The Grinch who attacked Marian dogmas, and kangaroo trials aplenty - Sunday 25th of November to Saturday 29th of December

There is, as usual in NOChurch, plenty of bad ecclesiastical news to go around. I shall, however, start with what is unquestionably bad news, but one which has still divided opinion because of the secrecy and irregularities surrounding it. That news, is of course, the conviction of Cardinal Pell for sexual child abuse, down in Australia, which seem to be working extra hard to cement its association with kangaroos, this time with what seems clearly to be a kangaroo court.

The uncontested facts are as follows: The cardinal was charged with a crime dating from the 1990s. Before that he was in charge of financial reforms at the Vatican, during the course of which he is widely reported to have found irregularities and was blocked in his attempts at following these irregularities up. He was also opposed to the Bergoglian antics of the 2015 synod, famously shouting "the manipulatio of this synod must stop!" or some such thing. Not long afterwards the accusations against him picked up steam and he chose to go back to Australia to fight the charges rather than stay in Rome, which he could have done given that he had a Vatican passport - or so I have been led to believe.

Many obviously see the charges against him as part of a conspiracy to remove him from the Vatican so that he would not follow up the financial corruption he had uncovered. Others see Cardinal Pell's case as another example of a highly-placed Vatican official being a child molester. Those 2 stories are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Some see him as an ardent traditionalist, a charge false at best, while others see him as a conservative who is part of the problem, probably  not entirely unfounded but far from telling the full picture.

In any case,  Cdl. George Pell was found guilty by unanimous verdict, but even that is contestable as the trial was secret. The actual details about the case read like something from a bad fiction on Soviet times.

As has become popular in Anglo-Saxon countries, the details of the court case were kept under wraps and there is a gag order on reporting on it. Not only that, but  they have also gone after foreign news outlets which dare to shed light on the case. The Remnant put it best with the title Cardinal Pell Convicted, Details Available On Need-to-know Basis (and you don't need to know). The cardinal can appeal, but he has already been convicted in the court of public opinion by a media which is hostile to him largely because he opposes the sexual deviancy that they have been promoting.

Some authentically Catholic outlets have   chosen not to criticise the process and accept the conviction as proper. However, I find this odd because it does not seem to me that they can have any sort of insight into the case against him, and to judge a man based on largely unsubstantiated accounts is gravely unjust and an offence to justice. Others, most notably, have labelled it a witch trial.

Not knowing all the facts, I cannot make much of a case in favour of or against the cardinal. For a good account of the irregularities surrounding the trial, I can do worse than point to an article titled The inexplicable conviction of Cardinal Pell, written by Phil Lawler., not exactly a reflexive defendant of NOChurch hierarchs. He makes the case that " in a proper legal system, not only is justice done, but justice is seen to be done" and there is nothing about a secret trial, held under a media gag order, in which irregularities in the timing seem not to be challenged, that can be considered just.

This case has eery similarities with that of Tommy Robinsion - a man I really have no affinity for and a zionist who I consider to be part of the controlled opposition - in which a secret trial reached a conclusion favouring a totalitarian mindset under the cover of a media gag order. Unlike that case, there does not seem to be any actual proof of any crime (although I hasten to add that the crime in that case was a made-up one), but rather conviction is handed down based on the witness of people who have dubious motives and characters, to say the least.

There is good reason to suspect that Cardinal Pell is innocent of these crimes, and good grounds for that comes also from Australia, where a Abp. Philip Wilson who had been convicted of covering up sexual abuse was later cleared. The accuser confessed to making the whole thing up.

I have previously warned that we must be very careful with the sexual abuse hysteria. Enemies of the Church, both within and without, will use it to attack the Church, both Her reputation and Her material wealth. They are hard at work at this, and given the potential financial rewards of accusing prelates or priests of sexual abuse, it is not surprising to see all and sundry coming up with accusations, and the media dutifully obliging in demonising the accused, with no evidence whatsoever. For that reason I am very pleased with the suspicious line that has taken with regard to allegations of sexual abuse by priests, something from which Church Militant could learn a great deal. Watching Church Militant, it seems there is no accusation they are not willing to take as well-founded, even those coming without proof or those which have previously been dismissed. Perhaps it is because, after years of having gone after those who opposed Bergoglio and finally having to concede that those were right, but not having the integrity to admit it outright, they now find themselves having to jump on the bandwagon against anybody facing any sort of accusation of sexual misbehaviour, Whatever their reason, it is rather unsavoury, and not particularly charitable towards the truth.

Either way, the conviction of Cardinal Pell is bad news. If he is guilty, then it is a very highly-placed hierarchy guilty of sexual abuse, which does not reflect well on NOChurch at all, and while I wish for little more than the destruction of NOChurch, it is NOChurch which holds the material wealth of the real Church and any assault on it makes the job of real Catholics that much harder. If Cardinal Pell is innocent, then it shows that there are powers who are willing to disregard all decency and convict an innocent man without any proof simply to further their agenda - whatever that may be - and we can be sure that we shall have more of these kangaroo courts against any person who upsets the political and ecclesiastical elite, who seem to be working hand-in-hand to destroy what remains of Christianity.

In other bad news, the Church and the world lost Bishop Morlino to an untimely death. Whether any death is timely is debatable, but he was one of few prelates who actually seemed to care for souls. I was very surprised to learn that he was a Jesuit, because I have become accustomed to seeing in Jesuits nothing more than outright apostasy and a quest for sexual deviancy. He shall be missed. The battle for  his successor begins and many fear that it will be a Bergoglian, which would be a real shame, because the Diocse of Madison has been considered one of the better ones.

Hardly a month goes by without Bergoglio and his henchmen launching another attack on the few faithful Catholics remaining in NOChurch, and they are especially fond of going after traditional orders which have not yet been incorporated into the Ecclesia Dei umbrella. The latest victim of this policy is the Fraternity of Familia Christi , which has been placed under yet another of Bergoglio's infamous commissars. This order was founded by Bishop Luigi Negri, who is famous for his opposition to Bergolio and his plans, and if I am not mistaken, also famous for his opposition to the Islamisation and secularisation of Europe. In any case, Bergoglio got rid of Bp. Luigi Negri and his successor has gone after the order. None of that should surprise us.

Onto secular politics, Donald Trump decided to pull U.S. troops out of Syria, in keeping with his campaign pledges. The American political and media establishment did not take kindly to this, so we must hope that he finally grows some courage and sticks to his guns because any American politician who is opposed to militarism will pretty much be on his own. He also decided to allow a 'shutdown' of the U.S. government on account of budgetary fights in an aim to get his wall funded. I commend him on that, and I wish it is the beginning of him finally trying to deliver on his campain promises, which were largely good - bar his militaristic language on Iran. As one writer at The Strategic Culture remarked, Government Shutdown Or Not, The Police State Will Continue To Flourish. The worst excesses of the government will still continue to operate, and sadly these are never questioned.

Still, credit where credit is due and we can hope that Donald Trump is finally getting serious about addressing the corrputing influences of American imperialism. I am not hopeful, however, as at the bottom of it all, we still have a man who seems not to adhere to any principles. Ron Paul has assessed Donald Trumps presidency in light of his decision to pull out as a "mixed bag", and I would subscribe to that. All I would add is that it has been an almost unmitigated failure when it comes to international politics, coupled with overwhelmingly good things on the domestic front.

His mistakes on the international front can be exemplified by 2 recent events. The first is the arrest of Huawei's CFO, the daughter of founder of the company, in Canada. The other example has to do with his disastrous performance at the G20, labeled "lousy high-school diplomacy" by Ron Paul which showed him as a man who is utterly impotent on the international stage because he is too concerned about what the newspapers will write about him at home. It should have been an embarassing watch for any American, and his pre-occupation with news headlines prevented him meeting Vladimir Putin and perhaps others.

Much more can be written about what happened over the past month, but I must start wrapping up what will be my last entry for the year, with a vow to improve for the coming year by being much more timely with my articles.

I would remiss if I did not mention one more thing though...

With Christmas approaching,   we had 2 NOChurch hierarchs making good immitations of the Grinch by attacking Marian dogmas, in one case directly and in another in veiled language. One is a Portuguese bishop named Manuel Linda, who denied the perpetual Virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary by stating that her virginity is only "symbolic". The other is our very infamous Bergogio, who seemed to deny the Immaculate Conception, the man who would be pope, by blathering the the Virgin Mary was not born a saint. I shall put the latter down to Bergoglio's stupidity rather than outright defiance, but the thing with this ogre is that it is very hard to know whether his mistakes are on account of his stupidity or on account of his deliberate malice. As for Manuel Linda, he has walked it back by saying that he is prepared to make a statement affirming his belief in the perpetual Virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but one has to wonder why he questioned it in the first place if he believes in it.

This week's Bergoglio victim of the week is Marian dogmas. While it is questionable whether Bergoglio intended to deny the Immaculate Conception outright, the fact is that in his meaning he did. It could easily have been traditional or tradition-leaning orders, but something tells me that there will be more chances in the not-too-distante future for those to claim the award. If I had to award a winner every time Bergoglio attacked tradition hardly anyone else would get a look-in, and the it would not be as clear that Bergoglio is comprehensive in his attacks on the Holy Catholic Faith, which he seems to loathe as much as he seems to love blathering about incoherently.