Fidelity to the Church, and not to perverted shepherds - Sunday 31st of December, 2017 to Saturday 6th of January, 2018

This entry covers the last day of last year and the first few days of this year. It is indeed fitting that it covers the last day of last year because an event took place on that day that could well set the tone for the year in the Church.

Over in Kazakhstan, 3 bishops issued a profession of fidelity towards the teaching of the Church and against Bergoglio's heresies in Amoris Laeitia. It was a very direct attack on Bergoglio's teaching, and although it did not attack Bergoglio by name, everyone took it as a direct attack on Bergoglio himself.

Those 3 bishops have now been joined by 4 other retired ones, including 1 cardinal, from Latvia. It is sad that no other active bishops have joined in the profession, but I suppose we would not have expected anything else really, given the sad state of NOChurch. Truth be told, if the number rises to about 100 bishops then it won't matter whether none of the other signatories are in activey ministry.

There are some who feel that the profession should have called out Bergoglio for his heresies directly, and I am not inclined to disagree. However, it is a good step, and far more than the dubia cardinals have been doing. If nothing else it will be one more large nail into the coffin of Bergoglio, in the condemnation which will surely come once the Church regains her sanity.

Speaking of dubia cardinals: Not content with Bergoglio having stayed silent on the dubia presented to him, Cardinal Brandmüller has now answered his own dubia! Good grief, just when you thought the dubia circus couldn't get any more comical!

Look, there is not a single even half-decently informed Catholic who was in any doubt as to what the faithful answers to those dubia were. If this is the cardinal's attempt to draw a line under the whole dubia episode then he really will come out of it looking like a clown.

We were informed that the dubia cardinals would issue a formal correction, an event which is still a coming attraction. If the dubia cardinals were trying to bluff Bergoglio then it is one of history's greatest failures, because unless they issue a formal correction, now that Bergoglio has been very forthright in what his intentions are, they will in history be known as not the dubia cardinals but the duped cardinals, or the cardinals who huffed and puffed but couldn't do anything when it counted. At worst, they could come to be known as false opposition.

As I have written before, whatever their intentions, they have been acting as the false opposition already. Perhaps finally tired of the dubia cardinal's formal non-opposition, the Kazakhstan bishops felt they had to do something on their own. Right now the dubia cardinals are looking like attention-seeking clowns; cowardly failures of the highest degree. If they don't want that to continue they need to either keep quiet or issue a formal correction. Nothing else will do at this point in time.

Of course, the path towards the disastrous Bergoglio pontificate started a long time ago, and the most sutitable starting point is with Vatican II, started as it was by an popularity-seeking pope and ended by a very strange pope in the figure of Paul VI. It is this strange pope that is the subject of the newest NOChurch canonisations, as it is rumoured he will be canonised soon. Many wonder what this will mean for the Novus Ordo Missae and over at Novus Motus Liturgicus, it is argued that it will not mean much since many popes who have been canonised have had their legislation pulled back at a later date. I think he is too optimistic, and we can count on the Novus Ordites to constantly sing the praises of the Novus Ordo since they will now have a 'saint' as its promulgator. Louie Verrechio argues that his canonisation cannot come soon enough, for reasons he is better off elucidating than I. Hint: He is no fan of the man.

On the topic of Paul VI, I stumbled upon a very interesting article on akaCatholic which discussed the Church's stance on homosexuality and how this changed under this pope; I had not been aware that it had changed. It was rumoured at the time he was living, from many socialites, that he himself was a sodomite. I only became aware of these allegations by reading the article and I must admit that I had never heard such stories before. The claims are substantiated though so it would seem as though a lot of people in Rome and beyond thought he had a homosexual past at the very least. This does not seem as though it can be put down to the sodomites trying to claim every one as their own, given the diversity of the claimants.

If this man is canonised, this is one which is likely to be used further on to show that NOChurch canonisations were dubious, defective and done for the wrong reasons. I suspect it is more than likely that it will be one more bullet in the arsenal against NOChurch, once the Catholic Church regains her sanity, and I have no doubt the she will, and that NOChurch will come to be condemned and the appropriate lessons learned from it's reign.

Let's face it: Bergoglio is not the only sub-standard NOChurch pope. I stumbled upon a story in which the former Gahanian President Kufour states that he received a pontifical knighthood from Pope John Paul II himself, despite having explained that he was a freemason. I am the last person who defends Bergoglio as I think the man is exactly as evil as he seems, but it is injust to lay the blame of NOChurch apostasy all, or even principally, on that Argentinian pervert. There is plenty of blame to go around.

No one entity epitomises NOChurch more than the Church in Germany - what with its chronic misprioritisation. We were informed this week that NOChurch in Germany raked in more than 6 billion euros last year from its simoniacal church tax.

There are some who read these figures and conclude that the German Church runs much of the Church on account of the money it can wield. I for one do not believe it. I read some while back the that official contribution of the Church in Germany to the Vatican coffers is quite small, but that not withstanding, what makes NOChurch in Germany so ferocious and so pervasive is the fact that it has an enormous bereaucracy within Germany itself. Bureaucracies don't come cheap and I would be very surprised if there is much money left to spend abroad once the simoniacal bishops have paid off most of their Catholic-in-name-only-if-even-that bureaucracies.

From Germany, we were also told that Germans have little faith in the Church, and even faith in the pope is decreasing. The Germans are the last people one ought to take any lessons in trust or morality from, but in this case they are right: I would not trust the Church hierarchy to even hold my sandwich. It is nonetheless surprising that they seem to trust the protestant churches more than the Catholic one. At least the protestant churches are forthright about their apostasy, whereas the Catholic ones add the sin of lying to the sin of apostasy by claiming that they are still Catholic. So, yes, they are less reliable, but I am surprised the Germans have figured it out.

In Iran, there have been protests. Some were very excited about this, including Donald Trump himself. I do not think they will amount to anything. Donald Trump probably knows nothing about Iran, but being the zionist that he is, he knows that his handlers hate the state, so he has to agitate against Iran as much as he can. Personally, I don't think he feels one way or another about that Islamic country, but he is playing for his constituency,  much of which has been fooled into accepting the anti-Iranian propaganda that they have been spouting since the Iranian Revolution. If anything, judging from principle alone, Iran ought to be the closest ally to non-Muslim nations since it is the most peaceful country in the Middle East, and the most independent. It is, in fact, precisely because it is independent that the U.S. establishment has been so set against it for such a long time.

The topic of independent countries brings us to North Korea. We were informed that a North Korean defector had anthrax in his body, raising the spectre of the U.S. attempting to use the excuse of biological and chemical weapons in order to start a war on the Korean Peninsula. Fortunately, the credibility of the U.S. is at an all-time low so I am not sure there would be many takers for that particular excuse, whether it be a hoax or not.

North Korea and South Korea are going to come togeter and hold talks. Donald Trump started the year by firing off a series of tweets aimed at those he perceives as beligerent towards him and his military, primarily directed at Pakistan, Iran and North Korea. All of them seem to have backfired as the protests in Iran have died off somewhat, the Pakistanis have responded by being even more defiant and now news that North and South Korea are going to hold talks, in direct defiance of the the gun-totting Nikki Haley's words that there would be no talks before the North gave up its nuclear ambitions. The same Nikki Haley convened a security council meeting to discuss the Iranian protests, at which it was made clear to her in no uncertain terms by most of the players that this was an internal issue and that the U.S. was wasting everyone's time in calling a security council meeting over it.

That women have been big losers of the feminist movement was the theme in the piece by Paul Carig Roberts titled "The Feminist Threat to Women and Men". Children have been the greatest losers, of course.

Regarding World War II, the historian James Perloff had a debate with another man - possibly also a historian - regarding World War II, and the myths of World War II in particular. It would seem as though the more one learns about World War II, the more one realises that the official story is essentially one big lie. Their talk is well-worth a listen, if you have nearly 3 hours to spare. Basically whatever narrative you have of 'the good war' is likely to be an entire fabrication.

Having become more interested in Perloff, and curious to know more about him since he kept referencing the Bible a lot, while obviously not being a zionist (excluding the possibility that he could be an evangelical), I visited his website whereby I was informed that he has "joined the Eastern Orthodox faith". The reasons he gave are quite striking but what struck me most is just what a huge turn-off NOChurch is to those who are looking for something authentic. He wrote specifically about the filth in NOChurch and about how many conversations he has had with traditional Catholics about it, so he realises that NOChurch is not the Catholic Church, but he was still more attracted to the Russia Orthodox Church since it at least seems to take Orthodoxy seriously and it does not spend much of its time convincing everyone else that Christianity is one faith among many others equally good.

As I have written before, the case for the Orthodox is very thin, but appearances matter, and right now they appear much more appealing than a Catholic Church visibly under siege by atheists and modernists.

It seems as though traditionalists are always fighting among themselves. This week, both Loue Verrechio and Peter Chojnowski challenged Christopher Ferrara on account of an interview he gave in which he claimed that no traditional Catholic he knows claims that Bergoglio is not pope. The two were quick to point out that, despite what they regard as a deception on the part of the Fatima Center to obscure this fact, Fr. Nicholas Gruner had come to believe that Bergoglio was not pope, and that Benedict XVI indeed still held the office.

Laurence England argued that we are all traditionalists, including those who are very fond of Bergoglio. This is because the only reason his enablers use to get us to listen to him is because he is the pope, and the notion that the pope should be listened to is a notion we hold through to tradition. It's a very obvious point, of course. Why else would anybody be interested in the vacuous hubristic notion of a self-confessed coprophagian?

It's not all bad news though, even in NOChurch. The nuncio to Swtizerland stated that every bishop should celebrate the Tridentine Mass. I can only back him up on that, but add, "every faithful bishop". After all, pretty much the only good thing about the Novus Ordo Missae is that it keeps the bottom-of-the-barrel heretical bishops away from authentic Catholic worship, which prevents them sowing even more confusion than they otherwise would.