Bergoglio cracks down: No fags for your orgies! - Sunday 5th-Saturday 11th of November

Like him or loathe him, one has to admit that were Bergoglio's pontificate not so tragic, it would be hilariously comedic. One of the most amusing things about the man has to be his gift for mis-prioritisation, was was on full display this past week. Another tragically amusing thing about him is taking narcicissm to whole new levels. That too was on display this week.

First Bergoglio whined about how people take pictures at Mass, reminding pilgrims - although I would rather use the term victims for anybody who gets exposed to one of Bergoglio's audiences - that it is not a show. This is strange talk, from a man who has himself had clown Masses and who forced a beach ball to sit firmly on the altar - a beach ball which seemed more pious than Bergoglio at the time since it seemed to realise it was out of place and tried to roll off several times. It is interesting though to note the words that the big hypocrite used:

...And I tell you that it gives me so much sadness when I celebrate here in the Piazza or in the Basilica and I see so many raised mobiles (cell phones), not just of the faithful, but even of some priests and bishops too. But please! The Mass is not a show...”

What is interesting with that is not that Bergoglio often treats the Mass as a show - cue the feet-kissing and the sign of peace which takes him all around the Church at times - but condemns others when they do it. In fact, I am kind of happy to learn from Bergoglio that he doesn't think the Mass is a show, seeing as he often treats it as such. No, what is interesting is the fact that even when he is right - that the Mass is not a show - he manages to make it all about himself: "It gives me so much sadness". It's just more "Me! Me! Me!, I, I , I! Me! Me! Most humble me!" from this narcissist.

My policy has always been that one ought not to take pictures at Mass, and if one does so it should be discreet, and one should not receive Holy Communion at a Mass in which one has been taking pictures as one has not been in total submission to the occasion. However, if it annoys Bergoglio, I am willing to revise my policy.

The most amusing thing, however, was that his chronic mis-prioritisation was in full display during the week as it was announced by Greg Burke that Bergoglio has decided to forbid the sale of cigarettes in the Vatican. I couldn't help but laugh when I realised it was not a spoof, I had to find multiple sources reporting this because at first sight I thought it was a joke.

When you think of all the scandals which have hit the Vatican in just the past few months - from population control advocates giving talks, to adultery promotion, to sodomy promotion, to financial improprieties, and of course, the infamous homosexual orgy monsignor, of whom Bergoglio and the Vatican media apparatus has remained silent - it is remarkable to think that the one thing Bergoglio thought it wise to crack down on was cigarette smoking. If one had read the headline "Pope outlaws fags on Vatican premises", with a Catholic pope one might have tended to think "I didn't even know there were any at the Vatican! Be gone with them!". With Bergoglio though, it is a different fag which is being banned.

The reason is very simple: The Holy See cannot contribute to an activity that clearly damages the health of people.

The message was certainly clear, homosexual orgies I'll not talk about or condemn, but cigarettes are banned. My regime couldn't care less about spiritual death even though Jesus Christ speaks of it as the most dangerous thing, but if the WHO mentions smoking as physically harmful, you can count on me to act on it. The message, I am sure, was clearly received, but I summarise it below in case anybody has missed it.

In other words, no cigarettes after your orgies, or during, or before, or whatever the protocol is at Bergoglio's Vatican. No mercy for smokers, but for adulterers and everyone else; well, unless they count Rosaries or say the Confiteor in Latin. In other words, no fags for your orgies!

Another noteworthy thing is that Bergoglio chose to have his media folks announce this as though it was a momentous event. Look, the Vatican has 1 store of which I know, and possibly 2 if they have a bar at the Domus Santa Marthae. We are talking at most about 3 stores at the Vatican, so there was no good reason to make it out as though this was momentous news. If Bergoglio had considered cigarettes so harmful as to want to ban them at all Vatican stores, all he would have needed to do was to advice his assistant to do it in all the 3 places in person. I am sure it would have taken less than 20 minutes to walk to all the joints which sell cigarettes at the Vatican. Such discretion was not good enough for an attention whore of an apostatate, and once again, his media manager had to make it seems as though the most humble pope in history was doing a great service to mankind by announcing his decision to the whole world.

It could have been worse, I suppose: He might have forbidden the sale of all cigarettes which were not made from organic tobacco. So I suppose in that sense he did not exhaust all the comedic possibilities of this particular absurdity. Maybe he is not finished with this topic then.

That covers most of my reflections this week, and the rest I shall mention only in passing.

In another interesting article on the Sunday Mail, Peter Hitchens was his usual combative best. It would seem there is a "sex pest" scandal in the U.K. parliament, with many women complaining of what they describe to be inappropriate advances. Peter Hitchens is having none of that, and warns that what women will gain from all this is a niqab. That might seem far-fetched, but given the general leftism-Islam alliance, I would not put it past them. We do have a lot of leftists who after call call the Islamic head veil a sign of empowerment.

In Lebanon, the prime minister, Saad Hariri, resigned, blaming Hezbollah and Iran for causing unrest and claiming they are out to get him. The pollyannas of the anti-Iran movement and of American propaganda jumped to accuse Iran of all sorts of wrong-doings. That Harriri resigned in Saudi Arabia, on Saudi Arabian TV evidently did not seem strange to them.

Speaking of Saudi Arabia, there has been a violent purge of all of the crown prince's potential opponents. It is much more likely that Saad Hariri was a victim of this than anything else. Dozens, if not hundreds, have been arrested, many have been killed, and Hariri himself seems to have been kidnapped. As usual, the U.S. is not far from these kidns of proceedings, and we have word that Jared Kushner met the crown prince not long before his political machinations begun. There is little doubt that the U.S. hasgiven its approval these actions, evident  not least in the lack of a condemnation from the U.S. regarding what is happening.

Give women the right to drive, and you can count on the Western media to give you a pass on all the rest of your despotism...

Regarding Catalonia, the secessionist former prime minister seems to be angling for political asylum in Belgium. There is a European Arrest warrant for his release. His gamble did not pay off, and I am of the opinion that he needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

In an article on Russia Today, the independent journalist  Eva Bartlett chronicled some of the propaganda which has been used against the Syrian government to support Western Islamism in Syria.

More bad news from NOChurch and its defenders, as is par for the course. In Germany , we have an archdiocese promoting sexual immorality and abortion through its outreach programmes. In the U.S., we had Jesuit Notre Dame university deciding on its own that it should provide contraceptives to its students and workers. None of these 2 scandals surprised anyone.

The Hollyweird - or Hollywood as some prefer - sex scandals continue to claim victims. This time, it is a rather famous sodomite and pederast who is going to be edited away from a movie to be released next month. The trailers are already out, but the director has decided to reshoot all the scenes which included this particular pervert. Something about that whole venture seems terribly insincere.

In Catholicity blog, we were informed that Luther lost his faith because of his heresies, in case anyone thought differently. On Crisis Magazine, Elise Ehrhard asked why the left hates women so much. She chronicled the attitude of motherhood in the USSR and compared it with how leftists of today hate womanhood in the form of transgenderism.

The Liturgy Guy argues that Western civilisation exists for the Mass. The Mass in question, is of course, the authentic Latin Rite Mass, the Tridentine Mass, and not the shabby imposter which has been foised upon us by NOChurch. If his assertion is correct, it would certainly explain the downfall of Western civilisation after the de facto ban on the Roman Rite following the robber council of Vatican II.

Finally, talk of Bergoglio doing away with priestly celibacy is very much up in the air, and we are all expecting him to abolish it. reminded us of what Sweden's own  St. Birgitta wrote about any pope who abolishes clerical celibacy - he will be food for the demons in hell for all time. In short, it does not look good at all for Bergoglio. Though private revelations are in no way binding, NOChurch will have a very difficult time reconciling the visions of St. Birgitta with what is almost certain to be a clamour for canonisation of Bergoglio after his death, if not before. Let's put it this way: At least if would if  logic and the principle of non-contradiction meant anything to them.