The German problem colludes with the Bergoglio problem - Sunday 29th of April to Saturday 5th of May

There was a Pontifical High Mass held by a relatively young archbishop on the 28th of May. Much has been written about this Mass and especially the homily that accompanied it, but I would remiss if I did not take the opportunity to point out the fine work done by Olivia Rao in her article for The Remnant covering this event.

The piece was exemplary in its attention to detail and I especially enjoyed the list over all the celebrants. Virtually nothing was left to assumption, which is a rarity in modern reporting. Olivia Rao certainly deserves credit for her fine work and I hope to read much more from her in the future.

The archbishop in question was Achbishop Sample, one of the best bishops in the U.S. who for the most part gets it right and it was held at the Basilica of National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, the U.S. capital.  It is especially pleasing that he learnt the Tridentine Mass after Pope Benedict had issued Summorum Pontificum - the 10th anniversary of which the Mass was meant to celebrate (delayed due to construction issues ) - because he wanted to act in accordance with the pope's wishes. He says very reasonable things much of the time, with the odd Novusordoism from time to time, as even this homily proved.

The homily itself I must admit I have not listened to, but I have read a lot of reports on it and most of them have been positive. I have read, for instance, that he sees the liturgical revolution as a mistake, and he makes a point in highlighting that a lot of young people are attracted to the Tridentine Mass, thereby destroying the prejudice that it is a Mass which only caters to the "nostalgic", as Bergoglio put it.

He also spoke of "mutual enrichment" and this is the bit I don't like. I can certainly accept that he can't be seem to be making an unapologetic love poem to the authentic Roman Rite, but talk of mutual enrichment bothers me because it will inexorably lead us back to the mess which started all this stuff. Indeed, Tantumblogo had a similar reaction, writing "I also see basically no ways in which the Novus Ordo might enrich the TLM" and I cannot but agree. I do see one utility for the Novus Ordo though, and that is as a negative example. If the Tridentine Mass is Latin Rite worship as it should be, then the Novus Ordo Missae is 'worship' - or it's bad imitiation anyway - as it ought not to be. It serves the purpose of a cautionary tale, a warning to future generations of what to avoid and what not to do, and above all, of the dangers of allowing a bunch of atheists and heretics to butcher what is sacred for reasons most un-Catholic.

Christopher J. Malloy grapped with the question of aggiornamento in "Make Catholicism Relevant? Or Let it Be What it IS." I vote for the latter, for nothing is more irrelevant than something struggling to make itself relevant to fickle minds.

EcclesIsSaved continued his mocking of the bishops of England over their handling of the Alfie Evans case in "Eccles explains it to the bishops" and "English bishops to be replaced by jelly-babies", and the mockery is well-deserved. No insult is too great for these pathetic sorry excuses formen. In fact, titled one of it's articles "Cardinal Nichols Defends Alfie's Murder" and I have to admit that the title is not misleading.

Donald Trump's admninistration's threats and warmongering continued, as newly-installed foreign minister (secretary of state as they call them over there) arrived in Saudi Arabia. I believe that was one of his first foreign trips. His very first foreign trip was to NATO headquarters if memory serves me right, which says a lot about the outlook of those serving in the Trump regime. In any case, when in Saudi Arabia he naturally didn't waste time threatening Iran.

The other Middle-Eastern state which receives  unconditionaly support from the U.S. is, of course, the zionist criminal state of Israel, whose crimes against the Palestinian people continue in full earnest in response to the Great Return March. Scores of unarmed and non-violent protesters have been short and killed, including journalists and medical personell. Bleeding-heart Trump and Ivanka cheer on, so I suppose we can only assume that whoever is in charge of their TV-watching has screened the broadcasts to leave out images of crying children, as no doubt they do when Trump watches images from Yemen. If we are to believe the 2017 Syrian false flag bombing, after all, we are to believe that Donald Trump launched strikes against Syria because bleeding-heart Ivanka saw images of suffering children and talked her daddy into bombing the bad man who was causing it.

One of my theories regarding why Donald Trump attacked Syria a month ago - following the 2018 hoax flag - is because he wanted to deflect attention away from the zionist crimes in Gaza. It worked largely well, as attention has mainly been on Syria since then.

In a rare piece of good news, the leaders of the two Koreas met last week and agreed to pursue peace and de-nuclearisation of the peninsula. Much credit has to go to Moon Jae-in, who has pursued an independent policy of seeking peace with the North and one suspects this has dragged Donald Trump into the process as he no doubts wants to claim the credit for it, as he does for much else even where he has had no hand in the achievement. That he took credit for 2017 being the safest year in aviation history, as well as taking credit for the defeat of ISIS in Syria, are two very glaring examples of this tendency.

The German problem continues in the Church, and this time it colluded with The Bergoglio problem as described in "Germany and the Holy See: A Dangerous Dialogue on the Eucharist". Evidently, not all German bishops are complete apostates, and with the German church having voted to allow protestants to receive Holy Communion, or whatever passes for it in Germany, 7 bishops wrote to Rome asking for clarification. What is there to be clarified I honestly do not know, because the issue is clear as day, but nonetheless Bergoglio had them over at the Vatican and told them that they should come to a "unanimous" decision. He doesn't care either way, so long as it's unanimous, which competes with about 1,007 other pitiful choices as Bergoglio's worst perfomance as pope.

Ever eager to show off his anti-wisdom - commonly known as utter idiocy -, Bergoglio declared that he has come up with the solution to wars: banning all weapons! As NovusOrdoWatch put it in Francis’ Brilliant Plan for World Peace: Ban All Weapons!:

So Francis has finally discovered the secret to world peace: We need to ban all weapons! Why didn’t anyone think of this before? Absolutely brilliant!

With his new-found insight for bannign things, perhaps he could come up with a solution for marital problems along the lines of banning all divorces, or a solution to child-killing with banning all child-killing!  But we wouldn't want to obsess about such issues now, would we?..Actually, the latter of those would be solved with a total ban, which a total ban on divorces would greatly help the former, so these are not entirely analogous comparisons. An analogous comparision to marital problems would be banning all arguments.

Interestingly, at least according to Mundabor, there are those who are calling for some kind of truce with Bergoglio. InNo Rest For The Wicked he provides the proper response to that nonsense.

Finally, and sadly, Alex Ferguson, the legendary and truly great Manchester United manager, was taken into hospital for brain surgery having suffered a brain haemorrhage. The operation went well, and he seems to be on his way towards recovery, but it is still rather frightening to think that someone who seemed so fit just a week ago when he was honouring another legend of football, his nemesis Arsene Wenger, could so easily be at death's door.

Unlike Alfie Evans, the NHS at least made the effort to save him and with any luck he should be out of the hospital soon. I'll hereby assume that it was the NHS and not some private hospital, since the NHS surely has to be good for something.

This week's Bergoglio victim of the week is world peace. When the only solution to war becomes banning all weapons, any reasonable person will know that it is a long-lost cause. An even nominally decent priest might have said God's grace, or the all-embracing love of God, but with Bergoglio, we were pretty much guaranteed the most idiotic non-Christian answer one could have plucked out of a kindergarten.