A quick and hopefully short take on the 5 strangest months in human history

It is certainly not for a lack of subject matter that I have not posted anything for nearly 5 months. Nor have I at any time fallen even remotely ill during this period. In fact, I have not even had the slightest of colds. If anything, there has been too much to write and it has been difficult to know where to begin.

Tomorrow marks the resumption of work for me, and I am one of the lucky ones as many around the world have lost their jobs. I hope mine stays in my possession for a while yet but things have been changing so rapidly that nothing is certain. The plan was to write a number of posts during my 2 weeks of vacation, especially since I was confined to my residence this time around, but that never happened. Ordinarily I try to avoid using the computer entirely during my holidays, and I am glad to report that I used mine less, though not nearly as rarely as I would have had I been allowed what has become my ordinary vacation spot.

I did take in some reading, which I try to do during vacation, but not as much as I would when away either. In other words, I have not done particularly much, but perhaps that is the entire point of a vacation - taking leave of one's normal routines and relaxing a bit. Anyway, here goes...Hopefully for once I can keep it short.

Because I subscribe to quite a lot of feeds and get my information from a multitude of sources, I am generally much-earlier informed of current trends than most, and oftentimes I'll track a story for a while before it makes big news. As for what came to be known as Covid-19, I became aware of it sometime in December and  began tracking it probably in the first week of January.

I thought it a serious thing, for a very simple reason: The Chinese communist party provably does not give a fig leaf about human life, but they were ready to shut one of their most productive cities off to stop the spread of a virus. "They can't have been doing it to save humans", I thought, so surely they must be facing something entirely devastating which if left unchecked can destroy their entire economy. "Whatever it is, it must be a whopper". By the way, I had never even heard of Wuhan before this debacle, not that I can remember anyway, which just shows how little we, or at least I, know about even large metropolises in China and other non-Western areas.

Now, on my website - which doesn't have as much original content as I would like, granted - you can find me finding positive points in virtually everything, and admiration without necessarily approval of even the most vile ideologies. You will not find, I am certain, any good word ever on communism, or even of its better-PR-handled ugly sister socialism. In other words, I cannot be assumed of having a deferential treatment to anything the communists do in any country, which is not to say that I support every anti-Chinese or anti-Cuban or even anti-Soviet propaganda piece, but that simply on sentiment, I dislike communism and socialism in their ends as well as their intentions.

So, the 'communist Chinese' - actually, more capitalists in business system but communist in social and political structures - clamped down hard on this thing. By the 17th of March, the date of my previous article, this 'disease' had spread to much of the world, which was in 'lockdown', as it came to be known, with the exception of Sweden and a few select others (I knew only of Sweden at the time, if memory serves me right). I am glad to report that Sweden did not shut down any more than it had on the 17th of March, for reasons which I cannot get into here, but to which I may well return to elucidate. 

Much of the rest of the world, did shut down however, and remarkably, remains shut down. That I had not expected. So then the question becomes: If more or less the whole world has shut down, it must mean we have been facing an extremely serious illness. Well, you would think so, wouldn't you, and ordinarily you would be correct. However, this period has been as far from ordinary as anything anyone has ever experienced save for the Incarnation.

I did write this in my last post:

Another consideration is worth pondering: If the faithful can go without Mass for a month, and manage to occupy themselves with other pursuits, what is to bring them back to Church after that month? 

Would that it would have been only a month! It lasted for months and is still going on, largely.  In fact, many of the re-openings of NOChurch have been more scandalous than the Mass cancellations and church closings were in the first place! NOChurch has been in full suicide-mode. This is not a post on NOChurch, however, which deserves its own separate treatment. Suffice to write that the good in this is that Bergoglio has been speaking less and travelling not at all, so we have been spared of many of his overhead bombing raids.

When last I wrote, I could still write something like the following

Covid-19 Chinese coronavirus, which has spread like wildfire in Italy and has by now shut down much of the country

without wanting to put scare quotes on the words 'coronavirus' or 'spread'. Now, I am inclined to do this every time I write these words, but I would rather avoid having to type them so you will simply have to add them in as you read. I would hesitatingly have written "has by now shut down much of the country" while referring to the virus (read 'virus') but now I would avoid that kind of language entirely and write something akin to "which the politicians have used as an excuse to shut down much of the country" or "which the politicians have used to shut down industries in which their masters are not invested". In other words, I have gone from believing there may have been something worth worrying about to concluding that we have all been victims of an elaborate poorly-orchestrated hoax the ends of which we can only speculate. Maybe there was something at the beginning in Wuhan, but once it reached the shores of Europe it became a show which still 6 months later afflicts most of us while making a select few of us extremly wealthy and powerful.

Shortly after this thing hit the U.S. it became very clear to me, more or less at around the time of my last post, that this thing was hitting spots in the U.S. run by Donald Trump's oppotition. Weirdly, I noticed this even before the more skeptical minds in the U.S. realised it. By mid-April, it was clear to any but the most invested that this was the case. Early on I thought this thing would end after Easter, which fell on the 12th of April this year. Even NOChurch in Italy had Holy Week as its original resumption period, I seem to remember. Well, Easter passed and even the Muslims couldn't save us from the NWO as even their religious celebrations were impacted. So much for Islam being a driving member of the NWO!

Part of the reason for thinking it would be over at least by May was that the Chinese had more or less opened Wuhan up at the beginning of April. So they closed at around mid-January and opened around the beginning of April. Thatt's about 2 1/2 months. I was convinced that nobody in the West would want to afford the Christinity-hating Chinese a chance of claiming that they are more efficient that the similarly-Christianity-hating West. Well, wrong again! Apparently, the Western 'free societies' had more of an interest in locking up their citizens and destroying productive capitalistic activitly longer than the Chinese communists.

Spring came and still there was no end to the shutdowns. In fact, in many places the shutdowns were becoming worse! What the ...! This must be a strange virus which responds to the sun and heat differently from all others. Maybe it's Kryptonian, drawing it's power from the sun's radiation! It's as good an explanation as any, I suppose. 

Then came the murder of a black man in the U.S. at the hands of a white police officer surrounded by other police officers of diverse races. Now, some have claimed that the man died of an overdose or what not, and that we should wait for a trial. There is little need for that. It was a murder, and I am not particularly interested in entertaining 'alternative facts', even though formally his death would of course have had to be recorded as caused by Covid-19, since he allegedly tested positive for the virus.The came the demonstrations, which turned almost instantaneously to riots. Then these riots turned to riot rallies. Then we had governors who had been warning those rebelling against the shutdowns that shuch gatherings would only prolong the shutdowns coming out and joining these protest riots. We were then told by 'experts' that these protest riots rallies would not cause a spike in Covid-19 cases even though we had tens of thousands of people gathering for related public events. Then lo and behold, newspaper articles showing that there had been no spike in Covid-19 cases as a result of the protest riot rallies or whatever you want to call them. "Don't dare go to church or gather for any cause though, becuase the virus is still out there, and may well get you if you don't listen to the experts, or the virus, or whatever - we'll just make it up as need be" seemed to be the general media and political consensus.

Now, I am old enough to remember that the original rationale for destroying countless livelihoods was to "flatten the curve". Then it became "passing the peak", which somehow transformed to "if we can save even one more life" which then became "until nobody dies" and then "until nobody catches the virus", and then "until we get a vaccine" and then "until we get past the second wave" and I guess now we are into "until everybody wears a cabbage leaf on their nose with half a banana sticking out of each ear". Who knows what they will come up with next? The point is, the narrative seems to change every week. 

Summer came, and the measures stiffened up. Recommendations became mandates, and though the 'cases' increased the deaths and hospitatlsations also decreased. As a result, new shutdowns were imposed. We can't relax, after all. This thing lurks behind every corner, waiting to devour.

At the beginning they told us this thing was not transmittable human-to-human, then that it was through long-term exposure, then that it was a super-spreader so you only need to be in a room for some brief moments, then that it didn't spread through the air, then that it did, that you had pneumonia-like syptoms, then flu-like symptoms, then that you could have no symptoms, then that you could have blood clots on your feet, then that it was now attacking children. I mean, the whole thing has been like listening to a Bergoglio homily. It has been all over the place and it is absolutely impossible to make any sense of it. The only thing constant is that there is no good news and even good news means that "it is not a time to relax", because at any moment we could be in a second wave, at which point one would be entitled to ask when we left the first wave, but no matter, everybody knows that the plebs don't have an attention span that long. Oh, only when the vaccine comes can we go back to normal, or make that the new normal. Then again, even the vaccine will not be 100% effective, we are reminded. Of course not, why would we expect anything different? Besides, by that time we shall be on the mutation called Covid 19 1/2, or Covid 20, or 21, or whatever..."You know the thing!"

Some countries have had very many deaths, with extreme shutdowns. Some have hardly had any, with no shutdown. Some have had very few 'deaths' with shutdowns. Others have had many deaths with no shutdown and limited measures - i.e., Sweden. Some countries have enforced stay-at-home orders, others have curfews, others have separation of men and women. The governments must be seen doing something, whatever it is. If it works or not, we did something! "If it saves only one life", or none, or whatever you know...

Oh, and the WHO. How could we ever have got this far without mentioning the WHO by name? We were informed that this thing can be spread by people showing no symptoms, which is why everbody had to be under house arrest, because we didn't want Sony to pass it on to granny unknowingly. Then months later the WHO came out and told us that transmission by asymptomatic people is "very rare". The keener among you will not that "very rare" is WHO-speak for "impossible" expect they would never come out and say that they have never seen it happen because that would ruin the rationale behind their advice to shut down everything so as not to make Sony a granny-killer. Apparently, the first dog 'known' to 'have' Covid-19 in the U.S. died recently. It was 7 years old. No info on whether Sony was involved.

So to recap, we are dealing with a virus which spreads like wildfire, but not outside if there is a protest, but only if the protest has a leftist cause like being against "systemic racism", or defunding the police, or tearing down statues. It spreads at certain times of the day, which is why we can impose curfews on people. It responds to sentiment, which is why some people can confidently declare that we should not wear masks, then that we should, then that we should but they don't help but we should wear them as a symbol. It allegedly kills old people, so we lock everyone up while not treating the elderly, who the NWO loves so much that it has taken time of its busy schedule relieving them of the pains of this life, no doubt saving a pretty penny in the process. It doesn't evidently kill kids (no mention of whether a 7-year old dog would technically count as a kid), but children have to be kept from school for nobody-knows-how-long. They will also be the first to get the vaccine, Bozo the prime minister tells us, while calling "anti-vaxxers", as he calls them "nuts". So we have a 'vaccine' being administered to children first, who are virtually immune from this 'virus' and we are the ones who are "nuts"! 

In any case what difference does it make? The virus only travels 2 metres. "Is that with or without a mask?", you ask. "Why 2 metres and not 4 or 5?" "Well, it's a novel virus, you see, so we don't know much about it but 2 metres is fine, unless we decree 1 metre, or not", or some other thing, some official will respond. "Is that with a mask or without a mask?", you ask again. "Well, in 2 weeks from now it will be with a mask, until then it only spreads that far if you don't have a mask". On and on it goes. The absurdities multiply to no end.

In short, what we have is the world's smartest yet laziest virus. We have a virus which infects everyone but which kills people at exactly the same rate and in exactly the same way as the whatever maladies ail societies at any time of the year. We have a virus with all symptoms and no symptoms. We have a virus which responds to and perhaps even obeys curfews. The list of Covid-19 coronarivus absurdities is practically endless.

In January or early February, I spoke with a priest who said that this thing was just a normal flu. Then I watched Ron Paul and he had a short piece called "The Coronavirus  Hoax" at which I thought "hoax is a bit of a strong word". Then I watched a segment with James Corbett of The Corbett Report being interviewed by Luke Rudowski or We Are Change in which he answered that in he could not rule out that the whole thing may well be a hoax. Then came more absurdities than you can shake your stick at, and they are still coming. 

In around early March or end of February, I thought that Covid-19 was a disease which would not alter the number of yearly deaths. It was obvious at that time from the numbers in China and those coming from Italy that they demographics or those dying were no different than the average of any year. I made the point, privately, that at the end of the year it will be clear that there was nothing serious. The only hard facts at the end of the day are the annual deaths. Even weekly deaths are not reliable, as these can be exaggerated through various accounting shenanigans. The yearly tallies, however, would surely tell a more truthful story, unless they completely fabricate even those, which I thought would be difficult, as at the very least it would expose the hoax to the possiblity of physical scrutiny from multiple attack points - grave counts, tax collection, housing numbers to name a few.

Writing now, on the 2nd of August, I am more or less convinced that the entire thing is a hoax. My short take on it is the following:

  • There may or may not be a coronavirus which can be identied as distinct from any other and which has been designated Covid-19.
  • This 'virus', if it exists, may or may not have killed someone somewhere in the world, but from the looks of it probably hasn't.
  • The hysteria surrounding it is entirely falsely orchestrated and better referred to as a plandemic, because it is obvious that devious plans were afoot long before anything allegedly broke out in Wuhan.
  • Everything showing otherwise is deliberately misleading, since the numbers and other facts so easily availably can so easily dispove mainstream narratives, and there is no good reason not to expect those inclined towards truth to follow it, which many have, but not those in the mainstream, and they have often been shut down.
  • I could be wrong, but if I am wrong, but you will then have to convince me! You will have to show that we have more people dying than usual, otherwise we couldn't be talking of a serious disease/malady/infection worth any of the measures taken to prevent it. You will also have to point out that any of the measures taken against it are motivated by the 'science' of this 'virus', and why there appears to be no relation between any measures taken with any outcomes observed.

In any case, remember me if and when it all gets revealed that the whole this was a hoax, and a poorly-orchestrated one at that!

There is hardly any point in trying to talk someone out of this mass hypnosis, I have noticed. It seems as though anybody who had not caught on by mid-March will not awaken from this willful ignorance no matter how much effort you put into convincing them that whole thing is a media show with little substance behind it, how much data you point towards to prove that there is nothing unusual afoot. Fortunately, I jumped off the Covid-19 narrative train just in decent time. It helped that I generally mistrust governments and the media which propagandise for them.

It is difficult to judge from current events whether the events of 2020 will be seen as one particularly hideous abberation in 50 or 80 years time, or whether this whole NWO-event will have been so successful such that people then will view night clubs, football match attendance, travelling without health passports, handshakes and the like, as ancient anachronisms, thins to be seen in old movies. One thing is for certain, and that is that those behind this hoax, or this plandemic - if the virus is real - will not stop until the central banks and those who control them have taken control of all the wealth, and the governments have absolute power. There will be as many waves as it takes, unless they are stopped. How they can be stopped peacefully escapes my imagination, and surely they will only deflect the blame onto the most helpless of scapegoats - foreigners or foreign powers being the classic go-to objects. They clearly aim to make it the new reset-point, kind of like how the end of World War II was the most recent reset-point, around which the new world order came to be the current world order.

One thing I would like to touch upon before I wrap up: There has been a lot of talk about whether Covid-19 is a plague from God or not. We have not been lacking in prelates who say it is not, whereas as not but a a few have claimed it is. Some have claimed that God absolutely cannot send a plague to punish sinners, which I shall not dignify with a response. Presumably, were there to be a plague, there would have to be people actually dying, and if there are not, then surely God cannot have sent this plague, which there is no plague at all. I find myself in rare agreement with the modernists on the conclusion, though not on the arguments, naturally, since Covid-19 seems to be a new article of faith among modernists and leftists. That is not to  say that there is no plague at all, but rather it is obvious that the plague that God has inflicted upon us all is the malevonent rulers who exercise power over us, and whose rise to power - both ecclesiastically and secularly - we have either tolerated or abbetted. It is a plague we brought wholly upon oursevels through cowardice, lukewarmness or sheer unbelief, and one for which we shall all pay dearly.

I doubt God will save us, because this plague, the real plague, is nothing less than we collectively as humanity deserve, and which we brought entirely upon ourselves. If He does, then it will be entirely more than we deserve, but then again, so is His mercy generally.

The future, I hope, will present me an opportunity to delve more deeply into many of the absurdities and talking points of this whole Covid-19 fiasco, and I hope that will be before too long.