Chronicling several months of Bergoglio and U.S. roguery - Sunday 27th of January to Saturday 29th of June

Yes, I know: I have been atrociously bad at doing my weekly reviews. I wish I could guarantee an improvement, but I so dislike making empty promises that I can't bring myself to even attempting an assurance of that. In any case, I had been considering going away from weekly reviews towards shorter more pointed articles but since I had started on this 'weekly' review at the end of January, I thought I woudl extend it. First it was for a month towards the end of February, but as fortune would have it, it ended up covering several months and now covers the end of June.

My site was hacked in the meantime, which set me back a while. Most things are back to normal but the update has messed up my tagging system so I am limited to about a 5th of the tags I used to have and I haven't found a way around it. At the same time the browser I use (Firefox) seems to have experienced a problem on the operating system I use (Ubuntu Linux) and so I have not been able to use the content editor. Fortunately I realised that the content editor might work on other browsers, and I am now writing this article on Brave - a browser I can recommend to anyone. Not everything works though - hyperlinking to links doesn't, for instance - so I can't link to anything from within the article and I have to rely on the links at the bottom of the article instead. That is more than likely problem with my CMS (Drupal) than with my web browser.

I don't mean to bore you with all this nonsense, but to point out that I can come up with excuses like the best of them. In other words, it is not out of a lack of excuse-making that I refuse to jump on the "it-can-be-read-in-an-orthodox-way" bandwagon so popular among Bergoglio's enablers and defenders. Yes, I could come up with about 500 reasons why I haven't done my weekly reviews, and some  of them might even be valid, but there is really only one which counts: I have simply not taken the time to do it. It has certainly not been due to a lack of material. However, since this piece covers such a long period, I shall only be able to hit the highlights, or lowdarks, as it were, in both the secular and ecclesiastical world.

The best news is that it's been 5 months, which means I am 5 months older, which means Bergoglio is 5 months older, which means we are 5 months closer to the end of this horrific pontificate, or pseudo-pontificate, or whatever-you-wanna-call-it.

Right off the top of my head I can list any number of offences against the faith, and that's even without going back on my links. There's the appointment of McCarrick's closest friend as camerlengo, to take over when he retires. Then there is the Cardinal Wuerl replacement for Washington DC, who is really Cardinal Wuerl, with all his vices and then some, except a darker shade. While it is always exciting to see a black bishop in the U.S. considering that so few black people in the U.S. are Catholics, the man chosen to replace Wuerl is a disappointment in any measure, save for one which places perversion as a positive, which of course, is the scale Bergoglio seems to like most. Then there is Bergoglio choosing not to meet Matteo Salvini on account of Salvini not having the same fetish for kissing Muslim feet as he does, although Bergoglio put it in another way, obviously. We must also not forget the Abu Dhabi document, which I believe was signed during these past 5 months, and if ti wasn't doubtless there was a similar assault on the faith.

What we have not been treated to is another monsignor been arrested an account of a drug-fueled party at the Vatican, or a bishop openly converting to Talmudism, or wicca or some such. So I suppose it could have been worse, although I wonder if it would not be better for many of these NOChurch bishops to openly declare the religion to which they adhere because much of the time it is obvious that it is not Catholicism or even any of its heretical offshoots.

Bergoglioism is not a one-man religion though and on the face of it sometimes it seems like the world's fastest-growing religion - among ecclesiastics anyway. We have, of course, been treated to the horrendous Instrumentum Laboris of the Amazon synod, in which the authors seem to be declaring in all but name the official abandonment of the Catholic religion by NOChurch. Gone at least is the discussion of having the Eucharist in other matter than wheat - the only valid one. However, in are all manner of things, both pagan and protestant. Apparently instead of converting the Amazonian tribes, we are not supposed to learn from them how to be better in harmony with the world., and of course there is the issue of ending clerical celibacy which seems to be the whole point if this sham synod. 

You know what I can't understand? These people - Bergoglio and his minions - spend half their time talking about how we mustn't be dogmatic, how protestantism - in any of its 100,000 sub-domains - is equally good to Catholicism, how atheists go to Heaven, how everything is going to Heaven actually according to Bergoglio in one if his 'magisterial documents' (which one eludes me and frankly my brain cells are better not wasted on that). However, when it comes to the Amazon synod, then we are all of a sudden treated to the realisation that the Eucharist is important, that priests are important, and in fact so important that it is worth giving up all our doctrines and dogmas in order to provide priests for the Amazonians, without whom they might not your-guess-is-as-good-as-mine. The document does seem to mention that the Eucharistic banquet is the source and summit of our faith or some such, but again, since anybody can get to Heaven - and is actually getting there - and since this is missionary territory anyway, why whould we even trouble ourselves with holding a synod to discuss how we can better help the Amazonians to access the sacraments? It does seem rather contradictory.

Of course it is, because it is all a lie, and a series of lies will always lead to contradiction. These people couldn't care less about the Eucharist and most of them don't even believe in it as the Body of Christ, as  evidenced by encouraging all manner of sacrilege with regards to it. No, these people act on the lowest-hanging-fruit principle and they know that if they couch their intentions behind pious-sounding words, our fearful defenders of the faith will be disarmed before they can even muster up a defence of the faith. Once some anti-Christian practice has been established there as permitted, it will then be exported to Germany - the source of the novelty in the first place - from where it will spread to the rest of the world. The lowest-hanging-fruit principle, is by the way, the same one Bergoglio used when he changed the Catechism on the death penalty, introducing a heresy so dumb the only idiot he could quote to justify it was himself. A large number of people are opposed to the death penalty - if not in principle, then at least in practice, or in near-practice - and he knew very well that there would not be a big fuss about it. However, he - or whatever satanic forces are behind him - know also very well that once we get used to the catechism-of-now, then he will be free to change any other portion he wants to in the future and all he needs to do is to point to that change and say "I could change that portion completely against tradition, and now tradition has developed and I am changing this one." It is the lowest-hanging-fruit, and it is a well tried-and-tested method to introduce revolutionary change piece-meal.

So I do understand it after all! And here we had the Bergoglians thinking they were so smart. If I can understand it there is no reason why anybody can't because I am not exactly endowed with a special gift of mind-reading. All we need to do is listen to the Bergolians and see in them the same methodology which has been at work in NOChurch since the hubristical hippie-council of Vatican II in which the participans at best were high on dope, or at best had forgotten all about original sin and thought it had an expiration date.

Now, I could go on and on about the madness of the secular world, but I shall limit myself to the excesses of Trump and the roguery of the U.S. and its allies.

The Venezuela thing has still not resolved itself. In that instance Trump - or rather, his equally clueless advisors - chose a virtual nobody and declared him the interim president. They then went and brought from the darkest closet  a war criminal  - Elliot Abrams - and put him in charge of making the Venezuelan people suffer. Trump, for his part, forgot all about the non-interventionism he promised during his campaign and spoke boastfully about the days of socialism being over, to cheers from his adoring non-thinking fans as loud as they were when he during the campain said he would not interfere in other countries. When Abrams was put in charge, my thought was "these Jews really don't help themselves", because it was remarkable to me that of all the people he could find to carry out his coup, Donald Trump, or his bloodthirsty advisors, chose a Jewish man with more blood on his hands than a Saudi head-chopper. If you want to make people suffer, apparently you bring out your Talmudists. In any case, the 'Christian zionists' in his administration are no doubt the driving force behind this debacle. Maduro stands strong still, and unless the U.S. goes in all-guns blazing it's difficult to see how they will unseat him, especially since the comic book incompetence of their efforts thus far seem to have only made his opposition more suspect.

If there was one place regarding which Trump thundered ominously during his campaign it was Iran. Quite what was so odious about the JCPOA - nuclear deal - hammered out only he and his Talmudists can understand. Everybody agrees that it kept Iran under supervision, and even the CIA has always maintained that Iran never had a nuclear programme. Still, he thundered against it, withdrew from the deal, and now is on the brink of war for no reason other than to please his Talmudists and Christian zionists. 

I wrote before when Trump launched those missiles against Syria - the first time - that he never misses an opportunity to look stupid. This is even more true with regards to Iran. At the last moment - we are supposed to believe - Trump decided not to attack Iran after Iran had brought down a U.S. drone in or around Iranian waters - although the fact that Iran recovered the wreckage out to in any normal scenario lead to the conclusion that the drone was in their airspace. He should have some credit for that, but not much, and I am in agreement with his crazy DNC opponents that he only has imself to blame. He withdrew from the agreement, inflamed the situation with tough rhetoric, brought in crippling sanctions, increased the military force in the region and I don't know what he expected. The neocons around him obviously want war, and so we are now supposed to rely on the wisdom of a man who does everything to prove that wisdom is no requirement for being materially successful to avert war. For the neocons surrounding him war would be good for at least 2 reasons. The Jews, Talmudists and Christian zionists only do the bidding of Israel, and if Israel wanted Hawaii bombed I have little doubt they would to along with it. The neocons always want war because they make money off it and help bring about a globalist world order. If war breaks out Trump is likely to lose the election and they will be the happier for it because they will almost likely get a bigger warmonger than Trump, and the message will also have been sent that one cannot oppose the neocons and get away with it.

Then we have North Korea, where Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un seem intent on teasing us will all sorts of photo-ops with nothing to show for it. For all of Trumps art-of-the-deal, it is interesting to note that he has absolutely zero international victories. His trade war with China seems to be a lost cause as well. His declared goal of better relations with Russia is in tatters, and even immigration he has not managed to deal with. The only success he has is a budget deal  which lowered taxes but whose long-term effect is increasing the national debt since the budget deal never decreased spending. In other words, by the end of every year, the U.S. is actually poorer than it was at the beginning, and this despite the fact that Donald Trump told us during his election campaign that the "debt is so great that nobody knows how to deal with it, but I do". Well, apparently he doesn't, or maybe this is the 39th dimension of his 51-dimension chess game or whatever his psychophants cliam.

The truth is that Donald Trump probably had good intentions but he sold out to the Jews in his campaign, probably because they saved his business, and they in turn let in the neocons, on account of his support from the Christian zionists, who are the backbone of the neocons, of course. Now what we are left with is a man whose only tangible goal is getting re-elected, and to do that he needs to keep the economy going strong, which is probably the one success from his presidency. At the domestic front and on the things which he can control he has done quite well - the appointment of judges being his strongest point - but he has been woeful when it comes to convincing others to do the right thing, and since he is a principleless man, the 'right thing' seems always to be in flux.

His instincts are often good but he doesn't have the moral fabric to act on his best instincts. His knowledge of the world is bad so he often has to rely on peole far more vicious than he is. His enemies seem demonic so whatever he does always seems to be the better option even though objectively-speaking oftentimes it is very bad.

Well, at least he is entertaining, because we would probably have got the warmongering whoever got elected, except without the comedy and entertainment.

In the end though, Donald Trump is not going to save the U.S. because the U.S. is a vicious country. Any country which thinks of itself as exceptional is always going to end up vicious, especially one which gives up Christianity for Judeo-Christian values, whatever that means. If evidence is anything to go by, it must mean endless usury, endless killing of the unborn at home, sexual perversion in the schools and the streets, the destruction of the family, sodomy, hypocrisy in foreign relations, the distraction of the masses, endless killing abroad - especially when it gets to displace Christians from their ancestral homes.

We can only hope that God intervens and makes the Catholic Church Catholic again, so that She can go about evangelising the U.S. and with it the rest of the the West because right now, I don't see much hope for the survival of the West. It will probably take divine intervention, and I fear that divine justice will mean that we have to undergo much pain before we see anything resembling moral societies.

Time for the much-anticipated Bergogli-victim-of-the-week. Natually, it being over 5 months since my last post, it will have to be a victim over the course of this period, but I'll still call it the Bergoglio victim-of-the-week in keeping with NOChurch double-speak in which almost everything seems to be the exact opposite of what the words mean. There are so many options, but I shall have to choose church synods. After the debacle of last winter's synod on the youth, followed up by the sexual abuse summit, then the pre-synod document for the Amazonian synod, it is difficult to believe that anybody in their right mind can trust NOChurch synods to come up with anything positive. At this point it doesn't seem as thoug FrancisChurch can come up with an ensebmle of bishops bright enough between them to find their way out of a paper bag.