Proof, if anyone needed it, that NOChurch is the devil's creation, from the mouths of Novus Ordites themselves - Sunday 4th to Saturday 10th of March

They say that polls can be used to tell us just about anything, and it's true that the way questions are posed does make a big difference. If the questions are posed in the same way year after year, however, then the polls must tells us something of value, if it is the case that there are variations year on year, of even if there are no variations, to the very same questions asked in much the same way.

This, I assume, is the way that the Pew Research Center has been conducting its various surveys aimed at Catholics on various issues. The latest survey is quite telling in may ways and some will indeed choose to focus on the fact that Bergoglio has lost a lot of trust among most Catholics. Mind you, by 'Catholics' the researchers mean people who self-identify as Catholics. Had the term 'Catholic' been defined to mean people who actually believe in everything that the Catholic Church teaches there is little doubt that the figures would have looked much worse for Bergoglio, but then again, there might not have been a big enough sample to go by, given that believing Catholics are virtually an endangered species after almost 60 years of NovusOrdoism.

I could go on and ask this and that question, such as "how can an overwhelming majority of Catholics still maintain  positive opinion about this man?", or "how can a majority think he is a force for good?". That really wouldn't get us anywhere because the point that traditionalists have been making for a long time is that 'Catholics' for the most part nowadays are practitioners of a religion that would have been deemed abominable by virtually any practising Catholic before 1950.  I'll not dwell much on Bergoglio except to point out that Bergoglio has only accelerated  a loss of identity and virtue that began even before the Second Vatican Council, probably since they re-made the Holy Week liturgy in 1950, and it is not hard to see why because the psychological effect of these changes must have led to the conclusion that Christianity is a man-made religion.

If you don't believe me then simply ponder what I wrote on the day I read the survey:

In other NOChurch apostasy news, we have a poll measuring attitudes of Catholics in the U.S. to various topics, althouth most of the piece focuses on Bergoglio. A lot of people will focus on Bergoglio but I thought the most telling point was the following:

The share of U.S. Catholics who favor allowing gays and lesbians to legally marry has grown from 54% in 2012 to 67% in 2017.

In other words, the mass apostasy within NOChurch began long before Bergoglio began homosexualising and anti-evangelising through his voluminous seemingly-never-ending rantings.

In a discussion that I had some while back, it was mentioned that Vladimir Putin does not give full freedom to the Catholic Church in Russia. I am unsure what that means, as the Catholic Church in Russia seems to be under less oppression than in say, the U.K.. In any case,  my response was simple:

If I was in charge of Russia I wouldn't allow the Catholic Church to operate either. This is a country coming out of 80 years of communist propaganda, with a president trying to rebuild the moral fabric of the nation. On the other side we have the Catholic Church, which in its NOChurch guise seems to do nothing other than promote homosexuality and feminism.

The survey of American Catholics confirms pretty much what I said then. Whatever NOChurch touches is worse off for it.

Many will say that one needs to make a distinction between people who self-identify as Catholics and those who actually go to Mass every single Sunday. I agree that the distinction is not irrelevant, but I have always argued that the greatest argument against the Novus Ordo is not the vast number of Catholics who never bother going to Church on Sundays, but rather a good conversation with a large number of those who do. I have had many of these discussions, and I can disabuse anybody of the notion that the statistics for Sunday Mass-going Catholics would be anything other than horrifying.

I really do not want to spend too much time on other news of the week, because nothing out to detract from the frightening news contained in that survey, which I urge everyone to read.

In other weeks, I might have spent more time on a new homosexual priest scandal, this time in Italy, on account of the news that a homosexual prostitute made a list of 40 sodomitical clerics with whom he has been involved and this list has now been presented to the Vatican. As I wrote last week, we seem to have sodomy news from clerics almost every week and it is utterly depressing, yet it explains so much of what is going on in the Church today.

I could mention that an African cardinal, a certain Cardinal John Onaiyekan, is bemused at why the Catholic Church in Europe is attempting to tackle the 'isolation' of homosexuals, instead of tackling its empty Churches.

In another week, I might have written extensively about the Italian elections, in which anti-immigration and anti-EU forces won the majority of the votes, very much in oppsition to Bergoglio's and the Italian bishops' conference's prodding.

We might have been able to tackle comments by Cardinal Brandmüller taking issue at the German bishops' conference promoting and authorising protestants to receive 'Holy Communion' on Sundays if they are married to Catholics, a move based on "utterly dishonest" premises. After all, these would be protestants who long so much to receive the Eucharist that they couldn't be bothered to enter the Catholic Church in order tod o it.

Also of mention is the fact the truth regarding the Western-backed coup in Ukraine in 2014 is imposing itself upon the general narrative, as Western Ukraine descends into ever deeper chaos, racism and corruption.

On another week, I might have devoted more time to Putin's announcement last week that Russia has developed a whole series of offensive weapons which now rend the U.S. nuclear missile shield utterly useless - assuming it wasn't before. These news actually came about last week, but I only got into them this week, and I hope to devote a future post to this event. Suffice to say, it is NATO aggression that has forced Russia to do this. One may wonder whether Putin is bluffing and even I wonder whether the weapons are really as ready as he claims they are, but he is not known for bluffing, and NATO would be well-advised to take note of a rejuvenated Russia. There is though, undoubtedly an element of electioneering ahead of the Russian elections scheduled for the 18th of March.

The only other news I shall mentioning this week in some detail are those concerning Oscar Romero, who is about to be canonised. It is not for laziness, but I feel that I cannot put it better than I put it on the same day I read the news, which, incidentally, is on the same day as the survey linked above:

A man who has no regard for the words of Christ, or the decrees of His Holy Church, obviously will not take anything else seriously. It is in this way we must approach the news that Oscar Romero is going to be canonised.

If this doesn't tick all the boxes of a fake canonisation then I don't know what does. The killing itself is questionable at best in terms of being a martyrdom. The miracle itself is extremely dubious, if not entirely  non-existent. The teachings of the man while alive were  condemned by the Church and his cause was only put in motion when Bergoglio forced his way into the pontifical throne.

Into the mix, we can also throw Pope Paul VI who will also be canonised, possibly at the same event. His cause is only slightly less dubious, but the destruction he wrought upon the Church is worthy of a condemnation of the highest degree, and not an award, not even by NOChurch standards.

The interesting thing to note is that both of these men have been beatified and it would seem will be canonised by Bergoglio, all in the space of less than 5 years.

At this rate, we shall soon have people being canonised for getting out of bed. Sometimes, getting out of bed and going of to work does feel like a heroic act, after all...


This is NOChurch. Take it or leave it! If you don't like what is going on then join a traditional community, or an Eastern rite, which, I presume, cannot be any more indecent than the Novus Ordo shenanigans, although even they have been infected by the Novus Ordo mentality as much as anyone else. Above all, give your money to the traditional communities, or to good dioceses!

We might not have many rights in the Church today, but one right which cannot be denied us by natural law is the right to do with our hard-earned money what we choose, and the duty to put our hard-earned money towards good uses. If your diocese celebrates sodomy and protestantism, and trivialises the deposit of faith, then give it to a diocese or religious community that upholds it instead. That way we observe our precept of helping the Church materially, while denying anti-Catholic institutions of the oxygen they need to spread their heresies.

It is worth noting that Bergoglio added a new Marian Celebration to the Church's calendar, the Feast of Mary, Mother of the Church,  within a week of news of Romero's canonisation. When he did that, I really thought he was being duplicitous, and I was expecting bad news to follow within a week, in typical Bergoglian style. That the placement of this feast on the Octave of Pentecost yet again attacks the ancient veneration of the Pentecost Octave - which we alas do not have in the Novus Ordo - had not even occurred to me until Fr. Hunwicke brought it up. Bergoglio must have known that nothing shuts up Catholics as much as seeming to honour the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Maybe, in typical Bergoglian style, he needed another Holy Family feast on which to insult the Church, as he has tended to do with various documents and actions on feasts dedicated to the Holy Family.

This week's Bergoglio victim of the week is the credibility of canonisations, for obvious reasons.