"We are closer to the other side" or How I learned to stop worrying and love Bergoglio's "dog and pony show" - the Pan-Amazon synod

The title of the piece is obviously inspired by the movie classic "Dr. Strangelove - Or How I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb". It's a must-see Cold War movie.

The term "dog and pony show" was borrowed from Michael Matt, whose final take on the analysis I can heartily recommend.

I do disagree with his analysis on one point though: The synod was not so much about bringing one-world governance into the Church. It was, I would argue, the other way around. Most Novus Ordites wouldn't be able to tell a Catholic dogma from a fortune cookie note, and the devil and his minions - i.e., Bergoglio and his henchmen - are using this fact to introduce any number of false notions to further take advantage of their ignorance. The distinction is that Michael Matt sees the secular world breaking into the Church to do its bidding, whereas I see the devil and his minions using secular slogans to further de-Christianise the human element of the Church. The eco-lunacy is simply a tool for the devil and his willing agents, and not an end-goal in and of itself.

The difference is in the intentions. It seems implausible that Bergoglio - or his merry band of buffoons - would genuinely care about saving  God's creation - while granting  that as atheists they probably don't view Earth as God's creation - not least since Bergoglio's carbon footprint with all his jet-setting is larger than almost all but a handful of people. Since they obviously claim to do so, I can only take it that they view environmentalism as the most potent tool to further their diabolical agenda.

What occurred to me though in considering the disastrous synod of doom - the Pan-Amazon synod - is that reality is proving me right in something I have said quite frequently since 2013: The Novus Ordo Mass is not going to be the same in 20 years as it is today. With talk of a new rite for the Amazonians, we are likely to have a Novus Novus Ordo Mass. At first it will be for the Amazonians, but we can count on the Germans wanting in and wanting to make their many liturgical abuses regularised by a rite of their own, possibly with semi-nude dancers at the sanctuary and cardiansl in cages. After that we can expect a virtual free-for-all. 

I have been just as upset as any Catholic at witnessing the mass apostasy from leading figures in the Church on full display, and just as much with the total absence of any courage or sense of duty among the many bishops who surely do not agree with any of this nonsense.

Nonetheless, I have to remind myself that I actually vowed not to oppose any innovations in the NOChurch liturgy or in NOChurch in general on the basis of canon law, simply because if there is one thing that NOChurch has been good at, it is institutionalising abuse. What starts out as abuse in one place, soon becomes commonplace, and before you know it there is an indult from Rome, and not long after the indult it becomes virtually universal practice. This is the case with Communion in the hand, and female altar boys, to name but a few. More informed readers than I can probably list others. In other words , it is a waste of "our precious bodily fluids" (to hearken back to Dr. Strangelove) to spend any time passionately defending current NOChurch practice, when the whole basis of NOChurch practice is a movement away from authentic Catholicism and towards neo-paganism.

So I came to reflect on a scene from the movie "Gattaca" - one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time. The movie is especially topical on account of all the move towards a greater acceptance of eugenics, whether it is in the killing of children or adults deemed unworthy, or in the greater acceptance of artificial conception, and nowadays, even genetic screening of embryos before they are implanted, but that is not the point of today.

There is a scene towards the end of the movie in which the genetically weaker brother, Vincent, is challenged to prove once more that he can win a chicken race by swimming farther than his genetically superior younger brother, Anton. At the point of exhaustion, the Anton concedes and decides to go back.  The exchange goes: "We have to go back". Vincent replies "No, it's too late for that; we're close to the other side." To that, Anton replies: "What other side! You wanna drown us both!". Then Vincent finally "You wanna know how I did it! This is how I did it Anton: In never saved anything for the swim back."


It's a powerful scene by any measure.

In reflecting upon the destruction wrought upon us by the Novus Ordo - its liturgy, its non-theology, its vacuous gestures, is ugliness, its non-Catholicism, its anti-Catholicism - I am always tempted to say "Stop: We have to go back!", as if there is a version of Novus Ordo that would bring us back to sanity, because, of course, it is out of the question convincing our Novus Ordites that we can return to authentic Catholicism.  Another part of me - the one which believes in God's providence - thunders back, "No, it's too late for that. We are closer to the other side!"

The Novus Ordo cannot be reformed towards anything even close to holy or santifying. It was forged from the darkest parts of the human soul, perhaps the darkest parts of the netherworld itself, with the intention of de-Catholicising the Church and the world. It has worked wonders. The devil himself could not have devised a better plan to destroy the Church from within.

Almost every time I debate someone who has any adherence to the Novus Ordo, they make it seem as though all we need to do is strip away the Novus Ordo from its abuses and things will be fine. Well, the Novus Ordo itself was an abuse! It was an abuse of simple Catholic obedience. It was an abuse of the use of papal power. It was a fruit of disobedience to what the Catholic Church has always held dear. The abuses of the Novus Ordo are by now part of the very fabric of NOChurch. No pope is going to stop them because they are as much a feature of NOChurch as the clicking of high heels as the lay reader walks up to read the Epistles. They are a feature, not a bug.

Now, it pains me to see Catholic churches turned to centres of pagan worship. We have to admit though, that as soon as our gaze was turned from God, when we thought - like Cain - that God should have to settle for any odd thing we throw in His direction instead of offering us the very best we can offer, this was always going to happen.

There is actually a bright spot with NOChurch: It shows us how bad things can get, and how quickly, if we take our gaze away from God and turn it upon ourselves, if we thing we can remake the Church in our own image. It shows us how bad things can get in the Church when Rome becomes not the seat of defending and promoting Catholic tradition - both sacred and cultural - and instead becomes a centre of innovation. I am fairly confident that future Catholics will look upon this period as a cautionary tale. We are just unfortunate enough to be in the midst of it, or perhaps we are blessed to live in a time which will be remembered.

At the end of the liturgical experimentation, we are likely to have a myriad of new rites. At the end of this dark tunnel, the Tridentine Mass will emerge as the one with the largest following. It is fanciful to think that people raised on a diet of bad Catholic theology will all of a sudden flock back to authentic Catholic worship. No, the way back to the Tridentine Mass runs through the filth that is about to hit us, at the end of which the only thing which will be even remotely recognisable as Catholic will the the Tridentine Mass communities. Perhaps when Satan is put up in some side-Church in Rome as the object of worship, some Catholics will turn their back away from the Novus Ordo. Then again, something almost identical to that happened this week with Pachamama and still Novus Ordites defend it. So perhaps our hope is that they simply get bored at the vacuousness of it all.

We must be as brave as Vincent. There is no going back to shore. There is no safety or sanity on the Novus Ordo shore. We shall be tempted, as Anton, to exclaim "We have to go back", but we must trust in God and repeat. "It is too late fore that. We are closer to the other side", and we must be as determined as Anton not to save anything in our resolve to swim through the murky sewage-filled waters of NOChurch. They will sell our churches, our most precious paintings, our sacred relics, close down our monasteries and convents all to fund their revolution and we'll be tempted to go back and compromise. Our job is to pray for the souls who get caught up in the midst of this, because the hierarchy couldn't care less about them.

"We are closer to the other side", we must recall. Ultimately, this is God's Church. We must believe in His infinite justice. If He doesn't care enough to save His Church, then He was never God the Father anyway, and all our worries will have been for nought. A good father though, will sometimes let his children realise on their own how far they have strayed from good counsel. It's quite obvious to me that is what is happening and the Amazon synod has just given NOChurch a whole lot of rope with which to hang itself.

This synod, the "dog and pony show" as Michael Matt calls it, has proved to me that we should appreciate the honesty with which Bergoglio and his henchmen are going about their business. They will be easy to condemn once sanity returns, on account of their hubris. Like comic book villains, they have let us all in on the plan. Perhaps they will be stopped before it is executed; perhaps not.

Either way, "we are closer to other side" now than we were before the synod, whether we realise it or not.