We dare to question, and we dare to join the dots - Sunday 11th to Saturday 17th of February

If one was to write extensively about all the public evils going on in the Church right now one would hardly have time for anything else. For that reason I'll save those for last and attempt to be brief in my coverage of them. It's same old really - Bergoglio's sodomites and apostates are pushing apostasy and sodomy, in different guises and with a different cast of characters every week.

We start with a very curious story regarding Syria, one which confirms what anybody with half a brain already knew but which is nonetheless intriguing. We had the French defence minister admitting that they have never had any reliable evidence of chlorine use in Syria by the government. If I am not mistaken, this came not long after the U.S. defence minister also stated that they have no evidence that the government of Syria has used chemical or biological agents against anti-government Islamists. The question of whether it is any of their business what the Syrian government does in its own country's fight for survival against Jihadis - armed and trained by the West and its allies - is one which I shall not address now. We must assume that none of them have ever had any evidence of the Syrian government ever committing atrocities of the likes against its citizens, or even the non-citizens killing its people in an effort to turn it into an Islamic state.

This should have made news, but predictably did not.

Le Creep did not waste any time stating that if they do find evidence they will strike against Syria - in contravention of international law, of course, but which of these globalists cares about that?

The important thing to take home is that for some reason, the narrative from the NATO aggressors has started to shift. I cannot help but wonder why this is, given that the U.S. has dug its heels in Syria by attacking the Syrian government forces and its allies multiple times. It's almost as though Syria is the battleground for different factions of the Western establishment, the major cost being Syrian blood.

A similar theme, this time limited not to general NATO roguery but only to U.S. roguery, is "If America Wasn’t America, the United States Would Be Bombing It", which I read on the website of the Ron Paul Institute.  The piece was specifically about the multiple war crimes the U.S. has perpetrated since the end of the Second World War, with a special emphasis on crimes only over this past decade. It is difficult to disagree with the claim of the piece, and truth be told, if the U.S. had an embassy in Washington, then they would have found a way of taking out Donald Trump militarily by now. I would much rather think that the U.S. would not be bombing America, had America been a different country, but rather supplying it with weapons and propaganda aid.

The only group of people who largely get the U.S. straight are traditionalists, and even here I would argue that at least within the U.S. it is not a majority which is opposed to U.S. aggression. A lot of American traditionalists, however, are honest enough to recognise the U.S. as the threat to world peace and morals that it really is, and are ashamed of the U.S. for that reason.

If you think I am exaggerating ask yourself this: Since the end of the Cold War, what is the body count of non-U.S. aligned Islamists compared to that of the U.S.?  This is a particularly good mental exercise for those who do nothing but fret about the threat of Islamist violence. I don't have the numbers, but I would be extremely surprised if the numbers were not in the region of 100:1, with the U.S. having the larger number. It is also worth pointing out that the only country in which the U.S. and al Qaeda have been on opposite ends of the battle ground has been Afghanistan, and to a lesser extent Iraq (although that's questionable). In Libya, Syria and Yemen, the U.S. and al Qaeda have not only fought side-by-side, but the U.S. has provided air support for al-Qaeda, the very organisation over which the U.S. claims to have started the Afghan war.

For the longest time I resisted the notion that al-Qaeda was a CIA-front, but now I have grudgingly come to accept that it must be the case, given that in most conflicts they fight on the same side, and in the only conflict in which they had direct combat, the U.S. had been responsible for their creation in the first place, having supported Islamists in Afghanistan in their fight against the Soviet Union.

That war has destroyed a country and destabilised a region. Instead of showing contrition, Americans are now led into welcoming the tune of war drums against North Korea, Venezuela and Iran - and those are only the countries that make it to the news. I am sure there are many other threats made against smaller states but which are not found newsworthy or propaganda-worthy enough for the U.S. to make a big show about.

If we count the dead unborn, and the rising number of dead elderly, killed for no other reason other than for being inconvenient, then the body count of the West versus the Islamic world is in the region of 1,000:1 at least. As Michael Matt from the Remnant asks , why should any American think they have the moral high ground over Islam, or Islamists, or even communists? Well, at this rate the U.S. will be communist before long and large chunks of Europe will be Islamist, so we shall soon be able to see if the body count will increase or decrease.

On the topic of body counts, we were informed that there was a school shooting in the U.S., with 17 people being killed as a formerly-expelled student shot up at his old secondary school. Some people are not convinced that the events were genuine and are in fact conviced it was a hoax. I must admit to sharing their general mistrust, given what footage I have seen and given the reporting surrounding the shooting. Once again, we have multiple witnesses at the scene reporting multiple shooters, but the media completely ignores this, and chooses to track the official suspect. One of the witnesses who say there were multiple shooters even knew the young man, so one cannot allege mistaken identity. The optics of Ash Wednesday couple with Valentine's day also seem somewhat contrived, and the videos I have seen on the TV show a scene entirely devoid of the sort of panic one would expect had there been an actual shooting.

I am not entirely convinced that the shooting was fake, but I am convinced that there is a conspiracy to misrepresent events. As for what really took place, and why the truth is not being pursued, I am in no position to speculate. One may note, however, that diversionary tactics are always useful either as a pretext to avert attention from real news or to create momentum for totalitarian laws. I would much rather suspect the latter in this instance, mainly because I do not see a love for knowledge about current events when I look at the West today, so people do not need to have their attention averted from news they would not bave been following anyway.

In Palestine, a young woman was recently arrested for slapping an occupying soldier who was arresting her cousin. In ‘A Real Wonder Woman’, Russia Today speaks with the creator of the infamous Che Guevara poster, who has taken time to create a poster hailing this young woman in an attempt to save her life. The term 'Wonder Woman' is relevant because the woman who plays that role in the movies by the same name used to serve in the occupying army in question.

It would seem that sexual scandals are never far from leftist organisations, and since the Church turned Marxist in the 1960s, perhaps that explains the sexual scandals it experienced. The latest one to gain notoriety, however, concerns Oxfam, which is accused of sexual abuse on children in Haiti, among other places. I shall not even pretend to pretend to be surprised.

Laura Wood tells us not to watch the Olympis, by which she means the winter Olympics. These are the same games from which Russia was orwellianly excluded on the most dubious and unproved pretences. It is a decadent ode to globalism, immodesty, sexual immorality and warfare. As if to prove her point, we learnt that at these games were distributed the largest number of condoms ever in the history of the competitions. They had more than 110,000 condoms distributed to around 3,000 athletes, at a rate of 38 condoms per person on average. One wonders whether the games are not to be seen as one giant orgy and as if to ram home that point, there was much hoopla about sodomy and even sodomites kissing openly.

I fell out with the Olympics already when they were held in Greece, whenever that was, given they had a sodomitical musical performer as a lead singer. At the last Olympics in London they allowed men to compete as women. As I am not into freak shows, that was really it for me. Now the games have degenerated into little more than homotainment and globalist/imperialist propaganda tools.

I shall stick to football - real football, not the failed-rugby version -, but even that is inching towards exclusion, given how politically correct it has become. Sensitivity classes and race appreciation classes are not out of the ordinary. At times, one wonders whether the North Koreans look towards the U.K. and wonder "Why didn't we think of that! It would have spared us being associated with 're-education' camps."

In Poland, they passed a law making it illegal to criticise Poles for their actions during the Second World War. I sympathise with the Poles as they were great victims of Nazism and communism - although they weren't entirely innocent in the war marchinery, of course. I sympathise with them even more since the leadership seems intent on rebuilding Poland on the Christian foundations which built it up in the first place. However, I shall never defend a law which makes the government the arbiter of historical narratives. That is as slippery a road as slippery roads get. We can already see how dangerous it is in modern Germany with its holocaust industry, and the Poles would be well-advised to lodge complaints and argue against disinformation with facts rather than having the government mandat which version of history people are to recite. This kind of thing never ends well.

Now onto NOChurch...

Fr. Ray Blake asked whether we dare to join the dots, regarding all of Bergoglio's sodomy- and paedophilia-ridden scandals.  The scandals are multiplying at a rate with which even I seem to have trouble keeping up. Previously I used to know pretty much all the latest scandals, but now I find myself quite often being introduced to new ones when I speak to people. In a way it's good, because it means more dirt is coming out, but it's also at times demoralising. It seems to be hoping-against-hope for some goods news from the Vatican.

The Barros crisis, of course, is the one which has set the wheels in motion, and even the Catholic Herald covered it in a way which firmly pointed to Bergoglio as not only part of the problem but the actual problem. It doesn't help that in Germany, one of his closest associates is speaking about blessing sodomitical unions. Bishop Laun took ffence at this and asked how one can bless intrinsic evils, bringing up the example of genocide. Right on cue, one of Bergoglio's most queer associates, Schönborn - the lead author of John Paul II's Catechism, if  you didn't know - came out and slammed the bishop, who then offered a half-hearted apology even though he had done nothing wrong. Some were left bemused at the fact that Schönborn in no way rebuked Marx for proposing to bless one of the 4 intrinsic evils which cry out to Heaven. They don't come much fruitier-looking than Schönborn, it has to be said.

On the topic of homosexuality, OnePeterFive wondered whether the Vatican was tinkering with the online version of the new Catechism in order to obscure Church teaching on homosexuality. It turned out that the link they had referenced was from the first edition of the Catechism, in 1994 (I had been under the impression taht the first Catechism came out in 1992), and not the final one, which came out in 1997. That didn't stop the conspiracy suscpicion as they wondered how come we had a draft version of the Catechism on the website with better formatting than the final and official version.

Another Bergoglian scandal that won't go away is the dirty deal that the Bergoglian Vatican is trying to hammer out with the communist leadership of China. We should all laud Cardinal Zen for his out-spoken opposition to this atrocity. Bergoglio is attempting, in short , to sell out faithful Catholics to an organisation which bans children from Church. Maybe they are upset they bet him to it and he is desperately trying to avoid being upstage again, with his logic being: "It's my job to keep children away from Church, not the communist Chinese!"

From the always-perplexing Fr. Allan McDonald, we have 2 stories which prove exactly the point I keep making about him - that one never knows what one will get. In one piece, he rejoices at the fact that Pope Paul VI will likely be canonised - barring a divine intervention -, and he attributes this to the pre-Vatican II Paul VI's "flare and style". I wonder if this is the same Montini who is rumoured to have been a sodomite and engaged in homosexual behaviour while he was working in Rome. If it is for his work during the Council, then this might be the same Paul VI who allowed the Church's enemies to get a foothold, and actually cheered on them for doing it. If it is after Vatican II, then we have the Paul VI who destroyed the Church's tradition, wrecked her devotions, liturgy, vocations, piety and moral firmness, took no action against a multitude of scoundrels and ended up seemingly miserable after his only good deed - issuing Humanae Vitae - went unenforced and unappreciated by the very scoundrels he had cheered all along.

'Inclusion' is all the rage nowadays. In another piece, Fr. McDonald made the point that the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church was far more inclusive than the post-Vatican II NOChurch. On that, I could not agree more. Back then, we didn't have all kinds of adjectives attached to Catholics: We had Catholics and heretics, and heretics were not considered Catholics. People did not define themselves by their sins and they knew what was right and wrong, even when they were committed to doing the wrong. The whole Church worshipped as one and people knew that God was the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, for ever and ever.

Fr. John Hunwicke likes the fact that the traditionalist societies keep the Catholic traditions alive. He wonders, however, why they are not more vocal in opposing heresies, and grieves over the predicament of faithful Catholics in Germany.

Finally, Mundabor thinks he has nailed the culprits responsbile for sending upon us the scourge that is Bergoglio. Hint: NOChurch popes and cowardly cardinals - cowardinals as they have come endearingly to be known - feature prominently.