Prominent Clergy And Scholars Ask For Pope Francis’ Removal As Pertinacious Heretic


Stéphane Mercier Mundabor  , Kate R. , Stephen Lowe  , Jave Notin   

Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 23:45
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Let’s pray that we did not sign this in vain, and some bishops will be reminded of their duty. And also grow some b*lls accordingly. At least we’ll have done our duty, which will be a consolation on the day God judges the earth. Please pray for me and the other signatories.



Many thanks for your courage and dedication to the Truth, Sir. I am sure every reader of this blog will join me in my prayers for you and the other signatories.



I love what you’ve written here. It’s more accurate to see the censures historically than even as a possible remedy for him. Nobody has one iota of belief bishops will take it up. It would be a divine intervention if they did. God bless the people who took this bold step and may pay a price for it. He’s a mean, vindictive old poop who has lots of friends.



It is interesting….we search for the Pope’s authentic Catholic faithfulness with a microscope and can not find any. He searches for traditional Catholics with a telescope and is unable to even acknowledge us. We are worlds apart….temporally and spiritually. It will remain so until Divine intervention causes a shift in culture and beliefs. Wish we had the opportunity to sign this letter.



They are real secret treasures of the RCC that God has kept them for the last minutes. May holy Mary protect and lead them to victory over evil NWO/Freemasonry.


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It is a pity that there were only around 20 signatories of this letter, but all the more glory to them then.

Bergoglio has done enough to be condemned by every believing Catholic by now. That he has not shows just how little faith is left.

Let us indeed pray for those scholars who have pointed out that Bergoglio is a formal heretic! Let us pray that their work will not be in vain!

We should all joing them in denouncing Bergoglio and anyone who would boggle us in inane canonical debates. This situation is unprecedented and to pretend that there is a way out of it through canon law is plain fantasy.