We prefer to use the term 'idiotkind'; it's more descriptive - Sunday 28th of January to Saturday 3rd of February

Football is one of my biggest TV interests. My favourite league to watch is the English Premier League.

It used to be one of few areas uninffected by the general effiminacy and homosexualism of the U.K. establishment, although it always had its fair share of political correctness, which has been increasing beyond all control. If it continues on its current trajectory, I fear I might be pushed into not watching it.

The latest scandal to hit the league is the firing of a scouting director because he had informed someone else, form what I gather to be an internal memo, that they were not interested in any more African players. His reasons were very simple, and not at all racist - that many of the ones the club have bought have ended up being trouble-makers when they are found themselves out of the starting line-up. I feel sorry for the man, as he seemed to have a hard time understanding why his letter should have become an issue in the first place. He pointed out that he would not also recommend Russian players, because they seem to have a hard time settling into the country. None of these are hateful things, simply his professional opinion, which he is bound to give before his employer shells out milions of pounds on buying the rights to a player.

If the man had been wrong on his professional opinion, for which he gets paid quite well, then he should have been challenged on professional grounds by being disproved. Instead, the media whipped up a storm over it though and he was gone. Everyone is to blame in this, apart from the sporting director, whose only fault is in being honest in his professional evaluation. Honesty, alas, is no longer permitted in the once 'Great' Britain, the same country which imprisons children in hospitals so they cannot get potentially life-saving treatment elsewhere.

In Syria, a Russian jet was downed by anti-aircraft missiles. Nobody knows who provided the rebels with the missules, but it is likely to be the anti-Assad forces, and although the list of thos miscreants is long, we do know that the Western powers have sent weapons to Islamists since the beginning of the war. Whoever is to blame should be warned that the Russians are not in the slightest amused about losing one of their pilots. This war might get much hotter and very soon.

On the topic of Russia, we had the vice-president of the detestable Obama regime telling us that Russia is in "enormous decline". A commentator writing for RT corrected the narrative. Now, Russia Today is obviously a government mouthpiece, but allegations that Russia is in decline keep propping up. The charge is so manifestly false that one wonders whether all of Washington's power brokers are lying to the people of whether they are seriously this deluded. Even Russias demographic problems - their greatest danger - are nowhere near as catastrophic as it is cliamed.

We also had the now infamous "Kremlin List", which was a list drawn up by people within the Trump administration listing threats to Russia within the Russian political establishment. Keen observers noted that the political list was virtually taken from the Kremlin's website, titles and all, with the list of economid figures being taken from the Forbes list of Russian's businessmen.  Our main man Vladimir Putin joked that he was offended/disappointed (different tests depending on the translation) to find himself outside of it. It's a good thing that the Russian leadership has a good sense of humour to go with their wisdom, or the world would be a far more dangerous place than it already is.

Turning to the Church, we have to thank the faithful laity, because when bishops abandon their flock, we still have people willing to put their necks on the line for Holy Mother Church and her Bridegroom. This time it is by launching a new academy called  John Paul II Academy for Human Life and the Family which will work to futeher God's view on these issues. The striking thing is that these are the pople who were kicked out of the Pontifical Academy for Life by Bergoglio the defiler. It is sad when truthful and faithful Catholics no longer have a place in the Church's official institutions.

From Sandro Magister, we were told that Bergoglio intends to attack Humanae Vitae not directly, but through winks and shrugs. His henchmen are already doing it, many of them having replaced faithful Catholics at John Paul's Academy for Life, the above-mentioned.

For my money, it is much more likely that Bergoglio's attack on Humanae Vitae will be much more direct, something along the lines of "it can no longer be said..."

I finally got around to wathing that famous Jordan Peterson interview with the BBC. I did not find it to be the trouncing that many observers have made it out to be, although that was only because the annoying Newman woman kept interrupting him and throwing him of course, never allowing him to build up any steam on any of the topics on which he had received a question. It was actually interesting to observe her technique of disinformation. Step 1, ask a question . Step 2, rephrase his answer into something preposterous he never said, but which you had in your notes as a point of attack. Step 3, allow him a quick response to your ridiculous rephrasing. Step 4, change the topic to something wildy diffrent - "that's some segway", Peterson once remarked.

The most glaring example of Kathy losing the plot was when she said "So you''re basically saying that I should just stay home and play with my dolls". Had I been Peterson, I would like to think that I would have remarked, "Well, if that's what you understood to be my response, then good luck with that and if you can manage playiing with dolls then all the power to you!"

The man is Canadian, and Im a pretty sure that living in Canada today gives him plenty of chances to exercise his neck muscles while shaking his head at the absurdity of modern Canada. The idiot prime minister Trudeau, put in place largely due to the efforts and non-condemnations of the Catholic Church in Canada, at least if VoxCantoris is to be believed, is a favourite target of Peterson and after this week's low-point of this clueless 'pretty-boy', it's not hard to see why a lot of people say that politics is show-business for ugly people, because it certainly cannot be called show-business for brainy-people.

While in a town conference hall, or some such debate, he was asked a question by a young woman who was asking something about mankind, and he interrupted her to say "We like to say to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind - it's more inclusive", to wild applause from the idiocrats in the room. That's gave us this week's title. My question is : Who exactly is this "we"? Who would be so idiotic as to use the word people-kind? I have never even heard anyone using that kind of stupid and obviously de-constructionist language.

I assure you that if you ever come across somelike like that, what you should respond with is "We prefer to use the word idiotkind for people like you."

Speaking of idiotkind, enter Bergoglio, who continues to set new lows for his general audiences. At this rate, in 2 years time, if the world is unfortunate enough to still have him as pope, the only person with him will be his driver, at which point I guess his attention-grabbing stunt will be to shove the driver into the back of the popemobile and drive it himself.

Then we have these "cowardinals", as they are now being called, the latest of whom is Cardinal Eijk, who despite Bergoglio's multiple, persistent and obstinate attempts to get everybody to undestand that he wants the holy institution of marriage destroyed, actually had the temerity to tell us that Bergoglio needs to come out and clarify Amoris Laetitia. As if that is not what Bergoglio has been doing every since that dreadful day when he came out of the balcony as our new 'pope'. It's ridiculous and I am left feeling sorry for Bergoglio who at this point must be asking what exactly he has to do to make his point more clearly than he has now. I mean, if the man tattooed "Make adultery great again" on his butt and wiggled it out of his apartment at one of his speeches, it seems some of these bishops would still come out and tell us that he was being unclear!

I have had it with these people. At this point they are either with Bergoglio or with Christ and anybody who claims that Bergoglio has not been clear in his words obviously knows what Bergoglio wants but is not willing to risk anything for Christ's Holy Church.

Oh year, and Bergoglio also issued another piece of legislation, this time governing Catholic pontifical universities. He is a busy bee that one, and for a man who doesn't take laws seriously he certainly does seem to make lots of them.

He also had time to decry fake news, which NovusOrdoWatch could not but fail to point to as an example of utter hypocrisy from one of the fakest men around. On top of that, he took the time to pose with some Jews for one of those keep-the-holocaust-victimhood-industry-great photo-ops.

From Poland, a priest questioned why the bishops have gone all-in with the Law and Justice party to support what he sees as a dangerous kind of nationalism, instead of trying to do something about Mass attendance which has never been lower. I was of the opinion that Mass attendance in Poland had climbed, so it was news to me that it has indeed declined over the past year - if it's true. In the article, it was noted that baptisms and confirmations have gone up, so what we have perhaps is a cleansing whereby unfaithful Catholics are leaving and the ones who stay are faithful. I sure hope this is correct, because it is exaclty the sort of cleansing that the Church needs at large - especially in former Christmendom and across the Atlantic.

Regardless of that, the priest echoes my concerns about Poland, concerns which I have previously raised on this blog.  I hope we are both wrong, because I would like little more than to see an authentically Catholic country in the heart of Europe once again.