Acknowledgning Christianity's true enemies in the modern world would kind of help...

Part of winning a war, or even a battle - perhaps the most important part - is knowing who the enemy is. When someone comes at you wielding an axe, it is easier to assume the person is more your enemy than say, the manager of your hostel, no matter how bad he treats you.

It would be difficult to imagine that the manager of your hostel would want you dead given that you think he needs your money for his establishment, even though he has been trying to kick you out ever since he took over management. That bitter taste in your morning porridge may wreak of chlorine or cyanide, but you are probably going to dismiss it. "Pouring chlorine or cyanide into my morning porridge is something he said he would never do",  you convince yourself.

That little intro brings us to a piece which ran on Russia Today, or more specifically, RT America - the American version. I much prefer the international version because it is far more serious in its work, and employs far more serious journalists rather than simply slim and young women, although I suppose when in Rome...

The piece is the one below:

It is about Christians who were killed in Libya for their faith, by ISIS or people claiming to be ISIS anyway, whose mass grave has now been uncovered - or at least found. In the piece they are labelled Ethiopians, but I remember them being Egyptians and much of the talk in the piece ends up being about Coptic Christians in Egypt anyway, so I don't know whether it is RT America's  young slim women who have made an error or whether the victims referred to were actually Ethiopians or whether they were Egyptians. I digress...

The debate then comes around to something I have often mentioned myself: Namely, that people who claim to be Christians in the U.S. often end up supporting wars in the Middle East whose one consistent outcome has been depriving Christians of their ancestral homelands.These so-called Christians are mentioned as the biggest pro-war faction, which is hardly a controversial opinion, to be fair. The evangelicals in particular are pointed out, again, not in any way unfairly.

The journalist makes the case that it is probably about ignorance; that the U.S. public does not know much about what happens in the world, that it has been duped by the media and political establishment to support wars it otherwise would not do. There is probably some truth to that.

Much more to the point though, is the fact that Christianity is not the biggest religion in the U.S., but actually zionism is, or ameri-zionism, which I suppose is a mix of zionism and americanism in which no number of victims are too great if the U.S. does the killing or zionism is the cause. Most so-called Christians in the U.S., when push comes to shove, would rather support Talmudist Jews who hate Christ and hate everything about the Church that Christ founded than they would support Christians in the Middle East, Arabs or otherwise. That is the cold hard fact that most people do not acknowledge. 

In fact, as someone put it recently, Americans would rather give up Alaska than give up support for the zionist state of Israel.The particular appeal of zionism is that it appeals to no particular faith: One can be a zionist with little or not faith in God, and in fact atheist zionists are just as bloodthirsty as their 'religious' peers. Most zionists in the U.S. are not even Jews, but people who claim to be Christians. Of course, zionism is a heresy, so no Christian can hold to it without apostasising.

I wish this were only an evangelical problem, but years of listening to Catholic Answers has taught me otherwise, as have many conversations with people who call themselves Christians, even Catholics, in Sweden. I am often tempted to ask them: "If Judaism is so swell, why don't you just convert to it and leave Christianity to those who follow in the footsteps of the early Christians, the earliest of whom converted from Judaism to Christianity, often at great peril?" One day, perhaps in a bout of anger, I shall ask that question.

That evangelicanism is a creation of the devil is a topic I might have time to pursue in future. For now, suffice it to write that evangelicanism is entirely devoid of intellectual substance, so it should surprise us little that they will claim to care for Christians while supporting regimes which kill them and starting wars which are sure to leave Christianity worse off than it was before. The devil is smart that way, in that he can use our intellectual and moral blindness to fight for evil in the name of an imaginary good.

In the meantime, it bears remembering that the very same people who wage wars in the Middle East - ostensibly against dictators or Islamists - are the very same people who attack Christianity in the formerly Christian lands of Europe. It would indeed, take a very massive mental disconnect, to believe that these people want Christianity expunged from Europe but have it thriving in the Middle East.  That these same peope - and the zionists who support them - have been arming the same Islamists who they claim to fight, even in the face of clear evidence that these Islamists want to destroy every last shred of Christianity in the region, is also worth remembering. Let us recall that with the possible exception of Iraq, the U.S. and al-Qaeda have fought on the same side of every war that has taken place in the Middle East over the past 20 years or so - whether that be Libya, Yemen or Syria.

It is sad that I have to contextualise my piece with the following clarification but, given times are as they are I must: I am no friend of Islam and indeed yield to nobody in my criticism of Islam. It makes little sense though to pretend that Islam is the biggest threat facing Europe, as if Europe would return to pious times if all the Muslims were deported, or as if the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East would end if the freemasons and zionists who run Western societies had free reign in the Middle East.

Would the killing of unborn children end with the expulsion of Muslims? Would all our adoption agencies all of a sudden be returned to authentically Catholic hands? Would all our churches all of a sudden be brimming with kneeling worshipers at the sight of the Holy Eucharist? Would all Muslims who seek God be overawed at the acts of reverence flowing from Europe to such an extent that they would see in the behaviour of Europeans proof of faith in the One True God? Would you be safe from an all-expanding totalitarian state which seeks to abolish nature and pervert your children and those of everyone you hold dear?

I answer emphatically no! Anybody who believes that has fallen victim to a massive propaganda campaign which seeks to shift blame from the political elite where it belongs  for the purpose of more consolidation of power. After all, without the threat of Islamists, Europeans - I would like to believe - and Americans (probably) would probably not have accepted the totalitarian drift of their governments.

For sure, Islam is a threat to any society it touches, and is no friend of Christianity. It's greatest victims are indeed its adherents, who are denied the knowledge of an all-loving and all-merciful God. This same deprivation is inflicted upon the Jews or any other pagans, when NOChurch insists that one can be saved by following his conscience, without even ever talking of a well-formed conscience being the only conscience worth having, and how terribly likely we are to be deformed if left without the grace of God, which can only flow in us through baptism.

The fact that Islam is a false religion does not in any way shape or form mean that Muslims cannot be the victims of violence, unjust violence. Such violence is what has taken place in the Middle East for well over 50 years, on account of wars either supported or egged on by people calling themselves Christians. What does it say about them that their victims are of a magnitude hundreds more than that of Muslims who kill in the name of Islam? 

Well, if the lives of Muslims don't matter to you, then at least remember that every time you support a war in the Middle East, the most sure victims of it will be Christians and that the very same people supporting and pushing for that war, are the very same who want Christianity wiped out where you live, and almost certainly, adherents of the same anti-Christian mentality as those who tried to wipe Christianity out at its infancy.