Ignorance may be bliss, and avoiding NWO happenings has its upsides, but it is not the way of the saints

Almost as soon as I restored my site I had to take a trip. The purpose was the priestly ordination of a friend. Kindly keep him n your prayers! He will need them more than your average priest, I fear.

My policy is to link to everything that I read. I do not always follow through with it as sometimes I read when I am away from my computer and lose track of the articlues, but it is my general guide. For that reason, when the site was down I hardly read anything. While I was away for the ordination and could not update my site I did not read anything either.

I can vouch for this: Ignorance is bliss!

There was no getting frustrated about Bergoglio, or about zionist or americanist aggression, or about leftist perversion of the family, promotion of the killing of the unborn, or any of the various ills which plague our societies. I can certainly understand why most choose to remain ignorant.

However, we do well to recall that sloth is one of the 7 deadly sins and intellectual sloth is perhaps the worst of all for it is our reason and our intellect which separates us from the lower creatures, and which makes us grasp for God.

For this reason, I can also attest to the importance of keeping oneself informed of the issues. The powers of the Novus Ordo and the Novus Ordo world they endorse count on the ignorance of the masses, and it's important for those who wish to evangelise to have a good beat on what's happening in the world, both ecclesiastically and secularly.

Alas, today I depart for another trip. This time it will be roughly 2 weeks long. I shall try to enjoy de-activating myself from my news feeds, which seldom bring good news, but I do so in the knowledge that I look forward to coming back to the trenches and keeping myself informed.

I predict that nothing much will change in the next 2 weeks. Bergoglio will go along with his assault on all that is holy in the world and in our Holy Mother Church. The U.S. will under this administration - as almost all previously over tha past 50 years - continue in its aggression for the zionist cause. The leftists will go after the unborn, after biology, after common sense, with the most innocuous buzzwords. The warmongering will shift from and onto one of the 5 revolving targets of the current U.S. administraton - Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Palestine. We might well have Ukraine and Cuba thrown in their as well, for good measure. Nobody mentions the aggressions in Somalia and Afghanistan anymore, or Yemen, naturally. Maybe Libya may make the news if there are dramatic movements in that country's civil war. Otherwise, we shall continue pretending that things are better off there and that the flood of refugees and assorted migrants into Europe has all to do with assorted covert schemes instead of very overt wars waged often with the very support of those who then denouce their consequences - when these come in the form of increased refugee flows.

EWTN will pretend the West cares about Christians in the Middle East, mixed in with whatever narrative the Trump administration wants them to run. Everything in the Church that is wrong will be everyone's fault except the hierarchy's, of course.

Really, after following the news as keenly as I have, one thing is clear: The direction rarely changes, only the details. The devil is in the details though, and that's why we keep going.

My updates have not been as frequent as I would have hoped this year - I still haven't had any 'weekly' updates since February. I have had a lot on my plate, and not spent my time too wisely.

It is my hope that this short vacation will have me re-energised, and that I shall return, God-willing, eager to spend more time writing. One thing is for sure: Ignorance may be bliss, but sloth is a deadly sin, and the one which the new world order counts on more than any other human frailty - with the possible exception of sexual vice - so I shall do my best to combat it through keeping myself informed, and sharing what I have.

I hope you do too. They count on most of us being ignorant, and most of the rest being discouraged. We need to learn to love the fight. That is the way of the saints.