we have in this a classic example of statism gone wild. The U.K. government simply cannot allow someone - least of all a Catholic working class man - to counter the dictates of the pseudo-religious entity known as the NHS, for if the U.K. has a religion, it is the NHS and the belief that the NHS is a source of good like few others and therefore must be all-powerful. This is the reason why the U.K. fights so hard to have children dying in their hospitals, because the NHS said so and because it would be a source of national shame to have a child flown abroad, treated and brought back to health, after the NHS had condemned that child to an early death on account of having a life it deemed not worth living.

Just like Charlie Gard last year, it was so obvious what the right thing to do was that even Bergoglio could not resist interfering - either because he actually cared for the child (I doubt it) or because he wanted to win some cheap publicity points (much more likely).

Bergoglio's invervention, however, seems to have been the catalyst for yet another disgraceful actor to enter the scene: the archishop of Liverpool Malcolm McMahon. This pathetic excuse for an oxygen consumer actually came out publicly and sided with the government. He actually went to the trouble of flying out to Rome to meet with Bergoglio, and it seems, to tell him to tone down his opposition, because it is reported that the Vatican's support for the Evans' subsided following McMahon's visit. Presumably it is McMahon who provided the title for the satirical piece The Gospel according to St Malcolm by EcclesIsSaved. That piece was written upon the death of sweet Alfie and was a follow-up to Career options in the modern world which had taken aim at the characters in this tragedy.

I have read that in its original Greek usage, the term "tragedy" is applied to a series of events which have a very unfortunate outcome  which derive inexorably from the steps taken before the regrettable conclusion comes about. If this is true then the case of Alfie Evans is tragedy 101.

In it we can track the moral degradation of a society whose primary indentifying feature is being not Catholic, on account of a king who killed a number of his wives and broke from the Church in order to commit adultery without being chided for it. Instead of contrition, the Brits seem to be proud of this fact. This very state then allowed the killing of the unborn in then 1970s, sodomitical unions in the 2000s - the same period in which it was going around the world bombing virtually defenceless countries in pursuit of another country's militaristic hegemony - , and now practical euthanasia. Then we have a NOChurch which is so hell-bent on cosying up to the 'modern' world that it is willing to go along with every evil, only paying the occasional lip service to the poor and the needy - and not even that to Almighty God - when it feels that no consequences will flow from such empty gestures. Of course, then we have the feeble British, weakened by decades of inane political correctness and unable for the most part to formulate an independent opinion, and a government which knows full well that it can take advantage of such an idiocracy.

What right does anyone in Britain, or Belgium, or the U.S., have to feel morally superior to even Saudi Arabia - the worst of the Middle Eastern countries? Sure we might point out that they behead people, but the ones beheaded have been found guilty of a crime (not seldom following a show trial). Sure, they bomb Yemeni civilians, but using the weapons and military support of Britain, France, the U.S. and all these other countries which feel entitled to a moral superiority. I am yet to hear of a child being starved to death in a Saudi hospital  following an order by a Saudi court that the child be not taken abroad for treatment to a country willing to take him in, and against the wishes of parents fighting to save his life.

There is plenty of blame to go around. Little sweet Alfie Evans is in Heaven. The rest of us might soon get to experience the hell on Earth we have brought upon ourselves, because I can assure you that this kind of decadence will not go unpunished.

In other news, Trump's approval rating hit over 50% for the first time ever, following his strike on Syria. In case you ever wondered why Westerners bomb other countries, look no further than that! The rulers know that there is no downside to killing innocents, especially not if they have done a job of painting the government of that country in cartoonishly villanous terms.

Russia told us it would send the S-300 anti-missile defence system to Syria, and the zionist state next door threatened to bomb them before they could be put into place. This same zionist regime continues to slaughter protesting Palestinians, with the total support of bleeding-heart Donald and Ivanka Trump. Nothing rhymes like zionists and war crimes, I suppose. Of course, Mattis, the U.S. defence minister, finally had to admit that there was no evidence of a chemical attack in Syria, but he still insisted he thought it took place. That's sporting of him, I suppose, that he at least believes in their lies. It would be worse to think he bombed Syria knowing full well that there was no attack, or maybe not, because then at least we could claim he isn't a complete idiot for falling for one of the more obvious hoaxes in recent times.

In Germany, the Bavarian government ordered crosses put on on government buldings. NOChurch in Germany, came out against this - well, the head of the bishop's conference at least - which even by the abysmal standards of NOChurch in Germany must mark some sort of new low.

The ever-pugnacious and very attractive Syrian Girl was very vocal in protesting being labelled a Russian bot. It turns out that the new ploy among the deep state of the rogue NATO nations is to label anyone who does not agree with their policies a Russian bot. Perhaps they realised that the Russia which they claim is bankrupt couldn't afford as many agents as they would have to hire to oppose their policies, and figured out that the only way to keep the lie alive was to label people as bots instead. That's based on the assumption that bots are cheaper than agents, but that would require some analytical effort, which I am not sure these people bother to put into their lies anymore knowing that the idiocracy will simply lap up whichever lies they are fed.

This week's Bergoglio victim of the week would have to be Alfie Evans. For once I feel there are mitigating circumstances, given that Bergoglio at least put up a half-hearted attempt to save Alfie Evans' life. However, we are dealing with the same man who recently said that the Church does nto have a privileged voice when it comes to medical ethics. He cannot, therefore, be absolved of blame, especially given that judges have cited him - and possibly even this sodomitical judge cited  -  in arguing that the Church allows withdrawing life-saving measures, and of course, if we are to take his words seriously, the Church does not have a privileged voice in the matter anyway, so She can be safely ignored.