The Tridentine Mass once ruled the world; It will do so again! - Sunday 5th to Saturday 11th of August

It was a relatively slow news week, with now new theme dominating. Furthermore, many of the articles I read seemed to have been written the week before, further underlining my claim.

There were developments and fallouts of the McCarrick scandal, but sadly that is not new in NOChurch as hardly a week goes by without yet another homosexual scandal. It turns out that even in a relatively(by NOChurch standards) good diocese - the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska - there was homosexual harassment in the seminary.

The  Diocese of Harrisburg released the names of over 70 priests accused of sexual abuse, some of it dating from the 1940s. None of them are in active ministry, and the average comes out at about 1 priest per year over 70 years, which is certainly far from an overwhelming number. However, it is still sickening that these priests seem not to have undergone disciplinary measures, and perhaps worse still that it took the McCarrick scandal for this to come out. I am also split regarding the wisdom of releasing names from people accused of sexual abuse, when the men involved are dead and cannot defend themselves. Something about it rings entirely hollow and insincere.

Not tired of current homosexual scandals,  Bergoglio decided to appoint a high-ranking Vatican official who is suspected of being a sodomite himself . As I have mentioned before, we are well within ourselves to ask whether Bergoglio is not himself a sodomite. In fact, I would argue that at this point we are almost duty-bound to assume that he is. Normal decent folks do not surround themselves with sodomites unless they are partial to their lifestype. One of his closest aides, Maradiaga, had to defend himself from accusations of misconduct after it transpired that one of his closest aides had been sexually harassing seminarians. This is the man often referred to as the 'vice pope', on account of being so close to Bergoglio.

In The Moment Before the Storm, Steve Skojec tells us that there is an eerie feeling about the Church, as if something big is about to burst out, and the hierarchy seems utterly oblivious to the anger bubbling up amongst the faithful. There have been indications of this anger coming to the surface, but as I do not hang out with people in the Novus Ordo, I dare not comment on whether he has his finger on the pulse regarding that.

A Bergoglian appointee in  Argentina forbade the faithful in his diocese from receiving Holy Communion kneeling. You see, NOChurch bishops have no qualms stamping their authority upon the faithful when it comes to things which destroy the faith. They just have trouble being authoritative when it comes to protecting the faith.

The Bergoglian attempt to teach that the death penalty is "inadmissible" continued to attract attention. It is difficult to make sense of the piece written by Fr. Allan McDonald, who argued that by stating that there are no exceptions allowed with regards to the death penalty, it will be easier to make the case that there are no exceptions allowed for abortion. He is against the change, and naturally against the killing of unborn children. However, his statement does not seem to me to make much sense, since most of those people care not about what the pope says anyway. Furthermore, he misrepresents the teaching on capital punishment: The Church's teaching is not that the death penalty is an exception to the absolute prohibition of murder, but rather that it is a fulfillment of the command that we should protect life. Mundabor had no problem calling Bergoglio's attempt "formal heresy", or making a coherent case as to why this is necessarily so.

Social media censorship continues to gather pace. I am not on social media, so I care not for what they do. I do remember over 10 years ago saying that the West is much more likely to end up like China than China is likely to end up like 'the West' - whatever 'West' means - and I have largely been proven correct. We now have NATO through the Atlantic Council deciding what is acceptable on facebook, and who deserves censure.

This week the censoring agents came for   Alex Jones, the US's premier conspiracy theorist . I have watched a lot of his stuff, and I like that he is mostly anti-war, although I must admit that he was much better before Trump was president, as he could focus on completely opposing U.S. imperialist murderous policies, as opposed to defending his man against legitimate criticism, or deflecting that criticism to others. After they were done with Alex Jones, they decided to ban a Venezuelan news site. Expect this kind of censorship to continue and widen in scope!

On Alex Jones, I must admit that I still have not figured out whether he is a legitimate opposition figure or false opposition. If he is legitimate, then it is likely that he sold out a while back, as he now never mentions Israel as being the problem in the Middle East, and especially in the Syrian conflict. This he did do earlier in his career. He is very much onboard with the anti-Iraninan propaganda, presumably because Trump spouts it. I can only presume that when he uses the word "globalist" he means "zionist" and that the man is smart enough to know that there are people you are not allowed to criticise, which is why he cannot criticise the zionists head-on. Either way, the man is insincere in not pointing out Israel's complicity in the creation of Islamist groups in the region, and in launching war after war after war. He seems to have no trouble mentioning Saudi Arabia, so at least we can conclude that it's not the Saudis who he fears, and therefore that it's not the Saudis who run the death-merchant deep state.

One of the happier stories of the week was with Matteo Salvini stating that mothers and fathers will make a comeback on Italian forms, having been demoted to parent 1 and parent 2 by the previous regime. That this can even be subject of news shows just how decrepit the West has got, but we'll take what little incremental step towards sanity we can find. The man seems to be one of few sane politicians around. We can even go far as to call him a statesman. No wonder Bergoglians dislike him.

There was a story which made the headlines a few years back, with Swedish police officers on vacation in New York subduing a man who was acting rowdy on the subway, without violece. A lot of people asked why New York police could not have been so civil. Had they asked me, I would have told them that it's because they were in foreign territory and were unarmed, and I would also have mentioned that Swedish police are generally some of the more trigger-happy around. Then we had this story last week: Swedish police kill man with Down syndrome carrying toy gun. Unusually, the headline actually describes the content of the story. It is not the first time that Swedish police have shot a harmless man, and this headline is much more in keeping with the response of Swedish police officers whenever they are called to defuse anything out of the ordinary than the one in New York was. Then again, the fact that they were off-duty and in a foreign country, might have been reason enough to suspect that their conduct might have been extra-ordinary but it's not for nothing that I urge everybody to take everything the media tells you with a fistful of salt.

A man goes to a confessional in a Novus Ordo parish, is asked by the priest who has been there for 5 years why he doesn't recognise him if he belongs to the parish. The man reveals that he attends the Tridentine Rite at another church. The priest hearing the confession tells him:

Keep going my son: that is the real future of the Church!

He is asked by the penitent why he doesn't celebrate the Tridentine Mass which he thinks of so highly. He continues:

After my first public celebration I experienced disparagement on the part of my order,  but most of all  I’m concerned that they will send a Protestant pastor here [in the parish] – be patient for a little while longer: Tradition is going be completely legitimized and the  pestilent confusion which is reigning supreme now will be wiped out. Have faith: Our Lady will help us!

This article was published on Rorate Caeli and will have to comprise this week's uplifting news.  The escape from the island in the first Jurassic Park movie ends with the T-Rex bringing down a banner which reads "Dinosaurs ruled the world". Similarly, we ought to have a  banner on top of every Latin Rite Catholic Church which reads:

The Tridentine Rite once ruled the world. It will do so again!

If the Catholic Church is to survive, and it will, we can take that as a given. A large number of Catholics of previous generations were willing to lay their lives on the line for the Mass. With the Novus Ordo Missae, most Catholics can't even be bothered to wake up a bit earlier on Sundays for it.

This week's Bergoglio victim of the week is Vatican appointments. The man just can't seem to pull a name out of the hat without it being a pervert of one kind of another, at least when he gets to appoint free of pressure. He is mocking God, and he is mocking and daring all of us to oppose him.