Boast not for to morrow, for thou knowest not what the day to come may bring forth

That is from Proverbs 21:1

Boast not for to morrow, for thou knowest not what the day to come may bring forth

Tomorrow indeed is the inauguration day for Donald J. Trump, the president-elect of the United States of America. He won against all the odds, given how many people were against him. The good thing is that virtually all the people that a just man would want aginst him were actually against Trump, so those who did not trust the man certainly had the witness of his enemiest.

Given that I came out so strongly in favour of Trump, and the fact that I have described him as the best presidential candidate in the U.S. in 60 years, since Dwight Eisenhower that is, one might be surprised at my choice of title verse. There is good reason for that though.

The most worrying tendency with regards to Trump, a trait he exhibited even during the campaign, is his inexplicably harsh rhetoric against Iran. That is simply uncalled for as Iran is more or less the most peaceful state in the Middle East, barring Lebanon. It is a state which is rather predictable, and whose major enemies are also the major enemies of the Christians in the region. I do take Trump at face value when he says that the days of military intervention are over, and I hope that his rhetoric is in major part done to placate the zionists. That, however, brings me to the second part of what is worrying about him.

His support for Israel and the zionist agenda is very troublesome. While I have little doubt that Trump is smart enough to realise that a war against Iran would have very dire consequences, I am not so sure the zionists and the warmongers in his cabinet realise that. A Christian has no business taking the side of Israel over that of any other country in the region, a fact which would become obvious to evangelicals if they only took some time to study authentic Christianity, in particular the works of St. Paul. Whereas his Christianity can be questioned, I do not question the bloodthirst of the zionists and the neo-cons who hitch on to the zionist cause (although frankly it is difficult to know which is the tail and which is the dog on that particular beast) and I am afraid that if nothing else, Trump's excessively harsh rhetoric on Iran might embolden the zionists into a military confrontation with Iran, one which would make the misadventures of the past 20 years seem like child's play.

With those 2 misgivings out of the way, I must admit that for the first time in very long there is an authentic hope for peace. We have become used to the U.S. being on the wrong side of virtually every conflict over the last 20 years or so. In fact, if one knew nothing of the sides in any conflict, one only needed to ask which side the U.S. was supporting and more often than not, one would rightly conclude that they were the bad guys. With Trump there is hope that the U.S. might actually stop killing people abroad. I doubt it will stop entirely, but there is a good chance that it will be scaled back.

I am not particularly worried about Trump's tough rhetoric against China. He will know as well as anybody that China is not a military threat towards the U.S., so any conflict between the two will be in the form of a trade war. He will also know that the U.S. is no match for China in the only area which could see the two countries in conflict -South East Asia - and if he doesn't then surely the sensible cabinet and advisors that he has put together will be only too happy to let him know that. I am sure that his plan for "Make America Great Again" does not involve getting a very bloody nose in an area of the world of little value to his country in terms of nationaly security, so we can count on the U.S. and China to de-escalate any tensions long before any threat of military confrontation.

There is much that can be said about Trump's amicable attitude towards Russia, with the most obvious comment being that it is simple common sense. There is no good reason why the U.S. and Russia should ever have been enemies since the fall of the U.S.S.R., save for keeping the congressional-military-industrial complex well funded. On this point one must believe that Donald Trump is genuine because there were no political points whatsoever to gain from this move, given the anti-Russian rhetoric in his country.

It is probably the case that Trump realised the folly of this attitude, and decided that it is smarter to make Russia an ally instead of an enemy, especially given the fact that the only real threat to the U.S. is China, and the U.S. faces only destruction if it attempts to confront both those countries. Russia and China, of course, are allies, and Russia also has a lot of untapped potential so for a businessman developing trade relations with Russia only makes sense.

As for domestic policies, surely the war against the Catholic Church from the political front is over, for now. That only leaves the war against the Church from the Church's own hierarchy!

Given that the abortionists took such a hard line against Trump, and the fact that Trump is not one to back down from a fight, we can suspect that he will take the fight to them, which is good for all concerned. The media also seems set to continue its assault against him, and we can be happy for that as the media is likely to lose most of any credibility that it has left, especially given that the man has decided to side-step the media where possible and attack the media when necessary.

So there are many winners, and the world at large is likely to win from his election. There are many losers though, so just like I did in my pre-US election piece, I shall present a top-10 list of losers on account of his election, in no particular order. As you can guess, the destroyer-in-chief will make a dishounourable mention.

Here goes:

  1. Bergoglio manages to make it onto number one this time. This is the man who intervened at least twice against Donald Trump in the election. Whether it is his environmentalist push, or his Islamisation campaign, or his anti-capitalist agenda, Bergoglio seems to come off on the opposite side of much of Donald Trump's policies. In fact, it is a sad state of affairs ahta  twice-divorced non-Catholic non-practising seemingly-lukewarm Christian is more Catholic than the pope.
  2. The abortion industry, which having come out so strongly against him, will have to face a man who has a personal grudge against them and who seems to hold all the cards in his pockets, from funding to supreme court picks.
  3. Angela Merkel, whose tough rhetoric against Russia will now either be muted or be shown to be empty noise. The truth is that with Britain's position in the EU uncertain, and France about to undergo political change, with Italy having a new prime minister and pro-Russian voices, the only high-profile ruler of a major country who seeks confrontation with Russia is likely to be this clueless elitist.
  4. The EU, which as a whole seemed to come out against Trump, and which is likely to face a surge in nationalist movements which do not see the point of a union which seems hell-bent on destroying the nations which constitute it.
  5. The U.S. media, which has been able to get away with lies and defamation and outright fiction, and which now faces a man who has nothing to lose in confronting it.
  6. Obama regime, which will see its days of intimidation and corruption, and any legacy it hoped to have, completely wiped out within months of the Trump presidency. If only that sodomitical snob had done what presidents ought to do and actually tried to change laws instead of ignoring them and overriding them by executive fiat then he might have had a chance of seeming like less of a loser than he will now.
  7. Political correctness and the outrage industies, which now face a man who is not afraid to double-down on what said industry deems offensive. Political correctness,  is now on on the ropes. It relies on fear, but people now realise that there is a large number of people who don't think all these things are acceptable but who have been afarid to say it. Now with a champion of anti-political correctness on their side, I predict that the next election cycle in the U.S. will be fought on far different grounds.
  8. Leftists in general, whose Islamisation, homosexualism, transgenderism, anti-Christianity, anti-logic, anti-education, anti-trade, anti-common sense, anti-male, anti-family, pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, anti-civilisational stance will not only a foe with a high bully pulpit, but also a re-energised base of opponents.
  9. Environmentalism and the climate change industry, which has been able to extort money on the flimsiest of grounds. There is now a U.S. president who does not believe in this junk 'science' and who is more interested in actually developing his country than in funding a bunch of out-of-touch feel-good anti-human no-gooders. It is likely that he will have sensible environmental policies, as opposed to the statist ideology which has been promoted under the guise of saving the planet. The tyranny of the climate change industry seems to be put on a good long hiatus.
  10. Islamists, since it is unlikely that Donald Trump will support ISIS, al-Qaeda or frankly any of the other groups which the U.S. and it's Western allies have been using to topple governments whenever it met their fancy. In fact, it is quite likely that the U.S. will join with Russia in fighting Islamists, so they actually seem to be the most certian losers from the incoming presidency.

It is noteworthy that, despite all of Trump's rhetoric on peace, I did not include the congressional-military-industrial complex on that list, as I think Donald Trump will have a hard time restraining them. Even if he chooses not to go to war, from what I have seen and heard from both him and the country's politicians at large, it will come at the expense of buying off this complex with even more military spending. I hope I am wrong on that, but I very rarely am on these issues.

 It is not all bread and honey, as major wars often come unforeseen. There is the 'deep state' as they call it, which desperately needs military confrontation to justify its existence. We have leftists who would rather burn everything than see it stand if it disproves their ideology - and let's face it, that accounts for pretty much 95% of reality. There are the globalists in all corners of the globe who want to destroy the family and morality. There are agents of the devil who want to destroy the human race or see it sink into total depravity, which is pretty much the same thing.

The challenges are many but for the first time in a very long while, there is a well-founded hope for peace.

The one thing speaking against it is that this is the year 2017, the 100-year anniversary of Fatima, 300-year anniversary of freemasonry, 500-year anniversary of protestanism, 100-year anniversary of communism. There are many anniversaries which co-incice this year, many of them dark, and this does not bode well.

On a purely natural level though, things are looking up. The U.S. grasped at its last chance of survival by electing Trump.

Many prayers have been answered, and it is up to all of us to hold Trump to account, push him towards the good, and do our part in taking this world away from what seems to be a very dark epoch.