Keep calm and open the borders - Sunday 21st to Saturday 27th, May 2017

This week I shall concentrate only on 3 events, to highlight the seeds of the West's decline, primarily, although one will touch slightly on Novusordoism, as is par for the course.

There were many significant events no doubt but 3 caught my attention more than anything else. The most significant event, bar none was Donald Trump's trip to Saudi Arabia, on his first foreign trip, then the Manchester bombing. As Donald Trump made his way to the Vatican - a side-issue for his part - I shall touch on that a bit as I noticed something worth commenting.

The trip to Saudi Arabia was indeed very disturbing on many levels, and should not be defended by anybody who supports Trump - as I do. Selling $350 billion dollars worth of weapons to the main supporter of ISIS and Jihadis is surely no way to bring peace, or to help out the Christians of the Middle East, as Donald Trump pledged to do during his campaign.

It was clear to anybody who put some thought behind Donald Trump's actions that the sole purpose of the trip was signing that mega-deal. Having visited the Muslims, he then had to visit the Jews and having visited both the Jews and the Muslims, it would have looked bad had he not also visited the Christians, who believe it or not Bergoglio and his cohorts in the Vatican are supposed to represent.

The absurdity on show in Saudi Arabia was breathtaking. Here we had Donald Trump speaking out against Islamic terrorism in the home of the financiers of much of it, targeting Iran which actually allows Christians in its lands - something Saudi Arabia does not - as some kind of terrorist mastermind even though Iran is possibly the most peaceful nation in that region, and the one  actually helping Assad fight ISIS and other Jihadis, while at the same time also attacking Assad, as though the people Assad is fighting in Syria are not the very same terrorists that Trump claimed needs to be fought. There was not a word of condemnation for Saudi Arabia or Israel, both countries which have been instrumental in terrorism over the past 2 decades, and here I do not only count state terrorism, in which table both those countries make the top 5 list globally.

In other words, Donald Trump has no intention whatsoever of helping the Christians in Syria or anywhere else against Jihadis. That is the conclusion we must draw from these.

The only good thing I can say about Trump with regards to his trip to Saudi Arabia and Israel is that he is at least not ashamed of humiliating himself for the sake of his countrymen as I sincerely doubt that Trump cares much for the Saudies, but he was willing to go through all the shenanigans on account of all the jobs the weapons contract will creat in the U.S., and he was willing to put up with zionists in order to keep his place as president in the U.S., since it seems impossible to be elected in the U.S. while opposing the zionist project.

While in 'the Holy Land', there was a terrorist attack in Manchester, and it would seem as though the media in the U.S. was so focused on demonising Trump that they did not even bother to switch towards covering it until it got embarassing. To be fair, I cannot blame them, since terrorist attacks of various kinds in Europe have become commonplace and are barely worth reporting on anymore.

In fact, the only reason I bring it up is because this attack once more exposed to anyone willing to see why the emotionalised, secularised, contracepted, aborting, irrationalised West is on a path to self-destruction.

First we had the 'shock'. "Oh, think of the children!", as if there is anything shocking about Islamists attacking children at a rock concert. Of course, even before the shock, I am sure we had been treated to cries of "this has nothing to do with Islam", no doubt before anyone had even confirmed that it was an Islamist attack. So we don't know anything about it, or about the one who carried it out, but the only thing we can be sure of whenever a bomb goes off, is that it has  nothing to do with Islam, even when those carrying it out specifically claim to be doing it in the name of Islam.

Then we had the hypocrisy: We are supposed to get all up in arms when British people get killed, when the U.K. is supporting and arming Islamists in Syria to do the very same thing that took place in Manchester. Oh, irony of ironies, it turns out that the father of this particular Jihadi had actually fought against Gaddafi in Libya as part of an Islamist outfit funded by the British. In other words, the mentality is: It's okay when we arm Jihadis to main and kill children in North Africa and the Middle East, and anywhere we damn well please, but if they turn against us, we must pretend to be shocked!

You will forgive me if I have no sympathy for the British, whose government has no problem paying for the killing of untold unborn children in the U.K. or the killing of untold born children abroad - these are the same people who arm and train the Saudis so they can kill poor Yemeni. As if that was not enough, the response by the rulers of that Atlantis-to-be then have the nerve to attack those who point out that the Islamisation of the U.K. is not the way to bring about order. They claim that these terrorists "want to divide us". One would have thought that if you live in a country in which one of your citizens is willing to blow up a concert full of children at a decadent rock concert, the country is pretty much already divided. According to these mindless rulers, one would be wrong.

I can understand why one would want to go around the world bombing poorer countries to stay in good odour with the Americans and the Saudis. It is evil, but understandable from a logical point of view. What is illogical is bombing people abroad, then bringing the very same people you are bombing to your own country. Actually, it's even worse: Bringing the very same people to your country, as well as the people you have used to bomb and maim poor Christians and others abroad.

Finally, we had Donald Trump visiting the Vatican. The one instructive thing I found about his meeting with Bergoglio is that although we have the most anti-abortion president in the U.S. since that ghastly procedure was legalised, the topic of abortion did not make the list of the official communiqué between of the Vatican. The closest we had was that the discussed "the joint commitment in favor of life", whatever that means by Bergoglio standards. Given how verbose the man is about things close to his heart, and his silence on abortion, one would have to question whether the defence of the unborn is really something Bergoglio prioritises.

There was no such obscurity when it came to discussing the environment though, given that Bergoglio was all too happy to give Trump a copy of Laudato Si, as well as his other 3 tideous writings. To Bergoglio it seems, the best gift he can give is Bergoglio-speak.

One thing that caught my eye was that Melania Trump decided to wear a veil at the Vatican, something she pointedly chose (or was instructed) not to do in Saudi Arabia. That was a nice tough, and no doubt a bit insulting to Saudi Arabia, which makes it all the better.

I could not help but reflect though on how the Donald Trump white house perfectly encapsulates the Novus Ordo - if we take his legal wife and his vice-president as the most prominent examples.

After the trip, her spokesperson 'confirmed' - I would say 'alleged' - that she was Catholic. That is a telling right there: Since the Novus Ordo have made Catholics so much like everyone else, we cannot even tell that people are Catholic by how they act. Rather, what we have are crypto-Catholics - people who declare their Catholicism at will.

Melania Trump is indeed a good example of the Novus Ordite. She is married to a twice-divorced man and since I presume she never attends the Catholic Church - or else everybody would have known she was Catholic beforehand - her children (or child since I only know of the son) are not being raised Catholic.

Another person who is Catholic in Donald Trump's administration is his vice-president, Mike Pence, who apart from taking the televangelist zionist position on everything - also typical of Novus Ordites and the whole "Jews are our elder brothers in the faith" nonsense - is a non-practising Catholic, having converted to evangelical protestantism at some point in his life.

So we have 2 Catholics, none of whom are practising and none of whom are raising their children Catholic. So from these 2 we shall have zero Catholics in the next generation, and at least 5 non-Catholics from them.

It's amazing there are those who wonder why the Church is shrinking and why the West is collapsing upon itself.