The Axis Of Resistance Announces The Project That Will Avenge Qassem Soleimani



Thursday, January 9, 2020 - 23:30
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I am a huge fan and long time reader, and am sort of mystified by the tone in coverage. Do people really believe that Soleimani and Quds weren’t involved with the Shia militias that were nipping at the us occpation forces in Iraq? Heck, iran would have been negligent not to be engaged.

He appeared to be one of the main protagonists of an aggressive, ambitious country who has been personally responsible for lighting numerous fires in the region. The killing was a very provocative and risky move politically, but I can’t imagine shedding a tear for this guy nor condemning the us too hard for its move.


Posted by: Dan | Jan 6 2020 19:12 utc | 1


Elias Magnier also reported in his latest tweet that Soleimani encouraged Muqtada El Sadr to cooperate with the Americans in order to achieve stability in Iraq. And the Americans (on the orders of the Israelis) kill him in the most violent fashion possible.


Posted by: Mischi | Jan 6 2020 19:25 utc | 3


Hey D*head @Dan, if US wasn't in the region to destabilize it there wouldn't be any need for Shia militias in the first place. Besides no one expects from the likes of you to shed a tear, respectfully GTFO!


Posted by: BB8 | Jan 6 2020 19:26 utc | 4


If (as I suspect) British and other NATO troops, and troops from other US-allied nations as well, are commingled with US forces in Iraq, then they are fair game for vengeance and they must pull out as well.

Likewise US and foreign airforces illegally using Iraqi airspace to launch attacks on Iranian nuclear plants and other installations must stop.

Some politicians' heads must roll too. Mike Pompeo and Binyamin Netanyahu (if he becomes Israeli PM again, and he is likely to want US assistance in the March elections, to the extent of subverting and destroying what remains of "democracy" in Israel, as a reward for pushing Soleymani's assassination) must consider themselves targets for revenge.


Posted by: Jen | Jan 6 2020 19:28 utc | 5


Dan @1
You have been consuming too much MSM. Do some research. Start here

CN Live!’s second season premiered on Saturday night with an in-depth discussion on the Crisis with Iran, with Scott Ritter and Giorgio Cafiero.

After the illegal U.S. assassination of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani on Friday morning the region is on edge, fearing for the worst. Join our discussion with Scott Ritter, a former UN weapons inspector in Iraq, and Middle East analyst Giorgio Cafiero on the reasons for the assassination, its timing and its possible consequences. Ritter predicts that the killing will set off a chain of events that will lead to the U.S. military leaving the region.


Posted by: lgfocus | Jan 6 2020 19:34 utc | 6




Trump is probably not stupid enough to launch such a war and certainly not during an election year.

During his campaign Trump said he wanted the U.S. military out of the Middle East. Iran and its allies will help him to keep that promise.


Hasnt Trump proved he is stupid enough by now? How much more evidence is needed to drop him? Trump start wars to get another election win, I think that is obvious? And allies keeping him back? Which allieshave even remotely criticized his threats and murder? People need to realize that there is nothing stopping Trump, he and Israel will keep bombing and unfortunately its not much Iran could do.

Posted by: Zanon | Jan 6 2020 19:37 utc | 7


Dan: The guy fought the Talibans and ISIS, and has always been opposed to them; that's good enough for me, and that's definitely more than any of the coward and treacherous Western leaders that pussy-foot instead of calling out the US for what tantamounts to a declaration of war on both Iraq and Iran.

As for trying to put the blame on Pentagon staffers, even if they chose such weird options for Trump to choose, at the end of the day, it's the President himself who chose - as another one said decades ago, "the buck stops here" and the guy in the Oval Office has to bear the full responsibility.

Col. Lang is once again warning that Trump trying to keep the troops in Iraq would be a terrible mistake with bad consequences, and that it's just not realistic. He probably prefers not to say it that way when stating it's a long road from Kuwait to Baghdad, but if shit hits the fan and Iraqis decide to go after the US troops, then those who can't evacuate fast enough will end up in a position similar to that of the British in Kabul, in the very first days of 1842.


Posted by: Clueless Joe | Jan 6 2020 19:37 utc | 8


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Let us hope that when the real revenge comes, it will be such that the U.S. will feel compelled to move troops out of the Middle East.

Whatever the case, Trump is playing fast and loose with the truth and with people's lives. Whoever has not condemned Trump for this must be considered either an accomplice, a fool or a warmonger. There is simply no way to condone attacks on other countries diplomats and military leaders without 2 countries being at war, and with pure fantasies as motivation for it. It is indefensible by any rational moral human being.