Even converts show us yet again why nobody likes NOChurch, and for good measure, Bergoglian scandals abound as well - Sunday 18th to Saturday 24th of February

It is quite often to hear people saying that the Church needed to change because it was not effective in evangelisation, or was losing members, or whatever other tripe the ill-informed or ill-intentioned will give us about the pre-Vatican II Church. They say this to rationalise or justify the rapture which took place at Vatican II, whose negative effects are growing by the day.

In this context, and given that we are approaching the 'canonisation' of Paul VI, it is timely to have a look at how the Church actually was, statistically, at the death of Pope Pius XII. Indeed, Rorate Caeli never gets tired of reminding us of how booming the Church was, and even though the figures are for the U.S., I am quite certain that the trend holds world-wide. In a piece titled "The Canonization of Vatican II: The case for Pacelli, revisited", they did just that.

Long story short, if the Church today was to have even 1/4 of the numbers that the Church was pulling in 1958, it would be seen as almost miraculous, given how bad things are today.

These are only the positive numbers. For a complete picture we would have to also find out the number of apostates every year, how many priests became laicised, how many monks and nuns left religious life and the number of divorces and annulments. With regards to annulments, I know for a fact that there were less than 1,000 in the whole world in the reign of Pope Pius XII, compared to more than 60,000 in the U.S. alone just some 10 years later and today probably. I suspect the other negative numbers from the reign of Pope Pius XII would put NOChurch to shame.

'Shame' and NOChurch are never far apart, and this week was no different. From Rome we had a high-ranking member of the Apostolic Signatura sentenced to 18 months probation for child pornography possession. This particular pervert was revealed as he groped a man at a market and was then run down by the young man, only for the police to intervene. Upon looking him up they noticed he had prior convictions for indecent exposure and this led to a search on his apartment wherein the perverted material was found.

In the U.S., we had one of Bergoglio's most popular sodomy-pushers, Cardinal Tobin - a Bergoglio appointment - tweeting out "goodnight baby" before promptly erasing the tweet. He claimed that it was to his sister, but I am not sure how many people believe that, as I certainly don't. The best we can hope for is that he was writing to his mistress, although it doesn't take much of an imagination to suspect that he was sending to someone with not quite so squishy parts...

In Germany, they have gone full-blown apostaste, with news that protestants will be allowed to receive Holy Communion, if they are married to Catholics. I'll not spend much time on this, but it is amusing to note that Catholics who do not pay the Church tax are barred from all sacraments, whereas protestants who share the same bed with Catholics are welcome, even though they do not believe any of the Chuch's imporntant doctrines. That's NOChurch logic if ever we had it. Gloria.tv wondered when Muslims will be up for some Sunday bread.

The Remnant wrote a piece on sacrilegious Communion by protestants and traced the rot all the way back to the documents of Vatican II, in 1965. It is very fashionable by many who dislike Bergoglio to pin all the blame on him, but the fact of the matter is that Bergoglio is only a very virulent strain of the Novus Ordo virus. The rot began a long time ago and there are very many people to blame, and no Novus Ordo pope gets off lightly, with the exception of Pope John Paul I whose reign was too short and not excluding even Pope Benedict XVI, however much good he did. These are the same popes, by the way, who are automatically canonised at death, with Bergoglio even blasphemously joking that Benedict and he are on the waiting list.

We are supposed to believe that the greatest crisis and apostasy in the Church's history has been overseen by a series of holy popes not seen since the early centuries, when many of them died to save the faith.

One of these supposed 'heroically holy' popes, Bergoglio the terrible, has this past week been implicated in a financial corruption scandal. It involved the transfer of money to a scandal-ridden hospital on Bergoglio's behest, to the tune of $25 million from an organisation which normally limits itself to donations of $100,000 and in exceptional cases to $200,000. The cardinals in the U.S. voted for the money to go to the hospital because Bergoglio urged them to do so. We would all like to know how much of that money has gone to its proper use and how much went off to pay off people for their silence.

In " Peronism and Corruption" , Fr. Ray Blake attempted to explain why Bergoglio surrounds himself with so many perverts. He puts it down to Peronism, in which people are promoted not due to competence or virtue, but out of loyalty to the head honcho. Hilary White picked up on this and pointed out that part of the reason why Bergoglio wants perverts around him is because they are easier to control since he has more dirt on them. That he is one of them did not get a mention, but perverts of a feather perve together.

The now rather famous Jordan Peterson revealed in an interview to former Catholic Answers host Patrick Coffin that he needs 3 more years before he can give his position on the "historical Jesus". I remember getting into a discussion regarding whether the man was a Christian or not, and my stance was that at the very least he cannot be Catholic because Catholics are obliged to attend Sunday Mass and we would know where he attends it if he was. Now we can at least settle it be emphatically concluding that he is not even a Christian. He might be an ally in some issues, but my understanding is that he is too cosy with the naturalist evolutionist position as an explanation for everything, and he might be a false ally. He seems decent enough as a person though, and his advice on people -especially men - having to reclaim a sense of duty is well-worth taking onboard.

In Ukraine, the Western-backed putsch has led to real chaos, not that you would know from following the mainstream media. Neo-nazis and nationalist anarchists abound, and this was on full display as Ukrainian "radicals" stomed a Russian cultural centre in Kiev.

One of the things which bug me about Novus Ordo times - apart from people thinking that head-covering is an Islamic thing - is the notion that fasting is Islamic. In fact, whenever one brings up fasting with non-Catholics, the first thing they bring up is Islamic practice. In "Medieval Lent was Harder than Islamic Ramadan"  , Taylor Marshall reminded us that the Medieval practice of Lent was very strict, while pointing out the rules of Islamic Ramadan fasting. While I certainly do not think that all those Medieval practices were observed entirely, or by a majority, it is worth noting just how much Lenten fasting has been hollowed out over the past 150 years or so. A stricter fast would definitely do Catholics much good. The problem, of course, is that people who fast do it with the general understanding that they have a penance to pay, but Novus Ordites for the most part think they are doing God a favour just by showing up in Church (at the threat of a slight exaggeration).

In "Straight talk from the traditional Martyrology", Peter Kwasniewski reminded us of two saints who have been expunged from the Novus Ordo martyrology. These are saints who died for their faith while opposing error, including one who died opposing Islam. St. Sverian died opposing the Monophysites, while St. Peter Mavimenus was slain for condemning Mohammed and his false religion. He finds it ironic, or perhaps symbolic, that they were removed in these times:

And just at a time when we could use a few more shepherds who zealously oppose heresy, and a few more courageous men who speak the truth about Islam.

In Trump-related news, Mundabor wonders whether Trump is turning into another Romney, selling out his base so as to try to appease his enemies.

It wasn't all bad news though, with the news that the Catholic Church has gained a convert who is a celebrity of sorts. This happens to be a YouTube star who revealed why she was becoming Catholic. Hint: It has nothing to do with Vatican II. In fact, I am yet to meet or hear of any person who has ever converted as a result of Vatican II. Her particular appeal was to the Real Presence as taught by the Church Fathers. She realised Catholicism was true Christianity because it was the faith of the early Church. In "WHY I'M BECOMING CATHOLIC (From an Ex-Protestant)" and "COMING HOME! My Conversion Story Into Catholicism (From an Ex-Protestant)" she describes her conversion process.

If you can stand millenial-speak, I can recommend them. I can't, so I closed them down after a few minutes and that's after several fast-forwards. I had actually watched one of her videos some while back, one titled "10 lies protestants believe about Catholics" or something to that effect and I think I wondered whether it was not going to be a matter of time before she converted. She also had another one about the first time she went to a "Tridentine Mass".

The take-home from all this, in any case, is that NOChurch attracts absolutely nobody, and they few converts we have today come into the Church because of the saints and because of our unchanding dogmans, not because of hippie-projects of new evangelisations which end up being exercises in anti-evangelisation by telling all concerned that they don't need to convert in the first place. If you do convert, then you can look forward to nutty liturgies, early mornings on Sundays, and ridicule from the world and the Church authorities. Good luck converting anyone with that message!

Finally, a German philosopher has gone on record saying that Bergoglio is possibly "the worst pope we have ever had". He will not get any arguments at all from me or any of my fellow traditionalists.