“Liberalism follows the world’s degenerative movement - there’s nothing good about it” – Interview with Canon212.com’s Frank Walker.

Friday, May 10, 2019 - 22:45
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Holy Cannoli

9. maj

Most news articles have an element of propaganda.

Especially true for leftist newspapers and TV stations as well.

I am very impressed with the editor’s autobiographical story. Pewsitter has been a go to site for me almost daily. For the first time, I visited Canon212 today and was pleasanly surprised. Lots, I mean lots, of stories that are not covered at Pewsitter. There are plenty of timely secular/political articles as well which have a religious connection along with beaucoup pics.

I see that the editor, Frank Walker, gave this interview directly to Fr. Nay of Gloria.tv. My question, was Father in Florida vacationing when you gave the interview or did you meet at some unnamed, secret Eastern European location where Don Reto resides?



9. maj

Excellent resource as it links articles someone will miss if they stick to trad blogs, which good as they are, necessarily limit themselves in what they can cover. Sometimes, Frank Walker's title covers the point the article might be making with more brevity and wit.


Eric M

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Frank is a solid, faithful, catholic man. Contrary to what we young people see out there these days: effeminate, scared, politically-correct, compromising, cowering, lay men and clergy....
God bless Frank for all of the hard work he puts into maintaining Canon 212. Watching his update is often the highlight of my day.



i går

Frank Walker is an authentic Catholic hero of our time. He is bringing truth and courage to those who in the Catholic Church who wish to follow the way of Christ rather than the way of the world. We should all pray for him, financially support him and always tune into Canon 212--a beacon of Truth in a swamp of intrigue, lies, and faithless clergy.



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The one good thing about Bergoglio is that he has forced people to take sides, and he had forced those who were on the fence to reveal on which side they were.

For instance, had it not been for the election of Bergoglio, I might still have been listening to Catholic Answers - although I doubt it. The editor of Canon212 seems to have gone through a similar experience, having been forced out of Pewsitter for wanting to cover the truth in the Bergoglian pontificate.

If covering reality truthfully is considered a bad thing, then one really ought to know that the outlet is un-Catholic in every sense because truth lies at the very centre of Catholicism - it is its very essence.