It turns out NOChurch is actually good at something, and Bergoglio's heresies are of his own free choice - Sunday 11th to Saturday 17th of March

We can really only start in one place, and that's with what has become known as 'Lettergate'. I tagged it as "Vigano lettergate" because I can only assume that there will be more scandals involving falsified letters from this dreadful pontificate and I therefore need to prefix 'lettergate'.

The basic story, as I have understood it is as follows. Vigano, who acts as some sort of communications director, asked Pope Benedict XVI to write a letter in promotion of a series of theological papers due to be released in 'honour' of Bergoglio's 5-year anniversary as pope. The Vatican released an image of 2 pages of the letter, only the first of which could be seen, with the signature on the second page.

It soon became known that they had blurred out the last paragraph on the first page. In this section, Pope Benedict wrote that he had not read the books and had no  intention of reading them. What seemed to be a mild endorsement had transformed into a complete non-endorsement of the books, and a less than complimentary take on Bergoglio's pontificate thus far.

In stage 3 of Vigano lettergate, it became known through Sandro Magister that the Vatican communications department had omitted virtually all the text on the second page, barring the signature. This part made it clear that Pope Benedict had refused to touch these papers on account of sections of the bundle being written by 2 theologians who had become known during his pontificate and that of Pope John Paul II for all manner of heresies. In other words, the non-endorsement had turned into a condemnation. If one was to read between the lines, one could see that what Benedict was saying was that people who have had all sorts of problems with the Church's teaching are now being used to endorse Bergoglio's theology, which can only mean that Bergoglio is more or less a heretic himself, and this coming from a 'pope emeritus'.

A lot of people wondered why Bergoglio's handlers had to go to such great lengths to turn a non-endorsement into an endorsement, and in such a bad way in which they were bound to be found out. Perhaps their incompetence simply doesn't allow them to know any better. Perhaps they do actually want Bergoglio exposed as the true fraud that he is. It's anybody's guess at this time. What is claimed to be the full text was then finally released, and Edward Pentin has done a good job covering the timeline of this scandal.

In any case, people realised what we have long suspected: Bergoglio's pontificate is burning itself to the ground to such an extent that they require some sort of endorsement from Pope Benedict XVI, whose reforms have been dismantled by Bergoglio virtually from the top down.

There is one thing which Pope Benedict wrote which is worth drawing attention to and in my opinion this is the take-away. These most important words of Pope Benedict XVI's letter are the following:

I applaud this initiative that wants to oppose and react to the foolish prejudice in which Pope Francis is just a practical man without particular theological or philosophical formation, while I have been only a theorist of theology with little understanding of the concrete life of a Christian today. 

What Pope Benedict XVI is telling us here is that Bergoglio's heresies and idiocies are of his own making and nobody else can be blamed for them.

It has become very common to excuse Bergoglio by saying that he had a bad formation, as a South American Jesuit in the 1960s. In other words, what these people are implying is that everybody is to blame for Bergoglio's stupidity than Bergoglio himself. The list of these people can indeed be made long, and would have to start with his parents, then his school teachers, his seminary directors, his bishop, his Jesuit superiors, and probably a whole big cast, not least of which is the case which surrounds Bergoglio today and is said to offer him bad advice.

Pope Benedict XVI utterly rejects this view and points out that Bergodlio did have a good formation and that his heretical ways are entirely of his own choosing.

This brings us to our next point...

One of the most dreadful individuals on the face of the Earth, Cardinal Kasper, came out with his usual tripe about Bergoglio and  contraception. This time though, Kasper is right on the money. It cannot be denied that Bergoglio has subtly endorsed contraception on multiple occasions, and while not endorsing it he has minimised its moral gravity. Kasper argues that Bergoglio's "silence" on the issue shows that he approves of it, and I could not agree more. As I commented on the day:

It creeps me out to agree with Kasper on anything, but I would have to agree with him that Bergoglio's silence on contraception reveals that Bergoglio is in favour of it.

However, even in that statement Kasper cannot help but be true to himself and lie.

It is far from accurate to tell us that Bergoglio has not spoken about contraception. It would be like saying that Theresa May of U.K.-poodleship fame has not accused Vladimir Putin of acts of aggression simply because she does not mention his name when making all kinds of anti-Russian statements implicating the Russian government.

Bergoglio has indeed spoken out multiple times against the Church's stance on contraception. In at least one instance he insisted that the Church "must not obsess" about "contraception, homosexuality and abortion". In another he said that Pope Paul VI changed his mind on contraception, allowing it for certain cases; a blatant lie and one of many.

Anyone who claims that Bergoglio has not attacked the Church's teaching on contraception ought to be ashamed that on this issue even Kasper the terrible cardinal is more truthful.

As if to accentuate the Novus Ordo's chronic ability to mis-prioritise at virtually every turn, a bishop in Europe, the one in charge of some sort of umbrella organisation of Europe's bishops, told us that Europe's bishops have pledged to fight populism.

In the U.K., a former British double-agent was supposedly poisoned, alledgedly with his daughter, alledgedly with a nerve agent. With no proof, the U.K. blamed Russia for it. Peter Hitchens had his usual unorthodox take on the whole event but it differs very much from mine. He wonders why the U.K. is goading Russia into a war it cannot win. My position is that the British have first to prove  that there was a poisoning before we can take anything else seriously. After the poisoning has been proved, they have to prove who did it. After they have proved that they have to prove that the person had links to Russia, and after that they have to prove that the links in Russia have links to the Russian government. The government of the U.K. has absolutely zero credibility on this or any other issues, so it is frightening to see virtually all of the Western media accept the accusations of the hapless Theresa May and the boorish Boris Johnson as if they were worth anything.

It has transpired that the North Korean ruler, Kim Jong-Un, will meet with the president of the U.S., Donald Trump, in May, according to South Korean officials who were over in the U.S. for talks with their masters. This is a welcome development in many ways but brings about also a lot of questions. It is, for instance, entirely inconceivable that North Korea would accept to give up its nuclear weapons without a proper guarantee of safety given what has happened to countries which gave up their deterrents - Libya and Iraq spring most readily to mind.

In Poland, the new law on Sunday trading has started being implemented. Fr. Allan J. McDonald remembers when Sunday was an off-day trading-wise and wishes back to those times.

In a series of articles titled 'The Age Of “Me”, Mundabor goes through the de-Christianisation and subsequent narcissism of Western societies. It is a good read. A lot of this narcissism has found its way into the Church and resulted is mass sacrilege, as Call Me Jorge demonstrates with a video of a sacreligious Holy Communion, in which the child spits out the host.

Fr. Martin Fox wrote a good piece on "What women need from men; and men from women". Coming as it does from a celibate man, we can be sure he knows what he's talking about! No really, it is a good piece, as it highlights the complementarity of the sexes, as opposed to the warring and victimisation between the sexes with which we are constantly bombarded. It is a very positive piece and I can recomommend it, and I do recommend it.

I began this entry with the Vigano lettergate affair and shall conclude with it.

It is unlikely that I am the only one who has wondered how come we are stuffed with so many seemingly incompetent people in leadership positions within NOChurch. Many have wondered whether anybody would actually pay most of these people anything if they were to enter the job market for real, instead of making a living undermining the very Catholic faith they claim to uphold. The events of the past week have done one good thing, which is to show that there are at least some people within Bergoglio's Vatican who might just manage to be gainfully employed outside the Church's walls. We have finally managed to find a group of people who are good at something, and that thing is image manipulation! Someone could actually pay them to do that, meaning there are at least a few people in Bergoglio's regime who could do honest work.

I was been keen to add "deception" to image manipulation, but since their deception was so obvious as to make it virtually certain that they were going to be exposed, I couldn't bring myself to do that.

This week's Bergoglio victim of the week is trust in Vatican communications, what little was left of it anyway.