Pope Scoundrel Perfectly Pictured


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Friday, October 18, 2019 - 10:45
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I am so bitter and desperate that I found a Hollywood solution to the Bergi case. Imagine he was with his family some decades ago. A heart attack – but his lay brother quickly substituted him. The family needed the support… This brother (a South American Woodstock guy) quickly learnt in his bishop brother’s role, but of course lacks real education in theology etc. So that’s the explanation!



Yon bergolio has ” a lean and hungry look” as he stares balefully at Mother Church.
And the 2013 conflagration knew exactly who it was electing.


Hello, I have been keeping up with your commentary for a few months now and really enjoy your work. Two days ago I attempted to show my father some of my concerns about Pope Francis, but he sees him in too positive a light to even listen. Do you have any resources that I could use to point out many of the controversial issues regarding the Pope? I want to not only educate myself but also open my father’s eyes to many of the things wrong with Francis. Thank you!


  • The best start is to buy an dread Iota Unum. Expensive, but worth it. Also online.
    That will give the foundation.
    I would then go with “100 years of Modernism”.
    You don’t want your father to be a moderate V Ii guy.
    He needs to get the roots of the problem.
    Readers, please post here your own additional suggestions! 



  • Read Malachi Martin’s The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church and you will know exactly what’s gong on and what will happen. After reading this book, Francis and his motives will be CRYSTAL CLEAR.



I just broke down and bought Taylor Marshall’s Infiltration. I’ve been a ‘Trad’ for a long time and have read a lot about the Church in the past 30 years. What I am enjoying with Infiltration is that it is a modest-sized, well documented and well-written explanation of what has gone on since (and before) V II, by a Catholic man who has only recently realized it himself. It is, so far, very good and might be a good, general yet convincing overview.


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The old picture of Bergoglio looking like a thug and a menace to society, if anything, flatters him. No camera can catch the inner darkness of this man.