Novus Ordo is to Catholicism what the West is to Christendom - Sunday 27th of May to Saturday 2nd of June

This was a very eventful week; in fact, far too eventful for me to do it any justice, especially having fallen so far behind my weekly reviews that I am forced to be brief. I shall therefore only pick out 2-3 stories which I found to be of paramount importance, and anything beyond that will get a simple passing mention.

For honourable mentions alone, I must begin with Cardinal Sarah who in his homily at Chartres told us that "The West Has Nothing to Offer but Emptiness", at least as headlined by I must admit to not yet having read the whole transcript but these are sobering words, for several reasons.

The most important reason is that his words are the bitter truth. When Cardinal Sarah said that “the Western society, chosing to organize itself without God, has fallen into lies and selfishness”, he was only saying what any open-eyed Catholic can tell from reading the news, or looking around, or reading various statistics. He then went on to state that Western society “has embraced the craziest ideologies and has become the target of an ethical terroism more destructive than the terror of the Islamists.” That is a point I have made too many times to recall, and often ended up in heated conversations about it.

The fact of the matter is that the suicidal policies of the West - and I don't simply mean the governments alone here - are what has brought the Western world to the edge of destruction. It's not Islamists who got the West to kill off a vast number of their children. It is not Islamists who got the West to squander the investments of their forefathers and get itself into a debt it is unlikely to ever climb out of peacefully. It is not Islamists who turned men against women, women against men, women against children, people against their very nature. It is not Islamists who destroyed the great heritage of Christianity in Europe, and even the Americas. All these things have been done by Westerners. Granted, they have been driven by the rulers of Western states, but with every missed Mass, with every modern interpretation of ancient wisdom, with every vote cast for a morally dubious candidate, with every bomb dropped unjustly, the West has turned itself into the enemy of the very Christendom which built it, and I feel, has brought itself beyond the point of salvation.

Virtually all of the most dangerous ideas of the 20th century all originated from the West , be it all-out homosexualism, transgenderism, feminism, communism, nazism, freemasonry, warmongering, ethnic cleansing, eugenics, the killing of the unborn, the killing of infants (although China gets a dishounourable mention here), the killing of the elderly and I am sure the list could go on and on.

It has become common among many so-called Alt-Right or generally 'conservative'-leaning people to proclaim the West is best without specifying what is good in the first place. If an alien landed on Earth today and used Christian metrics to measure a society's standing, I can assure all that the West would not indeed be best. If another alien was to use metcis of sustainability - and I don't even mean eco-stuff, but simple demographics - the West would not be best. If yet another alien was to use metrics of economic sustainability, even there the West would not be best. If yet another alien was to use more natural law metrics, such as quality of family life, value of human life, number of friends, or what not, the West would trail even here. The warmongering NATO would also drag the West down on any metrics measuring peaceability.

In fact, the only area in which the West is clearly best is that which has to do with self-indulgence, but it is precisely due to winning this particular 'award' that the West trails on so many other fronts.

Christendom was the best culture. The West is the monster that chewed up Christendom and is trying to dump what remains of it in the deepest sewer it can find. The sooner we realise that, the better.  We must never conflate 'the West' with Christendom for the former is a morally decrepit empty shell of a society with very bad future prospects, whereas the latter is what built up virtually all the good that we enjoy today. Europe without Christianity is likely to be no different than the Soviet Union - a cold, sterile, ugly, violent, hateful place.

The sooner we work to restore Christendom, the sooner Europe can in any honest sense attempt to reclaim moral or even existential superiority.

It has escaped nobody's attention that the Irish voted to remove legal protections for the unborn. This means that before long the sodomitical prime minister of theirs will be able to introduce legislation to kill all the unborn, if he so desires. No doubt he will play it safe by introducing an age limit on those who can be killed, but we can expect this to be the top of the slippery slope. I am not going to waste much time on this, except to state that this is yet another win for the Novus Ordo. Everything the Novus Ordo touches, it kills, and Ireland is the best example of that.

As the author of the piece May 25th was the burial, not the death, of “Catholic Ireland” notes and as I have mentioned many times before, the Catholic Church runs most of the schools in Ireland. According to the piece, 93% of primary schools are run by the Catholic Church. This means that virtually each and every one of those people who voted to kill the unborn will have been touched by NOChurch in no meaningless way.

Ireland is not the Novus Ordo done badly, but the Novus Ordo done well, almost to perfection. This is what the Novus Ordo does: It kills the faith, then poisons society, then destroys the social fabric. We have seen it time and time again, as in statistics showing that Catholics in the U.S. are far more likely to support sodomitical unions and abortion than any other Christian group, and more than the population at large in that country.

Get out while you still can, and work to restore the Catholic Faith to Holy Mother Church and all her children! If not, then either you, or your children, or their children, will almost certainly succumb to the Novus Ordo mentality and the destruction destruction that it fosters.

Back to my earlier discussion: Novus Ordo is to Catholicism what the West is to Christendom. Novus Ordo is the West: a formless, principleless entity with no particular attraction and no particular devotion to anything other than tearing down what came before it, a self-destructive narcissism. Catholicism is Christendom: piety, chivalry, beauty and a sense of duty to God, our forebears and our future children.

As usual, when push came to shove and Bergoglio was in a position to do something good, he did nothing. This blabbermouth of a drunkard did not utter one single word on the referendum in Ireland on the 8th amendment which protected the unborn. He has an opinion on everything, except, it would seem, on moral issues.

There were many good pieces written on the Irish referendum, only a few of which I have linked below.

Finally, I cannot but mention one of the most ridiculous stories I have read in a while: That of a Russian journalist - Babchenko - who was pronounced dead in Ukraine only to appear in the media a day after, alive and well. It makes the Skripal poisoning hoax look like a model in hoax flag execution.

I only learned of the details after he had been 'resurrected'. The first I learned of it was from a passing article headline mentioning that a Russian journalist had been killed. Knowing that Ukraine is a very dangerous place for journalists nowadays, I naturally assumed that it was a Russian journalist who had been killed by Ukrainian nationalists because he was attacking the government. I left it at that, only to find out the day after, or two days perhaps, that the man was an anti-Russian Russian journalist, whose death had been pinned on Russia, and Putin, of course. 

At that time it was still a normal news story, since I assumed that there had been a crime scene except that he had survived a shooting. Then I learned that the Ukrainian security forces had been in on the plot, and not only that, that the police had actually gone in and released footage of his corpse with 3 bullet wounds on the back of his body, which was lying in a pool of blood. In other words, it was not simply a case of misinformation based on premature conclusions, but rather a case of an elaborately staged hoax.

Now, the Ukrainians came and said that they staged a killing in order to prevent an assassination, with their president even coming out and telling us that he was in on all of it. Very few people were buying it though, and certainly not the Russians, who called it an "obvious anti-Russian provocation". I certainly cannot argue with their assessement, as within minutes of the  news of this man's 'death', Western airwaves were filled with Russia-blaming pundits.

What this episode has shown is that there is no depth to which the Ukrainians will not sink in order to stage anti-Russian provocations. There is also no story ridiculous enough that the Western media will not buy it in order to demonise Vladimir Putin and Russia.

We have become accustomed to false flags and hoax flags. Those more conspiratorial amongst use contintue to question these effects long after they have left the headlines and fooled most people. The Skripal poisoning, for instance, has disappeared of the face of the news, partly due to a threat on journalists who dig into the affair by the U.K. government, but also simply because the government of the U.K. has been embarassed into downplaying it on account of the farcical nature of the allegations. The same goes for the Douma chemical attack, which was proved to be a hoax virtually on day 3, although that did not stop NATO from using it as a pretext to bomb Syria, with much cheerleading from the media.

Whenever those sceptical among us have pointed to the absurdities of these hoax/false flags, we have been dubbed cynics. However, the Babchenko case shows that there is a concerted attempt to manipulate public opinion with hoax flags, and that must force any honest person amongst us to question what else we have been duped into believing. Question marks still persist regarding the Las Vegas shooting, for instance, as well as at least one school shooting in the U.S., for starters, not to mention the World Trade Centre crashes.

A while back I read a comment from a commenter at TheThinkingHousewife. It was regarding the latest Florida school shooting and went thus: When they get caught, they call it an exercise, otherwise they call it a school shooting. I thought it was verging on crazy talk, but now I am willing to entertain the idea - not necessarily with that school shooting, but with the general premise.

In other news, Bergoglio decreed that the   Corpus Christi procession would be held outside Rome, breaking a 40-year tradition which was itself the resumption of an older tradition. One of Bergoglio's cardinal-elects, Toribio Ticona was credibly accused of having children with a concubine who goes around calling herself his wife, with the good part being that at least it's a woman - yes, we have sunk that low, than an extra-marital affair is considered a positive in Bergoglio's circles. This story has more legs on it and will no doubt be bringing us much entertainment and scandal in the weeks and months to come, but he naturally denies it, although in very obscure terms.

There was a royal wedding the previous week. This royal wedding has brought out the worst of white victimhood among some, as exemplified by the piece titled "The Degenerate British Royals", which links to the original piece. The piece on Laura Wood's site had comments, I believe, but they seem to have been erased. If not that piece then there are certainly several others on her site which elicit quite racist comments.

Even I don't see much sense in  Harry marrying Meghan Markle, who for all intents and purporses seems quite pleasant, and contrary to what the author imples, she is a great deal better-looking than the man she is marrying. Then we have the fact that she is likely to have been ridden on more than your average country show-ponny, and she is actually older - an odd choice for someone who has first pick in the U.K. circuit. Still, the statement that "this guy could have married any 20-something-year-old virgin" made me chuckle a bit given that what little I know of British women tends me to conclude that you will struggle long and hard to find '20-something-year-old virgins' in that place.

Whatever case he was making could have been made a great deal better without showing signs of white victimhood, or the racialist undertones. Mind you, I set my racism bar pretty high, so I don't call people out for racism lighly. Equally as nauseating is the victimhood complex on display.

This week's Bergoglio victim of the week is the unborn children of Ireland. I can only agree that The Blood Of The Irish Unborn Babies Is On Francis’ And His Clergy’s Hands. Blabbermouth Bergoglio who never shuts up about anything that tickles his fancy couldn't find time out of his idle days to skip a few insults on Catholics and speak in favour of the unborn.