The Roman Rite gets in a good punch once in a while, vicious attacks on traditionalists not withstanding - Sunday 25th of February to Saturday 3rd of March

There are very many neo-Catholics who look down smugly on traditionalists. They want to claim that they still hold to the Catholic faith but do not soil their hands by mixing with those who question disastrous multiple (im)prudential decisions by the Holy See since Vatican II.

In "An attack on older Traditional Catholics in the Catholic Herald", Joseph Shaw chronicled a new type of Catholic - the "self-hating self-righteous not-really-trad Trad" as evidenced by Michael Davis, writing for the Catholic Herald. In his piece he managed to cobble up just about the most extreme caricatures of traditionalists, while claiming that he is a traditionalist, but of the friendly type. He trashed the older generation of traditionalists while praising the novus traditionalists of whom he obviously counts himself.

My regard for the Catholic Herald went down the drain with the Libyan war, which they cheered as enthusiastically as the war propaganda room of NATO. Things have not improved under Bergoglio but have only gotten worse. Occasionally we have a piece which is provocatively truthful, but for the most part whenever they cover anything remotely political you can count on it being anti-Russian propaganda, and when  it comes to Church news, their reporting is often less than stellar, and they often gloss over the most offensive utterances of Bergoglio for nobody-knows-why. I am therefore not surprised that their new American editor found time to write such a vitriolic piece attacking traditionalists.

Sticking to that newspaper, we had a piece by Francis Philips titled "How many of us would truly resist an evil regime?" Its focal point was a woman who died not long ago, but who is best known for serving as a secretary for Goebbels, Nazi Germany's propaganda general. I only bring this up to highlight the lack of self-reflection to which we can all fall victim. As I wrote previously, the Catholic Herald and I have fallen out, so it may well be that Miss/Mrs. Philips has been writing about the diabolical scheming of Bergoglio in the most resistant of ways. I suspect she hasn't. It could also be that she has been shouting from the rooftops and denouncing the British government as it has attacked the sanctity of life, the sanctity of marriage, the facts of nature, and armed Islamists who have killed hundreds of thousands in the Middle East while driving out millions from their home. I suspect she has done none of that either.

In essentials, modern U.K. is every bit an evil regime as was the Nazis - most visibly with its callous disregard for human life and its incessant attack on the family -, but Francis Philips has done little to resist it. In essentials, the Bergoglio regime is even worse than the Nazis, since the Nazis - we are led to believe - wanted the death of our bodies, whereas Bergoglio seems hell-bent to see our souls damned for eternity. She has done even less to resist that, I suspect. So the question is open as to how many of us would resist an evil regime, but we can be relatively certain that Miss/Mrs. Philip wouldn't recognise one unless it popped up in her schoolbooks.

Without a hint of irony she asks us "How many of us would resist an evil regime?" That one can be so blind as to one's surroundings should concern us all.

I shall stick to the "evil regime" of the U.K. and illustate my point. We had yet another case of a child being pulled off child support by a judge against the wishes of his parents. This is a death sentence with a twist though, as the judge cited Bergoglio as justification for his decision to have the child die. This comes, of course, hot on the heels of the Charlie Gard story in which the judges denied a child the chance for experimental treatment because they wanted the child to die in a U.K. hospital. The diabolical Bergoglio effect on full display.

Moving onto the Church in the U.K., we are told that the number of Catholic weddings falls by two-thirds since 1990. So much for the sprintime of Vatican II. I doubt the quality of marriages is as high as it was before the Council either.

With yet another blasphemous Vatican stamp, this time with a homo-erotic presentation of some approximation of some Christ-like figure, Fr. Ray Blake asks "Where is the Vatican going?"

Finally, to finish of the theme of the United Kingdom, we have some good news, with Graeme Garvey mapping the English Catholic martyrs on a map that is now available online. The map is non-interactive, but I can do nothing but applaud the efforts of this layman and hope to emulate his efforts in one way or another down the road, in paying homage, however unworthily, to our Catholic forebears and the sacrifice they paid.

There is normally enough bad news in BergoglioChurch to leave one depressed for a week, and hardly a week goes by without a paedophilia/pederasty/homosexual scandal from a higly-placed cleric. It's depressing, and it's oftentimes demoralising and I wish I could just ignore it but we have to face NOChurch as it is. This week was no exception, as a former diocesan vocations director priest in the U.S. was arresed for homosexual sex assault on a 17-year old boy/man. I'll spare you the details.

Cardinal Cupich was up to his old Bergoglio-approved sin-promoting ways, and Fr. Gerald Murray took him to task for it.

Since the U.S. does not have the same simoniacal church tax system  that the Germans have, and that Sweden has - although to a less nefarious degree - one has the option of refusing to support a bishop who one knows is causing harm to the faith. In " Excellent Idea For Annual Bishop/Cardinal Appeal" , the author argues for withholding money from one's diocese if one has a perverted bishop and sending the money to the dioecese of a good bishop instead. It is the very least we can do, I would argue.

Warmonering anti-Trumpers calling themselves "classic liberals" and claiming bravery for it. That is the reality of U.S. politics today. I only brought up this piece because Mona Charen, a famous anti-Trumper who writes for the National Review, was pictured in the piece. I recognised the background as the one which EWTN uses in its studio, and I hope that I am very wrong on that.

I don't have all that much time for EWTN, because take away the anti-abortion and anti-homosexuality stance and you pretty much have Fox News. In other words, we have a news station which pretty much never attempts to gauge American foreign policy from Catholic just war principals, and always seems to accept the premise that whoever is on the U.S. enemies' list is bad simply by virtue of being on that list.

Over at "The Thinking Housewife", Laura Wood continues to fight the corner of the recent Parkland school shootings in Florida being staged or fake, a hoax even. She links to an article on "How to Spot a Staged Shooting".

Sticking to the U.S., Ron Paul wondered whether we have effectively seen the death of the Tea Party, given that it has morphed from one which opposed increased government spending to one which will vote in favour of increased welfare spending given there is a corresponding increase in military spending.It's welfare and warfare and he calls it, and it will bring the U.S. down to its knees before long. He contrasts it with a true liberty-driven spirit which would like to see government cut down spending on both,  for starters.

Bergoglio issues another document, this time under the guise of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It's titled "Placuit Deo" and according to Veri Catholici, it is yet another heresy-ridden gnostic attack on the faith. I did not waste any time reading the actual document, as I have wasted enough of my time on Bergoglio's silly musings. I did find it noteworthy though, that an official document of the CDF tries to enshrine a particular pope's ideology as Catholic teaching, craftily telling us "the greater tradition of the faith and with particular reference to the teachings of Pope Francis".

In other words, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has been turned into just another branch of the Vatican press office. It is not surprising that news of this document being released (it was rumoured to be an encyclical) as well as a possible consistory, had Mundabor wondering : Are we headed for 100 Years Of Drunkenness?. The first 50 years would be Vatican II up to Bergoglio, with the second set of 50 being Bergoglio's after-effect.

As I have written before, if there is any merit to Bergoglio, it is that he will make it easier to condemn and bury Vatican II. This is also the contention of Mundabor in "Francis And The Eradication Of V II".

In saner times, everybody knew that Catholics took marriage seriously. Everybody also knew that Catholics took marriage so seriously, that they either married other Catholics, or at the very least married according to the dictates of Holy Mother Church and agreed to raise their children Catholic. This is one of the reasons why Catholics are barred from marrying a heir to the throne in the U.K., as we all know. We do not live in sane times, so Tantumblogo tells us that he had to break his mother's heart by refusing to attend a wedding of his niece, who, though not Catholic hereself, is getting married to a fallen away Catholic, ourside the Church. Naturally, his family, all protestants, make him out to be the bad guy, and he is rather certain that his relationships with his sister, strained as it was already, is now finished.

I sympathise with him, but he seems a level-headed man and sees in this the realisation of Christ's warning taht he came to "set a man at strige agaisnt his father, and the dauther agaisnt her mother..."

If it's any consolation, I am certain he is doing the right thing, and his no-show is a great witness to the teaching of the Church. He had considered attending the reception after the wedding, but changed his mind because after all, a reception is meant to celebrate the wedding, and what is done in defiance of good morals ought not to be celebrated. One commenter wrote:

You have absolutely done the right thing. I regret that I did NOT do the right thing when my brother had a second “wedding.” I regret it something awful. I too went for advice from a priest, he said I needed to weigh the cost… would severing the relationship end all hope that I could win him back to the Faith? I thought it might… but now after three years it is clear that I’m having no influence on him. Looking back,it likely would have had a much greater influence if I had NOT attended.
You have chosen the better part. God bless you.

Believe it or not, there is occasional good news coming out of the Holy See! This weeks absolutely marvellously good news are that the Institute of Christ the Kind and the Fraternity of St. Peter have received permission to celebrate the pre-1955 Roman Rite Holy Week Liturgy. This is absolutely tremendous news, and I shall let Tantumblogo, of previous mention fame, tell us exactly why this is so huge:

Even though many traditional Catholics have relatively little problem with the changes Pius performed, it must be made clear that it was these “relatively innocuous” changes that established a precedent for what before had always been seen as out of bounds – making inorganic changes to the structure of the Mass.  Without the Holy Week, or “Easter Rite” changes, there would have been no Novus Ordo, no mutilation of the ancient canon, probably in use since apostolic times or shortly thereafter, and its replacement by modernist fabrications, to paraphrase Pope Benedict.

It is one incremental step towards a return to sanity. It shows that there is a power struggle in the Vatican, and that occasionally, the good side wins.