Bergoglio shatters the irony-meter as the synod against the youth ends with gay abandon - Sunday 28th of October to Saturday 24th of November

Sometimes this Bergoglio character is quite amusing, probably without even meaning to be; almost certainly so. Without a hint of irony, the man who has led what is without a doubt the most sustained attack on the Catholic faith ever carried out by a bishop found it fit to tell us that we should, as one newspaper titled it "Defend Church from those who seek to destroy it". It deserves mention that he also implicated those who reveal sins of the hierarchy in this. He wasted no time in labelling them "the great accuser", no doubt in reference to Archbishop Vigano, who has exposed him as the sexual abuse enabler that he is.

I hope this will be a short entry, as I am running far behind current events and I would like to catch up. So I'll jutt make it a recap of what I think were the most interesting topics which caught my attention.

The synod, or "gaynod", as it was aptly called by some, finally ended, and not a moment too soon. The whole exercise was a waste of money, time and opportunity, or as Mundabor put it, "the faithless leading the stupid", although that was in reference to Cardinal Tagle who managed to demonstrate the absolute imbecillity of those who run the Church by engaging in a silly dance with some youth. What is it with NOChurch and the cult of  youth, and old men always debasing themselves trying to look hip? I shall not even mention the dance at the closing ceremony, in which even Bergoglio seemed to realise the stupidity of it all and chose to remain in his seat while all the geezers and  youths danced with gay abandon around him.

The always-combative and often painfully-honest Louie Verrechio had his say on the final document, which he described as "Montini’s gift to the LGBT cause", in reference to a Vatican document published during his time as pope. There is much to read in that piece but the most eye-catching was the following line:

As for the mitred bozos that approved of this text, their minds are another matter altogether.

There was once a time when I would have considered such a statement out of line, but frankly, that is much better than I care to address them, and "mitred bozos" actually flatters much of the NOChurch hierarchy.

It has been reported that most of the people who voted on the document didn't actually understand what they voted on, since the final draft was only available in Italian, and they had but a few hours to read them. If this is true, then it makes me think even less of these bozos who think so little of the Church and of their office that they are willing to sign off on documents which they do not understand. That fact alone ought to render anything they did as inadmissible, and them as certifiable, but in NOChurch, it seems absurdity and incompetence is rewarded instead of punished, and we can be sure that those who signed off without question were given much more of a red carpet treatment than those (if any) who resisted what was obviously underhanded tactics.

One of the many idiotic ideas proposed at the synod was the idea that there needs to be some sort of Catholic blog certification. Obviously, the Bergoglians are tired of the fact that all of the authentically Catholic blogs are against them so they aim to silence their critics as they have managed to do on the ecclesiastical front. Quite why they think anybody takes them seriously enough to consult them for advice on what they should read is anybody's guess. It just outlines how out of touch they are with reality. If such a list were introduced, a "FrancisCertification", if you may, it would act as nothing more than a list of outlets to avoid .

Come to think of it, I would be very much in favour of them publishing such a list! It would make my job of discerning what not to read that much easier.

Enough on the synod against the youth...Bergoglio's attack on Catholicism is multi-pronged after all.

One of his favourite tactics is going after faithful orders, which almost exclusively seem to be Tridentine-Rite, or trending that way. This period was no different, as we were informed that Bergoglian commissars have gone after the French order of sisters in France called "Little Sisters of Mary, the Mother of the Redemer". About 90% of the sisters have asked to be dispensed from their vows, rather than put up with a commissioner who is almost certain to be working counter to the mission of the Church and the charism which attracted them. As usual, they made up claims in order to justify their intervention , with the odious Braz de Aviz licking his lips to get in on the action, yet again. This is the man who claimed that the Church had never been better, some years back, which makes one wonder whether  his memory is bad, his grasp of the current situation is bad, or whether he simply does not understand what the word "better" means.

It bears wondering whether the man has ever seen or heard of a faithful order he did not wish to see crushed...

Destroying Holy Mother Church (or at least attempting to) is not a task at which Bergoglio can manage alone, nor is it one which he is undertaking on his own, as he seems to have ample help from most of our largely faithless Catholic hiearchy. Case in point: In Italy they had a bishops' conference, and one of the things some bishops brought up was the need to  abolish Summorum Pontificum. Only a few brought it up though, which in these times must be considered a sort of victory for sanity. No such victory was forthcoming when it came to the  mistranslation of the Pater Noster and the Gloria at Mass though, as they overwhelmingly approved mistranslations to bring the Mass into Bergoglian thinking - or whatever poses for it.

When one can't count on a sorry bunch of apostates enabled by an even sorrier bunch of non-apostate cowards, it's hard to know who one can trust...

In an attempt to keep this entry short, as stated, I shall not cover the usual murderous Israeli actions , or  the U.K. trying to join the U.S. in going completely rogue and ignoring the rule of decency as regards financial transations. It is also not worth pointing out that the Chinese communists continue to persecute the Church in China  in spite of - or perhaps due to - their recently signed pact with Bergoglio's Vatican.

One thing worth mentioning though, is that the U.S. attempts to use SWIFT to bully everyone into submission is already facing pushback. In "For Russia, Change Comes SWIFTly", an analyst made the case that the threat of pushing a country out of the global financial system is something that can only be done once, at least with regards to major players. Russia, has, for instance, already made adjustments to its banking system such that everything can function even if Russia is kicked out of the SWIFT system. Russia, of course, are more and more working to facilitate bilateral deals with non-dollar currencies. Iran is the latest victim of U.S. and Donald Trump bullying, as it was kicked out of the SWIFT system despite sticking to the (unjust) agreements it signed to be allowed back in. The EU has made noises about devising a SWIFT-alternative, but since SWIFT is based in Belgium, and not even in the U.S., it is difficult first of all to see how the spineless European 'leaders' (and I use that word loosely) would even go about doing something requiring a modicum of statesmanship, or how when such a mechanism has been devised, they would have the courage to deny the U.S. free reign over it.

Being rogue has consequences, and one positive of Donald Trump's warmongering and threats is that it has brought a lot of would-be victims closer together, so that hopefully one day they will be able to resist the free-masonic U.S.A. in its quest for world subjugation. By the way, it gives me no pleasure in counting communist China as a force for freedom, but it must be admitted that at least with regards to international politics, China is an infinitely more positive influence than the U.S., or the EU, or indeed any Western country, for the simple reason that they do not promote their own evils abroad.

In the midst of Western roguery, and NOChurch assaults on the Christian faith, it is sometimes easy to forget that there are actually Christians who put their lives on the line to stay faithful. One such is Asia Bibi, whose acquittal was suspended in what must be one of the longest court cases in Pakistani legal history. I can't even keep track of where that case has gone, except to jot down what that I was informed that the U.K. refused to take her in giving the excuse that it would cause a riot in the U.K., which just tells us everything we need to know about where the U.K. is headed: Bring in a lot of violent people, then use these people's propensity for violence as an excuse not to do any good. That island cannot sink fast enough. featured 2 articles about the plight of Middle-Eastern Christians. The first one detailed what some Christian families have experienced, and left no doubt that the ameri-zionist ideology of the U.S. is as much to blame as that of  jihadism. The other was a heart-wrecking tale of how one entire family was wiped off the face of the Earth by Islamists. The article featured a picture of them posing for pictures.

This is the reality of Middle-Eastern Christians, assaulted by free-masonic zionistic secularists/atheists from the West backing violent Islamic Jihadists on the ground. Meanwhile, in Bergoglioland, the biggest evil facing the world is youth unemployment.

This week's Bergoglio victim of the week: Irony. How Bergoglio can with a straight face say that we need to destroy the Church from those who seek to destroy it is beyond parody. It is bemusingly hypocritical, and unless it was meant to mock the faithful, displays a dangerous lack of self-awareness.