The man may not be totally useless after all - Sunday 24th to Saturday 30th of December

The last full week of the year came, and this naturally included the Feast of the Nativity, or Christmas as it is more popularly known.

As one might intimate from my blog, I am not a fan of Bergoglio in the slightest. However, he is not totally useless, as he at least keeps me away from home on Christmas Eves.

To be fair, I had more or less decided to attend the Christmas Midnight Mass even before Bergoglio popped up dressed as pope, but he nudged me over the edge, and now I attend Christmas Mass every time, or the closest approximation we have of it anyway.

I used to enjoy watching Pope Benedict XVI celebrate Midnight Mass, even though I had come more and more to despise the Novus Ordo mass he used for the celebration, so chances are that I would have stopped watching sooner or later. I remember that they had a very beautiful statue of the baby Jesus who they put in the crib after the Midnight Mass.

Then came Bergoglio and the beautiful baby Jesus statue was replaced by something which looked more like what one picks up from one of those cartons they dish out with children's meals at fast food restaurants, except much bigger. Some claimed it looked like something from a Lidl store, but having bought a lot of quality stuff from that store, I can assure my readers that it has far better quality than whatever they made that statue from. It was more or less the most plactic thing I had seen, and the sad thing is I am not even sure it was made from plastic/rubber. It looked like one of those rubbery shapes one fills up with water to float in a bathtub.

As we now know, turning to ugly is part of Bergoglio's main strategy for destroying the Catholic faith and it has gone even more downhill from there.

It was a quiet week in the Church - at least I did not pick up on any scandals or any overly good news. The one thing that made the news was how much Bergoglio's attendance numbers at the Urbi et Orbi speech have dwindled. There is no doubt that he has fewer numbers now than he had during his first speech, and definitely far fewer than Pope Benedixt XVI had at his last.

It was indeed interesting to compare the two images as one can clearly note that Pope Benedict XVI on his final Urbi et Orbi speech had a far larger crowd coming to listen to him in 2013  in less pleasing weather, than Bergoglio had on a sunny day in 2017.

The word is out: If I want to be insulted for being Catholic I can save money and time and avoid the Vatican and simply get my insults from any third-rate raving leftist closer to home, or failing that, on the television.

In other Church news, one of Bergoglio's closest perverts, Cardinal Tobin, says that he is in favour of female cardinals. He says he sees no reason why that should not be the case, and then adds "maybe my theology isn’t sophisticated enough". In other words, he is trying to say that he doesn't get it, surprising nobody, since the list of what Tobin gets would seem to be shorter than the number of times the man has skipped a meal. That we can have lay cardinals is one thing, but of course, cardinals have always been considered part of the Church hierarchy, and the hierarchy in the Church is partriarchal. Maybe he deos have a good - by his standards - intention. It could be that he realises that news of homosexual orgies at the Vatican is extremely negative and he wants to tidy up some headlines by spicing up the orgies at the Vatican or some such thing. One is inclined to conclude something to that effect as we can almost certainly rule out a moral motive.

We were also informed that another of Bergoglio's close associates - perhaps his closest - is suspected of huge financial corrpution in Honduras. He naturally denied it, and Bergoglio even went as far as offering his condolences to him for the trouble that others are causing for him. This is, of course, the cardinal who was revealed - through Wikileaks - of having accepted a large sum of money in order to help Bergoglio's trip to the U.S. have a decidedly leftist bent - as if Bergoglio or his advisors needed any help with that agenda.The Eponymous Flower titled their article "Pope Intimate and Poverty Poser Receives $600,000 a Year to Do Nothing" which, if it were true, I would happily approve - if all it took to get Maradiaga to do nothing was to pay him a small fortune.

Whatever one may think of Bergoglio, one cannot avoid at the very least the fact that he keeps very corrupt and perverted company, and then we ought to recall something about birds of a feather and flocking together.

Over at the Southern Orders Page, Fr. Allan J. McDonald once again proves that celebrating the Tridentine Mass is no guarantee of Catholic sanity as the man argues that Pope Paul VI should be canonised - there are rumours that a secodn miracle has been approved or soon will be in any case. The intersting thing is that he offers Humanae Vitae as the reason why Paul VI should be canonised, and the fact that he put aside Bugnini. So he is asking us to believe that although Pope Paul VI allowed the heretical notion that contraception could be permitted before condemning that notion, although not in any way enforcing that condemnation by means of ecclesiastical penalties, and then tossed Bugnini away from Rome after Bugnini had managed to ruin the Church's liturgies and disciplines he showed "heroic virtue" or can be held up as an example of a good Catholic.

It kind of reminds me or that arsonist who won the firefighter of the year award after putting out a fire which had been caused after he had ignored repeated warnings to not play with explosives. Oh yeah, that never happened, nor would any sane person award such a stupid and deviant firefighter any award!

We are somehow, however, expected to believe that a pope who did comparably far more damage should be held up as an example to follow. The acrobatics of neo-Catholics never cease to amaze me.

On the "Bones that you have crushed" blog, Laurence England argues that the period of Bergoglio's pontificate can better be known as "the Great Reveal". He tells us that it is astonishingly clear now that the appearance of sanity in the Vatican was only kept together by one man - Pope Benedict XVI - and once he disappeared, we can now clearly see just how rotten the place has been over a long time. It is well worth reading and fits into the theme of Bergoglio perhaps not being so useless after all.

Louie Verrechio tells us that the most insidious words that Bergoglio has in Amoris Laetitia are "It can no longer simply be said..." as that can be used to permit and overturn absolutely everything the Church has ever taught or held dear.

Finally, to round up Church-related news, we have Pro Tridentina Malta insistent that Bergoglio will introduce the Novus Ordo lectionary to the Tridentine Mass in 2018. That story is quite old but it has not caught traction so it is interesting to see that they are still insistent on it.  We do know, of course, that the Novus Ordo Missae and the authentic Latin Rite cannot mix, so if Bergoglio does this it will be yet another Latin Rite which is not the Tridentine Rite but which is geared towards dividing the counter-revolutionary forces within the Church.

The one thing that gives credence to this theory, however, is the fact that it is essentially the 'nuclear' option for Bergoglio on traditionalism - as bad as it can get, perhaps even worse than retracting Summorum Pontificum. We have learned during this dreadful pontificate that the worse a rumour is, the more likely it is to be true, so this is definitely something to keep an eye on, should we not have the pleasure of being dispensed with Bergoglio any time soon.

In Germany, they want to make the 'holocaust' central to 'imgrant integration courses'. In other words, they want to make the holocause industry firmly a part of the German establishment. This kind of political prop-up is the very reason why one should be extremely suspicious of the official narrative of World War II. Here we have people who have absolutely no regard for truth generally, but when it comes to this issue they absolutely insist  on one version and one version alone, even going as far as to punish people who question either parts or all of it.

In Sweden, we are told that the country is full! Well, what they told us was that Sweden cannot integrate any more refugees. One would conclude from that they have managed to integrate the exsisting ones, but as usual, one would be mistaken. This has to go to the I-could-have-told-you-that-years-ago-if-only-you-had-consulted-me file.

Over in Russia, Putin tells us that Russia will scale down military spending, which despite very aggressive NATO posturing, is a wise thing to do. The simple fact is that Russia cannot afford an arms race and havign largely rebuilt its conventional forces capabilities as well as its nuclear deterrent, Putin probably looks at the vitals of the Western world and sees it crumbling and is determined to ensure that they will not take Russia down with them. The man is wise, and his insistense on being smarter than their Western opponents and using artificial intelligence to do more with less, smacks of a man who understands basic concepts - such as what a military is for -, unlike those in Western countries who seem to have abandoned any sense of reality or common sense.