More on pro-child-killing feminist idiocy

I had previously written about an article from Metro regarding how a few feminists stages a protest inside a Church during Mass. This incident has also been convered by a Swedish tabloid/daily called Aftonbladet.

In this piece - which contains more pictures - the journalist speaks with a priest, the protesters and a woman photographer who was in on the whole stunt. We are told that some women (could be the very same) were on trial for a similar action at the Russian embassy last August. The journalist also explains that the women were doing this as  their "contribution" towards supporting the "right to legal abortion" in Spain (the Spanish government has introduced legislation to revert to its old abortion laws after the socialists had expanded them).

To illustrate the thoughtless nature of their minds, one of the feminists says "Jag tycker inte de har rätt att bli så arga" with translates to "I don't think they have a right to be so angry" or more directly to the meaning "My opinion is that they do not have a right to be so angry". To her mind, she has a right to get angry about the fact that the governemnt in Spain wants to lower the number of children who are killed and dismembered, but Catholics do not have a right to get angry when their holy Mass is attacked. By analogy that would mean that she holds abortion to be holier to her (and fellow feminists) than the Mass is to Catholics. In charity, I am forced admit that perhaps she had simply confused the Catholic cathedral with the Spanish embassy.

It is safe to assume these feminists do not understand the concept of rights(which must always flow from more fundamental towards more peripheral, with the right to life being the most fundamental) and it is even safer to assume that they cannot distinguish between authentic (negative) rights (which we are owed by virtue of being human beings and can only ever be recognised, not granted) and state-granted privileges (rather lazily called 'rights', which can be granted and taken away at the state's pleasure) or else she would not utter something as brainless as "I don't think they have a right to be so angry".

It is worthwhile considering what their position would be when confronted with the reality of sex-selective killings of the unborn. Might it be safe to assume that since abortion seems more sacred to them than anything else, they would support this so-called right of elder females to kill  younger females? Judging by the near-silence on this issue by feminsists whenever it is brought to debate (as in the U.K. recently), it is fair to say that their attitude is that sacrificing younger females at the altar of care-free carnal pleasure is a sacrifice well-worth paying if it allows older females to sex-binge.

One positive from the article is that the journalist actually referred to one of the men who 'escorted' these women out of the church as a "ministrant", which is actually the proper term for alter servers in Swedish, short of actually using the equivalent of "alter server". I was rather impressed that he bothered with using the right terminology - he even linked to Wikipedia for those wishing to find out what the word means. This can be compared to the writter of the earlier article who referred to the congregants as "spectators".




Pro-child-killing feminist idiocy strikes a cathedral again!

So we had this feminist group Femen invading the Cathedral in Stockholm and staging a semi-nude protest just before Mass. Evidently, these women have just about enough brains to strip topless and show off their mammaries, although not always enough to spell out their protest properly. At least they managed to spell properly this time.

The slogan "Catholic Church out of my body" - I am at a loss to know what that means. Has the Catholic Church ever been inside a woman's body? I'm just curious.

We had a similar protest in Russia a while back and while a lot of people - including our mainly thoughtless celebrities - were making all sorts of stunts urging for the release of the protesters on that occasion, I was very keen to stress that violation of sacred space is one of the most egregious crimes we can have against a population. The Russian protesters received only about 2  years for their crime, and I argued it should have been much more because a hard precedent needs to be set. For the religious person, violation of sacred space is a more vicious crime than breaking and entering into one's own  home, and unless a government wants to send the message that it's a free-for-all on attacking each other's religious sites, tough punishments have to follow, and short of destroying a place of worship there can be no hardly be a greater violation than a protest of the kind that those women staged.

In fact, protests inside churches seem to be the fashion nowadays as similar sacrilege has been observed in Spain and France over recent years, and the authorities seem intent on encouraging it, or at the very least maintaining an undignified silence over it.

With that in mind, I was intrigued to see that the comment on the Metro piece was "Metro har sökt Katolska Kyrkan i Stockholm för en kommentar", which translates roughly to "Metro has sought the Catholic Church in Stockholm for comments". I was struck that it was not something on the lines of "Metro has sought the police department for comments" because I would have thought that this at the very least qualifies as an act of public disturbace - in which case the police should be sought out to find out what they are going to do about the crime - but the comment is quite telling because the media has come to accept the Catholic Church as fair game and its followers as people who more or less can never be seen as victims.

Another text worthy of comment is "Efter ett tag tvingades kvinnorna ut ur kyrkan av personal och åskådare" which translates roughly to "After a while the women were forced out of the church by personnel and spectators/onlookers". I do wonder whether the standards of journalism have sunk so low that we cannot even expect a journalist for a major outlet to know that when believers congregate, they do it to worship and not merely to spectate over an event, and that the proper term for Christians gathered in worship is worshipper, congregant, believer or something of the like; words which do not lack Swedish equivalents.

In fairness, with the banalisation of Christian worship over the last 60 or so years - although it has to be admitted that the Catholic liturgy in Sweden is generally of a high calibre -, it is not that surprising that somebody not raised a Christian (which I presume he wasn't) would equate Christian worship with just any old secular event. Nonetheless, I would still expect someone with any decent amout of professional integrity to make the proper distinction between a mere spectator event and a Catholic Mass, or at the very least be curious about why people were gathered in the first place - a 5-minute Internet search would certainly be enough to form that impression and having formed that impression, the congregants would surely not be labeled mere spectators.

The proper response to this kind of incident, would of course, have been to detain these women until the police came to take them away. Alas, this does not appear to have happened and they were simply escorted outside, no doubt so they can prepare for more rebel-rousing desecration, seeing as it is a consequence-free act. In any case, given the queerness of the Swedish legal system, detaining them would probably have seen the Catholic church hit with an abduction charge, so maybe the congregants were right to take the 'safe' option.

Obviously this was nothing other than a publicity stunt - the Catholic Church is quite small in Sweden, and its leadership not particularly vocal against anti-life and anti-family measures, and the text was even in English to ensure maximum exposure (pun intended) - and for that reason, it almost pains me to afford it any attention, but with thoughtless feminism on the march we can expect more and more of this kind of non-sense, and the sort of righteous outrage I have over this kind of of demonic demonstration implores me to at the very least catalogue it whenever it happens.



Misinformation is the rule of the game

I chose to make this my first real post because it illustrates very well what can happen if we're imprudent or if we allow ourselves to be taken in by first impressions. The prudent man evaluates all facets of a situation, reflects, disects then acts. Sometimes, our emotions can get the better of us and that is even more the case when the first view of a situation seems to shock us.

Case in point: I recently found this video through my a feed. It came through Fr. Blake titled "The Humiliation of a Pope". He had reblogged it from someone else who had in turn found the link through someone else. I attach the link below:

It shows footage of Pope Benedict in Germany, and the caption was that the German bishops refused to shake his hand. The first thing I did, of course, was notice Cardinal Bertone, who of course, is not a German bishop and never has been. I don't speak German so I couldn't understand what the commentators were saying. Cardinal Bertone does not shake the Pope's hand but the first few of the rest do. Then we have about half a dozen who decline to shake his hand and then we get to the middle of the line where the president of the German bishops conference shakes his hand, followed by about 2 more but the rest - about 5 - then decline. So there we have it, a Pope humuliated in the most public way.

Except that is not what the video was showing!

The video shows Pope Benedict appears to show Pope Benedict, in fact, presenting members of the German church and the Vatican delegation to the politician whose hands they were shaking. That Pope Benedict had his hand held out was entirely natural since he was pointing at the various members. In fact, I had seen Pope Benedict do this many times previously but I was not in the right frame of mind to recognise this, having been misled by 2-3 different links on my way there.

The original link from which I viewed the video was then removed. I managed to find the link to the video on youtube though and even there the link was titled "Berlin, Germany: Catholic Cardinals and Bishops refuse to shake hands with Benedict XVI 22-09-2011". As I often do, however, I read the comments below and out of all of some 20-something comments, we had one who pointed out that Pope Benedict was in fact introducing members of his staff to the politician in question. Well, at least I was not the only one who had been misled! This was, rather comically, just a short while after I had sent the link to several of my acquaintants.

So, 2 important lessons here:

  • Don't take everything at face value, even when it comes from a normally-reliable source!
  • Read comments if the article or video allows this

Above all else, always reflect on what you have just seen!

Whatever problems we have in the church in Germany - and there are many - this is not proof of them. It is, however, proof that we should always try to be charitable towards others and not rush towards animus assumptions.

In this case, the misinformation was almost certainly not willful. However, in many other cases, the misinformation will be willful and it is up to  you to do the heavy leg-work if you want a proper understanding. My intention is to help anybody who reads this blog understand how to do that.



My first post

This has been a long time coming. For a long time I have wanted to have a blog about my general reflections.

The first domain I registered along these lines was called "destinationprogress". It was meant to be more political than anything else. As time has gone on, however, I have come to realise that the discussion needs to be had at a far more basic level. Most lies today are spread through either blurring or disregarding important distinctions, which allows the deceiver to use words from one contextin a context in which they are not at all appropriate. In the worst cases, it allows the deceiver to completely subvert the meaning of the word while keeping the actual letters. This is done in no small ways through the help of lazy journalists, who are helped in no small way by lazy readers.

I can't claim to be a very active reader myself, but I am not as gullible as most seem to be. I have found that whenever a story seems fishy, there is always a distinction lacking. This is most evident when it comes to dicussions on religion, and especially that which has to do with the Catholic Church, of whom I am a proud son. The Christian faith is founded on truth itself, but for truth to exist, distinctions have to be made. It is my intention to point out when they are not being made, and to point out which have been ignored. Along the way, I hope to learn a lot about pretty much everything, including the Catholic faith, and I hope you the reader will learn quite a bit as well. Thank you for taking the time to read my first post and please feel free to contact me!


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