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The shortest comeback in sporting history and a month-full of NOChurch news, if you can stomach it - Sunday 24th of June to Saturday 21st of July

On day 3 of what was supposed to be an almost 2-week vacation, I managed to injure myself in what must be the shortest sporting comeback in history, after a very long sports 'retirement'. It meant that my holiday wasn't what it was supposed to be, but it also meant that I managed to do a lot more reading than I had intended

This entry covers the week prior to my vacation as well as the week afterwards, since I did try to stay as much away from the computer as I could. As usual, I shall try to keep it short. I shall probably fail in that aim, as usual.

As June 30th marked the 30th anniversary of the episcopal consecrations conducted by Archbishop Marce Lefebvre in 1988, Rorate Caeli saw it fit to commemmorate this with a 3-part series 3-part series documenting the events which led up to it. It becomes clear that Lefebvre was not looking for a fight and that Cardinal Ratzinger did his best to try and stop the consecrations proceeding without Vatican approval. Take place they did, however, and one is left with an incomplete picture of exactly why it was that the Vatican held off its approval. Given how much else the Vatican had allowed to get out of control, it is striking that the one thing they managed to crack down on in the harshest of ways in the 1980s was the consecration of bishops whose purpose it was to continue doing what the Church had always done.

One cannot help but feel that there were agents in the Vatican who either wanted Marcel Lefebvre to die, and with him any organised clerical resistance to the Novus Ordo, or wanted to provoke a consecration without  Vatican's approval, so that they could ostracise those who held tradition dear and who opposed all the disastrous changes that were introduced following Vatican II. Scheming against tradition is one of few things NOChurch has managed to do efficiently, after all.

As if to highlight the scheming against Catholic tradition, we had news that Fr. Frank Phillips of the Order of St. John Cantius in Chicago had his his faculties for public ministry withdrawn despite beingexonerated of the charges of sexual misconduct brought against him. That the man in charge of the archdiocese of Chicago is arch-homosexualist and arch-modernist Cupich, one of Bergoglio's favourites, should surprise nobody.

A few weeks previously, I had written that we should expect Bergoglio to come up with a major heresy after he had attacked eugenics and abortion (and according to some gmarriage) in a speech to a pro-family organisation in Italy. Bergoglio did not take long to prove me right and on a flight back from Geneva to celebrate and promote ecumenism (nothing more than NOChurch speak for religious indifferentism), he informed us that  local bishops should decide on intercommunion. This, of course, came just several weeks after the Vatican had stopped the Germans from issuing intercommunion guidelines.

Not content with promoting heresy, Bergoglio once again proved himself to be a liar when he claimed that he only found out about the Amoris Laetitia dubia through the media  neo-Catholics took realised was an outright lie , an assertion which even neo-Catholics took realised was an outright lie and traditionalists found it as  more proof (if any were needed)  that Bergoglio is a petty idiot. Even if we somehow manage to convince ourselves that he was telling the truth, we are left with the fact that he is a heretic and a disgrace because it has been almost 2 years now since the dubia was issued, so he has no excuse for defending Church teaching. Instead, the has clarified time and time again that he wanted to teach heresy.

With Bergoglio, one can almost always expect bad to dovetail into sheer absurdity, and so it was when he declared not too long afterwards that consecrated virgins no longer have to be virgins, among other craziness, in yet more Bergoglio legislation designed to destroy religious life. He is relentless on attacking consecrated religious life.

It should therefore not surprise us that over in Germany, NOChurch central, Bergoglio's fellow ingrates are doing the same thiung. We were informed that Cdl. Marx is making himself the enemy of monasteries and Nuns. In the most recent example, he closed a convent and appropriated to himself all of its property. You see, it's not enough for NOChurch officials to destroy religious life, they must also destroy materially all religious institutions. That might actually be why they continue to allow the largely homosexual abuse of minors to continue in the Church, while turning many seminaries into little more than sodomital orgies conventions. The resulting lawsuits ensure that the Church loses her material wealth, on top of the moral capital that is flushed down the drain when these revelations come to light.

Speaking of which, the McCarrick scandal continues, and wouldn't you know, that particular pervert had received a well-deserved “Spirit Of Francis Award” from his fellow sodomy-pusher Bergoglian Cardinal Cupich of Chicago, previously of destroying St. John Cantius' founder fame, mentioned above.

NOChurch has been nothing short of a disaster, if we assume that it was brought about to safeguard Catholicism - a dubious assertion at best. Formerly fertile Catholic lands have turned to wastelands, and nowhere is this better illustrated than in Ireland, which has hopped from one public apostasy to another. The Catholic World Report ran a piece titled May 25th was the burial, not the death, of “Catholic Ireland” and it is difficult to argue. For the more argumentative types, however, we had news which can only be categorised in the "just when you thought things can't get any worse" category. You see, at a  Mass in Ireland, with the priest not showing up - a priest shortage is another of NOChurch's most disginguishing features - the woman in charge of pushing the kill-the-unborn-children referendum decided that she would  take over and lead the congregation. From the reports received, she did pretty much everything other than reading the Gospel and attempting a consecration of the host. I think even the argumentative types at this point would agree with the idea that what we witnessed on May 25th was a burial of Catholic Ireland.

Donald Trump was in Canada for the G7 summit. If his purpose was picking a fight with everybody present then he succeeded . He then travelled to Finland, where he met my main man Vladimir.  That meeting went much better, but the American political and media establishment  excoriated him for being a grown-up for once, even accusing him of treason and goodness knows what else . Then he went back to Washington and  released  his "hostage tape", pledging allegiance to the 'intelligence community' and accusing Russia of all and sundry. So much for "the art of the deal". It seems obvious that the American political and media establishment would rather see the world at war than let  Donald Trump succeed at anything or leave Russia alone to continue its recovery from 70 years of communism and 10 years of capitalist rape.

In between the two summits, Donald Trump managed to nominate a new supreme court judge. The one area in which I trust Donald Trump is judicial appointments. Pretty much the only area in which I believe Donald Trump is his opposition to the killing of unborn children, however unphilosophical or amoral his reasons may be. If nothing else, he knows that many people voted for him solely for the purpose of stopping the black-robed junta that is the Supreme Court of the U.S. from destroying what good is left in U.S. society. Since the U.S. has got itself into a position in which only the Supreme Court can rid it of the killing of unborn children I was quite confident that Donald Trump would not disappoint in his appointment.

In appointing Brett Kavanaugh, he kept most of the anti-abortion movement happy. For instance, the hard-to-please Christopher Ferrara wrote of the appointment "The Kavanaugh Nomination: At Least Another Gorsuch, Maybe More". Others are not quite as convinced. Ron Paul, Daniel McAdams and Andrew Napolitano see him as a statist and a danger to natural liberties, and there are question marks regarding his commitment to the inviolability of human life. I am sceptical and I fear he might turn out to be like the disastrous Anthony Kennedy he is replacing. I hope I am wrong and that Chistopher Ferrara is right. As he wrote in his piece on the Remnant, Kavanaugh seems to despise Hillary Clinton, and that has to be good for something.

 The World Cup 2018 in Russia finally ended with France winning for the second time by defeating Croatia 4-2  in a game which was much closer in reality than the scoreline suggests. North America was also selected as the host for the 2026 World Cup, which will feature a mammoth 48 teams as opposed to the 32 teams we had in this year's edition. I am not against expanding the World Cup but I feel 48 teams is the maximum we can have if we want to maintain decent quality and entertainment in most matches. This year's tournament was very successful, and fortunately it passed off without any terrorist attacks within Russia or military provocations in Ukraine, as even I had feared.

The Novichok provocations in England persist though, and during the tournament we were informed that there had been another Novichok episode. In The Holes in the Official Skripal Story, Craig Murray analyses the shortcomings of the official narrative, which includes notes on the Amnesbury scare - the latest lame chapter in what is turning out to be an almost unsalvageable  hoax flag. The piece is well-worth reading as are the comments, which featured on my comment of the day, triggering me to write:

I give the British a hard time on my blog, but I have to admit that there are few things as funny as good old British humour. Some of the comments to the piece are simply hilarious!

Even by the admittedly abysmal standards of British officialdom, the Skripal poisoning hoax flag wreaks of incompetence. This is not lost on many of the readers, the majority of whom I simply imagine are British folks who have seen through the lies and incompetence of their establishment.

Finally, we had the much-appreciated-within-traditionalist-circles Roman Forum at Lake Garda. The eminent Fr. John Hunwicke is one of the speakers. He evidently took time off from the forum to visit a church. He was not  not impressed with one of the churches at Lake Garda, as he found the inter-mingling of classical beauty with modernist architecture very jarring. He wrote:

    Only one horrible incongruity: a plain wooden table stuck in front of the High Altar.

    Yes yes yes yes yes. I know this sort of monstrosity is pretty common...

    But ... in that little church at Riva ... this plain little table seemed to me almost diabolical in its loud narcissistic self-assertion; its hubristic mockery of the other five altars in the church

I think those of us who have been to Italy will understand what he means. It's not unusual to have a beautiful Old Church with a magnificent high altar, which is rendered virtually invisible by a NOChurch table altar piece.

I could go on and on, but I shall stop there.

The Bergoglio victims of the month will have to be virginity and consecrated religious life, given his document on consecrated virgins. I could have gone for common sense, but I think I have already awarded the Bergoglio victim of the week award to common sense previously. In any case, not only will there surely be more occasions for Bergoglio to attack common sense, but virtually everything Bergoglio does is an assault for common sense, so it's only fair to recognise other victims.



The Bergoglio revolution streamrolls its way through the College of Cardinals - Sunday 20th-Saturday 26th of May

The world's 'humblest' attention whore certainly got his money's worth this week, because he was all over the headlines.

We were informed that Bergoglio has named 14 new cardinals, from 11 countries. I don't know much about any of them, apart from Ladaria, the CDF prefect, who will now be made cardinal. I do get suspicious of anybody who Bergoglio thinks worthy of being a cardinal, knowing the sort of types with whom he surrounds himself. With this set of appointments, I am quite certain that more than half of all cardinals eligible to vote for a new pope will have been appointed by Bergoglio.

This is obviously cause for concern, and I am not alone in worrying about this. In The Silence Of The Cowardinals Creates More FrancisCardinals , Mundabor makes the valid  point that the dubia cardinals have helped facilitate this, bu vacillating on their correction. With every new cardinal, Bergoglio gets closer to making his mark on the church more long-lasting, and the cardinals lose any numbers they might have been able to marshall.

At least those 4 cardinals tried, is all I can say about that. It was always going to be a tough call to expect manhood from a bunch who for at least 60 years has been selected and promoted on effiminacy.

As if that wasn't enough, the world's most well-known sodomy pusher had the galls to tell a victim of clerical sexual abuse that God had made him a sodomite, and that he was happy for him to remain that way; Bergoglio, as one would expect, taking the time to add spiritual abuse to the sexual abuse that the man had received. Of course, he didn't use the word sodomite, but 'gay', as is par for the course for the perverted. I'll not waste your time dissecting that, as common sense should suffice to realise just how absurd and evil this notion is. It gets even more absurd in the context of something else which the most hypocritical pope in history said. You see, he came out and said later that homosexuals cannot enter seminary. reported it thus:

If bishops’ have “the slightest doubt” that a young man is homosexual, it’s “better” not to let him enter the seminary, Pope Francis said in a closed door meeting with the Italian bishops.

This was enough for one of the commenter's to respond:

It seems, they only let them enter if their homosexuality is certain

Indeed, given the amount of statements and actions that Bergoglio has made in favour of homosexuality, one cannot draw any other conclusion.

There is something else troubling about this episode, on top of the obvious one of having a pope pushing the sin of sodomy when it is obvious to many that he is more than likely himself a sodomite. The problem I have is that this episode rather perfectly demonstrates the kind of nonsense which we have come to expect from NOChurch.

If homosexuality is a gift from God, then it can only be good. If this gift is good, and God wills it that way, then it is difficult to see why sodomites should be excluded from the seminary. I accept that we can find a way around it, but I would much rather have Bergoglio explaining how something can simultaneously be a gift from God, yet be something that ought to be denied service to the wider Church. Instead, those who defend this kind of waffle are left trying to reconcile two evidently irreconcilable statements, and yet claiming that the errors are on the part of those who cannot make sense of it.

Possibly in response to this, Cardinal Müller took the time to inform us that homophobia does not exist, and is a totalitarian invention. I naturally agree with this sentiment, but if it is at something Bergoglio has said, it would be only fair to drag Bergoglio's name into it. Another example of avoiding the widest elephant in the room could be seen with Arhbishop Chaput accusing Cardinal Marx of inserting “a lie” into the intercommunion debate. Again, this is just picking at low-lying fruit, when there is a very clear target in sight.

It is utterly sickening watching grown-up men playing the part of teenage girls talking on social media behind their friends, behind inuendos and smileys. It is obvious that all the confusion we have right now is because of Bergoglio, yet even the few who address these problems seem hell-bent on pretending that they do not originate from the pervert-in-chief. They really ought to man up or shut up because they are hardly doing anyone any good. In 20 years, nobody will remember a speech they held in a place probably torn down by them to in reference to a cardinal who will probably long have been brought down by scandal. If they were to speak directly against the most dangerous man against the faith today, in clear unambiguous terms , chances are they would at the very least get a not-too-dishonourable mention.

The zionists continue to kill Palestinians in Palestine. As I mentioned last week, the U.S. moved its embassy to Jerusalem, and protests which had begun even before then have only got more heated. The victims among the Palestinians have piled up as the Israelis continue to shoot practically anything that moves, in full knowledge of the fact that the U.S. will cover up for any crimes they commit. In Gaza Massacre Exposes Western Hypocrisy on Russia’s ‘Annexation’ of Crimea, the Ron Paul Institute re-printed an article on precisely this point.

Not to get left behind by the anti-Russian propaganda train, the Swedish something in charge of civil readiness something (blah blah blah) printed a pamphlet on  disaster preparation or some such thing. In something which would be a strong contestant for the fakest news of the year award, the pamphlet told us that Sweden will never surrender in the case of war, and any news to the contrary would be false. We are supposed to believe that a country which can't even protect its language from abolition would fight tooth-and-nail to defend its borders, which it doesn't even do much of a job defending even in peace time. Apparently, the Swedish state has taken to writing science fiction.

I must admit that the pamphlet itself was of rather good quality, and it's a shame that it has only been released as part of a scaremongering ploy.

This week's Bergoglio victim of the week was the College of Cardinals. With Bergoglio's new appointments - if they are installed -, Bergoglio will have appointed more than half of those eligible to vote for a new pope. I dare not have a mind-exercise into what this means. It is not good news though. Although I doubt we shall get a pope as stupid, petty and boorish as Bergoglio any time soon, it is difficult to see from where we shall be having a faithful Catholic pope even long after Bergoglio is gone.

Perhaps, in that hour of need, God really will send us a good pope and prove that it is He who really is the Head of His Church. We can hope that the good Lord will rid us of Bergoglio before this new bunch receives its hats, and we must always in any case pray for a Holy and wholly Catholic pope.

Chessehead Doland does what he does best, making a fool out of himself and mocking the Church yet again - Sunday 6th of May to Saturday 12th of May

This week's entry will be quite brief, as I have fallen far behind my blogging schedule.

It would be tempting to begin with political matters given that there were some momentous ones this week, but I'll choose to highlight the Met Gala disgrace officiated by Cheesehead Doland with a lot of help from the Vatican.

For anyone who may have missed it, there was a charity gala in New York. This year it was termed "Heavenly Bodies", with a sub-title too long for me to remember and too ridiculous for me to look up. In any case, the Vatican lent some garments and items to the exhibition. The museum itself had some scandalous garments on display, some portraying priestesses' clothes inspired by real priests' attire. The biggest scandal, however, was reserved for the red carpet, when the celebrities paraded in scandalous Catholic-related garments, each more ridiculous than the last, each more blasphemous than the last.

Many were outraged and righly so. Cheesehead Dolan, however, informed us that he saw nothing offensive and nobody out to mock the Church. His sodomitical Jesuit priest buddy Martin followed suit, ecstatic about the blasphemies which the world had witnessed. Cardinal Ravasi represented the Vatican in this horror show. He's head of some pontifical something in charge or culture or some stuff.

Some were keen to give the Vatican the benefit of the doubt, insisting that it was not certain that the Vatican was informed of the scandal that the world was about to see, proving yet again that those who defend the NOChurch hierarchy are even more cruel towards the hierarchy than those who attack them. We think they are simply weak, populist, vain and possibly evil, whereas these folks think they are simply mind-numbingly stupid. When the best excuse someone can come up with is that you're a total moron, chances are that they are fooling themselves into that defence.

In any case, Cheesehead Cardinal Dolan soon put paid to that notion with his insistence that he saw nothing blasphemous or mocking. In other words, what he was saying, and the Vatican with him, was that they would have done the very same thing had they had the opportunity. After all, why not, if they saw nothing offensive? They even got to rub shoulders and cleavage with some of the most glamorous women in the entertainment industry, an offer too good for them to refuse for sure.

Many were quick to say: "Imagine if this had been Islam!", "Would they ever do that with Islam?" To that I must once again reply that if the ayatollah of Iran, or indeed any ayatollah, granted me the permission to mock Islam as freely as Cheesehead Dolan and the Vatican did, I would do it to no end. However, they don't, nor should they. They at least pretend to respect the religion they claim to follow at the very least, which is more than we can say about our evidently mainly apostate hierarchy.

The blame cannot and must not fall on the atheist Christianity-hating entertainment industry, which we all know detests Christianity anyway; it has to fall firmly on the shoulders of the Vatican and cheesehead himself for allowing this to happen and allowing themselves to be seen promoting it. If they are invited to a large and prominent mock-fest of Holy Mother Church, you can be sure they will join in, either out of stupidity or out of malice. I cannot, however, accept the notion that the bishops do these kinds of things out of sheer stupidity, unless you can convince me that they are so stupid that somebody dresses them in their robes because they are incapable (the few who still wear robes, let's not forget).

Let us at least give them the benefit of having chosen to betray Christ, instead of assuming that they were suckered into it by liposuctioned over-proportioned barely-clad heavily-cleavaged women!...Although at least in that scenario, these effeminate types would at least be drawn to women, so perhaps there is some charity there after all. I don't buy it in any case.

On the political front, Donald Trump pulled out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action, the JCPOA, the Iran nuclear deal. It's hard to see who benefits from this, apart from the warmongers, of whom he is now very prominently a part, it has to be said. Tearing out agreements simply because your predecessor signed them, however incompetent, sodomitical and evil he may have been, is simply no way to behave if you want to make your country 'great again'. The Europeans have insisted that they will resist Trump, although I very much doubt it. After about 70 years of not having a spine, it is difficult to see the Europeans suddenly growing one, especially when they are led by pretty-much the most bought-and-sold unqualified political class to ever see the light of day.

I very much hope to be proved wrong on that.

Donald Trump then has the gall to say that he wants another deal. Who would sign another deal with him? Even if Trump was to keep it, his successor would probably come and rip it up anyway, judging from recent American precedent. Furthermore, which self-respecting country would want to join an agreement whose sole purpose seems to be its humiliation?

In the meantime, Donald Trump continues his warmongering against Iran, to the wild applause of the zionists in Palestine and Islamists in Saudi Arabia. The zionlist-Islamist alliance is strong indeed and Trump seems to be its figurehead.

One of many sad things about this is that as soon as Trump is no longer useful to whomever-he-has-sold-himself-out-to-serve, he will be discarded like a wet rag, given that there is no shortage of material to pin on him. That day may be coming sooner than anyone of us realise, because as useful as Trump has been to the congressional-military-industrial complex, they will never trust him because he is simply too unpredictable. At the first sign of any independent thinking he will be out sooner than he can say Melania, after which all the good he has done - a considerable lot indeed - will be consigned to the dustbin, and we shall be left with another zionist political career stooge - his vice-president will do - to continue the domestic anti-Christian policies of the U.S., as well as continuing to push for the culture of death within that country.

With regards to pushing the culture of death abroad, Trump has been as fervent as any, with the notable and laudable exception of the murder of the unborn.

As I wrote some time back, Donald Trump, unfortunately, never wastes a chance to look stupid. The Syrian chemical hoax was the best example of that, and now we have this agreement, done simply - from what I can see - because he wants to look tough and wants to prove his zionist credentials. This arrogant tendency of his may cost us all dear, and if a war breaks out with Iran, it will cost his country probably much more than he realises.

Those were the big news. In Bergogli-related news, the Germans went to Rome looking for some sort of decision on intercommunion. They were sent back to Germany with the message that they should form unanimity among themselves. It could have been worse, I suppose: They could have been sent back with homework in the form yet another long-winded Bergoglio document. Cardinal Eijk of the Netherlands was not amused, and you know you have lost it when even Dutch cardinals consider you too much of a modernist. These are the same bishops who refused to commemorate his coronation to the papacy, I should add.

The priests of Ireland essentially did all they could to come out and support abortion, ahead of the abortin referendum  on the 24th of May. One of the Vatican's 'official' newspapers  Osservatore Romano, praised Cardinal Marx for Praising Karl Marx. I have a hard time knowing which Marx  is which, at times, to be honest. In South Korea, one of the few bright spots for NOChurch, we were informed that Mass Attendance is in dramatic decline.

From Germany, we were informed that only 4 of Germany’s 128 Eurofighter Typhoon jets ‘ready for combat’. I knew that the German military was a joke, but this surprised even me to be honest.

This week's Bergoglio victim of the week was Catholics in Germany. By Catholics in Germany, I mean those very few in the German NOChurch who actually take seriously the words of Christ and His Holy Church.


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