The gullibility of Catholics when presented with false opposition continues to horrify me

There has recently been a coup in Bolivia. If you only get your information from more established news sources, or even most Catholic alternative sources, you are probably under the opinion that it was an overthrow by the people of a violent government, instead of a military coup.  You are mistaken.

I had certainly heard of the protests in Bolivia for a while but I did not expect them to lead to the overthrow of the government. It took me quite some time after the coup to realise that it was actually a military coup the likes of which the U.S. had unsuccessfully attempted to implement in Venezuela, but which bore much greater success in Bolivia when the army issued what essentially was an ultimatum to Evo Morales: Resign or be removed, or worse.

It shocks me not one bit that the established media has carried the line of the U.S. government - selling state ideology being its primary role, with the choice of whether to use a leftist or rightist lens seemingly being the only one left open to debate. What has shocked me is how positively the news of a military coup, the violent consequences of which are ongoing, has been received by Catholics who should know better. I am not talking about EWTN types, who get their news from Fox News in Catholic drag, but from those who at first hand don't seem to swallow every government lie unquestioningly.

As anybody familiar with Evo Morales will know, he is the source of the infamous communist crucifix with which Bergoglio was gifted on his state visit to Bolivia, I would presume. I believe Morales has also been at the Vatican a few times. He is the first elected indigenous president of Bolivia, or so I have been informed. I have also been informed that Bolivia is about 60% 'indigenous' - i.e., the majority - with most of the rest presumably being either wholly or partially of Spanish descent. He was a 'populist' figure in the true sense of the word, as proved by his multiple election victories. He had just won his 4th term, reportedly with the required margin of more than 10% which prevents a candidate having to have a run-off election. Under his rule, the levels of poverty drastically reduced and the native population of Bolivia was left much better off, in a country which had experienced one of  the  highest rates of economic growth in South America under his leadership, if not the very best. In other words, we cannot accuse him of having failed his base, unlike many other populists, some of whom are quite popular with Catholics right now.

Those are the facts. Now comes the conjecture.

I do now know whether the man is Catholic. Nothing of his public behaviour has implied to me that he is - his close relationship with Bergoglio would naturally imply that he is not Catholic, but he may well be. I do not know anything about Bolivia's record on the rights of the unborn, nor of Morales' stance on killing or saving them, and I have not bothered to look it up as it is not relevant to this piece. He is said to have lost a referendum on running for a 4th term yet ran anyway as the ban was ruled unconstitutional by the high court - or something to that effect. Regardless of that, his victory margin was well in line with the vast majority of polls ( I have read figures of 5/6 from one source). Whatever people may have felt at the time of the referendum, that he would win the presidential election seems to have not been in any doubt.

It is widely assumed that the CIA was behind this coup, and I have not come across anyone - for or against - who even questions this assertion. The fact that Donald Trump - himself somewhat of a victim of a CIA coup attempt - was one of the first to congratulate the new junta in charge, and the fact that Juan Gaido - the self-appointed president of Venezuela, a CIA stooge - also joined in should be enough to alleviate any doubts about who was behind it.

One would expect Catholics who claim to be against globalism and in favour of nationalism and populism to support a man who was obviously popular in his own country, and who had obviously improved the economic conditions of the poorest sections of his country. Yet, that is not what seems to have happened. Here is where the dreaded pachamama comes in.

It has been reported that one of the leaders of the coup declared “Pachamama will never return”, which was evidently enough to get Catholics on the bandwagon . Then we had the self-declared president posing with what seems to be to be a liturgical book and what is reported to be the Gospels, and that was enough for others to give jump over to her side. Even, which is generally against americanist interventions and American imperialism, has not criticised what is obviously an externally-orchestrated coup and has reported on the anti-Pachamama statements and the holding-the-Gospels show without much question or suspicion.

It seems that Catholics, even those against NOChurch, are quite easily fooled. All you need to do is utter some words against pagan statues, and hold a liturgical book, and all of a sudden you will have even battle-hardened Catholics jumping for a coup like a bitch in heat. To me though, the ostentatious anti-paganism is in and of itself a mark of the whole thing being plotted from abroad.

What seems obvious to me is that the coup plotters would have been following what happened at the syond of the Amazon. They would know that a lot of Catholics would have been against pachamama. They would have known that it was a trending word so they had one of their guys stand in front of a camera and say something against pachamama. It certainly seems like a very odd thing to say in Bolivia, where I doubt pachamamas have been the focus of political or cultural debates. All was left then was for the woman designated president to pose with someting Bible-looking, and leaving these poor Catholics thinking that the coup might be a good thing if it rids a country of paganism. This was a show to placate Catholics watching the thing from abroad - the few who actually bother with such things as coups in other countries.

I would ask anybody who thinks that this woman is going to have Christianity at the heart of her policies to have a good look at her. I would not let her anywhere near my daughters, if I had any. Her plasticky face is that of a street-walker who knows her best days are behind her and she has to get some help with her looks. I generally distrust the morals of anyone who is into cosmetic surgeries, and that is not even to say much about the one time I saw her on video, where she was ranting about how the military needs to respect the order she was holding up now that she is the new president.

If the killing of unborn children is legal in Bolivia, I would be willing to shave my legs if these people make legislative moves to forbid it. If it is illegal, I would not at all be surprised if after a few years of their rule, it becomes legal. I would be willing to bet that within the next few weeks either she or whoever the coup plotters designate as their candidate for the next elections - if they ever come -  will announce that they will move the Bolivian embassy to Jerusalem.

These people have clearly been coached to say things which sound anti-pagan to dupe Catholics who are by now desperate for any sign of hope in a world in which hating Christ seems to be a pre-condition for political advancement. Given time, I am sure they will prove this.

The Jerusalem embassy move brings us to yet another of the obviously false opposition characters who has been installed as head of a South American country recently: the Brazilian  Jair Bolsonaro. Those who have followed him somewhat will remember that it was one of the first things he annouced upon winning the elections.

The man has received unfairly favourable press from even traditionalist outlets - the Remnant being most notable, given they are a generally skeptical bunch, much less surprising with Mundabor, as he is much less skeptical of American imperialism. It's not hard to see why this is. For one, Bergoglio seems to dislike him, and the assumption by now has to be that anyone that Bergoglio dislikes has to be the better for it. Secondly, he is reported to have requested that his country be consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary; a request which was duly carried out in the presence of the country's highest ranking prelate. As far as I can tell, there was no large public event associated with it, which seems odd, but no matter, reports were that it was done and that Catholics participated in it. He is also vocally against sodomy and even abortion, which I must admit seem to be to be his only virtues. Whether an elected president - as opposed to a rightful king - even has the authority to request a consecration is not a topic for the here and now.

However,  a quick look-up on him will reveal a Wikipedia page which shows among other things that the man is more than likely an apostate. He is reported to have attended a Baptist Church for 10 years, and even had himself re-baptised in the Jordan River. We are then supposed to believe that a man who thinks so little of the Catholic Church that he does not even consider Her baptisms valid, will then be pious enough to ask for a consecration of Brazil to the Blessed Virgin Mary from this same Catholic Church. Now, that is not a serious approach by any definition. The man is obviously a charlatan.

Now, Wikipedia does not have the best of reputations on even mildly controversial topics, but as these allegations are sourced, and these acts are reportedly those on public record, there is no reason to believe that they are lies. As the NWO has been most vociferous on fighting the Church on the issue of the dignity of human life, it would be wise to consider a few more entries on his Wikipedia page. Here is what it says under a section titled "Birth control for the poor": Quoting him, it states:

I wish Brazil had a family planning program. It's not even worthy to talk about education when most of these [poor] people are not prepared to receive education, therefore they won't educate themselves. Only rigid birth control can save us from chaos. An educated man and woman will hardly desire an extra child with the sole purpose of engaging in a social welfare assistance program [as it is nowadays]. We need to adopt a rigid birth control policy...

Methods [of birth control] have to be provided for those who, unfortunately, are ignorant and have no means to control their offspring. Because we [as upper-middle class] can control ours. Poor people don't control [theirs].

Those are quotes from the same speech, I presume. I also presume what he means in coded language is forced sterilisation, given his disdain for the poor. Here is the entry on sterilisation:

As a Congressman, Bolsonaro put forward three bills trying to remove "virtually all" legal restrictions to surgical sterilisation via the public health system, including the reduction of "the minimum age of sterilization to 21 years".[228] None of the bills were voted.  

Then, of course, we have the fact that his main opposition leader - the socialist Luis Inacio Lula da Silva - was sent to prison in the middle of his presidential campaign when he seemed primed to win the election. We can also mention that the judge who was involved in Lula's conviction was later reported to have been in correspondence with the prosecutor advising him on how to carry out the prosecution. This corrupt judge then became a minister in Bolsonareo's government.

"Very New World Order indeed", I would not hesitate to conclude. Like Trump, he is also in his 3rd marriage. There is no mention of whether he troubled himself with geting a NOChurch annulment before he embarked on his new 'marriages'.

If that man is not an agent of the New World Order, it's difficult to imagine who is, and I don't even hold his 3 marriages against him, as sexual weakness seems to be a feature of men in politics. 

What seems obvious to me is that with the election of a no-longer-negligible number of people on non-globalist rhetoric, and with the rise of anti-globalist rhetoric all over the world, the devil and his minions have decided that the way to fight anti-globalism is to infiltrate it with false oppositon. One day I might well get to looking into analysing Trum, but for now suffice it to say that while it is unclear whether he is a willing agent of the NWO or its hostage, he is definitely doing its bidding (in everything except abortion), his occasional Twitter rants to the opposite not withstanding. With Bolsonaro though, there is no doubt that the same cabal who want centralised globalised anti-Christian decision-making are behind him, and I do not feel the need to make much of a case likewise with Guaido, or Macron - who also, like Bolsonaro, had the path to victory cleared by judicial proceedings and or wholseale media mudslinging agasint his main opponents. It is worth nothing that both Bolsonaro and Jeanine Anez recognised Guaido as president of Venezuela, and Guaido in turn immediately recognised Jeanine Anez as head of Bolivia, as did Bolsonaro, in an unholy neo-con alliance in South America.

Over the next few weeks and months, you will no doubt be witness to more revelations and events which prove that these people are the stooges I have alleged them to be. You will see virtually no movement to halt the culture of death in Bolivia or Brazil, and you will see more multinationals coming to Bolivia to take over its resources.

It has indeed been speculated that the reason they wanted Morales gone is because he wanted to take control of the country's lithium deposits - it turns out Bolivia has the world's larget known deposits - and turn Bolivia into a value-adding portion of the lithium production chain instead of simply being the repository for raw materials. Lithium is the new oil-wannabe after all. You can count on these coup plotters awarding the contracts to these and other national treasures to others, and looting the country blind in ways which might well lead to Bolivia electing an even harder socialist than Morales, and one who may be a whole lot less inclined towards peace or prosperity for the poorest.

Then again, things might not get that far as Morales' supporters have fought back against the coup and are trying to reclaim the government they voted for. The violence may indeed escalate as they have every right to oppose this coup.

It is worth asking whether all that death, violence and theft is worth it before supporting some guy who has been trained to speak out against Pachamama by people who care not one whiff about Bolivians, or you, or Christ and His Holy Gospel.