Doctrine to a fool is as fetters on the feet, and like manacles on the right hand

A while back I had intimated that I would write a 3-piece exposé on Bergoglio and his agenda. When I opened the article which I had begun writing, I noticed that the timestamp read

2015-09-07 22:39:09 +0200

In other words, this is a piece which has been more than 1 year in the making; shameful stuff. One would think given such a revelation that it will be long. One would be wrong.

In fact, I have abandoned the original idea totally and only aim to highlight what I think is my input into the dreadful pontificate of a faithless ravenous incompetent duplicitous Argentinian Jesuit who manipulated his way into the top of the mediocrity-promoting NOChurch. Hmm, here I was thinking I would work up to that,  but evidently, hand me a keyboard and I can't stop writing what I really feel about Bergoglio, just like hand Bergoglio a microphone and he can't stop talking about how much he hates God's Holy Church.

Before I get too worked up, I thought I might try to explain why I never really got around to writing the piece, whose unfinished version I shall leave unedited in order to kind of hint at what I had in mind.

Basically, there are 4 primary reasons for why I abandoned the idea, although the struggle to abandon it was a long back-and-forth tale:

  1. However much it might seem the case, no faithful Catholic (and I do make a genuine attempt at being faithful) likes to write about Bergoglio and what the modernists are doing to the Church. It is disheartening, and frankly, a lot of us feel it distracts us from the real mission to which Christians are entrusted - that of proclaiming the Gospel. I genuinely would like to write about positive news, or at least positive things, of which there is no shortage. That being the case, we cannot simply ignore the errors being fed to the unsuspecting, which is why many faithful Catholics feel themselves reluctantly bound to write about the unfortunate Bergoglio pontificate.
  2. A growing realisation that no matter how many scandals and heresies Bergoglio spouts, far too many will refuse to see that he is an enemy of the Church. They either do not have the faith or the love for truth to learn about what the Church actually teaches. Embracing the whole of the Catholic faith is a daunting prospect, not least because it forces us to leave our comfort zones and actually engage in spiritual warfare, often to the detriment of our social relationships or economic opportunities. It is far easier to be a NOChurch Catholic with no idea that much of what one defends has been condemned by the Magisterium and actually is still condemned, though tolerated (even promoted) by people who have no authority to change what the Church actually proclaims (since the message comes from Christ) so settle for confusing the faithful either through misleading them or leaving them in ignorance.
  3. The fact that in most of the faithful Catholic circles (i.e., traditionalists) the idea of Bergoglio as an enemy of Christ and His Holy Church is now a mainstream opinion. In fact, it is a mainstream opinion even among believing Novus Ordo Catholics, who for the most part cannot bring themselves to make excuses for the man any more. When I originally planned to write this, those who had concluded that Bergoglio was an enemy were a small and shunned minority - basically Mundabor, a few others and I - even the Remnant couched its criticisms in soft gloves. Now though, there is no shortage of articles and writers listing Bergoglio's crimes against the faith, many of whom are more eloquent, learned and thorough than I am. Some of those articles are linked at the bottom of this piece. The gloves have truly been taken off,
  4. The sheer volume of the insanity coming from the man and his comrades in arms make it impossible for me to keep up, and would have made any article showing examples of his assult on Catholicism outdated nearly as soon as it was published.

With that out of the way, I would still like to think I can make a small contribution to the debate not by highlighting what Bergoglio is doing - his agenda, as it were - but in sifting out his overall strategy.

Now you might be wondering: Why write anything about this if you abandoned the plan? To this I answer that it is for 2 reasons:

  1. I would like to think of myself as a man who keeps his word, so if I write that I shall do something then I either do it or at the very least offer an acceptable reason for refraining.
  2. With Bergoglio on his way to this God-forsaking country for his heresy jumboree, I felt duty-bound to at least wrap this up, not least because I intend to write about the heresy fest, and anything I write about that will make more sense in lieu of what I have to write.

So here is my small contribution to the greatuer unpacking-Bergoglio debate. Basically, I have Bergoglio's actions down to a 3-pronged attack on the pillars of the Church:

  1. Attack the doctrines, dogmas and teachings of the Church
  2. Attack the defenders of the faith and the hierarchichal structure created by Our Lord, especially the papacy
  3. Attack the family

 Those are the 3 pillars upon which all of Bergoglio's actions are based, his 3-pronged armada aimed at the barque of St. Peter, our Holy Mother Church. In fact, with these in mind anything which seems odd, creepy, stupid or downright  perverse on his part soon begins to make sense.

I'll just pass over them in brief.

Attack the doctrines, dogmas and teachings of the Church

Whether it is in his promotion of adultery, his attack on the holy institution of marriage, sacrilege in the form of Holy Communion for lechers or non-Catholics, insulting the Blessed Virgin Mary, denying the miracles of Christ, subverting Scripture, denying the eternity of hell, denying the efficacy of good works and faith, sowing doubts about the all-male nature of the priesthood, undermining the sacrament of confession, to name a few, Bergoglio has made a name for himself as someone who has no scrupples in attacking what the Church teaches. When he concedes that his interpretation is not Catholic, he often gives the impression that he would like to change things but that his hands are tied - which of course they are.

When he is not busy attacking what the Church teaches, he is busy attacking those who defend the Church's teaching.

Attack the defenders of the faith and the hierarchichal structure created by Our Lord, especially the papacy

To the casual observer, Bergoglio cuts the branch on which he is sitting when he belittles the Magisterium or contradicts unbroken teaching. After all, why should anybody listen to him if we are not bound to listen to popes anyway? Well, that is precisely the point, isn't it? The man wants to create the impression that a pope's opinion is worth no more than anybody else's. In this way, all the casual Catholics and all the anti-Catholics will feel empowered into believing their own infallibility, while ignoring the only human infallibility that matters - that of the Pope when he binds to faith and morals. Taking down the papacy is worth it, even if it leads people to stop listening to him. After all, the faithless may stop listening to him, but he knows that he still has the authority to command those under his control.

In case you thought that undermining the pope's teaching office would mean in Bergoglio's mind undermining the pope's authority, you would be worng. Bergoglio is not afraid to use his position as pope to attack the defenders of the faith, of course; in fact, seldom have we ever had such an authoritarian as pope! We have seen that he has crushed thriving orders, moved good bishops from high positions, put bad bishops in high positions and created cardinals with (at our most charitable) a gravely depraved understanding of Catholicism. This man has now gone on towards attacking thriving female orders. This, of course, spreads fear among the clergy, for they know that when they speak up defending the faith, the bishop will be free to do to then whatever he wishes, and the Apostolic Signatura in Rome will not step in to defend the faithful priest.

Among other things, be his constant name-calling of those who defend the faith, he puts the Church's defenders constantly on the defence, with good prelates having to defend themselves from accusations of being pharisees or unmerciful, or unpastoral or uncaring.

Attack the family

Pope John Paul II wrote something to the tune of "As the family goes, so does the world". Bergoglio's constant attacks on the family should tell us everything about where he wants to lead the world.

Whether it is his attack on the permanence of marriage by making divorce much easier through hand-out annulments, saying that most marriages are invalid, saying that non-marriages are marriages, promoting homosexuality and transgenderism, promoting adultery, advocating for corruptive sex education, opposing parental authority, promoting feminism, underming those who oppose the killing of the unborn and you name it, this man has shown that he really does understand that to destroy the Church one has to destroy familes.

Here we have a man who praises the fact that divorce is nowadays not stigmatised, who says that those who have been adulterous long enough can find value in their adultery. Here is a man who, not content with making divorce easier to attain, and virtually declaring all marriages annualable with his dubious list of annulment reasons (which go very much against what the Church teaches on marriage), then goes along and says that people who are not married can find virtue in such relationships.

Since Church attendance closely correlates with family cohesion, I shall not bother you with pointing out that this is his joker card. After all, if children cannot understand the concept of marriage or a family, they will hardly be able to understand much of the Church's theology since it relies so heavily on the natural institution of marriage. If they have nobody to take them to church, then they will hardly learn the holy life-saving doctrines of Christ.


There we have it: My small contribution to the debate. If we keep this in mind, then even the most seemingly-insane utterings of this impious man aquire an internal logic. The man is not as stupid as he seems, has been my contention all along.

I did mention that I would leave a few links to articles which have done quite well in tracking Bergoglio's anti-Catholic mutterings. Here are some of the best to date:

 There are many more but those are some of the headline acts. One may also want to keep track of my listing for:

The list could be made much longer, as Bergoglio has inadvertently come to dominate my tag listing.

Below is the original attempt.



Part 1 of 3 - On how the Pope is attacking the Church through attacking doctrine

The Book of Ecclesiasticus 21:22 tells us:

Doctrine to a fool is as fetters on the feet, and like manacles on the right hand

In the RSV, we find the corresponding verse in Sirach 21:19

To a senseless man education is chains on his feet, and like manacles on his right hand

There we have one of many references in Sacred Scripture which hammer home the importance of good instruction, knowledge and wisdom. I hardly need to point out that Pope Francis seems to have a view diametrically opposed to this, but I shall go on anyway.

I have been told by and read from many people that Pope Francis is confusing. I strongly disagree. He does not send mixed messages. His messages are always clear: He wants the destruction of the clear teaching of the Church. That he will say one thing today and its exact opposite tomorrow is one of his many strategies, consistently employed.

If we rid ourselves of the idea that we could not have a Pope who is an emeny of the faith and accept - as a result of simply taking the man's words seriously - that we have one such enemy as pope, then absolutely everything that Pope Francis does makes perfect sense.

I have Bergoglio's actions down to a 3-pronged attack on the pillars of the Church:

  1. Attack the doctrines, dogmas and teachings of the Church
  2. Attack the defenders of the faith and the hierarchichal structure created by Our Lord, especially the papacy
  3. Attack the family

Any enemy of the Church would have to destroy all these 3 pillars and this is indeed the 3-pronged attack that Pope Francis seems to be following in his full-out assault on the Church of Christ. This article will focus on point nr. 1, and the rest will hopefully follow. I presume that the synod which is less than a month away now will mark Pope Francis' major battle-front against the family. The 2 Motu Proprios regarding the annulment process deserve special mention, but that will have to wait until part 3, although one can argue that it is more an attack on doctrine than the family.

This past week we have had the Bergoglian telling us that  Vatican II tried to overcome "divorce between theology and pastoral ministry". It is yet another example of  pope who is hell-bent on insisting that the Church had for centuries been wrong. To his credit, he says that the early Church Fathers were also good pastors, but in typical evangelical-protestant fashion, he gives the impression that somewhere along the way - in typical Bergoglio fashio were are not told when - the Church lost its way. This, mind you, is the Church which evangelised Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, through the blood of many martyrs all throughout the centuries, whose hospitals and orphanages have taken care of untold millions, this same Church somehow lost its way. Vatican II changed that, he insists, and it is important to understand that Pope Francis is insistent that the process is not over, going so far as to state that theology must stem from the "praying people", whatever that means in Bergolioland. We can be sure that "praying people" to him are not the "Rosary counters", or those who believe that the resurrection of Christ was particularly majestic, the "triumphalists", as he calls them. We know it cannot be those who seek doctrinal "safety", which presumably would include the fathers of all of the Church's ecumenical councils, with the exception of Vatican II, of course. Presumably it would include dear old St. Paul, rigid as he was in his formulations and exhortaions to avoid error.