Nineteen Brave Men


Anthony Phillips,  Mundabor    

Saturday, May 4, 2019 - 23:15
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Anthony Phillips

I think it’s fine they did it, but it’s not really ‘brave’. I imagine most of them have their pensions sorted.
Now if a bishop would sign it, in this crazy world in which we let popes depose bishops (how did that happen?), that’s different.

Not sure of that.
Aidan Nichols, the most prestigious signatory, is a Dominican Friar.



Own comment: 

Bergoglio is without a doubt the most perverted pope we have ever had. His totalitarianism is also on the high-end and would more than match even the worst alledged excesses of the most authoritarian popes of the past, and no doubt he would do more if he could.

Issuing the Easter week admonition as these scholars did is undoubtedly a brave thing to do. If only the intended recipients had half as much bravery as these people.