Black Lives Matter

The English Premier League is back again

So,the English Premier League for the 2020-2021 season starts today. It's only a few weeks since the season ended, on account of the suspension owing to the Covid-19 fiasco. It was gone for 3 months, which is about as long as I have gone without football since I started watching, but in truth it hardly need have bothered coming back.

Leftist virtue signalling is all the rage in U.S. sports right now, but before sports resumed in the U.S., it had resumed in Europe. The Premier League, as far as I know, was the worst offender.

During the first round after the comeback, for the first 12 games, all players knelt and had the 'Black Lives Matter' banner on their jerseys where their names should have been. This took me by surprise, to say the least. The Premier League has claimed in the past that political sloganeering is not allowed, and here we had a full-on political slogan.

It as so disgusting that I could not watch any of those first 12 matches. After those matches, the 'Black Lives Matter' insignia was reduced in size to a patch on the sleeve. It was still too much, but at least enough such that I would watch  my favourite team play out the season. As it turned out, the only positive was that Manchester Unitedi did manage to clinch Champions League qualification as they finished in 3rd place. Other than that, the whole 'Project Restart' as they called it, was a complete and utter waste of time.

There is much that can be said about the nonsense that took place, but perhaps the most aggravating thing is that the political elite in the U.K. who greenlight sports and entertainment and public thought felt that they would use the one thing many people turn to in order to avoid politics - sports - to force-feed them political ideology. No football fan surely in their right mind can still be a racist, not least because many of the top teams field players who are 'non-white', for lack of a better term. In fact, we already had a no-racism campaign for a while in English football called "No To Racism", with which surely virtually everbody can agree. It was a non-political statement.

The 'Black Lives Matter' slogan, however, is entirely political. In fact, not only is it political, but it is a U.S. political slogan used to enable all sorts of shenanigans during primarily election years. In fact, the BLM-movement seems to have little or anything to do with respect for black lives, and all to do with furthering crazy leftist agendas. 

Leave it to Britain to prove just how much of a lap dog it is to the U.S. that it would embrace U.S. political slogans for its most non-political events. The U.K. really is a basket-case of a nation, but more of that some other time. Suffice to write, I don't think I would last long in the U.K. considering how all-in it has gone on the suppression of free speech due to political correctness.

What if you don't think black lives matter? Well, too bad, you are not allowed to play football in the U.K. or comment on football. 

What if you think that black lives matter but cannot get behind #BlackLivesMatter on account of their homosexualism, transgenderism or the fact that it is a extremely unfortunate phrasing? Again, too bad, the U.K. is closed for that sort of radical political notion.

What if you think black lives matter but would rather use #AllLivesMatter? Again, too bad, because people may get offended.

What if you think "Unborn Lives Matter" or "Black Unborn Lives Matter" or "Palestinian Lives Matter", or "Syrian Lives Matter", or "Libyan Slaves' Lives Matter"? That is fodder for being sent to a re-education camp, or as they call it in England, "sensitivity training" or "diversity appreciation course". Any player who tries to have that on his football jersey or a vest under his jersey would be met with severe sanctions.

In other words, under the guise of caring for black lives, what the U.K. political elite is saying is that they can force-feed you with any political slogan, and designate it non-political, and you are expected to play along.

I started watching football in 1999, in the treble-winning season for Manchester United in which they won the Premier League, the F.A. Cup and the Champions League, in that order. Since then I have watched virtually every round of Premier League football. I have watched Manchester United play almost all their games, unless something on a list of extremely important events came up - something which came to include going to Mass. I had never willingly missed any match before say 3 seasons ago, when the Premier League introduced its sodomy round. In that fixture round, all teams have the captains' armbands in sodomy flag colours, while they also show banners with sodomy flag colours.

When the calamitous Covid-19 responce hit football, it disrupted my normal football schedule. The shutdown was supposed to be one month long, but football resumed only after 3 months. I had never gone that long without football and frankly, I didn't think I could. The Premier League and all sports leagues should have been desperate to bring everyone back since the shutdown showed that people really could live without sports for extended periods. Instead, they all seem to have gone out of their way to harass and repel decent people away from viewing sports.

The Premier League came back after a 3-month hiatus, longer than many people would have thought they could do without football. In truth, it really needn't have bothered.

In just over 2 hours we shall find out whether the BLM-slogan and other letist tripe will once again be force-fed to the watching public.  I hope it is not, otherwise I shall have to find a new weekend hobby, and limit myself to only watching my favourite football team, if eventhat....

A quick and hopefully short take on the 5 strangest months in human history

It is certainly not for a lack of subject matter that I have not posted anything for nearly 5 months. Nor have I at any time fallen even remotely ill during this period. In fact, I have not even had the slightest of colds. If anything, there has been too much to write and it has been difficult to know where to begin.

Tomorrow marks the resumption of work for me, and I am one of the lucky ones as many around the world have lost their jobs. I hope mine stays in my possession for a while yet but things have been changing so rapidly that nothing is certain. The plan was to write a number of posts during my 2 weeks of vacation, especially since I was confined to my residence this time around, but that never happened. Ordinarily I try to avoid using the computer entirely during my holidays, and I am glad to report that I used mine less, though not nearly as rarely as I would have had I been allowed what has become my ordinary vacation spot.

I did take in some reading, which I try to do during vacation, but not as much as I would when away either. In other words, I have not done particularly much, but perhaps that is the entire point of a vacation - taking leave of one's normal routines and relaxing a bit. Anyway, here goes...Hopefully for once I can keep it short.

Because I subscribe to quite a lot of feeds and get my information from a multitude of sources, I am generally much-earlier informed of current trends than most, and oftentimes I'll track a story for a while before it makes big news. As for what came to be known as Covid-19, I became aware of it sometime in December and  began tracking it probably in the first week of January.

I thought it a serious thing, for a very simple reason: The Chinese communist party provably does not give a fig leaf about human life, but they were ready to shut one of their most productive cities off to stop the spread of a virus. "They can't have been doing it to save humans", I thought, so surely they must be facing something entirely devastating which if left unchecked can destroy their entire economy. "Whatever it is, it must be a whopper". By the way, I had never even heard of Wuhan before this debacle, not that I can remember anyway, which just shows how little we, or at least I, know about even large metropolises in China and other non-Western areas.

Now, on my website - which doesn't have as much original content as I would like, granted - you can find me finding positive points in virtually everything, and admiration without necessarily approval of even the most vile ideologies. You will not find, I am certain, any good word ever on communism, or even of its better-PR-handled ugly sister socialism. In other words, I cannot be assumed of having a deferential treatment to anything the communists do in any country, which is not to say that I support every anti-Chinese or anti-Cuban or even anti-Soviet propaganda piece, but that simply on sentiment, I dislike communism and socialism in their ends as well as their intentions.

So, the 'communist Chinese' - actually, more capitalists in business system but communist in social and political structures - clamped down hard on this thing. By the 17th of March, the date of my previous article, this 'disease' had spread to much of the world, which was in 'lockdown', as it came to be known, with the exception of Sweden and a few select others (I knew only of Sweden at the time, if memory serves me right). I am glad to report that Sweden did not shut down any more than it had on the 17th of March, for reasons which I cannot get into here, but to which I may well return to elucidate. 

Much of the rest of the world, did shut down however, and remarkably, remains shut down. That I had not expected. So then the question becomes: If more or less the whole world has shut down, it must mean we have been facing an extremely serious illness. Well, you would think so, wouldn't you, and ordinarily you would be correct. However, this period has been as far from ordinary as anything anyone has ever experienced save for the Incarnation.

I did write this in my last post:

Another consideration is worth pondering: If the faithful can go without Mass for a month, and manage to occupy themselves with other pursuits, what is to bring them back to Church after that month? 

Would that it would have been only a month! It lasted for months and is still going on, largely.  In fact, many of the re-openings of NOChurch have been more scandalous than the Mass cancellations and church closings were in the first place! NOChurch has been in full suicide-mode. This is not a post on NOChurch, however, which deserves its own separate treatment. Suffice to write that the good in this is that Bergoglio has been speaking less and travelling not at all, so we have been spared of many of his overhead bombing raids.

When last I wrote, I could still write something like the following

Covid-19 Chinese coronavirus, which has spread like wildfire in Italy and has by now shut down much of the country

without wanting to put scare quotes on the words 'coronavirus' or 'spread'. Now, I am inclined to do this every time I write these words, but I would rather avoid having to type them so you will simply have to add them in as you read. I would hesitatingly have written "has by now shut down much of the country" while referring to the virus (read 'virus') but now I would avoid that kind of language entirely and write something akin...


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