An attempt to resume writing after an unexpectedly long hiatus

It has been a very long time since my last post - well over a month actually. In part this is because I have been quite busy professionally, but that is not all.

In fact, I have been keeping up my daily links so I have been reading a lot about what is happening in the world, especially that which relates to events in the Church of Christ. Unfortunately, much of what I have been reading has left me frustrated and sometimes a bit despondent. Oftentimes I have felt an urge to write something, only to realise that it risks becoming a rant about Bergoglioism and the latest shenanigans of our Holy Father. There seems to be no end in sight to papal scandals, or indeed the episcopal, priestly and consecrated religious scandals that these have inspired. Meanwhile, the desctruction of sanity continues unabated in the rest of the world, and while I don't think we can afford to give even a second's rest in reacting to the enemies of the Church within the clergy, we must realise that these strongly reflect the attitudes prevailing outside the Church and these attitudes must be tempered. Left untouched, we shall find that there is no room for us to worship and glorify God once the Catholic restoration gets fully underway.

The purpose of this blog was not to write about events in the Church, but I have felt forced to comment about events now and then. It is my intention to keep doing so, but in keeping with my original intentions, I intend to write much more about non-Church news and how these can be seen from a Catholic persepective, while also trying to make the key distinctions which are almost invariably missing from the major stories, as well as highlighting the assumptions which underlie much of what we read.

This is still very much a personal blog and the content is very much meant for myself. This explains is why the day's links page has remained active - I like to collect the articles I read. Lest there be any doubt that I am oblivious to the scandals that are blowing from Rome, I recommend 2 of the very best blogs covering internal Church issues, not infrequently reporting on latest deeds of Pope Francis, and unlike most, they do not back down from exposing scandal and heresy even when it comes from the very top. Indeed, all scandal is bad, but scandal is at its worst when it comes from the Vicar of Christ himself, and reading them will leave you in no doubt that there is plenty of that around:

For the most part, I am in total agreement with what both these bloggers write - both in tone and content, and I can't recommend them highly enough. With that out of the way, hopefully I can get back to what I had intended to do all along - which is to show that the beauty and truth of the Catholic Church, founded as she is on the one who is Truth Himself, is the answer to all that ails the world, and only in her wisdom can we find authentic liberty and joy.


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