Site restored...For now at least; for good, I hope.

After much toil I have managed to restore the site.

I have updated the server and the CMS, plus all the modules. I have also attempted to tighten up the security setting, but as I have no idea how the last breach happened I can't be certain.

Alas, I'll not be blaming those pesky Russians for the hack! Someone has to play the role of maverick, after all.

The last attempt at restoration was short-lived - the site experienced a database error shortly afterwards. My guess is that it had to do with a faulty package installation on the server, but even on that I am none the wiser. I had managed to use the same installation procedure on 2 servers previously - one nearly identical and the other identical - without a glitch, so I'll blame it on a package installation and leave it at that.

Hopefully this time the site will be up for a good while longer. Some things are still not quite right at the back-end which means it's not as easy to work with as it was before, but the site as presented ought to be nearly-identical to previously, and I count on getting the back-end up to scratch before long.