The shortest comeback in sporting history and a month-full of NOChurch news, if you can stomach it - Sunday 24th of June to Saturday 21st of July

On day 3 of what was supposed to be an almost 2-week vacation, I managed to injure myself in what must be the shortest sporting comeback in history, after a very long sports 'retirement'. It meant that my holiday wasn't what it was supposed to be, but it also meant that I managed to do a lot more reading than I had intended

This entry covers the week prior to my vacation as well as the week afterwards, since I did try to stay as much away from the computer as I could. As usual, I shall try to keep it short. I shall probably fail in that aim, as usual.

As June 30th marked the 30th anniversary of the episcopal consecrations conducted by Archbishop Marce Lefebvre in 1988, Rorate Caeli saw it fit to commemmorate this with a 3-part series 3-part series documenting the events which led up to it. It becomes clear that Lefebvre was not looking for a fight and that Cardinal Ratzinger did his best to try and stop the consecrations proceeding without Vatican approval. Take place they did, however, and one is left with an incomplete picture of exactly why it was that the Vatican held off its approval. Given how much else the Vatican had allowed to get out of control, it is striking that the one thing they managed to crack down on in the harshest of ways in the 1980s was the consecration of bishops whose purpose it was to continue doing what the Church had always done.

One cannot help but feel that there were agents in the Vatican who either wanted Marcel Lefebvre to die, and with him any organised clerical resistance to the Novus Ordo, or wanted to provoke a consecration without  Vatican's approval, so that they could ostracise those who held tradition dear and who opposed all the disastrous changes that were introduced following Vatican II. Scheming against tradition is one of few things NOChurch has managed to do efficiently, after all.

As if to highlight the scheming against Catholic tradition, we had news that Fr. Frank Phillips of the Order of St. John Cantius in Chicago had his his faculties for public ministry withdrawn despite beingexonerated of the charges of sexual misconduct brought against him. That the man in charge of the archdiocese of Chicago is arch-homosexualist and arch-modernist Cupich, one of Bergoglio's favourites, should surprise nobody.

A few weeks previously, I had written that we should expect Bergoglio to come up with a major heresy after he had attacked eugenics and abortion (and according to some gmarriage) in a speech to a pro-family organisation in Italy. Bergoglio did not take long to prove me right and on a flight back from Geneva to celebrate and promote ecumenism (nothing more than NOChurch speak for religious indifferentism), he informed us that  local bishops should decide on intercommunion. This, of course, came just several weeks after the Vatican had stopped the Germans from issuing intercommunion guidelines.

Not content with promoting heresy, Bergoglio once again proved himself to be a liar when he claimed that he only found out about the Amoris Laetitia dubia through the media  neo-Catholics took realised was an outright lie , an assertion which even neo-Catholics took realised was an outright lie and traditionalists found it as  more proof (if any were needed)  that Bergoglio is a petty idiot. Even if we somehow manage to convince ourselves that he was telling the truth, we are left with the fact that he is a heretic and a disgrace because it has been almost 2 years now since the dubia was issued, so he has no excuse for defending Church teaching. Instead, the has clarified time and time again that he wanted to teach heresy.

With Bergoglio, one can almost always expect bad to dovetail into sheer absurdity, and so it was when he declared not too long afterwards that consecrated virgins no longer have to be virgins, among other craziness, in yet more Bergoglio legislation designed to destroy religious life. He is relentless on attacking consecrated religious life.

It should therefore not surprise us that over in Germany, NOChurch central, Bergoglio's fellow ingrates are doing the same thiung. We were informed that Cdl. Marx is making himself the enemy of monasteries and Nuns. In the most recent example, he closed a convent and appropriated to himself all of its property. You see, it's not enough for NOChurch officials to destroy religious life, they must also destroy materially all religious institutions. That might actually be why they continue to allow the largely homosexual abuse of minors to continue in the Church, while turning many seminaries into little more than sodomital orgies conventions. The resulting lawsuits ensure that the Church loses her material wealth, on top of the moral capital that is flushed down the drain when these revelations come to light.

Speaking of which, the McCarrick scandal continues, and wouldn't you know, that particular pervert had received a well-deserved “Spirit Of Francis Award” from his fellow sodomy-pusher Bergoglian Cardinal Cupich of Chicago, previously of destroying St. John Cantius' founder fame, mentioned above.

NOChurch has been nothing short of a disaster, if we assume that it was brought about to safeguard Catholicism - a dubious assertion at best. Formerly fertile Catholic lands have turned to wastelands, and nowhere is this better illustrated than in Ireland, which has hopped from one public apostasy to another. The Catholic World Report ran a piece titled May 25th was the burial, not the death, of “Catholic Ireland” and it is difficult to argue. For the more argumentative types, however, we had news which can only be categorised in the "just when you thought things can't get any worse" category. You see, at a  Mass in Ireland, with the priest not showing up - a priest shortage is another of NOChurch's most disginguishing features - the woman in charge of pushing the kill-the-unborn-children referendum decided that she would  take over and lead the congregation. From the reports received, she did pretty much everything other than reading the Gospel and attempting a consecration of the host. I think even the argumentative types at this point would agree with the idea that what we witnessed on May 25th was a burial of Catholic Ireland.

Donald Trump was in Canada for the G7 summit. If his purpose was picking a fight with everybody present then he succeeded . He then travelled to Finland, where he met my main man Vladimir.  That meeting went much better, but the American political and media establishment  excoriated him for being a grown-up for once, even accusing him of treason and goodness knows what else . Then he went back to Washington and  released  his "hostage tape", pledging allegiance to the 'intelligence community' and accusing Russia of all and sundry. So much for "the art of the deal". It seems obvious that the American political and media establishment would rather see the world at war than let  Donald Trump succeed at anything or leave Russia alone to continue its recovery from 70 years of communism and 10 years of capitalist rape.

In between the two summits, Donald Trump managed to nominate a new supreme court judge. The one area in which I trust Donald Trump is judicial appointments. Pretty much the only area in which I believe Donald Trump is his opposition to the killing of unborn children, however unphilosophical or amoral his reasons may be. If nothing else, he knows that many people voted for him solely for the purpose of stopping the black-robed junta that is the Supreme Court of the U.S. from destroying what good is left in U.S. society. Since the U.S. has got itself into a position in which only the Supreme Court can rid it of the killing of unborn children I was quite confident that Donald Trump would not disappoint in his appointment.

In appointing Brett Kavanaugh, he kept most of the anti-abortion movement happy. For instance, the hard-to-please Christopher Ferrara wrote of the appointment "The Kavanaugh Nomination: At Least Another Gorsuch, Maybe More". Others are not quite as convinced. Ron Paul, Daniel McAdams and Andrew Napolitano see him as a statist and a danger to natural liberties, and there are question marks regarding his commitment to the inviolability of human life. I am sceptical and I fear he might turn out to be like the disastrous Anthony Kennedy he is replacing. I hope I am wrong and that Chistopher Ferrara is right. As he wrote in his piece on the Remnant, Kavanaugh seems to despise Hillary Clinton, and that has to be good for something.

 The World Cup 2018 in Russia finally ended with France winning for the second time by defeating Croatia 4-2  in a game which was much closer in reality than the scoreline suggests. North America was also selected as the host for the 2026 World Cup, which will feature a mammoth 48 teams as opposed to the 32 teams we had in this year's edition. I am not against expanding the World Cup but I feel 48 teams is the maximum we can have if we want to maintain decent quality and entertainment in most matches. This year's tournament was very successful, and fortunately it passed off without any terrorist attacks within Russia or military provocations in Ukraine, as even I had feared.

The Novichok provocations in England persist though, and during the tournament we were informed that there had been another Novichok episode. In The Holes in the Official Skripal Story, Craig Murray analyses the shortcomings of the official narrative, which includes notes on the Amnesbury scare - the latest lame chapter in what is turning out to be an almost unsalvageable  hoax flag. The piece is well-worth reading as are the comments, which featured on my comment of the day, triggering me to write:

I give the British a hard time on my blog, but I have to admit that there are few things as funny as good old British humour. Some of the comments to the piece are simply hilarious!

Even by the admittedly abysmal standards of British officialdom, the Skripal poisoning hoax flag wreaks of incompetence. This is not lost on many of the readers, the majority of whom I simply imagine are British folks who have seen through the lies and incompetence of their establishment.

Finally, we had the much-appreciated-within-traditionalist-circles Roman Forum at Lake Garda. The eminent Fr. John Hunwicke is one of the speakers. He evidently took time off from the forum to visit a church. He was not  not impressed with one of the churches at Lake Garda, as he found the inter-mingling of classical beauty with modernist architecture very jarring. He wrote:

    Only one horrible incongruity: a plain wooden table stuck in front of the High Altar.

    Yes yes yes yes yes. I know this sort of monstrosity is pretty common...

    But ... in that little church at Riva ... this plain little table seemed to me almost diabolical in its loud narcissistic self-assertion; its hubristic mockery of the other five altars in the church

I think those of us who have been to Italy will understand what he means. It's not unusual to have a beautiful Old Church with a magnificent high altar, which is rendered virtually invisible by a NOChurch table altar piece.

I could go on and on, but I shall stop there.

The Bergoglio victims of the month will have to be virginity and consecrated religious life, given his document on consecrated virgins. I could have gone for common sense, but I think I have already awarded the Bergoglio victim of the week award to common sense previously. In any case, not only will there surely be more occasions for Bergoglio to attack common sense, but virtually everything Bergoglio does is an assault for common sense, so it's only fair to recognise other victims.